Honor Student Performs for Obama’s Inauguration and is Shot a Few Blocks from Her Home

What's Going On


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

A 15-year old girl was excited to perform before President Obama at his inauguration last week in Washington DC.  But just a few days later, excitement turned into tragedy when she was gunned down in close proximity to the president’s house.  Hadiya Pendleton lived on the south side of Chicago, a place that has become nothing short of a war zone where bright futures are turned bloody on a second’s notice, and nobody seems to care.   Somehow, the world decided that these kids deserve to die, and it appears that Hadiya’s greatest sin is that she wasn’t born with blonde hair and blue eyes like some of those precious little babies at Sandy Hook.

On the day she died, Hadiya had been let out of school early and was under a canopy in a park.  A witness says that while 10 students were standing out of the rain, a gunman came into the park and opened fire.  Hadiya and another teen fell to the ground about a block away from the shooting.  The other teen was shot in the leg and Hadiya died from her injuries.

“It’s very painful to see your big sister get slaughtered,” said Hadiya’s 10-year old brother, Nathaniel.

This has been the deadliest Chicago January in ten years, with 42 people killed in the city thus far.  Also, the city confiscated twice as many illegal guns last year as New York City itself.   Guns flow freely in some parts of Chicago, where authorities claim that they “just can’t seem to figure out” where the guns are coming from.  How convenient.

From all indicators, Hadiya was not in a gang.  She wasn’t “thugged out.”  She was just an honor student who happened to live in an area where it’s easier for black teens to get access to a deadly weapon than a good education.   Teens can’t find jobs and we abort them with no hope early in their lives.  All the while, these kids pop up in rap music videos with stock piles of weapons and there are billboards in the city glorifying gang-affiliated rappers like Chief Keef, who’s been given a blank check from Interscope Records to promote even more of our community’s genocide.

The fact that this young girl died so close to the home of President Obama is a telling reminder that chickens are coming home to roost.   Our nation allows guns to flow freely, and even simple solutions to gun control, like titling guns as we do cars (as Father Michael Pfleger has recommended) are pushed off the table.  The truth is that gun manufacturers WANT thousands of guns to “disappear” every year because they make a huge profit from black-on-black crime.  The recipe is simple:  Inject drugs and weapons, extract education and jobs, and you’ve got yourself a healthy death march for millions of young black teenagers.  You also have plenty of bodies to feed into the prison industrial complex, which is so vast and powerful that it strikes fear in President Obama himself.

Another reason that this incident brings matters front and center for the Obama Administration (which prides itself on a deep Chicago connection) is that it serves as a reminder of what happens when you overlook and neglect the constituency that has supported you more than any other president in American history.   As the president cries for the little white kids at Sandy Hook, I hope he can also cry for the little girl with skin as brown and beautiful as Sasha and Malia.  Rather than making the life and death of our children part of some bland, meaningless political calculation, I am hopeful that SOMEONE in the White House will consider the old fashioned notion of simply doing the right thing.

Even before this incident took place, Hadiya’s mother was planning to move out of the city of Chicago to find safety for her children.

“Believe it or not, her mom was just looking to move to Naperville,” Hadiya’s cousin, Shatira Wilks, said. “Her mom wanted her to take her kids to an even better community and make sure her education is number one. Her daughter has never ever given her mother a problem, this girl was literally a walking angel.”

Parents should not have to leave their communities to find safety and a quality education for their children.    One of the lasting reflections of racial inequality is the fact that when black people are killed (as it happened when my best friend was shot in the head in front of his daughter), people somehow think that we are conditioned or immune to the violence.  In fact, I’ve even heard black people say that it’s our fault that our kids are dying from guns that are made and delivered by white people.   This kind of self-hate is nothing short of disgusting and embarrassing.

The “blame the negroes” line of thinking is also what has caused us to waste the Obama presidency and turn it into some kind of modern Day Juneteenth Celebration instead of using it as an opportunity for us to come together as a community to effect change.  No president, black or white, should be allowed to fall asleep at the wheel when it comes to pressing issues in black communities across America.  If Obama has time for the Latino and gay communities, he certainly has time for us too.

