Unemployed Black Woman Pretends to be White, Job Offers Suddenly Skyrocket

What's Going On

If you don’t believe that racism in the job market is real, then please read this article by Yolanda Spivey.  Spivey, who was seeking work in the insurance industry, found that she wasn’t getting any job offers.  But as an experiment, she changed her name to Bianca White, to see if employers would respond differently.  You’ll be shocked and amazed by her phenomenal story. 

Before I begin, let me quote the late, great, Booker T. Washington who said, “Of all forms of slavery there is none that is so harmful and degrading as that form of slavery which tempts one human being to hate another by reason of his race or color.”

For two years, I have been unemployed.   In the beginning, I applied to more than three hundred open positions in the insurance industry—an industry that I’ve worked in for the previous ten years.  Not one employer responded to my resume.  So, I enrolled back into college to finish my degree. After completing school this past May, I resumed my search for employment and was quite shocked that I wasn’t getting a single response.   I usually applied for positions advertised on the popular website Monster.com. I’d used it in the past and have been successful in obtaining jobs through it.

Two years ago, I noticed that Monster.com had added a “diversity questionnaire” to the site.  This gives an applicant the opportunity to identify their sex and race to potential employers.  Monster.com guarantees that this “option” will not jeopardize your chances of gaining employment.  You must answer this questionnaire in order to apply to a posted position—it cannot be skipped.  At times, I would mark off that I was a Black female, but then I thought, this might be hurting my chances of getting employed, so I started selecting the “decline to identify” option instead.  That still had no effect on my getting a job.  So I decided to try an experiment:  I created a fake job applicant and called her Bianca White.

First, I created an email account and resume for Bianca.  I kept the same employment history and educational background on her resume that was listed on my own. But I removed my home phone number, kept my listed cell phone number, and changed my cell phone greeting to say, “You have reached Bianca White.  Please leave a message.” Then I created an online Monster.com account, listed Bianca as a White woman on the diversity questionnaire, and activated the account.

That very same day, I received a phone call.  The next day, my phone line and Bianca’s email address, were packed with potential employers calling for an interview.  I was stunned.  More shocking was that some employers, mostly Caucasian-sounding women, were calling Bianca more than once, desperate to get an interview with her.  All along, my real Monster.com account was open and active; but, despite having the same background as Bianca, I received no phone calls.    Two jobs actually did email me and Bianca at the same time.  But they were commission only sales positions.  Potential positions offering a competitive salary and benefits all went to Bianca.

At the end of my little experiment, (which lasted a week), Bianca White had received nine phone calls—I received none.  Bianca had received a total of seven emails, while I’d only received two, which again happen to have been the same emails Bianca received. Let me also point out that one of the emails that contacted Bianca for a job wanted her to relocate to a different state, all expenses paid, should she be willing to make that commitment.  In the end, a total of twenty-four employers looked at Bianca’s resume while only ten looked at mines.

Is this a conspiracy, or what? I’m almost convinced that White Americans aren’t suffering from disparaging unemployment rates as their Black counterpart because all the jobs are being saved for other White people.

My little experiment certainly proved a few things.  First, I learned that answering the diversity questionnaire on job sites such as Monster.com’s may work against minorities, as employers are judging whom they hire based on it.  Second, I learned to suspect that resumes with ethnic names may go into the wastebasket and never see the light of day.

Other than being chronically out of work, I embarked on this little experiment because of a young woman I met while I was in school.  She was a twenty-two-year-old Caucasian woman who, like myself, was about to graduate.  She was so excited about a job she had just gotten with a well-known sporting franchise.  She had no prior work experience and had applied for a clerical position, but was offered a higher post as an executive manager making close to six figures.  I was curious to know how she’d been able to land such a position.  She was candid in telling me that the human resource person who’d hired her just “liked” her and told her that she deserved to be in a higher position.  The HR person was also Caucasian.

Another reason that pushed me to do this experiment is because of the media. There’s not a day that goes by in which I fail to see a news program about how tough the job market is.  Recently, while I was watching a report on underemployed and underpaid Americans, I saw a middle aged White man complaining that he was making only $80,000 which was $30,000 less than what he was making before.  I thought to myself that in this economy, many would feel they’d hit the jackpot if they made 80K a year.

In conclusion, I would like to once again quote the late, great, Booker T. Washington when he said, “You can’t hold a man down without staying down with him.”

The more America continues to hold back great candidates based on race, the more our economy is going to stay in a rut.  We all need each other to prosper, flourish, and to move ahead.





  1. Please tell me you are going to go on at least ONE of those interviews as Bianca.

    • There is far too much illness among the American populous, but none worse and prolonged as that of our ‘African American’ or “black” community! We have been literally infected by a multitude of physical and mental diseases imparted by our “white” counterparts upon us. They have gone out of their way to do us misdeed and damage here and wherever ‘people of color’ reside! But many of us have been laid too dumbfounded, conditioned, brainwashed, and literally ill to see or understand our devastatingly insane predicament! Everything done to us and everything done against us in every aspect of this ‘American dreamstate’ is to be expected, but we (most of us) are too caught up in our materialistic superficial fantasy to recognize just how bad things are bound to get!
      So keep learning and keep thinking deeply so as not to be so surprised that we are still being treated as if we are not welcome in this ‘white oriented, ignorant, racist based nation!

      • 1.) Every employer should have the right to hire who ever they want.
        2.) Stop acting like a gangster rapper “WizardG” why do you think employers are leaning toward nonblack applicants.
        3.) Once a bad worker who happens to be a difference race is hired you can’t get rid of them for being lazy unless you can catch them on camera because it will cost you tens of thousands in defending yourself against racial descrimination. You can fire a white person no questions asked for being lazy.
        4.) It is unfortunate that people of colour are labeled, It is even more unfortunate that they get stereo typed. But stereo types come from somewhere and it’s not from racism its from the actions of the few and sometimes many.
        5.) If a white person says something bad about a black person it’s racist, if a black person says something bad about a white person it just is what it is??????????

        6.) I am not a racist, I have several black, Indian, and asian friends, I live in a diverse area. We get along and no one cries of racial descrimination amongst my friends. They know better. Life is what you make it. You are rewarded for your efforts. If something doesn’t work try something different. If you hang out with unsavoury people and act the same as them prepare to be treated like you are one of them.

        7.) There a many intelligent successful black people in the world, so why are you any different? Obviously its possible.

        • I love the old line about “I am not a racist. I have several black, Indian and asian friends”. That does not mean that you are not not racist or that you can not harbor racist ideas about people other than your small group of “friends”. As an African-American woman who has friends of many ethnicities, I can’t count the number of times a few of those friends have told me that I am “not like those other black people” or that I am “different”.

          Your response does not answer her initial premise that with an idential resume, the “white” applicant received many more applications than the “black” applicant. How do you account for that?

          Just asking….

        • Avery Rhinel – Allow me the pleasure of illustrating the lack of veracity in your argument.

          1. By allowing employers to hire/employ who they want has led to this debacle that we call the “free market” in which companies hire who they desire to see in the position which is more often than not based on a preconceived bias that has been developed over decades through ignorance and hatred.
          2. Your inclination to label educated responses “gangster rapper” behavior readily shows your own ignorance. Just because there is a minority that emulates a population of those who show the very worst of a culture does not mean that all of that community do so.
          3. This is untrue and usually happens more often than not under the guise of other accusations including, but not limited to those of “inability” or “uncooperation”.
          4.I agree stereotypes are often the source of a minority among a community, however this does not give rise to the validity of these so called “labels”. If this were the case, many, if not all whites would be labeled for their inability to cope with loss, entitlement mentality or their tendency to be the mass murderers without reason.
          5. This has been one of the most overused anecdotal forms of “double standards” yet, however I have yet to see a situation in which a white person is or has been oppressed by a Black person and therefore assists in the illustration the futility of accusations of the oppressed.
          6. This particular argument has been used on numerous occasions and I understand that the word “friend” is bandied about fairly regularly and rarely ever justified.
          7. There are quite a few successful Black individuals throughout the world despite the barriers placed in their way, however asking many of them the path to that plateau is laden with dangers that speaking to someone of the “oppressor class” would lead to a lack of comprehension at best. The fact remains that just because you have some people that have found ways to circumvent the system does not mean that the system does not exist.

          • This is wasted babble. What does this has to do with the facts of this situation? You made absolutely no point at all to the charges. You are sick with excuses.

          • EXCELLENT REPLY TO RHINEL. Thank you Christopher. I was going to pretty much write the same thing..but you wrote it better than I could have.

          • Hire more mexicans you whites seem tp only hire indians and whites hire some mexicans

          • @Christopher I will probably comment back on the full of this comment later, but in lieu of you and this post, I must say that some of these employers may not be racist, just bigot. They may not think this woman or any blacks are inferior, they might just distrust them to the point of not giving them job offers.
            Also, I’m not sure how this Monster.com works, but perhaps they didn’t see your other name, or were searching only for whites (which isn’t, again, racist or necessarily morally wrong, depending on circumstance).

        • Avery

          By your comments, you must be another ill-informed Republican!! You seem to have a penchant for sticking your head in the sand and insisting that blantant racism doesn’t exist in this country!! This kind of thinking is WHY you just lost an election and will continue to lose them AS long as you persist in this way of thinking!! TAKE THE SHEET OFF YOUR HEAD AND GET A LIFE!!

          • Danny Boy

            If you think republicans are racist, you are just as clueless. You are nothing more than a sheep. A brainwashed pawn of the democratic party. You are being used. Wake up.

          • Fascinating. In trying to tell someone that they are racist, you make highly racist accusations. Way to prove that part of the problem is FEAR on the part of employers that they will be accused of racism in their dealings with employees who are not white.

            I would also like to take this chance to point out that Ms. Spivey is in very Liberal New Jersey (I don’t think that this is too much personal information, since it’s just the State, and it’s on her LinkedIn profile), which leads me to the question of just who the so-called racists are…

            Yes, I’ve met racists, and I’ve even worked for one of them for a time, but around my part of the country, which is far more conservative than New Jersey, I don’t see these kinds of issues arising on a regular basis.

          • I’m sorry bu don’t put ‘Avery’ on MY team shud cud easily be a Democrat who are criminally misinformed…ijs

        • rebecca jean ewell

          Like I have said before,I am not living in a fools paradise. I know that things for the masses of black people are the same as before Martin Luther King made his march. White people have found different way to keep the black people down. Built prisons to further enslave black people (different ways). Try to deflate egos—by giving black people jobs and then laying off or firing them for trivial reasons (different ways). All aimed at annihilation of blacks in society. This article and the experiment conducted is fitting for this time of life and the plight of blacks.

        • this is what they said in the 60’s

        • Your own bigotry is showing! Why do you assume we all act like gansta rappers?Should Wizrd G assume you are a neo-Nazi skinhead?No! And if you believe employers have the right to hire only White people,you are a racist.The people who deny racism still exist in this country are usually the biggest offenders.

          • Firstly: She or he did not say all black men or women act like gangster rappers. The way he talked was iffy, I suppose, so I pick no sides on that subject. Yes, employers have the right to hire only white people. It’s not a matter of belief, or morals, it’s a fact. They can hire all white workers if they choose, and will not be shut down because of it, unless certain circumstances come into play. Saying this does not make her or him a racist at all.
            Racism: Believing someone of another ethnic group/race is inferior.

            But yes, the people who deny the existence of racism today are stupid, and are probably racist themselves.

        • I just finished reading your comment and noticed that you wrong about one thing, you are a racist!

          • @ Bianca, everything on for a job that you said is true, they are designed to filter African Americans out for jobs. I’ve tried to disguise my voice, but it wasn’t white enough and they figuered, I was black. Whites like Avery are not naive to this subject, they relish no competition with blacks for jobs, its not in their best interest to worry about educated young blacks, getting ahead of him. The black economy today hinges on whites employing them it wasn’t like that during segregation, blacks started their own businesses traded with each other and built up their own townships. The government can intervene like they do fair housing by having testers, do the same thing you are doing and fine the employers for disparate treatment in hiring, this is the only way to rectify it.

        • Are you suggesting that white people should not be allowed in the workplace, in school, or in the movie theater? Look at the who’s shootin’ up their places of employment, schools, and the movies! Really, you want to generalize? Classify people by the lowest acting people and assign a racial category to certain behaviors? Do you really want to go there?

        • Your language suggest that while you want to project an image of being non-racist, you are being betrayed by your own comments. The writer gave a chronological account of her experiences. Are you trying to underestimate the extent of her reality? It is such a shame when we are unable to fit into someonelse’s shoe but stay in our ivory towers and make pronouncements that are politically correct but lacks an appreciation of our brotherhood. Please wake up to the writer’s reality and accept that she said without reservation that it was an ‘experiment’ to ascertain whether her experience was out of the ordinary. Please rethink your position in humility for after all, we are all God’s children. By the way, didn’t President Barack IObama have similar experiences from the white elite in relation to the rationale for his re-election? Think again

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        • You’re blind.

        • You have to be one stupid sumbitch or you just under the impression so many people of non color is on we are all created equally. Your passport to work is your skin color and if my people want work we have to go to people of your color to obtain it. The stereotype of black people being lazy comes from your people PERIOD to keep our people down and permanent second class citizens. As a matter of fact after slavery was so-called abolished your people went to great length to destroy my people and it stay that way all the way up until the 1960’s when my people said Enough is enough! When you live in a country where the so-called people in charge goes out of their way to make sure a group of people stay underclass citizens how the fuck do you think the suppressed people are suppose to react. It is impossible for people in these days in times to not know what’s going on and has been going on in this country for people of color. Let’s put it this way if you stupid motherfuckers stop bringing up the point we were slaves in this country every time someone in our ranks achieve something only Europeans were supposed to have exclusive rights to period. Then we’ll stop telling you all that we are here we not going no god damn where and get over the fact that with all your obstacles we are going to take over the whole game you will know what the true minority is. Let me let you in on something when you say I’m not racist I have a black friend and friends of other color, you’re a racist and we really don’t appreciate that statement. If you don’t believe me ask your black friend or your other friends of color what they think about your fucked up statement

          • This is a perfect example of the hostility that keeps Whites and Blacks so far apart. Not one person alive or their parents or grandparents were or are slaves and None of the mentioned people knew anyone that was a slave. GET OVER IT!

            Jews were killed to the tune of 10+ million and were slaves of the Nazi regime, when do you hear Jews calling out for reparations, why dont we hear them calling for payback for how their family members were treated?? You dont, because they moved on and got over it.

            Your threats to take over and show the white’s what its like to be a true minority are inflamatory, agressive and very hostile. Which is the attitude many, not all African Americans bring into the workplace. Why would an employer want to take a chance on getting an employee that demands respect before he/she has earned it.

            A job is a priviledge, not a right. Employers do have the right to chose who they hire, it is the owners business and he can run it as he chooses, or atleast here in NC thats how it works.

            Just out of curiosity, if your going to attack someone who is trying to say they arent racist, for saying they arent racist, you in affect are choosing to determine all whites are racist. Therefore, you segregate yourself from whites and that kind of alienation is what keep the divide wide apart between whites and blacks.

            African Americans need to realize, the days of claiming racisim are numbered, you have a two term african american president as proof. He could not have been elected were it not for a LOT of votes from Whites. Therefore, claims that whites are racists dont float. How are you going to determine who is and isnt a racist??

            Are you going to call me a racist, because im not kissing your ass and im telling it like it is??

            The days of race bullying are over, when a white person says “you people” or something similar, dont bother getting in a huff, I myself will just laugh at you, its your issue if you take that as some form of racist comment. There are scores of things said similar to this that African Americans get all bent out of shape over, not anymore, not with me, im through being a passive white guy African Americans can try to use racisim on to bully and get their way.

            My family wasnt here for slavery, nor was it here for segregation and just because my skin is white, I am not about to let some angry hate filled individual or anyone who thinks like him attempt to pull that old intimidation crap. If African Americans dont like the jobs that are out there, start a business and hire only african americans, stop blaming people, stop expecting the color of your skin to be a ticket to easy street. Educate yourself and through hard work and perserverance, become a success.

          • Umm…Steve…as recently as the 1960s…in my parents lifetime…and their parents lifetime, we were treated as sub-human. We were not allowed the same education, or job opportunities. We were terrorized by the KKK, etc.

            Expecting that to change in just a generation is absurd. And genocide is a completely different dynamic from slavery, discrimination, and torture based on your skin color. Many Jews pretended to not be Jewish to get by. Jewish is not as obvious as your skin color

          • François N Bessing

            Chef John and all other professional black young men and women (and older) who have vision and ambition and are looking to create a black-friendly America via business, political influence, philanthropy, and the entrepreneurial spirit, add me on Facebook or send me an e-mail. bbdc10 AT gMAIL DOT COM. Sympathizers are welcome to band together and help us end this tyranny once and for all.

        • The sad thing is you failed to admit that there are lazy white people. But because they are white they dont get stereotyped, and still get entitlement. God is fed up with the this and He’s not going to continue ignoring the hatred.

          • “The sad thing is you failed to admit that there are lazy white people. But because they are white they dont get stereotyped, and still get entitlement. God is fed up with the this and He’s not going to continue ignoring the hatred.”

            So who made up the phrase “poor white trash?”

        • Every employer does not have the right to hire whoever they want. An employer has to have less than a certain amount of employees in order to operate below the radar. As participants in our institutionalized those that employ more are required to hire without regard of race. That’s why they are permitted to operate in our society.

        • I stopped reading your comment after the 2nd reason.

          You lost all credibility of your opinion because you fell into the low hanger deck that many white people fall into – defense and stereotyping.

          White people need to stop acting on the defense and recognize that even if they are not individually responsible for the CLEAR lack of impartiality, they have to take responsibility regardless – on behalf of those who are too ignorant and blind to do so.

          I shouldn’t even need to say what race I am and likewise no one should assume that because I say this I must be “black” “latino” or whatever you want to say. My race should bear no weight on the obvious problem here.

          The problem is that white people feel challenged and “threatened” constantly when they are presented with the problems that they helped foster in. That needs to stop. Defenses and excuses need to stop. LISTEN before you speak. There is a real lack of listening and empathy and too much “I have black friends” or “I don’t have a job either” or “I” statements. There isn’t enough “You” statements. “You are going through some tough shit.” “You have been treated unfairly.”

          So what are YOU going to do about it? You’re going to stop getting defensive and start handicapping yourself.

          Why? Because being handicapped by one’s skin color is a reality for minorities. Not for white people. So no, you can’t understand what minorities are going through unless you agree that you are privileged and that some of that privilege came to you based solely on your skin color. If you recognize that that’s unfair, then take responsibility for it.

        • When companies get rich from black people buying their products then there should be and we have a right to demand that they hire black people!

        • My dear, you poor soul. You are very much a racist, it is made obvious all over your post, YOU don’t see it because you are the racist. Many racist are in denial, you are amongst those many.

          1. You will eat your words on this one. You will find out just how much harm comes to individuals, families and nations when employers just hire whomever they want. Wake up! Racist ppl founded/stole this country and handed the jobs down to their racist children, so when racist hire whomever they want, whole groups of ppl are left out, which in-turn divides a nation, up-roots progress and ruins economies. Mark my words your in-sensivity will come back to bite you.

          2. Stop acting like the damned devil himself, why do you think the whole world wants to rid the earth of the white man.. (i’m mocking you) You sound like a damned fool, seriously.. wake up

          3. Not going to waste my time, I will say though, you will find out just how foolish this statement is. Give it some time.

          4. In this country people of color are not rewarded for their efforts, they are basically told (as seen above essay) “Your skin is too dark to be rewarded for your efforts”

          5. Did the Africans hang and tar the white women on trees and rip open their pregnant bellies, all the while calling them nigger and the like, making obvious their heinous acts were being done because of the hue of the outer layer of their skin? Did we enslave your race and divide the nation based on race, did the Africans hold back jobs and other economic advantages from whites based on race? No, white people have created their own history of racism, we have not done these things to you, you yourself state “stereotypes come from somewhere”.

          6. You have just exampled to anyone who reads your post how much of a blind and ignorant racist you are. ( I don’t say this to be mean, it is plainly the truth)

          7. Life is NOT what you make it when others are in the position to make it for you, others who have the desire to make every effort to hinder you. The tables will turn, white ppl are hated all over the world for their horrible acts toward the earth and humanity, when the tables turn you will find out just how much life is NOT what you make it.

          *How dare you respond to this woman’s plight with such in-sensitivty and racism and have the audacity to say “I am not a racist” a curse is on you. You will eat your words and heartlessness.

        • Yes! Avery.

          They should not br hiring on the fact of Racism whereas some Blacks has a much knowledge and expertise than Whites. Where you are coming from that needs to be expressed more adequately.

