Things that Some Users Hate about the iPhone 5

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There are few products which receive more hype than the iPhon 5, recently released by Apple.  But after the hype wears off, the concerns start to sink in.  Reality can be tough to deal with when you believe that your company can do no wrong.  You head into the sleek, cool-looking Apple store, where there seem to be more employees than customers, and you wonder if this company could ever do anything wrong.

Then, you find out that the answer is clearly “yes.” tells more:

Last week I wrote about the various stages of Apple product releases, ranging from the early rumors to the hype just before and after the product announcement to the inevitable letdown, nitpicking and faux scandals once consumers and bloggers discover that the new gadget is not perfect.

It didn’t take long for complaints to start rolling in about the new iPhone 5 and Apple’s new iOS 6 operating system. And once again, some relatively minor problems have been elevated to the level of a major national scandal with names like ScuffGate, MapGate, WiFiGate or my favorite, NaviGate.

ScuffGate refers to scuff marks or scratches some users have encountered on the aluminum back, prompting Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller to point out in an email obtained by 9 to 5 Mac that “any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color.” I immediately bought a $29 case for my iPhone 5 to protect it against breaking and got scuff mark protection for no extra charge.

The WiFi issue is serious but it’s been solved, at least for Verizon customers who got an update to prevent the phone from downloading data via cellular when on a WiFi connection. Verizon also said that it won’t charge customers for unwarranted cellular use when they thought they were using WiFi.





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