I hope that this little girl didn’t die in vain.  Perhaps her life can be a reminder to all of us that we should contribute to helping to solve the violence problem and not simply blame it on ourselves.  Black people don’t deserve to die any more than whites, and to think otherwise is simply racist.  Our taxpayer dollars should be applied to help our communities too.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a professor at Syracuse University and author of “The 8 Principles of Black Male Empowerment.” To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.





  1. Codrington C. Dapp

    What the hell is going on in Chicago? God has given many of our young people over to a reprobate mind…is there any hope for black people in this country? And we wonder why no one wants us living in their neighborhoods..smh..BTW, I’m black..you can call me whatever name you want–it doesn’t change the truth…

    • @Codrington C. Dapp

      No one has to call you a name. It’s pretty obvious what you are. I agree with Boyce Watkins 100%.

      “This kind of self-hate is nothing short of disgusting and embarrassing”

      If our politicians can come up with solutions when white children die then they should be able to come up with solutions for black children.

      • Um, don’t look now, but your president is black (ok, he has a black sperm donor, but still). There is no cure that the government can deliver directly. Seriously now.

        The only thing governemnt can do is general in nature. And that is, get out of the way and allow people to pursue opportunity. The food stamps, housing, Obamaphones, etc., serve only to make people dependent on a system that they can’t really control. The human psychi needs independence and freedom to feel good about itself. The sence of satisfaction that comes only from working hard to reach goals (owning a home and caring for your family are goals, too) is what will cure our stuggles. As long as people keep getting those things given to them, they will never find satisfaction with their own selfworth, realizing that they were unable to even provide the basics for themselves. Unsatisfied people are not much fun to be around; they don’t even like themselves, and they don’t care about life — including YOUR life.

        • PRESIDENT OBAMA DID NOT HAVE A SPERM DONOR, NOBODY HAS ONE, NOT EVEN YOU…! Mr. Obama had a “father”, we all do. Obama, Sr. was in U.S. to go to school on a visa and he did that. He was African,
          not “black” & his son was raised ‘American’, not ‘white’, & not ‘black’: apparently his mother was ‘American’ too, not ‘white’ like her parents, and, she was a single mother no less who died at 56 of cancer. Our beloved BO was born so close to the grit and grind,any closer,he would have had a difficult & much harder struggle coming on. After all, you know: “single mother”! He was suppose to be doom but instead he is the head of our world. But his mother DID NOT raise him “black”. He has no ‘black’ mentality. He does not understand ‘black’ rhectoric or oppression, depression or anything of that nature. He was not taught he’s an underdog; he was not even taught that his ‘grandparents’ were held in bondage & forced to act like ‘slaves’ for centuries. He mourns in his heart for all people past & present who has suffered wretchedness in life. He may be AfricanAmerican, he will say he is AA, but you won’t likely here him say or teach his children that they are “black”, a skin-color identity and his father was not “black” mentally and never taught his son he was ‘black’!! And that is the big, giant point!!! BO does not feel he is his skin shade; he feels he is his person & that person is quite capable, very confident & comfortable at the top of the world or with people who live bottomly. *Part of that is his natural personality, part of that is his mother & his father & what they did with their lives as an example for BO & his sister, in the same way (I MIGHT ADD) that Michelle’s parents set examples and set the tone & values for their children. LET’S GET REAL…this baby, this lovely soul was taken from the whole of America because she was there in da’hood & some ‘hood soldier/warrior/thug was given his orders by his general: kill to prove you are with us (or die yourself because we will kill you). Where did the young thugs come from? They came from homes that were not teaching values, not instilling a consciousness to rise, that doesn’t understand what is going on in life & their young son join the only source of power he knew or was forced into. This baby was shot because of male-desire for power & control, for territory & soldiers to do sales & service for business & profit interests. That’s it. Hood rats have to eat too & when they see other hood rats in mansions: well, the ”soldiers” may not go to the promised land but the ”General” is planning on moving up. And nothing else matters. Not even the life of babies. THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS & A BABY WAS IN THE WAY.THEY SHOT HER TO PROVE THEIR ALLEGIANCE TO THE GANG.(I’M SURE IT GOES SOMETHING LIKE THAT.)