          • In response to ‘Yeah Right’- slavery has been a part of all cultures for eons. It is one thing to have individuals subjugated within ones own nation, it is another for a different nation to take it to a whole other level. Yes, African’s sold Africans to the Europeans, they also sold fellow Africans to Arab nations. But, the way in which European’s then CHOSE to treat African slaves is why so many African Americans feel aggrieved now, and rightly so.

            To all intents and purposes America is no different to Apartheid South Africa – it’s simply the fact that you put a glossy American spin on it!

        • I’ve learned over the years the person who says “Im not racist” and can notate how many minority friends they have, tend to have more racist thoughts. Just what I’ve noticed.

        • Well said from a white person whom probably has, or never will experience racism to the degree that people of color experience everday.

          And you may wonder – How do I know you are white?

          Your response – “I’m not racist, I have several black, Indian, and Asian friends”- says it all.

          Keep responding like “it’s all in our heads”, and we’ll keep waiting for money to fall from the skies – NOT……………….

        • You are attrocious. How dare you come with such an evil comment. You are RACIST and it’s white people like you that makes this world so miserable. I don’t believe you have any black friends and what do you mean by: We get along and no one cries of racial discrimination amongst my friends. THEY KNOW BETTER. What is that suppose to mean? There is a God in heaven that is going to put all of you RACISTS where you belong in burning hotter than hot HELL.

          • It’s racist whites like that who make it hard for whites like me to have friends who are POC. POC can be very suspicious of whites who are trying to be friendly – and I don’t blame them one bit. It’s going to take a long time to build trust between communities, and SOME certain people are NOT helping!

          • June: Avery’s probably not even white, (s)he is probably an immigrant. A state department’s figures revealed..and this might shock you- that non-black immigrants were equally as vile and racist due to their belief in white-controlled media, and their association with racist whites.(they imbibed the poison of racism against blacks hook, line an sinker.
            Amen to the rest of your comment. There is just GOD in Heaven He is a GOD of Justice. We must pray.

        • 1. An employer reps a COMPANY which must follow laws to EXISTif it wants to make money off of the public. It has the right to hire who it wants WITHIN legal guidelines. Privately owned biz has more leeway and excercises it for ex.all those jobs for Biance
          2.??? Sorry nonsense can’t be logically refuted
          3.I’m sorry u had a bad experience; Maybe minorities being harder to fire is some sick twisted karma~like outgrowth from minorities being last and harder to get hired? Hmmmmm kinda like sick ppl who think welfare is some form a reparations…..
          4. Ummm YES stereotyping IS from racism because it stems from a mind that that gets n emotional payoff from believing lies, for example increased self esteem if all Black people acts like rappers that makes me better
          5.a bad thing said about anyone of any race is a bad thing; if u have a public platform and influence over millions of ppl and dollars its probably wise not to say bad things and in this case your right, about Black ppl cuz we will STOP buying ur tennis shoes! Not really that my I have a Dream, we will keep buying what ur selling unfortunately but u might lose your job as u should if u have NO appreciation for the ppl who spent millions to get u where u are (pet peeve, moving on…)
          6. Bwaaaaahaaaahahahaha!!!!! LMBBO
          7. YES THERE ARE SWEETIE, THANK YOU. AND 80% OF US ARE ON THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE ß GO FIGURE!!! Oh I. Forgot were lazy hard to fire bad worker rappers looking for a handout while smokin our weed… DANG! I ALMOST had that job!

        • Reparation-Separation. The next phase.

        • You said white people take being fired better then blacks. Are you insane? With all the white men who shot up and killed people in the work place for being fired. Ok. I understand; Avery Rhinel you are retared.

        • It is a fact that racism from white to black is bad. I just think that if white people were ever slaves in this country, and were treated the way I see black people get treated there would be all sort of legislation to ratify the situation. Please it is not about being lazy it is about being respected to the point of being treated fairly.

          • I am a white woman whose 16th generation canadian. I had to leave my hometown more than once to secure work since age 25. Now in the big centres they no longer hire whites who are born here especially in the office admin jobs and government jobs, we are not allowed to apply for federal or provincial jobs now. I have been living in rooms in the capital since 2008 because I am a medical transcriptionist and my job was automated-I ended up on social assistance when the global recession hit. Due to affirmative action I cannot secure any work in this city, ottawa. I am mistreated by the govt when I have to deal with my social assistance. I cannot get housing therefore Im stuck in an abusive situation. I worked since I am 14 and I am college educated. I grew up middle class. But Im second class in my own country. Immigrants are given everything under the sun including free homes, free medical, 1000 a month for each baby, free strollers, free taxi chits, free housecleaning, free dental. I dont get any of this but I do get healthcare (but my family has paid in to healthcare for 400 years!)

        • I love it when racists talk about the ethnic diversity of their friends. Ignorant people like you make me laugh. I especially like how you people always have comments about situations you’ve never been in. In this country employers don’t have the right to discriminate against anyone for any reason. Believe it or not, there are actually laws against it.

        • François N Bessing

          Avery, you are as ignorant as ignorance becomes if you believe all black people want to be gangster. I’m Black/ Negro and I certainly care nothing for the “gangster’s life”. As a matter of fact I work for the State of PA helping many people file for unemployment benefits.

        • Shut the F*** up! It people like you that need to have their GOD DAMN head kicked in! JUST GO AWAY!!!!! IDIOT!

        • Avery Rhindel, from your stark cold insensitivity, it is clear that YOU ARE RACIST.
          This has even been shown in studies: Racist people lack sensitivity toward ppl of other races. This is why they are able to commit atrocious acts against that ppl of that race. The common crutch racist ppl use is: “I have black friends.” That is absolute rubbish. I personally know some rabidly racist ppl who “have a black friend”, but say the most hideous things and discriminate against even innocent little children!!.
          (children who have the of skin colour)

      • That was a great comment. This article really opened my eyes, or opened them more. It doesn’t include harassment ON the job based on racial reasons or the fact that Blacks often get paid less.

        The fact the MONSTER.com uses that race/sex survey also makes them culpable and really it is illegal to do that. Maybe you have some proof for a law suit, Writer.

    • Exactly my sentiments…

    • This story is half right. If you are applying to a government job, a government contractor, or an institution of higher education, the more black you are, the better. If you can also be a female, lesbian, have a couple of disabilities and be a muslim with a hispanic background, you will be guaranteed to get the job. In fact, you will get hired ahead of better qualified white heterosexual Christian males.

      Now, if you are applying to any other sort of job, the author of this article is correct, you are better off being white. You fall victim to “group statistics” when applying to jobs. The AVERAGE black person is simply not as intelligent as the AVERAGE white person (who is not as intelligent as the average asain person). Don’t be mad, it is simply the truth. Obviously, there are black people who are quite intelligent and very talented; but the prosepective employer is simply playing an efficiency game — he knows that when he is trying to fill run of the mill jobs, it is easier to interview 3 white people instead of 10 black people, to find someone who he believes can do the job. If someone was trying to staff a basketball team and he had to do tryouts one at a time and only had 3 days to get 12 players, you can be assured that the black applicants (all he gets is a resume, no videos) will be the first ones called — because that interviewer knows he will have to go through a lot more white people to find a player good enough to do a good job. There aren’t enough asians to fill all the jobs, so white people get the majority of them; if you are a black person (and genuinely a good fit for the job in question), you are going to have to get someone on the inside to advance your resume to the top of the pile. Please know, I’m not saying this is “right.” I’m just saying that’s the way it is.

      • Wow. I work for a school system as a general assignment 1 paraprofessional. I went back to school and completed my MEd in Instructional Technology with licensure but cannot get a job as a technology teacher because apparently only young white females or males are qualified to teach technology classes, even without the proper credentials.

        If this is not racism why was I not interviewed for technology job openings inside the school at which I work? The Spanish and English teachers were given the job of teaching technology instead. Whatever happened to only “highly qualified”? Just because I speak English does not qualifie me to teach English. So I guess the young white teachers were more qualified because????? Especially considering they have done nothing but teach, while I have worked as a call center designer, technical consultant, operations and sales manager and telecommunications project manager. So how does that make them more qualified to teacher our students 21st century workplace skills?

        I know of one highly qualified black woman, who graduated from Princeton Suma Cum Laude, with her masters in education. Her evaluations as a teacher were always More than Satisfactory or Exceptional, but they let her go and replaced her with the young white Teach for American female she was mentoring.

        So where you got your information is beyond me. As a matter of fact, at the end of the year last year, our district had a total 37 African American teachers in a city of over 500,000 and a black population of 16%. The percentage of black teachers has hovered around 2% for the last 15 years.

        Funny, before desegregation, Johnnie knew how to read because we were teaching our own. Now that we have young inexperienced white teachers replacing highly qualified tenured black teachers, the quality of education in inner city schools has deteriorated dramatically. And everyone wonders what is wrong with our education system. It is called nepotism.

        • What is wrong with the system today is, the African American youth of today grew up in homes with no Father and a Mother who was at work leaving the kids alone to take care of themselves.

          This has bred a few generations of wannabe gangster thugs who show up in class for social hour, not to learn and the Teachers try to teach them, but they refuse to be taught.

          If you are truely a employee in the school system, you know this is true. Todays youth are far different than the youth of yesterday.

          In many ways, African American teachers are needed, especially in schools and classes with African American majority’s. White female Teachers get no respect, they learn fast that taking the problem to the Principal is pointless so they just let the kids do as they please.

          • Dr. Lorraine Mayes-Buckley

            You must be out of your mind. I was a single parent and raised three daughters while working. Being a single parent beat the alternative of getting my a$$ kicked everyday by my then husband. I now have a PhD and my oldest daughter has a MBA, my middle daughter has a Masters in Education and my youngest daughter is a licensed broker. So you can take your racist comments and shove them where the sun does not shine. Excuse me my brothers and sister for stooping to this fool’s level but I could not let this go,

      • i know you. you’re racist as hell.

    • Please tell me you are starting your own insurance firm where you can hire the people _you_ like!!

  2. She can’t go as the other woman she has no ID. or SOC. but I liked the experiment it’s very true racism is destrying this country and it seems like it’s getting worse.

  3. This is extremely disheartening, and I hope Yolanda contacts the employers who reached out to “Bianca” to attend those interviews 🙂
    But I would like to clarify one point about Monster’s diversity questionnaire: Monster gathers that information for internal use but it is not visble to recruiters when they search resumes.

    Monster offers multiple search products (for sale) to employers, including “Monster Diversity”. When recruiters log in to Monster and run candidate searches, if they’ve purchased the option, they can choose to search Monster Diversity rather than all of Monster.com. That search would return results of diverse candidates meeting the search criteria (something many employers, especially those with Affirmative Action Plans or other commitments to corporate diversity goals) specifically seek out. What recruiters do NOT see are the specific demographics of the individual candidates. In plain language–when I run Monster Diversity searches (which I do), I know the resumes I’ll see belong to minority and female candidates but I don’t know their specific race, ethnicity or gender.

    (BTW, I’m not positive but I believe white females are included as ‘diverse’ candidates so both Bianca and Yolanda should show up in Monster Diversity searches.)

    But the real problem with this story is that a crucial search criteria employers use which would have affected Yolanda’s ranking in search results is the date of last resume update. The default search option is “resumes uploaded/updated in the last 30 days” and employers can reduce that number to a week or a *day* if they want to. If Yolanda’s resume had not been updated in several days or weeks and Bianca’s was brand new, Bianca would be ranked higher in the search results. Depending on how many resumes a search returns (50 candidates who meet criteria vs 2,000 or more–a realistic number for some skillsets), a recruiter just won’t get to older resumes.

    I don’t deny that racism in the job market or the workplace is real (I am a mixed-race female, I’ve certainly experienced it first hand) but there are a lot of factors at play here. I think it’s worth experimenting with your demographic settings to see if that nets you different results, and it might be worth obscuring your name if you feel it is working against you (i.e. using initials or a nickname instead of your full name). The only thing I’d caution against is outright lying–even if your reasons for doing so are valid, it can instill doubt in your trustworthiness and if you lie on your application, even disqualify you from employment altogether.

    • I’ve never included my demographic information on Monster, i’ve filled out everything else but that.

      • If u respond to the demographic information either way they will know your race! If u mark “African American” they will know that ur black. If you mark “Caucasion” they will know that ur caucasion, etc……..If u don’t mark anything, leaving it blank, u r BLACK!!!! even if ur a different race…either way if u don’t mark “Caucasion” ur application may be placed aside or thrown out!

    • You are very naive. My sister was told by a white female that applicants are screened by race. This is why we need more minority owed businesses.

      • With the deductive reasoning and writing skills on display here, I hope you personally are unemployed. In a struggling economy, American businesses deserve better.

    • RecruiterinDC, of course your comment will be the company line…you wouldn’t want people to suspect that most of y’all are racist scumbags.

      • If Recruiter is lying, it should be pretty easy to call her out — right? Just make an employer account on Monster, run your searches, and see whether individual candidates’ race/ethnicity criteria are displayed or whether, as Recruiter describes, Monster Diversity lumps them all together.

    • I think you did an excellent job of analysing the experiment. There is racism in this country true enough. However, you do need to update your resume every week so that it is current on Monster.com. I also want to add that I used to work in HR and I could distinguish what ethnic group was applying for a position by their name. Though it made me no difference, I would imagine that for some it would.

    • ms recruiter in DC. And u have never ever been dishonest on an application have u? of course not I don’t have too I’am white.

    • Well, one problem with your analysis RecruiterinDC is that it would be very easy to use this Diversity system you describe on Monster.com for screening wouldn’t it? A company with ‘Diversity’ access to Monster could do multiple searches, search for all people on the normal Monster.com site, then search for some particular ethnic group, then only call people that don’t show up on both lists.

      • This isn’t a problem with her analysis — rather, it’s a credit to Recruiter’s common sense that she emphasized the “sort by last-updated” scenario and declined to entertain this ridiculously unlikely one.

        • You are either racist, in denial, or both. Her story is “ridiculously unlikely”? Have you seen statistics on hiring practices among Fortune 500 companies? Racial discrimination in corporate America is a fact! Idiot. If it was so unlikely, she would have gotten similar responses when her resume was new. She didn’t. It has nothing to do with how new her resume was.

    • In this case, it should be very easy for someone to repeat the experiment: create a “black” resume and a “white” resume with otherwise-equal qualifications, upload them on the same date, and see what happens.

    • “This is extremely disheartening, and I hope Yolanda contacts the employers who reached out to “Bianca” to attend those interviews”–RecruiterinDC

      Thanks for a thoughtful response, Recruiter, though I don’t think employers always use MonsterDiversity searches for the same benign purposes you presumably do.

      While it might be satisfying for Yolanda to contact the employers who ignored her and pursued “Bianca,” it would also be the end of her career in her field. Do you seriously think those employers would be shocked into some useful introspection? That they would say to themselves, “Wow, I never realized we were discriminating, we have to change that”? No. What they will say, and pass along to colleagues, is that Yolanda is a troublemaker.

      I’m a white male, by the way, so for most of my life I haven’t experienced this kind of discrimination. That has changed somewhat now that I’m well over the new unemployability threshold of 30 or 35.

  4. As a white man, I know and believe there is discrimination in the workplace, but I don’t feel this article proves it. First, Bianca White sounds like a black name to me. Most of the people I’ve known with color names as their last names – White, Black, Green, etc. – have been black. I’m not saying all, but most. In fact, most people with the same last name as myself are actually black, but my last name is not also a color. And I know Bianca is supposed to be a steriotypical rich, white, suburbanite, “valley girl” type of name, but I’ve only ever know one person named Bianca, and she’s black. Second, if RecruiterinDC is correct in that employers don’t see the actual demographics of a specific candidate when using Monster Diversity, it seems to me as if they’d have to actually go through the trouble of using Monster Diversity just to get the names of everyone who is in any minority group, then go to “regular” Monster and ignore all of those names. Third, and I think I might be showing my stripes here, but……… In the article, there’s a point where Ms. Spivey uses the word “mines” in place of “mine”. I think if there are any typoe like that on her resume, if an employer WERE to presume her to be white, they might be brushed off as just that – mere typos. But if an employer WERE to believe her to be black, ………… When I say that I might be showing my stripes, I mean with the mere fact that said “typo” even caught my attention…….

    • She just made up the name Bianca White as a psuedonym and it really has no bearing on their assumption that she was white. They got that from the white category on the survey. Maybe you don’t like that name but that is not the point, it was fictional.

      As with the “mines” word, i am a spelling freak and i noticed it too. But still when you type, typos can get past and also I didn’t see a mistake like that anywhere else.

      It is not really the domain of other White American people to comment on the subject of race because it is like a fish saying “I don’t see anything wrong with the water” he’s swimming in…you just don’t see it and you don’t get treated differently for the most part.

    • Just stop… Why do you even bother to comment? You had nothing credible to add other than stretching out claims based on your “experiences” which are COMPLETELY different from the experiences of others. Just stop talking. Let the intelligent people talk. You can go back to playing with your blocks or whatever it is you do.

    • WFB:

      I agree with you in re the name Bianca White. When I read that name, I also thought that name was quite “Black” Also in re the “typo”, ebonics is real. It is deeply entrenched in the vocabulary of my people… sad but true (I am Black). My name, Becky Amos, is one of those that you can’t tell what racial background I am from as well. When recruiters call me for initial telephone interviews, they don’t know who I am either because of the way I speak and write. BUT… once I am called in for an interview, things do change… often, not always, but often. I can tell by way recruiters speak to me differently than when they did on the phone, how they infuse a little “slang” into the conversation, even their body language reflects the changes they make when they meet me.

      What I am trying to say here, sir, is that in spite of the name she chose and in spite of the “typo” the racial discrimination that she speaks of is real and I know it first hand.

      I grew up, here in San Francisco, in a predominently White neighborhood. This was before “bussing” so we had very few Black kids in my school. When “bussing” was implemented by the school system, I was so excited that the Black kids were coming to my school. What happened to me when they got to my school was that the Black kids used to call me “Oreo” and “White Girl” and used to tease me about the way I spoke. They were very hurtful and I still can remember the stings I used feel on a daily basis from my own people because of who I was and am.

      Racisim is a double-edged sword and I could write you an entire (at least 80 page) manuscript on the subject and about my own personal encounters with it. Sir, I am just tired of the whole damned thing. I wish we could all just get a grip and get over the residual effects of slavery (which I believe, is the root of this whole mess) and get on with the business at hand… making money for the companies we work for and for all of us to have a part in contributing to the Gross National Product (GNP) of this beautiful country of ours.


  5. I don’t want to discredit this woman’s experience but i would really like to see the emails, screen shots, proof that she actually did this. I’m so sick of the race argument. I’m a black women, no college degree. When sat down, and filled out everything on Monster, and had someone redo my resume as a favor. I was never without chances to at least be interviewed. I have never had this issue, in fact when I took it upon myself to step my game up and read up on how to score an amazing interview I was being pulled 4 different ways for job offers, including being offered more money, and leave options. So I can’t relate, I’m black, young, and living in WDC. I always put myself out there for training and worked my way up from receptionist, to admin, then found myself in the transportation sector, and then upgraded to a higher up position only reporting to one supervisor as oppose to an admin position where i was working for someone or any office. I work for on of the bigger government agencies in DC. Sorry to hear this but you don’t have to pretend to be anything but yourself if you really worked hard to get where you want to be.

    • You are a black womAn! Not a black womEn! Women is more than one woman.

      • It makes me so angry when African-Americans use the title “black”. We are so much more than a color and I believe it plays a factor in getting a position of employment.

        My nephew and his caucasian wife have identical IT degrees. He is never hired but his wife gets 6 figure jobs and is the person supporting the family. He is very hurt about this and it is destroying their relationship.

        They recently split up, relocated to different cities and he is still lookig for a job after 4 mos, she is already employed.

        They are getting back together, he is moving to where she relocated so she can again try to get him employed. It is all about race, he is college educated, well spoken, presentable and can’t get a job. She hits it out of the park everytime, it is race.

        • Elizabeth, we certainly arent African so what do you propose we call ourselves? I hate that we even have to distinguish ourselves by race also, we should all be Americans but thats not the way it is so please tell me, what do you think we should call ourselves?

          • AMEN BRITT!

            I hate that hyphenated title. Cut it out. Call me a Philadelphian or an American. I don’t mind being called Black, Brown would be more appropriate. 🙂 Who started that title anyway? Why does our existence as a people seem to NEED to be defined and understood by white people? Why are we STILL trying to win in their world? There are PLENTY of minority owned businesses who would not flinch if theey saw the name Rashida on an application. Stop being lazy and using sites like Monster, etc (THEIR world) and go seek out other businesses that recognize talent. I agree with “Hmmm” I too have had success in job hunting – but I also do not seek top dollar when applying for jobs. Employers are worried about their budgets so they are looking for the best labor for cheap. My advice, drop your asking salary on the job web sites, remove demographic information but also SEARCH for businesses that are monirity owned. Read the paper/magazines- a lot of these BIG businesses have Black people at the top! Seek them out. You don’t HAVE to play in their world and you can’t MAKE them play with you.

