The best way to decrease black unemployment in the Black Community is to support black-owned businesses because two out of every three workers employed in black-owned businesses are black
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Here’s The Key to Ending the 14 Percent Black Unemployment Rate

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The best way to decrease black unemployment in the Black Community is to support black-owned businesses because two out of every three workers employed in black-owned businesses are black

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While the rest of the nation enjoys a single-digit unemployment rate, the Black Community’s unemployment rate has been consistently stuck in the double-digits. According to, the best way to rid the black community of the current 14 percent unemployment rate is to support black-owned businesses.

Two out of every three workers employed by black-owned businesses are African American. does not believe economic growth policy alone can save the Black Community from its staggering unemployment rate. Here is the solution the website offered to lowering the unemployment rate in the Black Community:

One solution is to look to the potential of African-American businesses. The last census survey of small businesses, (the Survey of Business Owners conducted in 2007) determined African Americans owned 1.9 million small businesses. This represented 7.1% of the nation’s 27 million businesses. Furthermore, businesses owned by blacks employed 921,032 workers.

In 2007, the Gazelle Index conducted a national random survey of 350 CEOs of African-American owned businesses. The survey had a margin of error of 5%. The survey determined that 64% of employees in black-owned businesses were black. This means those businesses employed 589,460 workers in 2007.

Think of it this way. Today, there are 2.5 million unemployed black workers. As such, African American-owned businesses are capable of employing 23% or more of them. Furthermore, as these businesses grow and their employment capacity increases, two out of every three workers hired will be Black.

Conclusion – one of the most effective strategies for lowering black unemployment is to increase support for black businesses. —Source cited that information technology, construction, management and administrative services, health care and education, retail trades, transportation and warehousing, and professional and technical services are all industries that black businesses will do the most hiring. If you need help locating black-owned businesses to patronize, just download the Around the Way app on your mobile phone. It uses your phone’s GPS to locate black-owned businesses in your area.




  1. Support Black businesses….great approach! In theory. BUT the consumer is going to have to be EXTREMELY optimistic, patient, long suffering, and forgiving especially if the merchant or technician is self-taught. Personally speaking, my greatest needs are auto, plumbing, and appliance repairs. The problem is I NEVER get good, complete, and final work from my African-American auto mechanics and service technicians. As a matter of fact, 100% of the time their “repair work” creates MORE problems than it fixes. My best results have been with one established Black plumbing company, house painters, and lawn maintenance people. Beyond that, I use the yellow pages an awful lot but feel guilty when almost EVERY technician who shows up is caucasian. Why guilt? Because I suffer buyer’s remorse since later on I feel like I’m financing those who hate and despise me and my kind. Black owned and operated business are often much like we are as Black people. The employees laugh too much, have a low opinion of themselves, their employer, and their customers, often do not have an in-depth mastery of the finer technical aspects of the work, and treat their customers like S-H-I-T. Good luck with what is actually a really GOOD idea. Maybe Jesus will fix it when He comes back — and that’s a BIG maybe.

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  3. I am willing to do that but we should support each other, we all can be rich at the same time but we can still help each other out, as a nation we have to just push for unity and keep looking at the one who are great leaders and just follow there footsteps to get that courage, to step up.


  4. An extension to having an this awesome app, would also be to have businesses interested in being mentors/apprentices. I think the quasi-apprenticeship route could be effective. On many levels labor costs & now the insurance costs for small businesses are through the roof. However, everyone can benefit from having additional hands, learning opportunities, & as the old saying goes ‘To teach is to learn twice.’ We cannot give up on small businesses because their level of experience doesn’t surpass their non-black counterparts/competitors. That’s just like we can’t expect to have economically thriving communities if jobs are only willingly hiring people with experience & many of our undergrads & recent H.S. grads aren’t being offered opportunities to learn/gain experience. It would be wise to recognize that we can knock a couple birds out with one stone by employing our youth & investing in our small businesses.

  5. Our unemployment rate will continue to stay in the double digits until employers start hiring non violent felons and truly giving people second chances,until then all this other stuff is just talk

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