          What would I do if it was my town and I’m the mayor or the governor? I would ask for military help and I would make a plan for eradicating and breaking down the territories and businesses of the hood rats: okay: “hood terrorists”-they are American citizens who are terrorizing their neighborhood. It’s been done before. It’s what would be done in socalled ‘white’ or eschelon neighborhoods. Because you see, the “RULE BOOK” says to thugs & gangsters…(in American History, i.e. “Valentine’s Day Massacre”, Italian gangs…: the rule book says: Do your thuggyness but not so that “decent” people know it, see it or even hear about it and for dam sho’ don’t hurt the little kids and it wouldn’t hurt your reputation if you gave something to the church for penance. IF YOU CAN’T DO THIS WE WILL & COME IN BLOW YOU OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH, PERIOD, DOT. [THIS UNDERSTANDING WITH THE “UNDER-WORLDS” IN OUR SOCIETY IS MUCH OLDER THAN ME.]
          Well, that’s the “truth” of it.–MO

          • Well then, thanks for the lecture on semantics. In the past 50 years, it has been proper to say, “negroes,” then “colored,” then “black,” now “African-American” when referring to the group that has a visually recognizable presence of negroid genetic information in their bodies. Likewise, “white” has been considered proper terminology for those individuals who evidence predominately caucasoid genetic characteristics. When I was growing up and learning the social standards of my community, the terms “black” and “white” were the socially acceptable terms to use. Please forgive me if I haven’t adapted well to the modern-day political correctness that your prefer. Terms such as mulatto have fallen out of prominence, though I don’t seen any particular negative connotation when applied in the appropriate cirumstance. I’m not quite sure why you bothered to make a case of semantics when you fully understood my point, and the discussion thread wasn’t anything about the “proper terminology for identifying a recial or ethnic group.” I suppose the issue of terminology matters a lot more to you than to me.

            As for the “sperm donor” part of my statement, you know exactly what I’m talking about. His “father” was NOT around to raise him, not in the least bit. His “father” never changed his diaper. His “father” never helped him learn to throw a ball, do math, or drive a car. His “father” never provided economic support. His “fahter” never instilled the princicples of decency, honesty, and integrity into his spirit. His “father” never whipped his butt when he mis-behaved. His “father” never did anything that a “father” is supposed to do. His “father” impregnated his mother, and for all intents and purposes, skipped town soon thereafter, never to return. His “father” was nothing more than a sperm donor, which is why I refer to him as such.

            You stated: “Our beloved BO was born so close to the grit and grind,any closer,he would have had a difficult & much harder struggle coming on.”

            My response: That is so far from the truth, it is nothing short of a damned lie. Yes, he was born to a white slut woman. However, sluttiness aside, his mother was part of the white liberal upper-middle class. His grandparents were not poor people by any stretch of the imagination. Poor white people don’t move to Hawaii, then or now. His “single mother” had a PhD, and was only single for a few years of Obama’s childhood. Barack Sotoro (as he was called at the time) went to the most elite private grade school and private high school in Hawaii. His entire college career was at expensive, private institutions, not “University — West Oahu” where the common folks went. His sperm-donor, low-life character that he was, was from the upper crust of society back in Africa — only the elite got to come to America for college back in that time in history. Your characterization that Barack Obama was born so close to the “grit and grind” is absurd.

            You stated: “Where did the young thugs come from? They came from homes that were not teaching values, not instilling a consciousness to rise, that doesn’t understand what is going on in life & their young son join the only source of power he knew or was forced into.”

            My response: Well. OK then. Those young thugs caome from homes headed up by slutty black women, who made babies with basically any random black man who was willing to do them. The depravity within the black community is horrendous. And no, don’t deflect this issue by telling me how bad white people are — sluts and slut-mongers are a black (or African American, if you prefer) problem that is caused, created, carried out, and perpetuated by black people without any measure of force by Mr. Whitey. In fact, I’m betting that Mr Whitey would be very pleased if black people (as a group) would suddenly find some morals and stop this pathetic behavior that costs Mr. Whitey a small fortune in welfare payments and theft/destruction of the white man’s property. The slut cutlure of the black man actually causes harm to the white man, too; and regardless of your opinion of white people, you have to be honest and admit that the white man would rather not have to deal with the spill-over ills of the black community; put another way, not even white people are happy that black people are killing each other in the streets and basically living lives that have virtually no moral compass.