          • If we aren’t African, then what are Asians? Or Italian Americans?

            Why is it that when it comes to blacks, they’re supposed to shy away from their African heritage? African-American means you’re of African descent, which you are. The term “black” doesn’t even begin to make sense. The 1 drop rule is even more idiotic

        • Elizabeth..Sorry that you get angry when we blacks people call ourselves black. You should understand, that the title Black People, is not about the color of a persons skin. It’s about the state of a persons mind. You can recognize a black person by the way we carry ourelves, we are “Respectful, protective, supportive, Loyal, and Proud.

        • You are exactly right! Saying black is too generic and can mean anything and a person from anywhere. African American sums it up precisely better than saying only black could ever do.

          • Just saying Black implies that I have no heritage, ethnicity or country of origin. African-American recognizes the fullness of who I am; a black woman born in America and the descendant of proud people from the continent of Africa.

            White people who want everyone to be “American” take very much for granted that they can trace their ancestry back to the old country to a particular nation and a particular people within that nation. American born blacks only know we were stolen from somewhere on the continent of Africa.

            The designation African-American honors my ancestors both here in the Americas on in the motherland. I will continue to all myself African-American and proudly so.

        • Elizabeth,

          So, is it okay to say “White” or would you rather caucasian…really there isn’t anything about them that is “Asian” I wonder where that part came from? I was just wondering.


          I love being Black, Black describes the color of my mother’s skin, and her mother’s skin, and her mother’s skin. Most of the people in my family are actually the color black. Their skin is black as coal. My mother got with my father, I guess because opposites attract. He was quite light skinned Black man and refers to himself as “Black”, I am honey colored brown, and I love my black skinned family. They are all so pretty and handsome and intelligent.

          I am not African nothing. My decendents (the ones who got here in the 1600’s) were slaves FROM Africa… but everyone else FROM America. So I am Black and American. Yay me!

          Becky 🙂

          • Umm…what??

            You are “Black” because from an evolutionary standpoint, your ancestors were from Africa. Your skin is darker because of the weather in Africa, which has been passed on to you genetically from generation to generation. You’re African….calling yourself black is based purely on the flawed one drop rule concept. Your ancestors were brought here from Africa. If this is your logic, then never call an Asian “Asian” ever again

          • A lot of Asians from various parts of Southeast Asia have dark skin too, so are you going to call them “black” by these standards? Since “black” refers to people whom you are assuming are of African descent, not just from various parts of the world around the Equator where EVERYONE’S skin is darker whether they are in the South Pacific, Southeast Asia or Central America. So by this token are Central American Native “Red” Indians and Southeast Asians and Philippinos now “black” as well? All dark skin is from Africa thus you’re all African-Americans?? I’m Choctaw Indian and I am ALWAYS being called “black” or “African American” even though my ancestors are CHOCTAW and also Inuit (Eskimo to most people). So, how’s that again?!

            I wish I could go somewhere where everyone else with skin as dark as mine and darker, was also NOT African descended thus not “black” either, and stop being treated like I must be “African” American instead of Choctaw Indian, too. And when I find that place I’ll drop the racist hellhole world a damn POSTCARD.

        • Behindthe Curtain

          From my personal experiences in relationships, it’s all how you present yourself in an interview that actually lands the job. The kind of attitude in your nephew that drives him to dump his wife out of jealousy, is the exact kind of attitude that doesn’t get him hired. I was married to someone just like him.

    • There is a documentary on U-tube called ‘Black in America’ where a sociology professor- white women did an experiment which conclude that employers and recruiters discriminate against black people based on first & last name, home address and the sound of their phone voice. Also, she interviewed several business owners and they told her they “feel” black people are unreliable. The racist that are in positions to hire know this to be true but, it seems simple minded blacks can’t imagine that their masters would do this to them. I left the land of the time clock six years ago and couldn’t be happier. As a business owner my income has tripled and I’m not dependent on being hired and cannot be fired as long as I exceed my client’s expectations.

      • Go ‘head Big Will

      • Right on. I wish to do the same.

      • Big Will:

        I know that is right! It is my mission, in this life, to leave behind a business and at least 1 piece of property for my Black son so he doesn’t have to go around begging for jobs from those people like I do.

        You do that thing baby!

        Becky 😉

      • Behindthe Curtain

        Hi Will,

        One company and surrounding area that has been different for decades is Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford had a lot of faults, but one thing he did do was promote blacks on his assy lines up into management, creating a highly successful and respected Middle Class, that mixed so well with the locals, that by the time I lived in Canton, MI, every trip to the grocery store guaranteed that I’d encounter yet another very pretty and/or exotic looking “Cafe Ole” woman of who knows what percentages, with all combinations of natural skin, eye, and hair color.

        I had many coworkers who would talk to me in flawless Oreo Cookie Midwestern English, then immediately turn to their fellow native Detroiter and slide smoothly into Jive. And I mean authentically “Don’t axe ‘im and axe ‘im too man’ times, o’ he mi’ hut hisself, f’sua!”

        Those who could pull off the “generic midwest professional” act, as needed, did very, very well. My very dark skinned, locally born and bred research department manager invented our combustion simulation program as an engineer, and then got to supervise its transformation from estimated static, to data driven and trained and prognostically capable nonlinear dynamic real time hardware in the loop — all before he retired. He looked very much like JJ Dyno-MITE’s father on Good Times (nah, he was handsomer :)).

        I do have to say, that to this day, there’s STILL a Detroit lady who gives my cell phone number out to guys at bars (I kept the number even after I moved far away). She must be a waitress or possibly even runs the bar. When they call the number and I answer in my very non-Jive accent, they immediately know what she did to them. It’s touching ;).

        Jive don’ ge’ you no ‘ploymen’, hun. Sadtasay.

    • Hmm,so since you weren’t discriminated against at your present GOVERNMENT job(which are usually more compliant with anti-discrimination laws than the private sector),racism in hiring couldn’t possibly still exist today?

    • It’s disheartening to see that you wish to discredit this woman by questioning the validity of her claim. Now I don’t know this woman any more than you, but why does you first assumption have to be that she’s “playing the race card.” There always seem to be a crowd of black people who scream how much they’ve pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps and have zero tolorance for those who having a harder time. Your assumption seems to be that she’s doing something wrong or that she may even be lazy and looking for something or something to blame for her situation. The truth is you have no reason to assume either about this woman. Even if you want to take racism off the table (which I believe could certainly be the issue) you then have to know that positions requiring degrees are a lot harder to obtain. The competition is a lot more fierce because it’s harder to find the cream of the crop among college grads. We also don’t know what market/city she’s in. There may very well be an abundance of jobs in your area but few opportunities where she lives. We don’t even know the specific job she’s seeking. Maybe there’s a lot of competition in that field. Maybe you have a broader network. Maybe your name sounds better. Maybe you are more attractive. I don’t know what factor plays into you having a job and her having trouble finding work. But please don’t assume she’s making excuses. That’s not fair to her or anyone struggling in this job market.

    • I live in WDC, too. I’m sure you realize that the job market in D.C. is the best in the entire country, so comparing your job chances to elsewhere in the country is pretty arrogant. Not to mention, this is one of the most left-leaning and race-conscious cities in the country, which is 50% African American in population and votes more than 90% Democratic in presidential elections. Last but not least, it’s just sheer laziness to compare getting a job in a government agency to one of the most impenetrable bastions of white male dominance, the financial industry. My question is, how did you get so far in life with such a lazy attitude?

    • @hmmm…so youre saying your good and fuck everyone else…you did it and everyone elses circumstances are the same as yours…right?…wrong.Its obvious you only care about yourself!

    • HMM:

      Government agencies tend to have strict hiring quotas they must fill. I was once a worker for the State of New Jersey and also for the State of San Francisco, both in the judicial sections. I saw more Black people at work there than when I take a trip downtown where the private sector conducts its business. I rarely see Black people there. I don’t see many Black people walking around during lunch time, I see few Black people working in the offices, I see few Black people working in the restaurants and shops.

      The private sector does not have the pressure to adhere to strict anti-discrimination laws as does the public sector. So sister, you go girl, in your public sector job. I wish you much success, but believe me honey ‘chile, you leave there and go private, you will get smacked right in your pretty little face by the hand of racisim and racial descrimination baby.


  6. Fake article is fake.

  7. Thanks for posting, Yolanda. I think that people have offered some very valuable perspectives regarding other potential factors at play; however, I do believe that your suspicions are founded and supported with facts. I’ve seen a multitude of studies and reports including some done by the New York Times, 20/20, and CBSNEWS that all show that race/ethnic names often play roles in who is hired and/or even receives an invitation to be interviewed for perspective positions.

    I think RecruiterInDC made some excellent points about Monster’s process/tendencies and offered very valuable insight into how to manipulate it to better your chances for employment, but, I wish that info as valuable as this was more readily available than in the comments at the bottom of a blog.

    Additionally, although RecruiterInDC shows other factors that could have definitely had some influence, The one thing that I would want to know is, Has Yolanda EVER had the type of traffic on her resume’ that Bianca White had. (I doubt that the answer is yes, since, this experiment was necessary for her to make some conclusions). Even if the market was different when Yolanda, initially posted, One of the 300 positions to which she applied should have at the very least given an Inquiry or interview. To dismiss that staggering number as trivial and nothing more than a digital overlooking of one’s resume’ is to totally disregard that NONE of the jobs responded to her at all, whereas, 24 responded to Bianca White within a week.

    I also think WFB makes good points. I would argue that Bianca is a far more “race-neutral” name than Yolanda and is one that some employers would at the very least consider… now they may change their tune after making personal contact and SEEING that Bianca is a black woman, but, Bianca (based on those studies)would at least not be dismissed.
    “Mines” also jumped out at me because it is a word that we often use culturally and don’t often hear our white counterparts use. Grammatically, we have to ensure that we’ve dotted all i’s and crossed all t’s regarding professional opportunities. (Hopefully, Ms. Spivey doesn’t take the addressing of that particular aspect as a dig. It isn’t intended to be).

    HMM, even if you’re sick of hearing about race as an issue, it is still an issue and if we continually dismiss it as a realistic issue, things like this or the purging of resume’s based on ethnic names could continue to be issues. Companies should be held accountable and responsible for their actions, particularly if it means they are discriminating against viable candidates rather than making informed decisions based on their qualifications and abilities. I think it’s wrong to presume that Yolanda wasn’t “working hard” because it is Clear that her qualifications, which were the same As Bianca White, seemed to be EXACTLY what quite a few companies were looking for.

    Sorry for the essay; but, Ms. Spivey addressed a very real issue and I appreciate her account of her experience. Thank you. (For the record, I’m a black man… I don’t know if that’s relevant to how you take my comments… but some may have been wondering).

  8. *prospective Not Perspective… Excuse me.

  9. Love this Article, racism is getting worse and especially in the job market for African Americans. I’m a Black Male with a could-be Caucasian first and last name. I posted my resume on Monster.com and had a recruiter call me about a job offer but during the conversation she heard the Bass in my voice and notice I was Black and withdrew the position. So later I changed my resume format and style on Monster.com and received another call by the same recruiter who didn’t remember me from the last we spoke, but after hearing my voice tone she recanted a job position once again with a lame excuse. “RACISM IS VERY MUCH ALIVE IN EVERY ASPECT OF THIS COUNTRY.”

  10. I ran a similar experiment. My full Chinese name gets almost nothing. Anglicised, I get responses. It might have to do with the field I’m in (Publishing), since I imagine the stereotype persists that all Chinese people speak pidgin English.


  12. I don’t buy it, in the words of Joe Biden, “that is malarkey.” While I (as a black man with a very unusual name, and much less palatable than Yolanda) would agree that some employers do discriminate based on name, I don’t believe it was the case here, and I don’t believe the experiment was well controlled. First thing that alarms me is this “After completing school this past May, I resumed my search for employment and was quite shocked that I wasn’t getting a SINGLE response.” Certainly not all employers or screeners are racist, and for you not to get one single response tells me that the problem was not your name specifically, but any number of other reasons (incomplete or erroneous resume, unsavory google search, skills didn’t match position, timing, etc.) . Also, contrary to what you stated, employers do not see the race information that you provided to Monster, unless you put it in your resume. Certainly that would raise major legal concerns if Monster was to provide that info with an applicant’s resume.

    • I unedrstand your point however, there is a documentary on U-tube called ‘Black in America’ where a sociology professor- white women did an experiment which conclude that employers and recruiters discriminate against black people based on first & last name, home address and the sound of their phone voice. Also, she interviewed several business owners and they told her they “feel” black people are unreliable. The racist that are in positions to hire know this to be true but, it seems simple minded blacks can’t imagine that their masters would do this to them. I left the land of the time clock six years ago and couldn’t be happier. As a business owner my income has tripled and I’m not dependent on being hired and cannot be fired as long as I exceed my client’s expectations.

      • I acknowledged that some employers do racially discriminate. But, I am not convinced that was the case here. Like i said, for her not to get a single response initially is telling, as well as her false belief about reporting of ethnicity information from Monster. Her evidence is inconclusive at best. Certainly not all employers are racists.

  13. This article is true to life. My real name is very caucasian and guess what I’ve had a lot of interviews and on several occasions I’ve seen the look of surprised because I was black. This is only going to get worse now that people are intentionally using the Presidency as a reason not to hire people, especially people of color. They’re punishing us. The severity of this depends on what part of the country you live in as well. If you’re in the bible belt get out now if you have the chance it’s going to get uglier.

  14. Read the Freakonomics book. Chapter six talks about names. People of a certain class and educational background name their kids differently than people from other classes. Who would you expect to be the next woman as president: Destiny or Hillary? We pretend like we don’t see these things but we do. One sounds like a stripper and the other does not.

  15. I can believe it, because for years while applying for jobs in the Retail sector. I’ve choosen to either not to answer those questions of race, or have answered that I am two or more races. Here recently, when going to interviews, in certain points of Cuyahoga county. I’ve notice some shock, of not only the employees when I walk in the store, but management too. Know of course no one has been rude to me during the interview, with the acception of Cosco’s. But soon after I will get an email telling me no about the position. I’m a little baffled, about some of these post. Like the media has’nt done enough stories, on how employers, or using underhanded means, in their hiring practices. Especailly with the invention of Facebook, and the other socail media sites. Obviously now in most defintely in the near future, these are the means that are going to be continously used to weed people out. No matter what your demographics.

    • Sadly I don’t think you either can read or you simply are a Sambo. If that were the case then how and why did she get a better response with the same credentials and a different name? Sometimes we are so caught up in things we don’t want to see the truth read and do not see we listen and do not hear. This is really sad.

  16. Some people look at a cactus and see a rose. In this case, they pretend they do not know racism exists.
    The woman is pointing to an issue we all know exists. Whites hire whites before blacks. When the economy falls like it has, many lose jobs and the whites are the first to get hired back. Whites are in charge and can do what they choose to do as long as they do not get caught breaking the law. Blacks should seek to be in charge of their own businesses and money sources. Then we will not need to complain about the racism white people show.

  17. This has been going on for over 30 years, but Black folks do not think racism exist…

    We are the first race to say “President Obama is not the Black people president”…

    But yet, was former President George W. Busch the white people’s presidemt?

    It is not an issue of RACISM until it happens to you Mr. & Ms Black…

    President Obama should be obligated to even the play’n field when it comes to the Black comunity, as he was unemployed for a long time, thus the reason why he ran for public office…

    He needs to acknowledge that racism exist in the hiring process at all levels of employment, especially the high-paying and high-profile positions…

  18. LoL, the bitter truth. I started to do the same thing as I experienced the same things in this skin I’m in. I never did but I’ve work in
    Corrections and had some Blacks to express the same sentiments. One told me that he could not get in to see the Dentist and that he realized what he had to do, check white on his application. Funny stuff, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  19. By the way, I ask my grand-mother many years ago, who was born in 1907, why she named me a white person first and middle name, as my last name is common between both races, and her response to me was “I want you to be able to get a job”…

    Does it help? sure it does, until they see the color of my skin…and then I get the usual, “We decided to go with someone who more closely fit our needs”…

  20. I would send this infor to the dEPT OF justice. IF THEY CANNOT SEE BT THIS THAT THE WORK FORCE OF ANY KIND ARE MOSTLY BIGOTS AND NOT ONLY IN THE NOT HIRING PROESS BUT TAKING AWAY CAREERS (AS THEY HAVE DONE TO ME) FOR white hateful woman to ruin my career and admit it to my other co workers she set me up for a resignation. But society tells us to be independent and not live for hand outs from the government. HOW???????With bigots all across this nation?

  21. First of all, race is an undeniable factor in getting certain jobs from certain employers. As a former “headhunter” and working mostly with African-Americans I experienced overt racism by some prospective employers. Secondly, resumes are a kiss of death for most job seekers because prospective employers use resumes to screen people out rather than screen them in. If there’s one single thing in a resume that a prospective employer doesn’t like you’re out. Thirdly, depending on the company, a resume is usually viewed by two to three people before a decision is made to even interview a candidate. The best advice I can give any person seeking employment is to avoid sending a resume unless it is absolutely necessary and then only after you have spoken to someone in the company in which you are applying. If they insist that you send a resume, send it but don’t expect a call back. One last thing; prospective employers review hundreds, even thousands of resumes and most of them look alike; what you have to do is figure out some way to make yourself look different from everyone else. Eliminate your negatives and accentuate your positives.

  22. if they can’t have sex with black women…they do not want them around….what did dr. martin Luther king teach…..organization…kkk is hundred % out in force…..and they are going to do every thing in their power…because they know black people will not create no jobs and the are going to come to them…and blacks are extremely greed for the white man material things… they understand blacks real well…..and they control all the land that allow them to create jobs they are set up with housing….food….and they make every thing…..black don’t make nothing….and white understand this….and the things blacks make…will be boycotted against…..and they will keep blacks unemployed so they can’t buy those products any way….black got this wrong and if they don’t get it right….and the 11 million Mexican are the 5 million Asian are write in as legal American….you blacks can hang it up you and your children….if yall don’t organize and create the right type of jobs….man yall are in trouble….and the are going to look at yall kill each other and put the rest in prison and start to work them for free…they will build a big thing about prisons living free and say they should be work all they do is lift weights all day {and right there you have negro’s back in slavery} and prison have the same make up as slavery…. exactly the same…then these other negro will approve this just like the Arabs did in the 1800….this is what happen then….first you are fighting for the wrong thing “food” and “water” meaning grow your own food and package it for long term….get the trash’ melt and use it for packaging systems….cut out this greed..yall need each other….because the Spanish will not help you the Asian will not help you not even work will you when you talk about money…i’v live in san Francisco around Asian…and Spanish people a lot of them….i’m from the south left about 1999….

  23. @WFB, your comment needs some serious assessment. I know several white people with the last name of white and green (greene), so that comment is bogus.

    It is what it is. Pure racism at its best. Employers are looking for the great white hopes, yet they lie and say that they cannot find any minorities to interview and hire. That is total B.S. and you know it.

    Employers lie and complain about how lazy blacks and latinos are and yet they are not willing to hire blacks and latinos.

    If I was Ms. Spivey, I would show up for the interview.

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  25. I want to know if Bianca got the job. If she did, it might also be worthwhile that the real applicant (Yolanda) contact EEOC.

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  27. Race is a social construct. Show up as “white” Bianca and claim your new job! Feel free to challenge anyone who would then, at that point in the process, be so bold as to point out the fact that (gasp!) you are not actually “white”. Busted.

    This is a win-win situation.

    And I refrain from even getting into the social, cultural, gender biases and prejudices that run rampant on this planet, simply because I’m tired of recycling the same old standard “racism is wrong” speech…

    • This is one of the smartest, most thoughtful things said so far. One thing that is very misunderstood in this realm is that indeed, race is totally a construct.
      If every Black American individual checked white on whatever document requested the info, instances of overt racism would easily come to the forefront and places could be held accountable. This only works where this kind of screening takes place, and would be telling if it is discovered to have been a factor in selection. The reason it isn’t a lie is because well, thanks to a tricky little historical mishap called miscegenation, there probably isn’t one Black American who doesn’t have white blood. In as much as whites will check white and not give an ounce of credence to the likelihood (or reality) of having Black blood, the same should apply to Blacks.
      This of course, doesn’t address instances where blind emails are sent to employers on places like Craigslist, etc., since one would still have their name on their resume. It probably isn’t a good idea to use initials or fake names on a resume, since that might be regarded as unprofessional or deceptive. All that said, I am the last person to “play the card”, but recently have been wondering if maybe my very creative, “ethnic”, obviously not white name is causing my resumes to be passed over.

  28. It is very sad that racial strif still exist today. The complain about the Blacks not wanting to work, and when they have the skills for a job that is advertized and on show up for interview, the job no longer exist; or on the phone our voice and name keeps us from getting into the job field.This was sneaky, I glad you posted this so all American and read this..Hope you will find work soon…..

