Scientists Unravel Clues to Keeping a Man from Going Astray

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Hey ladies! Are you struggling to keep your man from straying? The November 12th issue of the Journal of Neuroscience has a solution for you — drug him! Seriously. A recent study shows that men who are given a dose of the hormone oxytocin are less likely to stray in monogamous relationships.

In the study two groups of 57 men were used. Both groups were isolated from each other during the study. The men used in the first group were in monogamous relationships that were considered to be “stable.” Half of the men were given the hormone in a few puffs through their nostrils. The other half of the men were given a few puffs of the placebo instead of the hormone. The second group of participants consisted of heterosexual men who were not in exclusive or monogamous relationships. The treatment of the second group of men was identical to the first group, where half of the men received the drug and the other half received the placebo.

The writers of the study say that the effects of oxytocin on men “may normally depend on the presence of a close positive relationship in the bond with their female partners and close physical proximity between the couple.” After all of the doses of both the placebo and the hormone oxytocin were given out, the study continued by introducing a female scientist. The men were instructed to tell the female scientist who was approaching them to stop once she had reached an appropriate distance. The results showed that the men who were in monogamous relationships told the female scientist to stop at the greatest distance from them. So its not fully conclusive that they won’t cheat, but the study does show that oxytocin has an effect on some monogamous men.



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