    • Codrington C. Dapp

      I’m not the one going around shooting and killing my own people, youngblood…so, before you get mad and go off on me, why don’t YOU go and confront the people who are doing the actual killing of each other and doing the REAL damage to our community?…the truth hurts…

    • I agree…WHAT IS HAPPENING IN CHICAGO?? I have a daughter & grandson living there, I am so tired of hearing about shootings in Chicago, I could puke. Are we so dumb & ignorant that we do not value life or the life of someone else. JEEZZZ, WAKE UP. Its dumb & stupid; the killings.

  2. We can talk about the president, we can talk about a lot of things. But when are we going to look at ourseleves? Black people are killing black people. We have no one to blame but us! We know who have the guns yet we allow them to bring those guns into our homes, in many instances we know who are committing these shootings yet we look the other way. We need to be held accountable, because we allow these things to continue. We as a community need to start turning in the people see with guns, the mothers and the fathers need to tell there kids you will not be allowed to bring a gun into my home and if they do then turn them into police! Until we start turning those who we know are committing the crimes the killings will not stop! It is up to us!

  3. It is my understanding that violent crime statistics in Los Angeles and New York City, as is generally true across the country, are down. Why are they up in Chicago? As I understand it, even in Gary, IN, violent crimes are down! What is going on in Chicago?

    • I haven’t been to Chicago or Detroit in over 10 years but I could see the writing on the wall way back then.. As a driver I traveled every state in the U.S. and Canada at least twice.. I saw first hand how the country is set up demographically and ergonomically.. Since then industry is slowly migrating its operations and headquarters to the south where there’s plenty of land and cheaper labor and utility abatements for all companys willing to move.. Well the migration leaves a void that mainly effects the Black communtities.. No jobs, brings no money, which in turn brings crime and violence.. BottomLine…Save Yourselves…

    • I’ll tell you exactly what is going on in Chicago (vs. those other places). In NY and LA, the authorities (liberal as they might be) finally cracked down on punks, thugs, and other undesireables; when it came to crime, the liberals started acting like right-wing conservatives. They recognized that safe streets were essential to a healthy economy, tourism, and ultimately, essential to keep the “middle class” from moving out to the suburbs (resulting in big sections of their cities turning into slums, like happened in Detroit). Even those who openly promote the welfare state recognize that you MUST have a large number of non-welfare people in order for things to function. Once you lose the white collar and blue collar workers, all you have left are bums who have no pride in thier community or even themselves; a town made up mostly of bums won’t work — both figuratively and literally — no matter what your political philosphy happens to be.

      Now, look to Chicago, the south side especially. It is a large geographic area dominated by welfare bums, mostly black welfare bums. While not all welfare bums are violent criminals, most violent criminals are from the welfare class. And when you put a large number of welfare bums in one place, they tend to become more violent as a group than they would if they were spread out (separated from one another). You can see this sort of thing in the “projects” of most cities. My home town tore down it’s multi-story housing projects and built a bunch of single story duplexes in their place (and kicked out a bunch of drug dealers in the process); the crime rate fell dramttically in the entire city, as there were fewer bums per squre foot of dirt, and thus it was more difficult for the bums to cooperate in ciminal activities.

      The problem with Chicago is that it has passed the critical point — there are waaaaay too many welfare bums in one place. They have the mindset that EVERYTHING is owed to them, the classic result of multigenerational welfare (and they said welfare was simply intended to give people a hand up, not a hand out . . . what a bunch of crock). The by-product of “everyting is owed to me” is resentment and anger when, in fact, not every luxury of life is given to them.