  29. I am convinced that since I have a very “white” sounding name of german ancestry, I have been atleast granted interviews. I, for the longest time, could not understand the surprise on people’s faces when they were finally able to put a name to a face. I have to admit however, that I did get the job however. many people don’t understand that much of racism, especially in America is rooted in economics. White’s don’t think you should have what you have, especially when they are struggling and don’t have it. We need to stick together and help one another. Look at Jewish Americans and how well they have done. They help one another

  30. First, I wish to thank this woman for having the ingenuity to conduct this experiment!
    Secondly, while her findings are not Surprising…I must say it is a road We must invoke to initiate job offers from this point forward. How the prospective employer responds, well that remains to be seen and I look forward to hearing a follow-up from our clever Applican Ms. Bianca White 🙂
    Finally and most importantly, it’s a Shame that African American Athletes, Entertainers, etc. have failed to use their Financial Blessings to build Viable Businesses (i.e., Manufacturing, Technological)in order to create JOBS / Careers for their Own Community…just like other Cultures do.

    • While I think athletes can do what they want to do with their money, I do think if their was this mass movement of athletes and entertainers pooling their resources and becoming investors in black business start-ups, that would put a dent Another question should be why they often fail to do so? Do they want to disassociate themselves from the Black community?

  31. Sister, I worked as a Caseworker for 17 yrs before going on medical leave, per the stress of dealing w/ racism and my son being bullied in school. In my 20 yrs, I was fired while still on medical leave. Many people complain about blacks not wanting to work, but you see so much racism in the workplace, many don’t want to succumb to this evil white power.

    Sister, I feel for you, and remain encouraged. President Obama or Mr. Holder isn’t doing what we expected them to do, and that is to deal w/ the many ills facing the black community. I am dissappointed that our leader are not addressing this crisis head on.

  32. I would also like to thank this woman for having the courage to go through with this experiment.

    I, like her, have been trying constantly to find a permanent job for over 3 years. Its been a daunting and sometimes very painful search day in and out for any work I could find no matter what the pay is.

    The thing I hate about Monster is many of the postings are those darn employment agencies, that will post a ton of positions they don’t really have, or by the time they call you and you go in to apply, the spots are gone. These are the ONLY calls I get from Monster — from these agencies.

    You’ve then waisted precious time AND MONEY to travel to these bogus interviews with nothing to show for it.

    I’ve many years experience as an Executive Asst. so I’ve been able to temp but in the last several weeks temping has gotten quite slow. This week I was left with no other choice but to apply for my second leg of unemployment ins.

    Not for nothing but unemployment for African Americans is at almost 14%, and a little bit less for hispanics but not by much. This woman’s story is not shocking are far fetched AT ALL. Racism is definitely a factor in why folks have not been able to find work.

    For whites, its a little above 7% I believe (have to double check).

  33. It is exactly the same here in the United Kingdom (I live in London), I have a University degree but I have been unemployed for 4 years, I have tried to get good jobs, but the door is closed each time. I believe that racism is alive and kicking everywhere and I don’t believe it is down to the economy either. Before the ecomony went down I still found it really difficult to get a job, a white guy who lives next door to me, did not even used to attend school and has no qualifications to speak of and would get all kinds of jobs quite frequently and is working, so I know it is racism.

    White people may be banned from calling you the N word to your face, but they make their disrespect of blacks known in other ways by not employing black people. I am now going to set up my own business, because I am sick of constantly sending out CV’s and Application forms, only to hear nothing (I swear they are being thrown in the bin). I will not do voluntary work either, beacause you just end up being used without pay. Black people need to start setting up their own businesses and create their own economy, because if they don’t they will just continue to suffer economically.

  34. Thanks to Yolanda Spivey, for a find article and example of the state of the employment climate as it applies to black people. Judging from the comments on the article, racism in the job market plays a major part in black unemployment. This condition didn’t develop over night and will continue as long as we continue to say Amen without developing a strategy to address the issue rather than placeing the blame on something we can’t control. I would llke to suggest we start by spending the $1 trillion we spend annually with the companies that truly practice equal oppertunity in the work place.

  35. STOP SPENDING. STOP PROVIDING THE WEALTH WITH WHICH THEY USE TO ABUSE US. I agree with the discerning individuals herein whose blinders have been removed. We do live in a VERY RACISTS society and for the most part, it’s in vogue to point the finger, create diversion and blame the victim; so we stop thinking for ourselves, we refuse to see with our own eyes — we just continue to play follow the leader; it’s easier (don’t make no waves). However, there’s a price to pay for everything and we’re paying it.

    Someone mentioned that this woman didn’t try hard enough even after she stated she sent out 300 resumes and even returned to school and completed her degree. OMG! Ask yourself, have you done as much when in the same shoes? Others mentioned (or insinuated) laziness and/or gansta behavior. We’re so busy regurgitating what white folks have labeled us as, that we have ceased thinking for ourselves… whatever they say, they must be right (they would never steer us wrong, would they?) We buy into it, repeat it and sadly enough, we believe it.

    Need I remind the world, that it was not Africans (Blackfolk, if you’d prefer) who kidnapped, murdered, raped, brutalized, withheld pay, maligned, who fed innocent babies & toddlers to alligators, oppressed, robbed, etc. over 250 MILLION people for over 400 years in order to have others do their work for them because they were TOO LAZY to do their ‘own’ work and too GREEDY & HATEFUL to pay for it. It was (and still is) whites, absent of the morals & compassion they pretend to possess (GANST’A) who have had no problem committing these treacherous acts and most still don’t. Most still feel that we deserve this type of treatment while they grin in your face. But we’re the ones they call lazy, violent, untrustworthy, etc and we buy into it, stick up for them, demean our own when they’re struggling and keep our blinders on (too afraid to call a spade a spade). And this treachery is still being done under different guises; this situation is only one such tool that is (and has been) used to keep us in our “so-called” place. Like someone said above… the more things change, the more they remain the same. WAKE THE FUGGGG UP!!!

    I agree with Harold’s above response, “Blacks should seek to be in charge of their own businesses and money sources…” But I’ll go one step further – for all those who are AWAKE. Collectively, we control billions of dollars in buying power, if not more; maybe trillions. STOP PAYING THESE DOGS TO MISTREAT US. Purchase the bear necessities and that’s it. There are only two actions white folks understand. I won’t mention the first. The latter and most effective is to STOP SPENDING. STOP PROVIDING THE WEALTH WITH WHICH THEY, IN TURN, USE TO ABUSE AND OSTRACIZE US. STOP PAYING THEM TO WAREHOUSE US IN ORDER TO GARNER FREE LABOR AND STOP PAYING THEM TO MIS-EDUCATE AND KILL OUR CHILDREN, DENY US JOBS AND SATURATE OUR COMMUNITIES WITH DRUGS AND GUNS. JUST STOP.

    THE DOLLAR BILL STILL HAS SOME POWER; PARTICULARLY WHEN IT STOPS FLOWING INTO THE HANDS OF THOSE WHO ARE USING IT TO OPPRESS OTHERS. Why do we keep asking the same people who benefit from oppressing us, to stop oppressing us… and then we seem shocked when they don’t. We’re asking them to give up their benefits. That’s like begging the fox to stop eating the hens when we’re the ones who keep placing him in the hen house. The main benefit they receive is monetary GAIN & CONTROL. So skip asking the middleman for humane treatment, skip needing his permission, skip begging him to play fair. JUST REMOVE THE BENEFIT HE RECEIVES… REMOVE THE MONEY. Yolanda, I’m so sorry that you (and many others) are experiencing this.

    • It is very true what you are saying, in many respects, but I feel that many black people all over the world need to start creating for themselves and others and acumulating capital. Or they will be just lost. They need to made more aware of entreprenuers like Madame CJ Walker and also about the Harlem Renaissance where many black people were creating things like literature, art and music.

      I also believe that black people should start fighting for slavery compensation, because we have not had the opportunity to gather mass wealth, since our ancestors were in slavery, that is why you do not see any black owned banks, or corporate companies, except maybe in music and this has put us at a severe disadvantage, such as, high unemployment in both boom and bust periods.

      Also black men when they get to a certain point and start making money and become famous, should stop marrying outside of their race and try and keep their money in the community. Because when they marry out, it sends a very bad signal to other black women and men and also the world that black people do not deserve large wealth and luxury. You do not see this in white, asian and hispanic communities. For example I have never seen a very wealthy white man marry a poor black woman, the black woman always has to have something, so it is seen as an appropriate trade off. But it seems that many rich black men will happily marry a poor white woman, over a educated black women. Therefore the money is directed at someone else’s community. This particularly true when these types of couples get divorced and the wife is usually awarded a massive payout.

      Black people really need to start creating products, services and industries themselves and start to direct the wealth back into their communities, or they will still be dependent at the mercy others and piss poor too, moaning about the same situation year after year.

      I personally am going start my own business, because I am sick to death of depending on people, endlessly begging for jobs through CVs and application forms, they don’t want you to have. I want to make my own money and profit and take control back of my own LIFE.

      • LeeLee, my sentiments exactly! So just as my Sister has said, we have to stop depending and become independent. We ALSO have to stop hating on each other and give LOVE to each other, give RESPECT and not get COMPLACENT when serving our own, too. It really hurts me when I try to patronize a Black owned business or service, and all of a sudden the service is lax when I expect the same service a white person just had. That hurts me to the core. We have to stop that when patronizing each other’s businesses. It’s just not right. When I buy Shea Butter, I go directly to this Black owned business. I make sure I give all respect to the store owner who is Black and Muslim by giving him the official greeting: “As Salamu Alaykum.” I’m not Muslim, I do not practice Islam, but the store owner really appreciates my greeting and my little knowledge of culture and basic arabic greetings. And you know what? He gives me the BEST service ever. I love that I spend my money at HIS store and his store only, in addition, he sells quality products. So We ALL need to stick together and give each other the LOVE and RESPECT that America constantly does not give. We only have each other. And as you can see, LeeLee is from London — so it’s just not happening to us in America (America, unfortunately is the vilest of them all), but it’s happening all over the world.

        • And how. It’s like trying to teach in a black ghetto area and those students treat you WORSE than they would a white female Math or Physics teacher. They too act like there isn’t a “real” teacher in front of the room. WORSE than the white students.

    • I’m glad some one else sees the truth. So on point, and so real…a lot of people are too heavily entrenched to see the bigger picture, which is the most important one.
      It is easy to complain and more difficult to come to terms with what needs to be done to extricate one’s self from the web. People are either scared or they don’t think they can do it or they don’t want to give up the supposed “perks” of a system meant to keep you working for the perks…

  36. Many comments of what I call “white back lash” show a true ignorance of history or logic and are full of stereotypes and racist bull….

  37. Black woman with a Dutch surname… Yeah, people have ditched me at the interview after having seen my face. Sad, but true! And I mean for professional jobs. My name doesn’t match my face. Pathetic!

  38. I am NOT surprised. I work in the insurance industry as well and find that is very difficult for black women to advance or be offered high level positions. The most successful black people I know in this industry have their own businesses and they are not helpful either; as they are trying to hire whites and hispanics to diversify revenue streams. double edge sword!

    • When you trust God, put Him first and not mankind it can happen for you if it is God’s Will! That is the problem with “black folks” when they get ahead, they forget where they come from and always feel they have to kiss the “rear end” of other races to become successful. Not true! If we as black people would stop bashing one another and be more supportive and not full of envy and jealousy, we can do great things!!

      • Exactly! Just exactly my point! I have NOTHING but extraordinary pride when I walk into Black establishments and patronize them. I have nothing but extraordinary pride when I see my people successful, famous, becoming “firsts” — but all of sudden, someone tripped and bumped their head on a rock — and then selective thinking or amnesia kicks in….Why do we abuse each other? I take it so personal. We should feel like family among each other.

  39. As an African American, Black, you go about making yourself better not with the thought you will be discriminated upon. However, ultimately somehow you get remineded that employment discrimination STILL exist, today in the UNITED STATES of America. I am looking for employment right now, and once again I am reminded that I am BLACK, by the tone and no further reponses from job recruiters who determine I am Black. Your soul tells you are being discriminated upon and then you find this story in your newsfeed confirmining, yes are still not comfortable recomending your for a professional position. I tell you it’s not right and the US still gets away with socailly and econimically putting people at a disadvantage. I say we must prove this to be the prevailing truth. Oh, they’ll show where it doesn’t happen cause they have cover their bases.

  40. This probably won’t be a popular opinion, but as an IT professional I can see an explanation for this that has nothing to do with racism.

    Monster.com’s search algorithms prioritize more active accounts over less active ones. The “Bianca White” account was brand new, which equates to lots of activity for the algorithms, which results in more hits on searches. Meanwhile, perhaps the “Yolanda Spivey” account had been sitting there largely idle for quite some time, which equates to little to no activity, which results in few hits on searches.

    I’ll bet a hefty sum that if Yolanda had created another new account – same resume, same history, just like Bianca – but called her “Aliyah Washington”, she would’ve been about as sought after as Bianca was.

    • @Demarcus

      I am in IT as well and I know this goes on as a fact alone with sexism and age discrimination in the field. You are lying to yourself if you believe it does not. I have seen it with my own eyes in some places. I have been in countless interviews where I passed the phone test and resume but when I get to the interviews and see the looks on some of these faces in a state of shock. LOL . I remember I worked in one dept where I spoke a few times with another older lady who worked in another division in another state. She came up to our office to meet everyone and for a business meeting. The lady had the nerve to say you are not what I expected on sly. I wanted to say you mean white but that would be just as unprofessional as she was (the white lady who said it.) Then there was another job. They wanted to hire me after I passed on phone & technical briefing then once we meet in person they flipped the script. Making excuses why I would not like the job or it might require more travel than I was ready for when it was in the job description I would be traveling 100% when I applied and I was well aware of that and told him by phone I would not have a problem with it. Then I get a call later on saying we put the position on hold. Yeah ok . LOL

      I could probably write a book about this because I have had my share of corporate stories and I am not even that old in age. Like others I agree blacks need to start creating their own. Yes discrimination does occur in corporate so this article does not suprise me and those who think it does not happen are complete denial. It just not happen to you yet. LOL

      • I am in a subfield of IT that makes regular IT look practically *integrated* (yes, it’s depressing), but Demarcus’ point is still valid. Monster strongly prioritizes new and updated resumes over older ones. This article is incomplete without a “control” where the new resume “looks black.”

        BTW, Monster has the race field because some of their customers pay them for minority candidates. I was in charge of the technical integration between Monster and BlackPlanet/MiGente/AsianAvenue.

        • It all depends. At my current employer we had a very tall, very dark, and very deep voiced temp IT engineer who everyone loved. Capable and social. Very honest, and if someone was not nice to him while he was trying to fix their computer, he didn’t hold back his opinion. When he spoke, the entire room heard him (if he’d gone into music, he’d have kicked butt). We don’t hire our IT people perm, so after a year with us he got a perm job closer to home with a 25% raise and an office with a door and a window. In a very white town. People still mention how they miss him.

        • Exactly. They don’t want to know your race so that they can discriminate against you, they want to know your race because they are LOOKING for minority candidates to HIRE! Thank you for speaking the truth, because there’s a lot of ignorance being perpetuated here.

  41. Hi:

    This is Stephen Lewis, a producer on the msnbc program THE LAST WORD WITH LAWRENCE O’DONNELL. I wanted to get in touch with Yolanda Spivey who wrote the article above. We want to interview her on THE LAST WORD tomorrow night (Wed., 11/21). Can you either tell me how I can contact Yolanda or can you have her contact me: [email protected]. (C) 347 429 3754 (O) 212 664 1075.

  42. Not Black, but OVER WEIGHT

    I am so proud and grateful that you made this experiment!!! I dislike knowing that we are told that we are all equal when in all reality it is NOT TRUE!!! I am a Mexican American Woman that has been discriminated due to my weight! If a doctor would see me he would say I am obsessed! But I am capable of lifting 100 lbs if need be or bending, squatting or anything that is asked of me at any position. I work a clerical job now, and I know that I may be let go soon due to the remodeling or changing the “appearance” of the company. I have been to many interviews, but yet struggle to get a 2nd call or an offer. I pray daily that God has a good plan for me… I know that before I start complaining of how others treat me I need to start making a change in me! So I hope I can stick to the new “New Year’s Resolution” this time… God Bless everyone!

  43. Let me state up front that I’m not saying this effect doesn’t occur.

    The one particular experimental variable that occurred to me that isn’t mentioned is if Ms. Spivey also re-posted her original resume at the same time as she posted her Bianca White pen-name.

    I’m not familiar with Monster.com from the aspect of an employer, but it seems not impossible that people who are looking for potential employees would sort not only by qualification, but by posting date or recent activity. The article doesn’t say one way or the other, so it’s impossible to know, but a resume that was posted yesterday might generate more interest from potential employers and headhunting agencies than one that was posted six months prior.

    It might be interesting to perform this experiment again, opening both accounts on the same day, with the same background and educational experience. Of course, it’s difficult to correct for the human factor there as well, given that an HR rep might be suspicious seeing precisely the same resume twice from two different names, and any changes in details like the companies worked for, or the universities graduated from might themselves have an impact in the mind of the person evaluating the resume. (If I say I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Mexico, that’s going to look very different to an HR person than if I say I have that same degree from MIT.)

    Still, quite disappointing to hear.

    • Indeed. But if one was going to be truly scientific about this, it would need to be conducted with a large pool of profiles on both sides of the test. I also am curious what the effect of declining to answer the racial and gender questions has over actually answering it; it’s possible that declining to answer actually does more harm than good.

  44. Listen, it is past time that African-Americans stop wasting so much energy and time trying to educate White-folk in what they as perpetuators of-oppressors seeking to extend the American caste system already know.. Seek to employ each other by creating coallitions that create Black owned businesses, schools and worship. Divest in urban resources. Return to educate our own offspring to appreciate their “Blackness” and not seeking the White-right bafoonery. Educate, empower and eliminate the need to belong. I have White friends!

    Educate our children what White America wants to dilute. Before the almost 20 million citizens were stole away from West Africa in the 1600s; we were nation builders, kings, queens, civilized, educated, inventors, and creators. Seek out your own history before as Texas textbook creators want to do-only teach slavery forward. Africans offered much more Before The Mayflower and the Middle Passage.

    Let’s build communities where Black children can grow and be nurtured to ful potential instead of minimized, marginalized and stigmatized in the “oppressor’s” classrooms of mediocrety. Empower in owning the business not seeking a J.O.B.-Just Over Broke. There’s power in numbers! A great number of caucasians are good folk. We need U.S.!

    Lastly, eliminate the need for White folk to have to “give” us quotas. We need to trade with Mother-Africa, all Carribean,Cuba, Jamaica, Central and South Americans nations on the Eastern side of the Western Hemisphere continents-to start. When the White man does come around-put a quota on his azz. We need to return to times before 1960 when we depended on those who valued our patronage; U.S. Our children have no reference of this. We must educate and empower them in knowledge! GODspeed!

    • wow, I’ve never heard someone talk so highly about building mud homes and getting chased by lions.

      keep dreaming darky, i guess whatever helps you sleep at night

    • Very good point. The book “Our Black World” by Maggie Anderson and her husband is trying to raise awareness also. I have been saying this to family and friends and comments on the internet for black people to wake-up and learn how to start our own businesses and become inventors so we can support our communities but we gotta stop these gangs and jealousy among one another. We have to help one another so people won’t become jealous and not want to support your business.

    • Dr. R,

      My sentiments exactly. We need to create our own and do business globally instead of waiting to be hired by the establishment here, or we’ll be waiting forever.

  45. This does not surprise me. Everyday I see diffrent levels of racism in my work place. I work in a hospital where you could count all the nurses and doctors of color on one hand. Often I hear disparaging remarks about other races regarding the bad neighborhoods they live in ect. I have often walked in our lunch room and to over hear racist comments. So this article does not surprise me and I grew up in the sixties. So young people need to know that racism is not dead just presented in a diffrent manner

    • Yes, how about this story. I was studying in a study lab, and a group of guys walked in to the lab. One Caucasian male was not discussing the school work, he was actually telling jokes about me to his friends. They all walked into the same study lab I was in and he was running his mouth against me. To his great surprise there I was in the study lab. I actually heard the joke he told his friends about me – also I didn’t even know him very well – he was not my friend.

      It shows how irrational and intolerant some people are. So much for colorblindness.

  46. Marcus Garvey told black folks to build their own businesses and that other races will ALways discriminate against us – but we refuse to believe that. Look at the Golden Dawn in Greece – White folks every where do not like diversity especially when there is economic stress.

