The degrees that are expected to be profitable are Bachelor's in Business Administration, Master's in Business Administration, Bachelor's in Accounting, Associate's in Paralegal Studies, and a Bachelor's in Nursing.

College Degrees That Are Profitable In a Bad Economy

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The degrees that are expected to be profitable are Bachelor's in Business Administration, Master's in Business Administration, Bachelor's in Accounting, Associate's in Paralegal Studies, and a Bachelor's in Nursing.


To most people, getting a college degree is one of the most important goals that they must achieve on their road to a successful career. But in recent years, a college degree hasn’t guaranteed employment.

There’s a growing number of college graduates who acquire careers in industries that have no correlation to their degree. This is due in part to a bad economy that has led to stagnation in the job market. There are a few careers that have a high demand right now and it’s only expected that these industries will experience growth in next few years. It’s important to know which degrees these industries will be seeking from their candidates.

Here is a list of college degrees that can still be profitable in a bad economy: 

  1. Bachelor’s in Business Administration – Business Administration is an excellent degree option because you will receive a well -rounded curriculum that can be applied to a number of fields.
  2. Master’s in Business Administration – A master’s degree in business administration is even better. It will make it much easier to move up through the ranks of your company and come with a moderate pay raise.
  3. Bachelor’s in Accounting – Accounting is a great option you enjoy working within the financial side of business. Accountants are also currently experiencing a boom in demand which definitely makes this path a smart choice.
  4. Associate’s in Paralegal Studies – Careers that involve criminal justice and law find this degree to a nice addition when coming on the job market. Also, since it’s an associate’s degree and only takes two years to complete you could be more attractive on the job market sooner.
  5. Bachelor’s in Nursing – A bachelor’s degree in nursing can open doors to new paths in the medical field and even strengthen the credentials of someone who is already a registered nurse.


Malcolm Morrow, a Your Black World Network contributor, is a senior, criminal justice major at The University of Southern Miss.




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