      Why is is more apparent in the black community? Several reasons. First, welfare bums who are black tend to congregate together; white welfare bums tend not to congregate into large groups; many live out in the country, and many live in “working class” neighborhoods. As a percentage, you don’t see many white bums living in government housing projects. So, since you don’t have concentrated groups of white bums, you don’t have the exceptionally disportionate violence among those white bums. (You do realize that more white people get food stamps than do black people?)

      Second, white bums still tend to have significant father-child contact, something that is not present in the majority of black bum “families.” Many a book has been written about the impact that the lack of a father-son relationship has on the liklihood that the son will become a criminal, and the impact that a lack of a father-daughter relationship has on the liklihood that the daughter will become pregnant as an unmarried teenager/young adult (thus creating the next generation of black bums).

      Third, the wrongs of slavery are still being used today as excuses for black underperformance, black failure, and most importantly, the refusal by many blacks to get up and try again. Go get out your history books. There hasn’t been legal slavery anywhere in the United States for over 150 years, and illegal since 1787 in Illinois (then part of the Nortwest Territory). All the slaves, and the slave masters, died a long long time ago. Despite what those around you might say, Illinois and Chicago do NOT have a legacy of slavery. Still, that doesn’t stop so-called black leaders from talking about it when trying to whip up the emotions of a crowd.

  4. you got what you asked for this president dont care about black people,black people are getting screwed by the white man and the black man at the same time with this president.all he cares about is having a good time and getting paid.

    • Codrington C. Dapp

      What the hell do you want Obama to do? Crime in Chicago was going on long before Obama became president, and it will be around long after he’s gone…Stop looking for a messiah and start holding parents responsible for raising their damn kids…

      • Address it with the same vigor he does when white people are killed. He spoke after the movie theatre shooting and after Sandy Hook. Yet he has nothing to say when forty people are shot while he was just a few blocks away celebrating a wedding with Valerie Jarrett last year. The question is when are you going to wake up?

        • The question is, when are YOU going to wake up. Obama doesn’t care about you. He is more elite than any president in history, except maybe for FDR. Obama sees common people (black or white) as subjects in his kingdom. He makes good speeches with flowerly words, yet he really doesn’t care in the least bit. He knows the rhetoric to say to tickle your ears, knowing the entire time that you are too dumb to recognize that you are being played. obama exploits your insecurites about how white people are only here to victimize you, while he himself seeks to expliot you in the most perverted of ways. The fact is that under George Bush, the average black family out there was better off than at any time in the history of our nation; yet somehow, Obama was able to twist your mind to believe that white people are nothing but bad, and convinced you (black people) to turn out in record numbers for the first black candidate that had a real chance of winning an election. Once Obama got into office, he just laughed at the stupid black people that he just played. Four year later, the the average black family’s situation has deteriorated mightily, and is far worse than it was when George Bush left office. But once again, Obama turned on the charm when re-election time camre around. Not quite as many black people were fooled this time, but still, the vast majority were. Once again, Obama was able to convice the stupid black man that the fact that they were worse off didn’t matter, all that mattered was skin color, and once again, off to the polls they go. Every time a reporter would ask a black man WHY he was voting for Obama, the black man never had an answer, other than he was voting for Obama. When reporters would ask, are you voting for Obama because he is pro-life, the stupid black man (and woman) would always answer with a resounding “YES,” even though Obmaa is very much the opposite of pro-life. Those reporters, while being assholes, did expose a horrid reality — black people had no clue about the issues of the election or where the candidates stood on those issues, the ONLY thing that mattered to them is that Obama has dark skin.

          It is time for black people to stop approaching everything with that “he’s black, so I’m voting for him” attitude. It is also time to stop voting for democrats just because the person is a democrat. If black people don’t start using their brain, and voting for the candidate whose policies will provide the best opportunity (not the best handout), they will suffer as a second-class group for the rest of their lives.