  47. The only Yolanda I know is Chinese-American. I do not see how this is a name that sounds any race.

  48. We the people petition to the Obama Administration to eliminate any race identification and diversity questionnaires on all job applications

    This petition is to eliminate any and all racial identification questions and diversity questionnaires on all job applications in the United States. Countless jobs are not being offered to persons of minority because they are being screened by employers due to the race they claim. Even if the job application states that racial identification is voluntary, leaving race identification areas on the job application blank raises “red flags” towards a person not being a particular race, even if his or her credentials are equal or greater than an individual that is not a minority. This leads to increased threats of marginalization, discrimination and opression in a era where these issues should no longer exist.

    sign petiton here>>>https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/eliminate-any-race-identification-and-diversity-questionnaires-all-job-applications/Bkb5WS2q

  49. This has been going on for quite some time,but I commend the Writer for putting it out there,think about this, if this Sister was having a hard time getting a job,what chance does a Black Man have in a similar situation and we all are aware of the fact that they would rather have one of our Sisters instead.

  50. In 2005, I was displaced by a bank in March right before hurricane Katrina hit and I had trouble getting call back for jobs with my name Keisha. So I changed my resume name to my middle name Condrea and received several interviews. Its more noted in the South that your name disqualifies before you are even interviewed. Either you start naming your children names that are undetectable or create the jobs/business for yourself to make a living.

  51. I am still waiting to hear, at least, one white person address ‘race-relations in America’. Not one will touch the issue. And, that is one of the problems I have. Every example given above is something I have experienced before; and, even much worst. I am not saying that I am in some unhappy place, at this point in my life; because I am not. I am very happy. But, because of the reality of the problem with white people, in America, being afraid to touch the issue; or, just thinking they don’t have to address it; or, even perhaps, they are thinking-“oh, they don’t mean me”; is what makes me push the plate closer to them. I don’t have a problem addressing what exists in the society I have been living in most of my life. While living in predominantly white neighborhoods in Chicago; and, watching whites move right out. While, attending mixed race schools; and, watching the families pull their children out. While attempting to purchase property near white co-workers, and being told that their house cost $100,000.00 more than what the houses in that community were actually selling for. While hearing whites make the oh so dreaded statement that we as blacks hate hearing…”I’m not racist. My best friend, when I was six months old was black.” Or, “I have a black neighbor” typed statements. Come on people, stop being afraid to honesty touch the subject. It is what it is. Whites do discriminate in employment; and, do discriminate in housing; and, do discriminate in education. And, I hate to say it; but, even in churches. Blacks are not interested in ‘an opportunity to work with, hang out with, or live near; or, be educated with white people. Blacks, as whites, asians, latinas and anyone else are merely interested in: “earning the salaries, living in the communities, attending the schools and churches, shopping in the malls and other places that exist in America-without being discriminated against-just because we are black. So, stop fearing our greatness. Stop being envious of us. We know we are an intelligent, strong, confident, gifted and talented race of people. We know we are royal. And, we know that our ancestors did not ask to be forced into boats, abducted, and brought to a foreign land; and, being forced into slavery. That act placed our ancestors; and, then the rest of us at a grave disadvantage. We do not hate you all for what your ancestors did to ours. And, we are not trying to ‘get you back for what your ancestors did to us’. But, the more you all play the game of: “we’re jealous and can’t take watching you all do well; so, we’re going to make it our life-long goal of attemting to keep as many of you from moving forward, progressing, or being happy-just because we fear you” is not going to keep us down, forever. But, it is going to keep you all in the bondage the devil have you operating in. You are in spiritual bondage because you are subconsciously acting out what your ancestors instilled in you; and, you either don’t realize it; or, simply choose not to get it right-which, in either case, is a sad state to be in. Other than, “we do it because we can”. Where is your willingness to show equality in America? The white Republicans in our legislator have proven where they stand, by their ill-treatment, and lack of cooperation, and willingness to work with the President of the United States-just because he is black. And, we all-white and black knows that that is why they have done it. They went on to spew out hatred during the last Presidential Campaign. They are further exhibiting it by the still embarassing and shameful comments being made even today-well after the Elections have ended. Everybody is hearing what I am saying; but, who is willing to stand up and speak on the matter. Bianca or the fake Bianca’s situation is not a first. Now, someone speak on this and the rest of what you have been experiencing all of your white lives. Because, I know that if blacks have been experiencing and feeling this; so have whites. Let’s get real.

    • The problems for the black community run deep. The data is both damning because of the lack of family in the community, and also shows a racist existence when blacks are compared to their white counterparts. Statistics are great, however, they can easily be shown in a way that proofs your particular posit. Sadly, most people don’t research the matter deeper than the particular percentage they read. Did you know that if you fail a grade, there is an 85-87% chance that you will not finish high school? That percentage goes up to 99-100% if someone fails twice…that is not based on race, but all students. In lower socioeconomic neighborhoods, the divorce rate is higher, children born out of wedlock is higher(which also increases the child’s chances of being molested or murdered), all levels of education drop, and food is a scarcity. This creates a distrust that grows into devastating cycle of repressed growth opportunities, as well as, trust for authority.

      So what has changed since Obama became President? Not much. Both sides feel emboldened, can use social media to show why “They are right”, and even a crime, divides this nation along the color line. Trayvon – both sides say it proves them right. So, while group openly denigrated former presidents/civic communities, now it is the “other” sides turn to denigrate, and we fall further away from a society, into a pit of self righteous pride that must be protected against “those” people.


      Does racism exist? Absolutely. To deny it is to be intellectually dishonest.
      Will racism always exist? Absolutely. On all sides of the equation, not just “them”. Racism is not owned by one group, but rather, pulled out when it is needed to cover our hurts, based on either real or perceived, hurts by the offending group.
      What are the hardest jobs to create? Manufacturing.
      What does one do when they escape poverty? They help those close to them, but they typically, will not risk self for their community.
      There are people like Tom Joyner/Tavis/Ricky Smiley/Steve Harvey/etc., that do what they can to help their community rise. But, at some point, individual accountability must enter the equation. Why are some blacks able to get jobs (in the private sector, as that is what we are discussing. Government jobs are predominately minority filled – but, and this stings, at the low end of system)and assimilate into the work force and others are held back by their race? That is the posit forwarded by this entire comment section, as well as, the article itself. But, there are successful blacks in mainstream America…how are they perceived by those of the same skin pigment? And how, as a society do we get past this issue without both sides “being right” – “well, those blacks don’t want to work/I can’t have Shemita training the new group of college grads. Or, Whites are racist/I am just as qualified as that other person and they got the job because they were white.”

      I suggest that the lens we wish to be viewed from, be where we start when we view others. The height of humanity is grace for those that differ from you. It is easy to blend with those that speak like you, act like you, and look similar, as well as, more importantly, think like you. Grace, respect, kindness…these are keys to destroying racism in our lives. We can take 3 year olds and let them play together, and racism does not exist. Racism is taught, by all racists, irrespective of their color. Change only happens one way…you change you, as you cannot change anyone else, except your children.

      Don’t fall for cunning arguments, or statistics, but rather let your encounters with others be positive, so long as it is up to you. When you have the chance to interact, have no expectation of it being a bad experience. There are some great people, that just so happen to not have the some color of skin…let them be the one to fail the “human” test. Value others, as you would be valued. And when you see weakness in others, be strong enough to lift them up until you can walk away from them with your head held high…is that now how we treat difficult people that do look like us? I mean surely white, black, brown, whatever…you don’t like everyone that looks like you? Surely that is not the case.

      And finally, I would like to have coached the lady in the article to show up to the interview and say something along the lines of, “Thank you for the opportunity. I hear from so many of my black friends how hard it is to get an interview, and here you have given me the opportunity to pursue this position.” I just wonder if it would change something for the positive in her pursuit. Perhaps not as, there are a litany of shows/articles that have demonstrated bias against the elderly, the obese, and obviously, racial minorities. By I just wonder if politely, gracefully, confronting the racism and being at ease would it drop the barrier.

      I pray you all have great tomorrows…later.

  52. K Crimsondstny Hunter

    Love this article and she is right on the money!!! Being that my name is already considered a “white” name, a similar situation of mine…I had this woman leave an overly excited message on my phone about a job in AL. She had left a message saying how she had been trying to find the time to call me all day and thought I would be perfect for the position and couldnt wait to speak with me and that I could even call on her personal cell. I call her back to hear all about this wonderful new job and all of a sudden I guess I wasnt the “Kelly” she was so anxious to hear from. She was “busy” when I called and I havent heard from her since.

  53. There should be a law for asking questions about “What Race” are you….in ANY APPLICATION!

    If this is abolish..they will find another way of finding out “WHAT RACE you are”…such as your phone number, your address, what city and town you live in…all kinds of BS stuff….

    In all applications, Education application, ACT, SAT, and other applications…they all ask this question and cover it up to say it is for “research purpose”.. This is BS… it’s for none other than to discriminate in a more modern fashion.

    Then people talk about taking away Affirmative Action…This is why Affirmative Action should stay in place for stuff like this!

    • Even if you do go by your ACT scores, what high school you went to, where you grew up, what street you lived on, what your maiden name was (surnames in females CAN be married names, you know) what universities/colleges you attended, etc….some of us STILL “pass” all of that and then show up to the interview with BROWN SKIN. I’ve taken to using my screenname “choctawindian” on the emails I put on my resumes, so I can weed out the racists without wasting time, gas money, or getting my hopes up. Never again will I go loping clear across the country, fly across the ocean to another country, or even go clear across the STATE only to fail the in-person interview because they seriously were hell-bent on this Choctaw Indian looking “white.” Or at least lighter-skinned and redheaded like my sister.

  54. I bet this black woman faked everything and is trying to play the race card just so she can get her 15 min of fame.

    Stereotypes exist for a reason, the majority of blacks, probably around 95%, are sub human and the other 5% are so embarrassed to be black that they try to act white guess what? The other 95% attack them!

    Your all your own worst enemy and society is getting sick of you not adapting to the times.. Whites are getting sick and fed of your species and we’d be more then happy to send your kind back to Africa if you don’t like it here.

    I’ll even throw roses and wave bon voyage with the Asians and Spanish, who have no problem succeeding without being babysat by affirmative action.

    If a black can’t make it in USA at this current time then your race is truly hopeless and worthless.

    • Simply Pathetic: What an appropriate name! You are simply pathetic, don’t have the intelligence to even comment on this subject. You’re the one who is sub-human, suffering from incurable brain-cell disease. I won’t say any more about race-relations and what blacks in the USA go through everyday (some is our fault, some is not) because it would be so far beyond your ability to comprehend. Stay in your shallow, ignorant world where you belong and in the future only talk about things you know – like how ignorant and stupid you are!

    • FYI the Asians and Hispanics who “make it” here — get this, LOOK WHITE. They have the same light colored skin as Norwegians and Swedes. Their DARK skinned counterparts also fail to “assimilate” because they, too, get lumped in with “blacks” and treated as such. Asshole. Why don’t YOU go back to EUROPE?!

    • Your parents slid out of the trees way too fast and way too soon. If a majority of whites like yourself die and disappear, the world would be a more peaceful and clean place.

      bTW, keep your c-r-a-c-k-a a-$-$ out of Africa and the rest of the world.

  55. Oh and one last thing, how delusional are blacks when they’re still blaming whites for their high unemployment instead of their god who promised them hope and change? 96% of blacks voted for him so bend over and take your medicine.

    lmao your kind is so hypocritical and worthless.

  56. This is why we should more businesses in our community so we can hire our own.

    • Nice racist comment.

      • This black folk is the perfect example of how racists act. If you you are sick of being discriminated against, they say something to the effect “well, we can hire who we want to hire”. Then if you try open up a business to hire your own they say, “that’s racist”. Either way, they’re gonna complain so you might as well do what is best for you, your community and your children and start a business and hire your own.

  57. I would like to interview Yolanda on my radio talk show. If I can be connected that will be great. Just shoot me an email.

  58. For All Black People in America & Africa Believing In and Anything The White Race Says & Does Along With Their Stealth Trojan Horse Black Helpers Like Obama & Many With & Long Before Him, Read the U.S. Memo Below Similar To Recent Ones Today Like It. Finally See & Understand The Danger We Are In By Refusal To Unite Ourselves Together Under & By Power of Almighty God To Organize & Resist White Race Evil Deliberately Ever-Seeking Our Total Weakness & Complete Destruction. Pls. Read, Copy, & Send This U.S. Memo To Every Black Person You Know on Earth. Peace!


    MARCH 17, 1978

    Presidential Review Memorandum NSCM/46
    TO: The Secretary of State
    The Secretary of Defense
    The Director of Central Intelligence

    SUBJECT: Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement

    The President has directed that a comprehensive review be made of current developments in Black Africa from the point of view of their possible impacts on the black movement in the United States. The review should consider:

    1. Long-term tendencies of social and political developments and the degree to which they are consistent with or contradict the U.S. interests.

    2. Proposals for durable contacts between radical African leaders and leftist leaders of the U.S. black community.

    3. Appropriate steps to be taken inside and outside the country in order to inhibit any pressure by radical African leaders and organizations on the U.S. black community for the latter to exert influence on the policy of the Administration toward Africa.

    The President has directed that the NSC Interdepartmental Group for Africa perform this review. The review should be forwarded to the NSC Political Analysis Committee by April 20.


    Zbigniew Brezinski

    cc: The Secretary of the Treasury
    The Secretary of Commerce
    The Attorney General
    The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff


    Objective of our policy toward Black Africa is to prevent social upheavals which could radically change the political situation throughout the area. The success or failure of our policy in the region depends on the solution international and internal issues whose importance of the United States is on the increase.


    A multiplicity of interests influences the U.S. attitude toward black Africa. The most important of these interests can be summarized as follows:

    If black African states assume attitudes hostile to the U.S. national interest, our policy toward the white regimes; which is a key element in our relations with the black states, may be subjected by the latter to great pressure for fundamental change. Thus the West may face a real danger of being deprived of access to the enormous raw material resources of southern Africa which are vital for our defense needs as well as losing control over the Cape sea routes by which approximately 65% of Middle Eastern oil is supplied to Western Europe.

    Moreover, such a development may bring about internal political difficulties by intensifying the activity of the black movement in the United States itself.

    It should also be borne in mind that black Africa is an integral part of a continent where tribal and regional discord, economic backwardness, inadequate infrastructures, drought, and famine, are constant features of the scene. In conjunction with the artificial borders imposed by the former colonial powers, guerilla warfare in Rhodesia and widespread indignation against apartheid in South Africa, the above factors provide the communist states with ample opportunities for furthering their aims. This must necessarily redound to the detriment of U.S. political interests.

    Black Africa is increasingly becoming an outlet for U.S. exports and investment. The mineral resources of the area continue to be of great value for the normal functioning of industry in the United States and allied countries. In 1977, U.S. direct investment in black Africa totaled about $1.8 billion and exports $2.2 billion. New prospect of substantial profits would continue to develop in the countries concerned.


    Apart from the above-mentioned factors adverse to U.S. strategic interests, the nationalist liberation movement in black Africa can act as a catalyst with far reaching effects on the American black community by stimulating its organizational consolidation and by inducing radical actions. Such a result would be likely as Zaire went the way of Angola and Mozambique.

    An occurrence of the events of 1967-68 would do grievous harm to U.S. prestige, especially in view of the concern of the present Administration with human rights issues. Moreover, the Administration would have to take specific steps to stabilize the situation. Such steps might be misunderstood both inside and outside the United States.

    In order to prevent such a trend and protect U.S. national security interests, it would appear essential to elaborate and carry out effective countermeasures.

    1. Possibility of Joint Action By U.S. Black and African Nationalist Movement.

    In elaborating U.S. policy toward black Africa, due weight must be given to the fact that there are 25 millions American blacks whose roots are African and who consciously or subconsciously sympathies with African nationalism.

    The living conditions of the black population should also be taken into account. Immense advances in the field are accompanied by a long-lasting high rate of unemployment, especially among the youth and by poverty and dissatisfaction with government social welfare standards.

    These factors taken together may provide a basis for joint actions of a concrete nature by the African nationalist movement and the U.S. black community. Basically, actions would take the form of demonstrations and public protests, but the likelihood of violence cannot be excluded. There would also be attempts to coordinate their political activity both locally and in international organizations.

    Inside the United States these actions could include protest demonstrations against our policy toward South Africa accompanied by demand for boycotting corporations and banks which maintain links with that country; attempts to establish a permanent black lobby in Congress including activist leftist radical groups and black legislators; the reemergence of Pan-African ideals; resumption of protest marches recalling the days of Martin Luther King; renewal of the extremist idea national idea of establishing an “African Republic” on American soil. Finally, leftist radical elements of the black community could resume extremist actions in the style of the defunct Black Panther Party.

    Internationally, damage could be done to the United States by coordinated activity of African states designed to condemn U.S. policy toward South Africa, and initiate discussions on the U.S. racial issue at the United Nations where the African representation constitutes a powerful bloc with about one third of all the votes.

    A menace to U.S. economic interests, though not a critical one, could be posed by a boycott by Black African states against American companies which maintain contact with South Africa and Rhodesia. If the idea of economic assistance to black Americans shared by some African regimes could be realized by their placing orders in the United States mainly with companies owned by blacks, they could gain a limited influence on the U.S. black community.

    In the above context, we must envisage the possibility, however remote, that black Americans interested in African affairs may refocus their attention on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Taking into account; the African descent of American blacks it is reasonable to anticipate that their sympathies would lie with the Arabs who are closer to them in spirit and in some case related to them by blood. Black involvement in lobbying to support the Arabs may lead to serious dissention between American black and Jews. The likelihood of extremist actions by either side is negligible, but the discord may bring about tension in the internal political climate of the United States.

    3. Political options

    In the context of long-term strategy, the United States can not afford a radical change in the fundamentals of its African policy, which is designed for maximum protection of national security. In the present case, emphasis is laid on the importance of Black Africa for U.S. political, economic and military interests.


    In weighing the range of U.S. interests in Black Africa, basic recommendations arranged without intent to imply priority are:

    1. Specific steps should be taken with the help of appropriate government agencies to inhibit coordinated activity of the Black Movement in the United States.

    2. Special clandestine operations should be launched by the CIA to generate mistrust and hostility in American and world opinion against joint activity of the two forces, and to cause division among Black African radical national groups and their leaders.

    3. U.S. embassies to Black African countries specially interested in southern Africa must be highly circumspect in view of the activity of certain political circles and influential individuals opposing the objectives and methods of U.S. policy toward South Africa. It must be kept in mind that the failure of U.S. strategy in South Africa would adversely affect American standing throughout the world. In addition, this would mean a significant diminution of U.S. influence in Africa and the emergence of new difficulties in our internal situation due to worsening economic prospects.

    4. The FBI should mount surveillance operations against Black African representatives and collect sensitive information on those, especially at the U.N., who oppose U.S. policy toward South Africa. The information should include facts on their links with the leaders of the Black movement in the United States, thus making possible at least partial neutralization of the adverse effects of their activity.


    In connection with our African policy, it is highly important to evaluate correctly the present state of the Black movement in the United States and basing ourselves on all available information, to try to devise a course for its future development. Such an approach is strongly suggested by our perception of the fact that American Blacks form a single ethnic group potentially capable of causing extreme instability in our strategy toward South Africa. This may lead to critical differences between the United States and Black Africa in particular. It would also encourage the Soviet Union to step up its interference in the region. Finally, it would pose a serious threat to the delicate structure of race relations within the United States. All the above considerations give rise to concern for the future security of
    the United States.

    Since the mid-1960s, when legislation on the human rights was passed and Martin Luther King murdered, federal and local measures to improve black welfare have been taken, as a result of which the U.S. black movement has undergone considerable changes.

    The principle changes are as follows:

    *Social and economic issues have supplanted political aims as the main preoccupations of the movement. and actions formerly planned on a nationwide scale are now being organized locally.

    *Fragmentation and a lack of organizational unity within the movement.

    *Sharp social stratification of the Black population and lack of policy options which could reunite them.

    *Want of a national leader of standing comparable to Martin Luther King.


    The concern for the future security of the United States makes necessary the range of policy options. Arranged without intent imply priority they are:

    (a) to enlarge programs, within the framework of the present budget, for the improvement of the social and economic welfare of American Blacks in order to ensure continuing development of present trends in the Black movement;

    (b) to elaborate and bring into effect a special program designed to perpetuate division in the Black movement and neutralize the most active groups of leftist radical organizations representing different social strata of the Black community: to encourage division in Black circles;

    (c) to preserve the present climate which inhibits the emergence from within the Black leadership of a person capable of exerting nationwide appeal;

    (d) to work out and realize preventive operations in order to impede durable ties between U.S Black organizations and radical groups in African states;

    (e) to support actions designed to sharpen social stratification in the Black community which would lead to the widening and perpetuation of the gap between successful educated Blacks and the poor, giving rise to growing antagonism between different Black groups and a weakening of the movement as a whole.

