More on the iPhone 5 Defect That Causes the Screen to Flash

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Many iPhone 5 users are a bit disappointed after discovering that the latest incarnation of the iPhone has a couple of, shall we say, quirks.

First there is the problem with the camera which creates a purple halo if a user is pointing the camera in the direction of the sun. No word yet on whether that defect is caused by a software or hardware issue.

Secondly, there is brand new problem whereby the screen on the iPhone 5  flickers when the keyboard is activated. It doesn’t interrupt the call in any way, but is certainly an annoyance, especially considering that some users have reported  that the iPhone 5 sometimes crashes after the screen flickers.

Some iPhone 5 users say the glitch only happens when a user is attempting to launch the keypad in the App Store to enter their Apple ID, but this has not been confirmed. But if you head over to the Mac Forums, you can see many users reporting the same problem.

Most disappointing of all is that similar issues were reported during the release of the iPhone 4. During that time, users were reporting yellow spots and bubbles on the screen.

If you’re considering purchasing an iPhone 5 and want to see for yourself how the screen flickers, just head over to YouTube. Several early adopters of the iPhone 5 have assembled videos of how their phones flicker and flash when the keypad is launched.

No word yet on what steps Apple is taking to fix the glitches in its new phone. We’ll just have to wait and see.




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One Response to More on the iPhone 5 Defect That Causes the Screen to Flash

  1. could this be a “get back” from the underpaid abused slaves in China who make the IPhone?

    October 11, 2012 at 5:49 pm

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