          • “The fact is that under George Bush, the average black family out there was better off than at any time in the history of our nation”. Really? What the F are you smoking? The best blacks had it (and whites for that matter) was when Bill Clinton was in office. Everyone had money pal. Now, some trivia for you, Mr. know it all. Since 1969, only two U.S Presidents have had consecutive surplus budgets. Who are they? Need some help? Okay, one was Clinton silly…oh and the other was definitely not Bush! LOL

      • Codrington C. Dapp

        I am very much awake, my brotha..Actually, Obama DID address this tragedy today–maybe you weren’t aware…He is trying to push through some gun control legislation through Congress, and the right-wing and Republikkkans are fighting him tooth-and-nail on that…he is just one man, and he doesn’t have unlimited power…once again I ask, when are people going to start taking responsibility for their OWN actions, and stop waiting for Obama to solve the world’s problems…

  5. This is a very tragic story and it hurts me to the core of my heart just looking at the face of that beautiful child, but I can’t quite call this chickens coming home to roost on Obama’s gun law like this article stated. It’s plain to see that the nature of the problem is the economy and it’s impact on black teens in particular.

    I was talking to a homie long distance the other day, and he was telling me about the rising number of young blacks dying in the area and how that generation seem to be getting wipe out. But before I got a chance to say anything, he told me several of these young guys had froze to death. I knew the father of one of these young boys when he himself was just born. I wanted to asked, what in the world was he doing letting his son freeze to death. Then it dawned on me that he had been one step from being homeless himself off and on after he grew up, and he still isn’t quite settled. But that generation behind him, which is this generation, is getting it even worst.

    So I just can’t see this thing going away just focusing on guns. What do we expect to happen with these young ones if they have to chose between eating and freezing.

  6. I’m so damn tried of the killings of so many beautiful Black children in Chicago and across this country I live in Connecticut and you would think that the only children killed here was in Sandy Hook but there have been many young Black children killed in the cities here too.Please let’s find a solution and stop the GUNS and the killings of our Beautiful Angles with futures and stop doing the Blame game. To the family we are so so sorry for your lost and we will keep you all forever in our PRAYERS!! GOD BLESS

  7. this is out of controll.. something MUST BE DONE !!..whether it’s violence by gangs, drive by ( innocene victims in the way.. ) domestic, or hatred by other races… something has got to be done … PERIOD !!..we cannot let the NRA dictate to us blacks about thier amendment RIGHTS.. what about our children rights ??..tangible results must occur & NOW !!.. 42 young people killed so far this year in chicago !!!.. this is a DAMN DISGRACE..it’s black on black crimes mostly.. so, who cares ???.. WAKE-UP EVERYBODY, WE WANT SOLUTIONS & NOW !!!…chairwomen concerned citizens committee, inc. liberty city, miami,fla.

  8. Fast and furious , which was started under Bush ring a bell? This country secretly follows the WHO’s recommendations about population control and more drugs and guns along with poverty and thirst for materialism breeds many deaths, and ultimately population control. Esp our population. Its all systemic and the antidote bottle is empty….Hotep

  9. It is the parents fault. I lived in Chicago briefly and there is no reason why a 24 year old should have 4 kids and only an 8 th grade education. It’s disgusting. The mindsets of many of the girls where to have baby after baby with no job, no plans for the future but don’t worry god will fix we just have to pray. 4 kids, no education and praying for miracles gets you nowhere but where they are today.
    Its a Midwest thing (Detroit).

  10. May this Angel rest in peace. And may God have mercy on her soul.

    I get so tired of everybody always blaming these horrible criminal behavior on The President. What the hell are parents for anyway? Are they supposed to just birth the children and then their responsibilities are over? Why do these people keep having kids at these early ages, when they are not prepared financially or emotionally and just allow them to be raised by the streets. When these parents, get arrested for the crimes of their under aged child, maybe then other parents will think twice about going out to the club, instead of staying in to care for their four year old. These young parents allow their kids to be around all these thuggish fools and kids pick up quickly. It’s the parents fault. STOP HAVING BABIES, if you cannot afford to properly care for them.