    (f) to facilitate the greatest possible expansion of Black business by granting government contracts and loans with favorable terms to Black businessmen;

    (g) to take every possible means through the AFL-CIO leaders to counteract the increasing influence of Black labor organizations which function in all major unions and in particular, the National Coalition of Black Trade Union and its leadership including the creation of real preference for adverse and hostile reaction among White trade unionists to demands for improvement of social and economic welfare of the Blacks;

    (h) to support the nomination at federal and local levels of loyal Black public figures to elective offices, to government agencies and the Court.

    This would promote the achievement of a twofold purpose:

    first, it would be easier to control the activity of loyal black representatives within existing institution;

    second, the idea of an independent black political party now under discussion within black leadership circles would soon lose all support.

  59. More links about Ethnic minority women and employment in the UK. Simply disgusting.


  60. @simply pathetic

    I would not be PROUD of Jerry Sandusky and the rest. Really disgusting and gross.

  61. 4/5ths rule people… hire a few token blacks to meet the quota and then hire who you want in EOE states.

    This backfires in places with minority majority so the axe can swing both ways. If someone likes you they might still hire you though.

    • Try getting a job as majority member, in a place like the one you are speaking of. Same problem, they won’t hire you because you are NOT a minority. Wake up, you aren’t special.

      • Exactly. In New Mexico you can’t get a job if you’re anything but Hispanic. White people here are complaining right, left, forward and backward. All I can say to that is, “welcome to MY world.” I don’t even want to hear it from them. They’re free to go live in any of the neighboring states where they ARE back in the Employable Majority again.

  62. lady, I have done this before and have goten the same type results so nothing is new here but on another note I dont feel sorry for you and your type. Professional black women social climbers, many of you feel that you are better than the men in our race so you act snooty towards them and when one happens to get hired in the office you act help the white man in his hostility towards the brother. at home you always throw it up in his face that he cant find a job when the only reason you have one is because the white man favors you cause you are a woman.

    • I have no idea if you are a troll, or are really this ignorant. However, your rant is illogical, and shows you to be misogynistic and racist. You do whatever race you are part of a disservice by posting those moronic thoughts.

    • One thing my father said, who is as old fashioned as any other man his age is that “Daughter, you have two strikes against you, you’re black and you’re a woman”. Black women have to fight discrimination on two fronts. But…

      I’m not a black man. Only YOU know what you’ve been through, so I can’t speak on your experience. But I’ll take a stab at this. My theory is the white man may see you as a threat to white supremacy. You may or may not believe in the bible but here is a verse that says..

      No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.

      I know these days we have the STRONG BLACK WOMAN and some may say that this is threat in and of itself, but this is about the white man’s PERCEPTION of where the threat lies. In the white man’s world, the MAN is the leader of his people, the MAN is the protector of his wife and it is the MAN who is the provider for his children. He thinks that if you keep the men in prison and/or unemployed the rest of his people will suffer. This means Black children go without and the cycle of poverty continues.

      So black man, I say to you, if you can, try to start your own business or at least invest in other black owned businesses and black start-ups. I know they don’t like giving business loans to African Americans, so if you are lucky enough to earn a well paying job, save your money for a few years, then open up shop. And who says you have to have a brick and mortar. You can go into business with some other brothas online. It’s cheaper and you can use geurilla marketing to make your site visible.

  63. I went to Monster and tried to post a resume, but after the third link I had not found any requirement to reveal my age or race.
    Did I miss it?

    I also recall as far back as the Clinton administration seeing where the law forbade reference to race.
    Finally, the time to contact the justice department is not when you get refused a job but when you are asked that question.

    Has anyone else had this issue come up?

  64. God’s Word makes what is going on quite clear, in my opinion. To puit it shortly, evil will get worse & worse. However sad, frustrating, unfair and ungodly this reality is, there is only so much that can be done. Not that action should not be taken though. And if we’re really going to be honest, racism and prejudices are alive and well in pretty much all races, ethnicities, clubs, fan bases, sexes, political partys, geographic areas and groups. It’s not always easy, I made Jesus Christ my Lord and believe that God will work all things together for good(His Glory)to those who are in Christ Jesus. God Bless.

  65. Now the recruiters showing racism probably thought her name was cute, because Bianca means, fair-skinned, and light in Latin. So they felt, “White White” was such a beautiful name….Duh!

  66. Resumes with ethnic names may go into the wastebasket and never see the light of day. This is so true, and please, please if your a young professional woman do not have a visible tattoo, even if its simple and harmless, especially on the neck, arms or face. This goes for black men also, all tattoo’s are considered gang tattoos.

  67. WOW!
    Many things remain the same. Roots is on now and MANY things remain the same.

  68. Actually, the FIRST thing on the application noticed is the applicants race. Let’s face it, employment is more working and picking up a check. Rather, the office and the people become part of your extended family. It gets PERSONAL. No wonder white companies want white employees. Asian companies want asian workers. Hispanic companies want hispanic workers, etc. However, due to the EEOC, companies hire “token” workers in the smallest numbers required. This is FACT and this is LIFE. Get used to it and plan accordingly.

  69. This is incredable sad to read about the discrimanation the person suffered in the job market. But lets be honest racism is still wide spread in the USA. Anyone who thinks this is not so is fooling themselves. Do you think a black person is more likely to be stopped by the police then a white person driving a car, of course a black person is. A black person walks into a predominate white store and the attendents start to walk around close them, do you think its because they want to give first rate service, or they are afraid they might steal something? A black couple goes into a resturant in a white area do you think they are sitting way in the back because they asked to sit there?
    A black woman walks into a restroom, and a white woman fixing her hair in the mirror pulls our purse thats lying on the counter a little closer to herself, is that to make room for the black woman or she is afraid she might steal it. The reality is most people black or white want the same thing in life, happiness, health, security and love . Many whites do not undestand that or want to.
    The evils of racism haunt us. I am white and have a hard time understanding how a black person can take the abuse that racism causes. Hopefully we will all do beter and rid this from our lives.

  70. This is no surprise to me. Although my experience was many years ago, I had a similar thing happen to me. I graduated at the top of my college class in 1958 with a degree in Sociology. I returned home to Florida and after teaching as a substitute for a while, decided I wanted to do something else. One day I noticed an ad in the Tampa Tribune for a recent Sociology graduate, high GPA, living within 60 miles of Tampa and who owned his own car. I called the number in the ad and chose to use my best King’s English. The woman who answered the call said that I sounded exactly like the kind of person her boss wanted. It was then that I decided to inform her that by happenstance, I had been born a Negro (the term we used back then). The woman then stammered and stuttered and said finally that unfortunately the company would not hire a Nigra. To her credit, maybe, she then offered to try to help me find a job. She later called to tell me that she had checked several companies in Tampa and although she cited my accomplishments each time, the best she could find for me was as a dishwasher. I thanked her and hung up. Since I am a determined person, I did not allow that to put me in a funk. Over the years, I rose to become a Colonel in the USAF and later a GS-15 in the Federal Government. The system has always been rigged in favor of white folks and I suspect that since I am now 75, things will not change before I die. Actually, as long as we are different colors, this probably will not change. Finally, there are times when I think the only hope lies in the long-term when perhaps we are all the same color – TAN.

  71. I was offered a wonderful job, I thought, in Boston. The IBM salesperson had told the president of this company that where I worked was closing, but I knew all the new IBM NTST/MTSC equipment and that I could out-type the machine. The owner called and asked if I could like to work for his company. I thold him I had already accepted a position with another company, but he said that whatever they offered, he would best it. I went the next day to his office, where the receptionist asked why I was there. I told her I was there to speak to the owner about the IBM job. She called him, and when he walked in, his face fell. He wasn’t expect a Black woman who knew the new IBM equipment. He informed me that he didn’t have the new equipment yet, but would let me know if it arrived. I thanked him but mentioned that he should say to the IBM salesperson, that when someone else was recommended, he should ask the person’s ethnicity. I went on to the other job that I had accepted and remained there for 24 years.

  72. LaTenisha Monique

    I live in Savannah, Georgia, and it is a fact if the employer is asking for race_and you aswer African American don’t concern yourself because you will not be getting a phone call.

  73. Did you contact Monster.com to tell them about the results? This is something that needs to nipped in the bud. The employers no nothing, it is the software company that is making this possible.
    Check out the attached link and see if there is any info to use.

  74. We are the number #1 consumers spending in excess of 1.1 trillion dollars annually. Less than 3 cents on every dollar is recycled back into our communities. We spend billions of dollars with these same corporations that won’t hire us and then complain yet we won’t support our business which would result in job creation. It’s not a coincidence that we are the highest rate of unemployed when we don’t practice cooperative economics. Every other race of people get this simple philosophy u don’t have to have a degree in economics.

    The people who own have the power to hire and fire regardless if it’s fair or not. If I have a position to fill I’m looking first and foremost for a qualified person of color because I understand the obstacles that exist. Far to many of us don’t get it until it hits us in the face. We are the problem and the solution.

    Where do you spend the majority of ur money ?

  75. Monster isn’t the only one that has that questionnaire, I noticed most companies also have that little survey. I don’t pretend to be white but I will list myself as multi-racial or however it is worded. Unfortunately, when I get the interview, I am still a light skinned-black woman and see the disappointment in their faces when I show up. I interview very well and have all the necessary skills and credentials, but get the negative email right away. I’ve decided that I can only pray for the right position because only God knows what is best. He will see me through this and lift me up. This is a very depressing time for all unemployed people, but especially people of color. Whether you have the necessary skills,education or experience, the outcome is usually not very good. It isn’t only white HR personnel, black ones are not very helpful to us either, in fact, I see as much discrimination from blacks as I do whites.

    It is a really sad world we live in.

  76. Racism exists and comes from all sides.

  77. This is exactly why Black Americans need to start their own businesses. Why do you think other groups come here and become millionaires? Because they start their own business and do business with their own first and then everyone else comes second. Why do you think Koreans dominate the fake hair industry that black women pour billions of disposable income into each year? Because they managed how to dominate the market. Even Africans who come here to tend fair better than African Americans, and Africans helps each other out. Black Americans better get it together or get left behind.

    If you can’t find the opportunities, learn how to create them. Ask God to send an idea your way or something. That’s what I did and now I have tons of ideas coming to me. Did you know the owner and founder of 5 hour energy is Indian? Most people don’t know this. Judging by the commercials, you wouldn’t know either. Most non-whites who come to this country know the game and play it. They create businesses and invest that money back into the community. Black Americans esp the youth, thanks to Hip Hop, frown education when in reality it’s that same education that’s going to make Chinese, Indians, and Persians multi-millionaires. Black Americans need to change their priorities and get it together. Stop all this coonery and get it together. Black Americans need to study them and build up our own communities. Look at who is starting to own Dunkin Donuts franchises, Indians, they pool their money together and buy franchises and create wealth for themselves. Black Americans can do the same. This one black guy I know owns a few Wendy’s Franchises. If you can’t beat em, join em… I think all this racial discrimination is happening to us for a reason, maybe God is telling us we need to wake up, build up our own communities and support one another instead of making every body else rich.

  78. As a First Nations man in Canad this post is very familiar.when I was younger I had short hair and fit into the dominant society and had no difficulty in finding work.As I grew olde I began to seek out my ancestral roots and belief system. I let my hair grow and took time off to attend ceremony. I became visible Racism , while always there now kicked into high gear and became an issue.
    A talk radio show posed this question. “Is racism worse in Canada or in the USA ?”
    The answer by many I suppose surprised the white talk show host.Most people said “Canada”
    They all said essentially the same thing. “Canadians are much more adept at hiding their racist agenda. In the US in is more in your face.”
    As a holder of dual citizenship through treaty I have spent a lot of time in the US and I would have to agree.
    How do I fight racism? One person at a time and with great patience. A lot of slow learners out there. People of color need to support each other in any way we can. Recognize each other with a nod even if you don’t the person and help each other in any way you can even if it’s just holding a door open or helping someone across the street.
    Don’t wait for somebody else, be Idle No More.

    • Exactly. In New Mexico you can’t get a job if you’re anything but Hispanic. White people here are complaining right, left, forward and backward. All I can say to that is, “welcome to MY world.” I don’t even want to hear it from them. They’re free to go live in any of the neighboring states where they ARE back in the Employable Majority again.

      • Sorry about that. I meant to post that in response to someone else’s post….

        Anyway. As a fellow First Nations dual-citizenship holder, I know this to be true. I dread going back to Saskatchewan to have to live because nothing in the US where I’ve obtained ALL my degrees from top US universities, seems to want to hire me…because both Saskatchewan and Alberta are Canada’s most racist provinces. Up there I even get “touched” more by white men after I tell them I’m First Nations not “black” and have an education. It’s just GROSS. I can’t imagine what’s behind THAT. In the US at least sleazy white men with no education keep their hands physically OFF of me. I mean, in Saskatchewan I “might” be able to invoke First Nations hiring policy vis-a-vis Canada’s laws but then even if so, what, I’ll be subjected to more daily physical touching and harassment on the job, possibly even rape or attempted rape. I stay in the United States’ idea of “Indian Country” and struggle to avoid getting sexually assaulted more in either Saskatchewan or Alberta. What kind of choices are these to have to make — this is what I went to Yale for??

  79. I left corporate America after 3 years because of the disparate treatment that worked on my psyche as an attorney. I have been a business owner ever since and life in the self-employed lane can be difficult but rewarding. More young Black people need to identify their strengths and determine what they can sell or package to the marketplace. With business ownership comes freedom.

  80. Not surprised. When I was job hunting, I removed every indication that I was African-America and made it as racially blind as possible. I at least began to receive telephone calls and emails.

    As an example: Rather than to indicate where I was educated I provided information such as:
    High School Diploma, BA_____, MA______ JD______. No school names provided.

  81. Truth be told.As blacks let us build up our own businesses,employ more blacks and help ourselves just like the whites are doing.We have potentials and look at our fellow blacks who have excelled,they can contribute also.We need to wake up and take our chances.In life there will always be segregations even as concerning fellow blacks.In Nigeria one person from one ethnic group will always want to help his or her person from the same ethnic group

  82. STOP complaining and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Yes, it can take a long time to sue a company for employment discrimination but it will take your doing NOTHING, to keep allowing it to continue. We have to DEMAND MORE THAN WE ARE GETTING. The person who told you to accept the job and walk in like you OWN it is absolutely right.

    File charges EVERY SINGLE time with the EEOC. Learn how the agency operates and then monitor each step of the investigation. IF EEOC knows that you know, you’ll get a better investigaiton.

    Ask your local NAACP to file a third party charge on your behalf . They can file in their name for you recover or you and any other victims of the same kind of Discrimination.

  83. You know I thought about writing this comment and then thought it is how I really feel too. I have been dismissed from my job at a very popular hospital in Toronto Canada. Being a Diabetic and needing the job desperately I took a temporary part time position and knew it was such. Then after eight months I was told that my position was taken and given to someone else who by the way has another position at the hospital across the street. This happened to be my only job right. I told them that I needed this job and that it would have been nice if they had to take the position they could have given me a heads up and or posted another position for me, I was told that even though I had my illness that I would be ok and that as the manager stated he understood my concern of being no considered as Casual if I still wanted to be employed with the hospital He understood because his Cat yes his Cat was also Dietetic. I was so Hurt that when I was called in for a few and i do mean a few shifts per pay period I just got so insulted with the treatment I decided to leave the position. I know I could have kept my job but the lady who took my position has told one of the Black staff that she needed the position more than I did because she had just purchased a new home and so he Health meant nothing to them because a home was more important WOW is all I have to say. And so my struggle continues I have been to interviews and have seen the faces of the interviewer literally drop when they see that I was black and still i sat through the interview knowing that I was not going to get it. God Bless

  84. Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this website. It’s simple, yet effective.

    A lot of times it’s tough to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appeal. I must say that you’ve done a
    amazing job with this. In addition, the blog loads extremely quick for me
    on Internet explorer. Superb Blog!

  85. Thanks for finally talking about > Unemployed
    Black Woman Pretends to be White, Job Offers Suddenly Skyrocket | Techyville < Loved it!

  86. So, this is the real reason why the economy is wrecked!. I also suspect that employers post hiring ads, make the prospective person fill out forms, don’t hire the person and then send the forms to the laborer dept in that way they boost the unemployment rate. What a pack of rats!

  87. All of this is not surprising and it won;t stop until WE as a people start our own businesses and hire our OWN people plain and simple. Everyone else does it!!!

  88. As a manager of a large Furniture Company, African Americans would do themselves a favor if they lost the attitude. Before everyone gets bent out of shape at that comment. Let me explain.

    There are belligerent people in every race, but, more so in the African American community. We have records of time clocks at our office. People who are consistantly late are repremanded. It is commonplace that when disciplined, employee’s that argue, get loud, and create a scene are predominantly African American. The first thing they do is give excuses, then when that doesnt work, they raise their voice and argue non-stop until they have a meltdown, when this doesnt get them out of signing a notice of repremand, they go to race, this gets managements attention.

    We require a verbal warning the first two offenses, then a written letter that has to be signed, then termination. We keep notes on every altercation and video footage from surveilance, why? To protect our company from legal discourse.

    Over the years, we have compiled quite a bit of info and I can tell you offhand, the vast majority of altercations occur when the employee is African American. Point of all this is, while not every African American is boisterous and confrontational. There is a vast difference from other races. Does this have to do with race? No. It is my belief it is society’s fault.

    There is a clear double standard out there and certain things are overlooked to avoid the PC police. Employers do not want to be on the local news for anything pertaining to Race between African Americans and Caucasions. Therefore, outbursts and arguing are tolerated and swept under the rug. When someone can raise their voice and get their way, they will do it over and over. That is just my opinion.

    There has to be a reason, is it how African Americans are raised? is it really race? is it how they behave daily when not at work? Those things really dont matter. What matters is, when hiring, a company is much less likely to hire a certain demographic, when that demographic has a propensity towards arguing, causing a disturbance in the office and in a few cases, violence towards management and destruction of Company property.

    Too many people believe respect is something everyone is owed. It is not, respect is earned. Nobody should expect to walk up to a stranger and demand respect, but many do. This is what is going on in the workplace. Employee’s are using “Respect” and demand for it from employers as a way to get away with breaking rules.

    When this is eliminated and people respect their bosses, their co-workers, and themselves and realize, a job is not a right but a priviledge, then maybe employers will change their hiring practices.

    • Unless you have met every African American you cannot make that statement without prejudice. Many Americans feel they aren’t racist but are actually actively prejudiced. When you generalize and make assumptions about people you are in fact practicing prejudice.

      • Interesting that you have not posted that to others that have attacked “whites” as the problem. In your haste to defend what you feel is right, you have become what you claim is abhorrent.

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  90. This is really kind of strange because I am white and refuse to put my color on the applications. I was told I wasn’t a minority and to just not answer the question by a resume service. I also haven’t been able to find a position for 3 years now. I am in my 50’s and that is not a good thing in this day-n-age. I was told to give them as little personal information as possible to date my age and nationality state.

    • You are correct. Some people are actually NOT being hired because they are NOT minority candidates. There’s a bit of truth for everyone, but of course you won’t find an article about that on the internet.

  91. Can’t read through 134 comments to see if anyone has posted this. There was at least one well regarded sociology based on 5,000 resumes contrasting white vs. ethnic names, that proved/provided strong evidence of Yolanda’s case study personal experiment. Definitely not a new phenomenon, but also it’s been well documented that race alone still matters for job opportunity:

    Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=422902

    We perform a field experiment to measure racial discrimination in the labor market. We respond with fictitious resumes to help-wanted ads in Boston and Chicago newspapers. To manipulate perception of race, each resume is randomly assigned either a very African American sounding name or a very White sounding name. The results show significant discrimination against African-American names: White names receive 50 percent more callbacks for interviews. We also find that race affects the benefits of a better resume. For White names, a higher quality resume elicits 30 percent more callbacks whereas for African Americans, it elicits a far smaller increase. Applicants living in better neighborhoods receive more callbacks but, interestingly, this effect does not differ by race. The amount of discrimination is uniform across occupations and industries. Federal contractors and employers who list Equal Opportunity Employer in their ad discriminate as much as other employers. We find little evidence that our results are driven by employers inferring something other than race, such as social class, from the names. These results suggest that racial discrimination is still a prominent feature of the labor market.

  92. Aldene Fredenburg

    I hope you do pursue this; contact the Justice Department and the EEOC, but also contact your senators and congressional representatives, both on the federal level and in your state. This is against the law and shouldn’t be tolerated. I may just fire off an email to Eric Holder and tell him to get off his butt and investigate claims like this. (Don’t even get me started on what’s going on in Michigan and why the hell he isn’t investigating *that.*

    Maybe Monster.com needs to be investigated, too, to make sure they’re not filtering your resumes; just a thought.

  93. Aldene Fredenburg

    Here’s the email address for the Department of Justice: [email protected]; write and complain! This is a human rights issue, and everybody should be outraged, not just black people.

