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Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

Forget the latest iPad minis. There is talk that the iWatch is coming soon! Reports from China, where Apple handles most of their manufacturing, say that the rumored watch is scheduled to hit the market next summer. It is alleged that the handy dandy more-than-a-wristband will feature a one-and-a-half inch LED screen and facilitate users with Facebook, text, Bluetooth, and email capabilities. Reportedly, Apple would also like for the tiny gadget to feature additional tiny gadgets such as a micro-mini speaker and microphone.

This is not by far the first stab the technology world has taken at producing a smartwatch. Back in the day, Microsoft went out on the limb but withdrew from their efforts in 2008. On brighter notes, Sony recently set to market their smartwatch meant to accompany cell phones. Lastly is the independent Pebble E-Paper Watch. The latter is characterized by  a 1.26-inch, 144 × 168 pixel monochrome e-paper display with backlighting and pre-installed apps for cycling and golfing. Best wishes to Apple as they strive to not only fulfill their own endeavor but top all their competitors.


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