  11. Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the country. Isn’t it obvious that gun control laws DON’T work? Read the writing on the wall. Criminals don’t obey laws. Vermont has no concealed carry laws and their crime is the lowest in the nation. You sexualize your young GIRLS to do the bootie shake dances and wonder why they’re pregnant at 14? Teach them to have self-respect by modeling it. Gangsta rap doesn’t help either and you hold those thugs up like they’re heroes, and then wonder why your young black men are shooting each other. Garbage into your brain, garbage out. You have polluted your own lands with the filth of vulgarity and wonder why no one wants to live around you. You wonder why no one wants to hire your kids. Why would I want to hire someone who looks like a thug to work in my store? Your men are too busy banging everything that falls over with her feet in the air and not staying around to help raise the product of conception. Half of you admit this, the other half blame someone else. Teach your kids to respect themselves and respect others, teach them to respect property and take care of their things. Pick up the trash that litters your neighborhoods, it doesn’t cost a dime to pick up trash.

  12. The NRA has money and lots of it!! We don’t. It’s that simple. The days of becoming a politician to “help others” are over. They’re in it for the perks. Communities have to be fixed from within. Don’t be a snitch….how’s that working out for you?

  13. Take care of what ever you bring into the world. Get married, have a shot gun wedding if you have to. Make a committment. If you don’t love her you will after being there for a while. It will become a habit. And you will be under one roof taking care of your child. Then the child will see that you are living that way and they will want a better life also.

  14. This is so sad and this is one of many reasons to do something about GUNS and Violence! The title is a little off it should read… Honor Student Performs for Obama’s Inauguration and is shot a few blocks from her home!

  15. As I was doing my morning prayer and meditation and thanking God, for protecting my city from the storm.thanking Him for my blessings. I was thinking of all I have to do and how are my children and grandchildren.

    Thinking, what can I do,to get through this day.for I have much to do.
    I happen to go to my cousin’s fb and the first thing I saw, was this article about this beautiful child. who was killed on the South Side of Chicago.

    All, I could do, was stop and ask God to give whatever peace to this family.
    How can I even begin to comfort these families. 15years old. I have grandsons who are babies in their teen years. I have great granddaughters, who are just beginning to enjoy being here.
    I have nieces and nephews, who God protects. I have friends, who have grandchildren and young babies in their families.

    How can we begin to know what these children must feel, to see their family and friend’s lives taken right before their eyes.

    I am so grief stricken and I do not know this family. How do we reach these childrem who are experiencing so much death at such tender ages.

    My heart is with this child’s brother, who witnessed this atrocious act towards his sister and her friends.All I can think, is this poor mother and the families of the other children.

    How do we go on with our lives, while they are in pain.
    What is happening to our children?
    Yes, we all felt for the children in Conn. We all felt for the hurricane victims. We all feel for those who are killed in senseless acts.

    Has war, made our young people think, that all they have to do is have a gun and that makes them important. Do they not know, the prisons are overcrowded with our young people.
    Some are there because they did crimes, some are there, because they have become victims of the system. Some are there unjustified, like the young woman in Florida. who was protecting herslef from an abusive husband.
    There are so many, who are just lost.

    Why, in this country, why? I do not know sometimes how to pray. I pray for others every day and yet, every day, some child, some person, is being killed, and for no reason.
    What are we saying to these children, in our schools, in our churches, in our homes, on the tv, in the media, Where are the role models?
    No, I am not trying to attack everyone, for I need to do more myself,but we can not be everywhere. A gun, can be hidden. Schools have metal dectators,
    Students are being patted down, when they attend school events.

    Security is in the school. This child was killed in a park, where we hope our children can be safe.
    Parents are afraid to let their children even go events.
    Was this child killed because she was trying to be a positive person.

    I feel more people are going to get guns, to protect themselves and their families. What is next, children under 12 or younger will learn how to shoot guns.

    As I am writing this, I am listening to a news release about another child being kidnapped from a school bus, which resulted in the death of the bus driver. Our children are not safe anywhere!

    Yes, we fight for legislation, We support the gun laws and yet these babies, these teenagers, these adults, the ederly are all victims.

    What are we to do, barricade, ourselves in our homes. Home school every child, Never let a child,go anywhere.
    Yes, this is another tragedy, in the same elite area that could have been the Presidents’s children.
    That should not be the only concern,but for the children, who live everywhere.
    We know, these acts are not only in the elite neighborhoods, but taking place everywhere.
    Doesn’t this bring much concern. I suppose, parents will need to check their children’s back packs, everything and put bullet proof material in their backpacks, in their everything.