  94. Majority of people have made excellent points, including the only person that did not try to be politically correct and actually speak up what he really feels (Avery). I do not believe that some1 should be judged by the color of their skin because we all have the capacity to as good as Ghundy, or as evil as Hitler… so in that sense we are very equal and no one can deny it.
    I believe that no one could say with 100% certainty that they do not have some type of prejudice thoughts towards a race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Whether it is stereotypical, or in a form of a joke…you know what I mean! that joke that you think u should not be laughing about, yet you do. Because we are all bias in some type of form, consciously or unconsciously. But, the majority of people are intelligent enough to see that it is not correct to think that way and we try to do the right thing.
    Stop trying to be politically correct all the time and just try to be true to yourself…
    I think that the only way for humanity to finally come together and accept each others’ differences will be the day aliens finally make their presence known… I think that would make us think of every1 as humans.

  95. I find it interesting how much some blacks in America want so badly to fit in. To fit in in the workplace, to have the rest of the country appreciate them or find them beautiful. Rather than just loving themselves and being confident in themselves

    I see so much misinformation on this page and it also sums up the other side as well. There is discrimination against hiring blacks, there are also things that the black community can do better. It’s two fold, it’s not just a one sided issue. If you go into an interview with the approach that you have little to no chance of getting hired because you’re black, it becomes a domino effect. For one, no matter how much you fake it, you’re clearly not “naturally” confident. You may not come across as culturally in touch, or savvy on a mainstream level. If there’s a white applicant and a black applicant, the white applicant may very well get hired simply based on the fact that there was more of a connection. My point is, as black Americans we also need to stop seeing ourselves as different. Go into the world, and that interview confident in yourself as a person and be at ease. If they’re gonna discriminate against you that’s one thing, but let them. Don’t discriminate against yourself.

    I once had a friend who swore on many levels that part of why she wasn’t hired was because of her race. And you know what? She may have been right. A white woman with her resume and way of acting would probably get a job. But that doesn’t change the fact that there were also things my friend could have improved with her resume, her confidence, etc. Because I have other friends, who are more savvy, and never have that issue. So it’s two fold. There’s racism, and then there’s the racism against ourselves

    • Well said and I completely agree. When black people take part in things: clubs, fraternities, groups, etc. which are EXCLUSIVELY for black people, they are only further isolating themselves from the rest of society. So funny how most people are screaming for equality but their actions don’t show it.

  96. A lot of racists comments here

    I would suggest maybe moving to a different state? Find your own path. You can’t base your fate based on whether some white people like you or not

  97. Yolanda,

    I think the conclusion you made based on your experiment is wrong. RecruiterinDC has it right.

    Instead of institutional racism, the reason is much less sinister.

    On Monster.com in particular, employers screen applicants aggressively based on how recent Monster.com resume is. “Bianca” changed hers yesterday, so she’s “live”, while Yolanda’s resume is a “dead” resume, because it hasn’t been updated recently. I’m not quite sure why this happens…I suspect it has something to do with the user interface Monster shows for recruiters…maybe it’s sorted by “most recent on top”. Who knows.

    Updating your Monster.com resume with bogus updates is a well known trick for making sure employers keep contacting you.

    Last time I used Monster.com for a job search, I used to “update” my resume every Monday morning. I simply added or removed a space at the end of my resume.

    The results were always the same.

    I would get about half a dozen contacts that same day. On Tuesday I would get a few more, and Wednesday – Thursday about one each day. On Friday and the weekend I got no responses.

    Just update your actual resume, and you’ll get responses on that one, too.

    • For that to be true, then she should have had in total the same or close to the same results as the Bianca White resume. At one point, her original resume was fresh and brand spanking new up at Monster – and she received little to no responses.

      She clearly states what the end totals were. She clearly states that her original resume was up and active during her Bianca resume experiment. She gives the end of experiment totals.

      If it was simply a matter of her resume being freshly posted/updated or not, the outcomes would not have been so different between the two. In fact, she would have already gotten all those dozens of offers and wouldn’t have had the need to conduct the experiment in the first place.

      I just love how people will try to find ANYTHING else but discrimination and/or systemic racism as the cause. The point is moot, because whether or not those realities were in play in Yolanda’s case – they actually DO exist and adversely affect millions of Americans looking to be gainfully employed. Seeking to deconstruct and explain away her particular results doesn’t change those facts and those realities.

      That you and other people who have posted here took the time to post about that rather than talk about what the bare facts are surrounding employment and hiring practices in America speaks volumes.

      From the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER): http://www.nber.org/papers/w9873.pdf

      You’ve managed to dismiss her experience, and everyone else’s too – including mine should I bother posting about it here. A thought before I go and this goes out to anyone and everyone: Why did you feel the need to focus on other reasons for this person’s very real experience and outcomes? That so many have also given their own very real experiences here did little or nothing to allow you to stop, take a breath, and just contemplate what happened. In reality.

      And if experiments are so important to you, then you can, like NBER and Yolanda make your own experiments with equally fresh active resumes and see what happens for yourself. Instead of focusing on what might have been the cause for something, maybe listen and try to understand the actual reasons and causes behind what happened instead.

      Say Yolanda’s experience is pure fiction. The fact still remains that perfectly qualified candidates for employment in all fields across the board in this nation are discriminated against, experience racism in their employment searches, and if/when hired, experience the same ON the job. To believe otherwise is to live in some sort of fantasy world and I’m glad that you can live your life that way. Meanwhile a large population of Americans are left struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads simply because of their race.

      Whether you feel Yolanda experienced that or not changes nothing.

      It is happening. I has happened. It is real.

  98. You can’t talk of discrimination if you’ve NEVER been discriminated AGAINST.

    • Take a look at yourself before you point fingers. You are racist. That comment itself is racist.

      • She has a point. You can’t really comprehend some things until you exeprience it. But the good news for you is that you’re free to spout regardless of how ignorant you sound to people who have experienced more than you.

    • Yes, yes you can. Your statement is a circular fallacy. You can’t be talking about discrimination, if you have never been discriminated against, is no more true than saying, you can’t say blacks are good people, if you are not black.

      Logically, it will not stand. Certainly, I can have a thought on your dress, your singing voice, etc., even though I have never owned a dress, and can’t sing.

  99. make-work shavedApes are a bad risk. Hail the BeerBarrel!

  100. Blacks are apes, send them back to Africa and send all the f******g liberals who love them so much too.

  101. James Hargreaves

    Just popped over from Stumble Inn to check this story out.

    How surprising that Jews are at the forefront of calling for Whites to be punished for not blending themselves in with Blacks. I never would have seen that coming, because it’s not like they have a several thousand year history of moving into other peoples’ countries and sabotaging them at all.

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  103. This is not surprising. It took me awhile to find that the person’s name was “Yolanda”. Which does in fact signal a non-white female but certainly not low-class or uneducated. The way some people in our community name their children its no wonder that they can’t get ahead in life “Shaquita” anybody WTF?? Anyways I have a regular name “Tracy” with a very plain last name and still can’t find a (another) job so the market really is tight. I will however make sure that from now on not to EVER identify my race on an application. They can see my race when they bring me in for the interview. That was really enlightening.

  104. I’m gone to say to my little brother, that he should also go to see this webpage on regular basis to take updated from latest information.

  105. While some of this may be true, this experiment would only have been valid if you created TWO accounts at the exact same time, the white and the black.

    The confounding variable here is that new profiles get first looks by a bunch of recruiters who get notified on new profiles.

    This is a case of “if you look for something to support your worldview, you will find it”.

    I suggest trying it again with TWO new profiles.

  106. Anyone that have read Freakanomics, has read the chapter that discloses the portion of blatant discrimination for people with ethnic sounding names.

    If this doesn’t fire up my fellow non-white people to start their own businesses, I don’t know what will…

    When these businesses won’t give you the equality you need, then you go out and fight smart in your own lane creating passive income. Make something. Sell something (legally lol). Share something. Create away…

    On that note, that’s exactly what I’m getting back to in 5, 4, 3, 2…

  107. I do sort of wish she’d not made jabs about how “white people must not be really suffering,” because I know getting a job for me has been hellish (ie, not happening), and I am white with a college degree.

    I’m not discrediting what is said here, but you don’t have to make nasty insinuations to make your point.

  108. Larcenia Taylor

    Racism is running rapid in America. We should find an avenue to help with this social cancer. Learn the law and sue these companies, In Pro Per”. Study, study. Don’t let them hoodwink you.

  109. It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  110. I am racist, because I benefit from white privilege.
    But I am not prejudiced.
    I acknowledge that racism exists in America and the world at large.
    It was a painful realization, because, for many years I did not see it, and wanted to believe that racism was dead, but now that I see it, it seems so obvious. Those who refuse to see it do so because they do not want to see it.
    I grew up poor, paid my own way through college, and now run my own business.
    I could sit here all smug and say,”I’m a self-made man! Anybody can do it! Come on! Word hard! Study!”, but I now recognize that I had access to many opportunities that people of color do not get, and that I benefited from preferential treatment, in the job market, and the courts (slap on the wrist for mistakes in the wild days of my youth for which a young man of color would very likely have done time), etc.
    I didn’t create this racist system, and I didn’t ask to benefit from it, but it exists, and I have benefitted from it. I don’t know what I can do about it, besides acknowledge that it’s true, see it, and try not to perpetuate it in my own actions: Racism is alive and well.

    • You are not a racist. You sound like a good person. To be racist you would have to believe that others are inferior simply based on their race and/or try to mistreat others based on what race they are.

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  112. why dew eye need a fakebook to post?

    social prejudice in full force. Um did it ever occur 2 yew all that stereotypes and judging lead to an unhappy parallel. Underemployed for 5 years and it all has to do with butt kissing……….

  113. Hi there, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this article. It was helpful. Keep on posting!

  114. It’s always the same old story about white people not understanding the struggles of minorities. Well guess what? Soon people will no longer have the ability to use that argument as a crutch. White people in the United States are quickly becoming the minority.

    This article is a perfect example of liberal democrat propaganda. Those of you who are minority democrat voters need to wake up and realize the democratic party is only using you, using you to further their agenda.

    Everyone needs to learn to think for themselves and take the time to research the facts, instead of jumping on the popular bandwagon.

    Color should not even be a factor in political discussions these days. Racism is clearly rampant, but it is not ONLY white on black as most would have you believe, the reality of it is, racism touches people of every background in some way.

    We are all human beings, and it’s time we start acting as such. Since 2008, we’ve all been having a tough time. If anything, the economic crash should’ve helped us all find some common ground, but sadly it has not. The situation now has us at each other’s throats even more than ever.

    • You NOT our little babies. Whit people will NOT be used as the black man’s constant provider. Provide for your own people!!! One day, white people will get their END to forced integration! I long for that day!

    • “This article is a perfect example of liberal democrat propaganda.”

      I’m politically independent and have voted for people of both parties many times in my life but then I grew up in a state where everybody felt it was a right to based for the person and not the party. It just happens that for maybe the last 8 years the most vocal Republicans I see talk down to ME, try to skapegoat blacks to get white votes and tell me I don’t have the right to vote for the better candidate (in my view) who happens to be black. Well, they should have told me that when I was a kid instead of putting all these ideas in my head about freedom and ‘anyone can become President’. Their mistake if the stuff they taught wasn’t what they really believed.

      “Color should not even be a factor in political discussions these days. Racism is clearly rampant, but it is not ONLY white on black as most would have you believe, the reality of it is, racism touches people of every background in some way.”

      LOL. Go spin that where you have a clueless audience. I grew up in black churches where white people were 100% welcome and accepted and never mistreated one bit. Later when I went to white churches I saw that black people were not treated the same by the leadership of the church. I’m not saying all white churches are like that but a lot appear to be. It says something about the type of people your average white person is comfortable with having as a leader type.

      • Correction: it says something about who the average white ‘conservative’ going to those churches are comfortable with having as a leader type.

  115. Yolanda,

    I’ve had the same results on Monster when I re-posted or updated my resume — sometimes it got several hits just because it was new, while the old resume had been getting zero hits for weeks or months. Employers and headhunters clearly have the option to receive alerts when new resumes fitting their interests are entered into the Monster system.

    I’d be curious to see if you got the same results for your experiment if it were controlled, as in a scientific experiment, for every difference except where you can indicate race. As far as I know, that would be in the name (though your name doesn’t indicate race to me, really — Bianca White sounds just as Black or White as Yolanda Spivey), and in the “diversity” questionnaire. If you posted the same resume, at the same time, under a new, false name for a Black person (since your name is probably well known, now) and a new false name for the White person, I’d be curious to see if the results are the same. That would be the real test of this experiment. If you want to draw conclusions from it — such important conclusions, especially — it’s critical that everything be identical except what you’re testing for. Otherwise you might be looking primarily at a difference in treatment based upon the time the profile was created, etc.

  116. Food For Thought

    Bianca White is the name of a porn star. The more you know ….

  117. Next time around, check off the “Male” box instead of the “Female”.

  118. I find many of the comments above hard to read because they refer to “you”, “your”, “my people”, etc. It would be easier to follow if comments identified exactly whom they were referring to. Use a name rather than “you”. Use a group name rather than “my people”. You will be much better understood. Why bother to write if people won’t understand you?

  119. I’m very curious to see the next experiment where she creates yet another new monster account with the same employment information but lists her race as black. My hypothesis is that the new applicant status was what attracted employers, not her race.

  120. It is NOT the responsibility of white people to be black’s provider – feed them, house the, employ them, nurture them as if they be little babies. Black males were suppose to be the provider for the black communities before 1964 (forced integration. It was particularly suppose to be that way after 1964. Black dependence just got MUCH worse under forced integration.

    The we hv the EXPLOSION of black on white crime. Also, the black phony _ lying – lawsuits claiming discrimination. Companies are wise to this today!!! There are sick of these black predatory.


    BLacks deserve a homeland and an opportunity to be masters of their own destiny. Notice you NEVER have head that from the black community. Never in the history. They want their child like status –white people feeding the, housing them, clothing them. White people must say to them whining Blacks “ENOUGH!” You are NOT our children…you’re NOT our people…and you’re not going to use us like this!!!! And we’re sick of all your racists HATE crimes and you’re SICK predatory lawsuits. That is, we (white people) hv grown SICK & TIRED OF YOU Mr. Black MAN/Female

    • I’m black and I never asked you or any white person for a hand out. I paid my own way through university (not counting the 2 quarters my family paid for). At times I had 3 jobs while going to school. My sister is a succesful MD in a very competitive major city. I run my own business. Why don’t you save your speech for all the lazy white people you know. How many of your relatives are on welfare? None of mine are. So take your letter, change all the instances of ‘BLACK’ to ‘WHITE’ and go post it in the appropriate forum.

  121. This has always been happening and the results of her experiment do not surprise me one bit. In England, a few years ago they did a similar experiment but it was to do with bank loans and in every case, the white person was granted a loan but the black person (with identical credentials etc) was not. The white world is predominantly racist – not every individual but the majority are and the only practical way forward, is to try to start your own businesses and support your own communities.

    • Yup. Start your own business and hire a white person or have a white friend go to the bank as your company rep. Till you become big enough that the greedy bank is begging to give you money.

  122. A lot of your comments are right on the oney,,well.except for real tue idiots,but im with ms , call them on it, thats all she was saying,well at least thats what i got out of her comment. Call them on it !Keep it movin ! And i like the lady who said why is anyone surprised. I know right ? Well I hope the lady that had this awful experience decidess to call them out. This should’ve been on he news first, socail network would’v e been the lat place for this. And that one man who said they are just mad that president Obama is President, that’s why black folk can’t catch a break. Yep, that’s true too. 99% of your comments were very well displayed and you all should have a seat in the justice department, white house.ect.. We need honest folk. real folk. thanks evryone for sharing your opinion, even the ignorants ones. God bless them especially. Bless their hearts for they don’t really have a clue.

  123. ummmm whatever….

    honestly can I tell you how many times black dominated work cultures have driven me out of a job.

    Or how an ethnicity person hung around diversity clicks to prove to me first one out. Black people take away not only hope for white women like myself you all steal our liveleehoods. and to the older black people if you weren’t so much like a chip on your shoulder you would learn to stop stereotyping certain white women in jobs. and play nice. Very unclassy people. 🙁

    • You’re talking about your experience. Your experience may be valid for where you worked but doesn’t mean others haven’t experienced things. I’ve worked at high tech companies of all sizes and I have seen Engineering Departments where maybe 90% of the workers were from India/Pakistan/China (mostly India) and the rest of the company is maybe 90% white (or more). The Indians are just using the same ‘good old boy’ system that whites used to use to squeeze out minorities: only hire people you feel ‘comfortable’ with and that happens to be people who look just like you. Now white people who go through that can see how others felt when subject to racism/nepotism.

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  125. What exactly is Yolanda trying to say here? That we should force people to hire people with black-sounding names?

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  128. Your statement is so true. All of my discrimination on the job and in search of a job has been by white women and it’s being done regularily. I do believe this issue needs to be addressed and I don’t feel this president has taken the time to even look into the reason’s why so many black americans who are skilled with an employable background. Unable to find work with good pay to make a good living.


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  135. This article right there is very disheartening. I’m going to stop listing my sex and my race from now on.

  136. Stop asking people to work for them. Work for you. Invest all of that hard earned schooling in yourself.

    And I know, this isn’t the point. The point is, that discrimination is alive and well, and very much affects some of our livelihoods. But, when do we take our livelihoods out of their hands?

    Congrats on finishing school! Best of luck in your endeavors.

  137. There is no racism in American, there is only racism in white America, i have had similar experiences, when my resume listed the white neighborhood i live in for a while , my job prospect sky-rocketed, at the office, white people would hang up on clients , announce that did so and never loose their jobs, while I was ousted for doing my job the best i could to fix problems for clients my white counter parts let languish for months!!

    racism in America is a team sport, this is the only way it has ever been played, that’s why groups of white men lynched blacks , mobs of white people abused students in Selma in the 50’s and 60’s, groups of congressmen failed to pass civil rights and reparations laws after the civil war, it was and is all about whites as a group, a team effort to disenfranchise other, this is why you can become an honorary white person in America, by changing you name to Zimmerman, killing a negro and earning your strips. you can not become an honorary chinese, honorary Japanese or honorary black man. but you join frightened whites in their little selfish corner and sell part of your soul for some white privileges.

    America has a future, but it is a future that i refute, one worth avoiding,one based on white folks getting only what they want, their cushy cubicle jobs, their suv’s. their Mac-Mansions and going quietly back to sleep under another stupid, white male president that could not give a damn about race relations! This is one future that can promise only failure and unhappiness for all.

    • This comment sounds very ignorant because you are lumping white racists with the entire white race and I take offense to that because that is not my views on anything you just commented on. Just like an intelligent, well educated black person doesnt want to be lumped with a lazy, ignorant black person, I as an intelligent well educated, open minded white person don’t want to be lumped as a racist. While I was unemployed last year I was in the unemployment seminar that was a requirement and was baffled to find, what I thought was a well educated black male, who informed me that he was unemployed due to the fact that the government jobs he was offered wouldn’t pay him the $80,000+ he felt he was worth. Then he proceeded to tell me that he was retired and collecting a healthy pension on top of that while still receiving unemployment benefits. I believe he correct term for this is double dipping. I couldn’t believe not only that this man was doing this but admitting it like nothing was wrong with it. But I’m not lumping his ignorant and selfishness on his entire sex or race. He’s an idiot whether he’s black or white, male or female. This isn’t tha 50’s anymore and though the descrimination and hate back then was horrific, doesn’t mean it can be use as an excuse forever. Ignorance and racism is not a white thing, it’s an ignorant human trait used by every race I know


  139. Just a quick question that goes with this topic and I’m curious to see the publics thoughts on it. My former employer, at the beginning of the recession, began laying people off. Sadly, employees with 30 years with the company were let go among other lay offs. The one dept had 1 white male and 1 black female that were next on the chopping block. The white male was let go over the black female and even the female acknowledged te reason she was kept over him was because she was a black female due to the fact that the male had far more experience so it would have
    made more business sense to have kept the male. Bigger companies are encouraged to hire minorities, but do you feel it’s fair to hire or fire based on the status of being a minority?

    Also, for further reference I have been job searching for last 4 year on/off and monster.com use to be a great website but has turned into a pool of staffing companies that find you jobs or use u as temps which I have found to be dead ends and a waste of time. The minority questionnaire is always an option bc it is illegal to require a company to ask you sex, race or religion and I always choose not to answer due to being discriminated based on my race or sex, which is a white female with a four year degree and over 12 years experience working in business settings. I have never been offered a job making more than $40,000 starting and lucky if it’s that high with an hour or more commute. The job market is tough for every one regardless of race or religion.

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  144. Im a white woman from canada. The longest I had a job was 3 years it was automated. I have had to moved across 3 provinces to survive. WIth massive immigration of 3rd world people I cannot find a job for 3 years now in the capital. They get preferance in hiring over me and they are not even BORN in canada they just landed here. Alot of them cannot speak proper english and do not know how things work here in our culture. I have sent 2000 resumes since 2008 and its now 2013- I only found 2 temp jobs. I had to compete against people new to canada some who dont need to even work like an east indian who lives with mommy and daddy and has a maid at home cooking his meals- his parents are rich. My field has been automated and I am also getting older this does not help. Thanks to all the nonwhites there is now more discrimination than ever before for a woman. They dont want to hire anyone over 30 but when canada was mainly white you could get any job up until age 50! They only hire their own and we have to hire them in the better jobs like govt jobs so this means people born in canada who are white, black or native are NO LONGER BEING HIRED!. They even pay employers to hire an immigrant. They also bring 300000 a year to take the lower jobs so you cant even get a macdonalds jobs and places like walmart is filled with them too. The homecare industry is all either phillipinos or women from africa- they wont hire someone born here. Also the security industry is outsiders they wont hire locals.

  145. Black is not a real race. Sorry, “blacks” did not call themselves blacks way back. It was a name give by “whites”, to make race seem like polar opposites. It’s called neurolinguistics, if white is great than black is….. Fill in the blank.


    So not calling yourself black is not ripping away your history, it’s ripping away a fake name a certain group gave you to demonize you with their language. Black is a recent term, it was popularized by “blacks” during the “Black is Beautiful Campagign”, during 60s and up. If you read old books, “blacks” were called bronze, colored, or negro (which I don’t approve of). I like to call myself bronze, and I am a descendant of somewhere in Africa. So call yourself brown. Brown vs. Black is used as an evil caste system anyway.


    See, if you call yourselves brown because YOUR SKIN IS BROWN, it throws the caste system to bits.

    I applied for Abercrombie, I’m not bad looking. I’ve done some small time modeling so I know I have a “commerical face”. I am “articulate” , hahahaha. In shape with a great resume. I did the best during the interview , everyone stuttered, rambled and were to tense. Still , the white Irish guy who mumbled and had no experience what so ever got the job. I’ve seen better looking white guys to be honest, he wasn’t the most attractive. But my point is, the rest of us were brown people, some of us were understood better than him. Abercrombie SF has a racist hiring staff. Funny thing is, their question is what is diversity and how is it important? Apparently, it’s important because you don’t want it?

  146. I can easily see both sides of this issue.
    First, I will say racism does exist quite a bit in the U.S.A. However, I will qualify that with Racism is MUCH, MUCH worse in other countries. Try getting a professional job in Japan or China if you are not native… It will never happen (besides being an English teacher or translator)

    Now, that we put that in perspective, Racism is a human condition and we should seek, as civilized people to be personally responsible for not propogating racism in our lives.

    But, the mechanism that has been chosen to deal with this is a heavy-handed, government-centered affirmative action program fueled by power-hungry politicians. This doesn’t solve the problem, it only feeds resentment and fear which are the seeds of racism.

    Employers need predictability and minimized risk when hiring. They may be apprehensive to hiring African-American people because of the fear of racial politics affecting their ability to hire and fire at will and the increased risk of lawsuits. This is unfair for the individual, but the government programs and heavy-handed enforcemeent of race-based rules have made African-American applicants less attractive to employers. Making more rules, laws and enforcement will only worsen the situation. I personally work at a company where they will hire African-Americans and women before white men because they are trying to go over and above compliance with government requirements so as to not be scrutinized. This isn’t fair either.

    I think we should all live by the words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and they “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” That means no-bias. It’s a personal responsibility, not a point for governmental control. Think about it, the government can control what people do, but not what they think.

  147. By the way, one person says that black people are not rewarded for their efforts. Let me give you some news. White people are not rewarded for their efforts either.
    Neither are fat people, small people, etc, etc. anyone that doen’t fit in see this. We all work ourselves to the grave and have little to show for it. Sad isn’t it. Trust me, it isn’t so great on the other side either. I am very short and skinny. I get intimidated by people in meetings, at the store, at the bank, people just walk in front of me like I am not really there. When I speak and people act like I don’t have anything important to say. When I know more than my peers (most of the time) they chuckle like I am the fool. It is like racism but not because of race. I live in this body and cannot do anything about it.

    However, I do not want the government to give me special protections. I will FIGHT for my piece of the dream despite how I look!

    • I am from the maritimes in Canada. We are treated as second class and have been for 50 years now, but someone new to canada who is not white has more rights to a job than any one from my province does. They even have quotas in that province with an unemployment of 25%. When I look around minority establishments that are privately run all I see if their people, they dont hire any other races, so doesnt this make them racist.

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  149. I just want someone to explain to me this, If my twin sister applied to a college and accidentally put down that she was African American when she’s German (I don’t get why all white people just refer to themselves by their culture) and received a “minority” scholarship for almost 3 grand a year. Now she had pretty good grades and had a pretty god ACT score to begin with but when she called them to tell them that she had messed and put down the wrong race she was stripped of any kind of scholarship and was told that she needed to raise her ACT score 2 points to get any kind of scholarship. Isn’t that a little racist?

  150. This story is like five years old, why is this blog posting like it’s brand new?

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  153. Unemployed White Man Pretends to be Black, Job Offers Suddenly Skyrocket

  154. Unemployed White Man Pretends to be Black WOMAN, Job Offers Suddenly Skyrocket

  155. Sounds like a lawsuit to me!

  156. One things for sure on Judgement Day all racists will be stamped ‘rejects’ by God on their way to a eternal Hell, so obviously they are enjoying employing their discrimantory practices, while alive because once they die, eternal damnation awaits these many evil pigs, who are full of nothing but hate in their hearts.

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  158. Well I am mixed white and I have been out of work for 3 years now in the capital city of ottawa, where all the jobs are suppose to be as its the capital. But I am the last one to be hired because I am WHITE, only speak ENGLISH and I do not have a disability. I also do not have a degree. I also am not 24 Im in my 40s. The biggest discrimination out there now is qualified skilled people who are not hired who are the most qualified for the job but due to quotas they are not getting the job. Its either a 24 year old whose never done the job or someone who kmows someone or a quota to fill. As far as I see it is you are born in a nation no matter what color you are, you should have first stabs at a job handsdown!

  159. Well, facts are facts. It takes nothing away from me and does not diminish me or my ethnicity in any way to acknowledge and accept undeniable truths. No amount of denial, disingenuousness and deflecting will alter the corrosive impact of bigotry on the lives of innocent individuals who deserve far better. A group with its hands on the levers of power, the wheels of the economy and the bulk of the acreage of available land can have little conception of what it truly means to be dehumanized, dispossessed, marginalized and overlooked. Prejudice is the product of insecurity and fear that can only be dispelled by the challenging of received wisdoms, the broadening of minds and an expansion of horizons, all of which require an equal measure of rare courage and scarce humility.

    Overcoming near insurmountable odds in a society in which the forces ranged against them are reflected in some of the odious comments on view here, the best female tennis players in history, the best golfer in history, the wealthiest woman in the TV industry and the most prominent family in the nation are who and what they are. Despite their exceptional achievements even such prominent, hardworking, high-achieving individuals are subjected to daily doses of hate-filled commentary in online forums and discussion threads like these, borne of the manifest antipathy of an entrenched, embittered minority of citizens. The shallow, spiteful comments say nothing whatsoever about the targets of the venom, bile and hatred and absolutely everything about the empty, distorted souls of those who make them.

    The future lies with our children, the very best human values we can instil in them and the most comprehensive, inclusive education we can provide them. Above that, the most powerful catalyst of change will probably be the interaction between cultures of this and future generations, via the technological revolution that increasingly makes the global village more and more real for all of us. 24/7/365 global telecommunications systems will continue to deliver unmediated news, information, ideas, images, truths and realities from every corner of the globe directly into devices in the hands of individuals. The more we can see of, know of, hear from and share with one another, the sooner we will realize that there are in fact no such things as “races”. There is only humankind, made up of a varying mixture and admixture of ethnicities with everything that matters in common and that our respective destinies are inextricably intertwined.

    When all is said and done, I’m eternally thankful that my kids are not afflicted with any of this poison that manifests itself in division, hatred and conflict. When our kids regale us with stories of their various shared adventures with friends, classmates and workmates at schools, colleges and workplaces, it is often impossible to identify the divergent ethnicities that comprise their peer groups and social networks. This is exactly as it should be. Even though we as a family have had no experience of the near insurmountable barriers, hurdles and obstacles that some of our fellow citizens have had and still continue to have to overcome, here is at least one family that unreservedly wishes Yolanda (and Serena and Venus and Tiger and Oprah and Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama) nothing but the very best in 2014. A healthy, happy, prosperous and wonderful New Year to all.

  160. Oh my God! For some reason, I have thought about doing the same experience. Reading this article really helped me to confirm that all minorities might have been experiencing the same problems. I really believe that the minority people are still in pain! I have almost had the same feelings and experiences with whoever wrote this article. I have seen it exactly, I have experienced it exactly. There was a time when I was over qualified for the position and couldn’t get hired because of who I am. I finally gave up and went back to school to continue only my education. For example, going to school full time, I did my diploma in pharmacy technician, studied, and became certified by the PTCB, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. As one of my educational goals is to go to pharmacy school and get PharmD degree, I planned to work as a pharmacy technician, build my skills, and go to school at the same time. However, the place where I live, (Duluth, MN), is still full of hidden racism, which made it hard for me to step ahead and both schooling and work experience. Personally, experiencing some kinds of racism has helped me a lot. I have now stronger plan than ever. My goal is to try not to work until I finish my school. If I get at least master’s degree in one of the best areas, such as computer science, or any other highest medical degrees, I won’t even care about begging them. I could move around and find a job anywhere in the world. At least, I wouldn’t be undermined by the racists.

  161. Oh my God! For some reason, I have thought about doing the same experiment. This shows me that we have the same kind of pains! Reading this article really helped me to confirm that all minorities might have been experiencing the same problems. I really believe that the minority people are still in pain! I have almost had the same feelings and experiences with whoever wrote this article. I have seen it exactly, I have experienced it exactly. There was a time when I was over qualified for the position and couldn’t get hired because of who I am. I finally gave up and went back to school to continue only my education. For example, going to school full time, I did my diploma in pharmacy technician, studied, and became certified by the PTCB, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. As one of my educational goals is to go to pharmacy school and get PharmD degree, I planned to work as a pharmacy technician, build my skills, and go to school at the same time. However, the place where I live, (Duluth, MN), is still full of hidden racism, which made it hard for me to step ahead and both schooling and work experience. Personally, experiencing some kinds of racism has helped me a lot. I have now stronger plan than ever. My goal is to try not to work until I finish my school. If I get at least master’s degree in one of the best areas, such as computer science, or any other highest medical degrees, I won’t even care about begging them. I could move around and find a job anywhere in the world. At least, I wouldn’t be undermined by the racists.

  162. 80% of these companies are controlled and operated by White’s or Asian’s. Blacks U have got to create and pave your own way just like Oprah Winfrey. White ppl told her she was Black and ugly and she would never make it. Oprah started her own TV Studio now look at her. Stop waiting on the White mans approval. They have every right to withhold jobs from U.

  163. 80% of these companies are controlled and operated by White’s or Asian’s. Blacks U have got to create and pave your own way just like Oprah Winfrey. White ppl told her she was Black and ugly and she would never make it. Oprah started her own TV Studio now look at her. Stop waiting on the White mans approval. They have every right to withhold jobs from U that U did not help to create nor build.

  164. Jobs we did not create or build? How about slaves and the men who continued to build this country after slavery under the peonage system for FREE?? Watch Slavery By Another Name (2012) documentary for that info. The railroads, the White House, the Capital, etc. were built by people of African descent. Please watch Many Rivers to Cross which you can get on PBS site. Please watch Eyes on The Prize. Please read Before the Mayflower, and for current education please read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and watch The House I Live In which is currently on Netflix. I would also invite you to check out the writings of (White writer) Tim Wise. You are not racist you simply do not know what you do not know like Dorothy Hampton Marcus (also White) writes about. You are victim of White Privilege and once you understand what that means you will feel better. I am not condemning you, I am asking you to open your mind as to what formed the beliefs you carry. P.S. Oprah is an exception (and an inspiration) and if you notice her programming topics have changed dramatically now that she doesn’t have to answer to a network because she does OWN it.

    • Well said Teacher!!! I agree 1000% with your comment. It’s unfortunate that many people do not want to accept the truth. African-American history has been romanticized in a way that keeps certain people believing that they are better. However, a recessive gene does not equate a dominant race. People….knowing your history will free you from mental slavery.

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  166. I am not surprised. I have been asked to come into an interview before in which after one of the managers saw me, they stated that there must have been a mistake and that the interviewing manager wasn’t available. Yes he was. I heard someone call his name. Can’t get any more blatant than that!

    She is so right about these little inexperienced young white somethings grabbing up high paying jobs with less education, and less experience. I have been trying to land a position in the Natural Science/Technology Museum Industry for 3 years now, and I consistently get beaten out by young white female art majors/graduates that don’t even know a lick of science nor have any work experience. How do I know? I visit the companies on LinkedIn frequently to see what new person is hired. Sure enough, I’m consistently being looked over for people that I most assuredly beat out in every aspect.

    I went back to school to get advanced degrees thinking perhaps that was the problem and even started my own businesses. Still, no luck. I have been attempting to get jobs in education as well, only to get turned-down time and time again. It’s a shame that despite my education, experience, drive, and pleasant professional and personal demeanor, that I cannot obtain a great future for my children solely because of the color of my skin. They don’t even know me. If they did. I’d get the job, because they would then learn that someone like me doesn’t come around very often and it would benefit that organization to bring me aboard.

    This is very disturbing and depressing, but despite white privilege in America, I will keep pushing on. I hate to hear stories like these… but I have my own to share so I tend to accept this story as true. Happens far more than people wish to hear and believe. So very sad. I wish people would just look at people and see only people and not make them the pack mules of a sub-culture that they may disagree with.

    • I had an interview at a internationally known engineering company. I was waiting in the lobby for my interview. One side of me was a white man and across from me was a blonde blue-eyed white woman.

      The so-called interviewer walked straight to the white woman and shook her hand while calling out my name. Blondie, said I am not here for an interview. Idiot looked stupid and said, my name is Theresa and Holly sent me out here to interview you for the job. What she did not know, that the receptionist called her Holly and told her I was here for my interview.

      I said, excuse Holly, if you did not want to interview a Black, you should’ve kept your sorry a$$ in your cave. I can tell what type of company this is, based on your color scheme. You made the fatal mistake by going to that white woman and lying to me about your name. So you take your job and you can kiss my a-$-$ and walked out.

      The white man came right behind me and said, I guess I don’t fit the color scheme either. I marched with Dr. King.

  167. I have lived and been married to a black man for 20 yrs and completely absorbed into the black culture and what I know as a fact is this, 1) Blacks are more racist than whites 2) Blacks enjoy using the race card & people should be aware it is a much joked about ploy to get their way 3) blacks have a bad attitude 4) Blacks create how others see them by being lazy, angry, rude & are more animalistic. The simple fact from an anthropological point of view is that blacks are not capable of being leaders, they are like children who must be cared for. Welfare and such, must feed the cattle. I don’t feel bad about saying any of this because I have lived with blacks long enough to know their ways. Their entire culture is corrupt. Blacks have such a high abortion rate that in 30 years there will be so few blacks that we won’t have to listen to their crap anymore. The only future for the black man is the white woman because black woman abort their babies and only white woman having black kids keeps them and can raise them well. I recent study showed that black woman are actually dangers to their own children. I suggest everyone embrace your “Lack of White Guilt” a d open your eyes. They will always be slaves in their minds.

    • If you have so many negative things to say about “blacks”, why are you married to one???? You are simply another ASS that hides behind the keyboard and runs their mouth!

      Now you are discussing abortion??? Stay on topic STUPID, or leave the room!!!!!

      Dumb Ass! You deserve to be slapped, TWICE!!! I bet your husband beats your as on a regular basis and this is your escape!!! He must be “working” right now! LOL! F***ing IDIOT!

    • You didn’t know? Most white men do not want white women. White women lose their beauty by the time they are 30-35 years old. That’s why white men trade white women in for a younger woman or are happy to be accepted by a woman of color. You are with a black man due to his insecurities about being a black man who maybe seeking validation. You will never understand his struggles as being a black man. His struggles started when he was born into this racist world of racism and greed. He will stay with you due to his insecurities and fears of losing to a white society. Mary, you must wise up….you thinking you are married to something special, you have been dupped! Get a clue next time you start saying that blacks are negative. You are not black and you have not experienced what a black woman or man experience everyday just by the color of their skin. You are only with your husband because you are a rejection to a white man & a white male society that have legally made a white woman a minority. Yes, you are considered a minority by white men. Know thy self & know your history!!!!

    • The very reason why you married a black black is because you cannot make it up the ladder of finance/success.

      A white w-h-o-e like yourself always marry out of your race to move up in the world.

      Go to your white man, and do what you are bred to do. Bake cookies and pass out [email protected]& j-o-b-s.

  168. If blacks are so great why do 70% of their mothers kill them in the womb?

    • Your comment is baseless. It takes money to have an abortion. If African Americans make up 11-13% of the US population and have some of the highest unemployment rates….tell me how can a black woman afford an abortion?

  169. Don’t listen to the cry of the black man and woman, they have such a high abortion rate that in 30 years they will no longer exhist in any forceful way.

    • Mary, you don’t have to worry about black people becoming non-existent. LMBO…. if you can have children, you are keeping the black race alive. I guess you didn’t see it that way…. did you? White people who conceive with a black person = black child(ren). 1/16th of African American blood makes your child an African American by law. You can tell your child(ren) that it/they are mixed or white and confused the hell out of them. As a result of nurturing confusion, they become a nuisance to society. However from the comments you’ve made, you are not bright. I feel sorry for your off springs…..if you are able to conceive.

    • BTW Mary, aren’t you married to a black man? Yeah, sounds like you have anger towards him and/or your black in-laws. He may have left you for another. Your racist comments about black men and women tells me that someone of the African American race has hurt you so bad that you are extremely angry with the black race. I hope you live and not lose your mind over so much hatred.

    • Hey blondie, research proved several years ago, that your sub-species is dying out.

  170. Mary,

    You are a racist loser who’s obviously trolling. I don’t believe you were ever married to a Black man. By the way idiot, white women have more abortions than Black women, and there are more whites on welfare than Blacks. Truth. Blacks only make up approximately 13% of the U.S. population, you idiot. Stop being a coward and state your racist comments to Black people in their face instead of hiding behind a computer spreading lies about the great Black race who built this country. But you won’t do that because, again, you are nothing more than a coward. Cowardice seems to be a prevalent trait among racists white people in the United States for some reason.

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  176. I believe this also happens against whites. It depends on location. I am in Richmond, VA. I am a mid 30’s white male and have been unemployed for several months. I did the same experiment but listed my race as black instead of white. I got calls when my race was listed as black but not when I listed myself as white. For example I had an interview with Bank of America. This was a group interview. Out of the 20 applicants including myself the races were as follows: me (white male), 1 white female, 18 black females. All of the hiring managers were black. So here in Richmond, VA as I mid 30’s white male I am at a disadvantage in the job market due to the affirmative action laws.

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  180. Truly sorry you have been denied the chance to obtain gainful employment because of your skin color. I hope you fare well and I wish there was something I could do to help you. Perhaps you can claim to be white, and when you are questioned about it, just say you simply are not as white as other people. And use a white-sounding pseudonym, that’s not illegal, as far as I know, as long as you eventually tell them. God bless and good luck.

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  188. I have also been called in from my resume and phone interview a number of times. I know what I know, and I each time I could see the “surprise” of the people working there when I walked through the door.

    Notice actually how many white people have contributed comments to this article/issue. Simply, whites (and, I’m not talking about the entire white race, of course) use denial when real facts are presented. Not things that can be debated….real facts. The fact that you read examples of story after story of these kinds of experiences let’s you know it is real; however they will just say we play the race or we have a problem with whites. “No. It’s not true.”, is how they deal with it. Denial is their biggest weapon, and that solves nothing. Are there black racists? Absolutely. But, compare two articles where similar crimes were committed by someone white and someone black. The article with the white offender will have 500 comments. The article with the black offender will have 5,000, and you’ll normally see the word “knee grow”, “monkey”, “rope”…..you know the usual suspects. It’s sickening double-standard that they know exist. Until real dialogue about what ills this country between the races, things will continue to be as they always were.

  189. To make the previous comment clearer. I meant to say notice how few whites contributed this article which lends my support to my other statements. When it’s undeniable facts being presented, you hear very little resistance. They know it goes on in the workplace. It has for years. Then, they wonder why affirmative action was put into play in the first place. Hypocrisy…………

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  269. You had me ’til you wrote “mines”.

  270. gregory kinchelow

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