    Drive by shootings, what are these young people looking for?
    How we are failing them. We have a revolving door for our young people to go to prison.
    We use to say, Teach a child to love himself or herself, teach them that they can be anything. teach that they are safe.

    We pray, we seem to be doing something. Who are the killers, what has happened to them. Why are they so angry and filled with hatred?

    Maybe we all are going to have to get together and try to talk to these young people. It is apparent that there are children, teenagers, who are in pain.
    It is not always gang related,but somthing is not touching these chidren’hearts
    I had a principal who had a saying, “A child goes where there is excitement,but he returns to where there is Love”. Have we just given up on them.
    I taught for over 40 years and I admit, I have not done as much as I did, before I retired. I respect those who continue to work with students.

    All of these killings, are making me realize that the work is not done.
    For all of our success and progress, we have a lost generation.

    We reward those who we are proud of and forgt those who are in the shadows.

    This is not the first time, I have addressed this. I do support the Children’s Defense Fund, I do support those agancies that are trying to make a difference. Money, is not always the answer.I, too, must try to again reach out.
    So,I am not pointing a finger at anyone but myself.
    With all the organizatins, sororities, fraternities, churches and so forth, WE must come together and try to help these children.

    Putting them in jail and then forgetting them is not the answer, some of those in prison are babies themselves.

    Our President can not do it alone,If it takes a village to raise a child, it surely must take a nation to see them live.

    I am hurting for these families. I look at the storms that have devastated our country and I can not help but think, Is God, telling us something.

    That is not the answer,but we have to look to, a power higher than us, to help us understand why is all this happening. Yes, global warming is an answer,but maybe, we are not looking at the truths.

    May God have Mercy on our country and give these families Peace. I do pray for ALL of these children, but prayer is not enough!

    Gabby Gifford, is on tv at this moment and she is begging us, Americans to take a stand.

  16. I will openly and just as aggressively disagree with boyce as he openly and unfairly blames President Obama for breathing and taking in fresh air…which he will do on any opportunity and which he further does here. I am in complete agreement that the life of this beautiful young Black girl is just as important and as much of an angel as the children of Sandy Hook…and my prayers are with her and her family along with boyce. But I am not going to forward a useless email spewing hate of the President. I am signing petitions and joining like-minded groups to stop the violence AND WHO ARE WORKING FOR A CHANGE IN CHICAGO AND AROUND THE UNITED STATES. boyce, what are YOU doing other than blaming others…what has motivated YOU…how are YOU using your self-proclaimed and self-grandious platform of hate against President Obama to improve the situation and celebrate the life and sacrifice of this young Black angel? boyce, if you have any sincerity for what you have written about this beautiful child and her unfortunate passing…you will use the same heart that you point out that President Obama should use for his beautiful brown-skinned daughters and use your platform to educate for action instead of hate for our President. It diminishes your creditability and it diminishes the sincerity which you believe comes across in this opt-ed…because it doesn’t. This angel’s death will not be in vain…it will strengthen us with good hearts to do the right thing. God’s blessing and mercy on this beautiful angel and God give us strength to fight hate and haters like boyce… and please give us the fortitude and strength to help President Obama bring down the tyranical NRA, force guns off our street and please illuminate boyce to stop the hate against President Obama. It doesn’t work, it is not working and boyce, in his sick hate against President Obama, should know better than to use a situation like this to spawn hate against others. Our angel rests in God’s hands but has left her light for us to follow and shine to make the situation right. Rest in Peace, Sweet Angel!

  17. My dear people, Black people have been in this country since the sixteen century slave first, yes, hard times, yes, Civil Rights, yes and through all of that time, from after slavery they have been murdering each other. This black on black killing didn’t begun yesterday. It really begun in the 1920s, 1930, 1940, 1950, ’60, ’70, ’80, ’90, 2013. black kills each other because they hate themselves. No, not all Black people are like that, most of them are proud people, hard workers and making it possible, even in hard times to make themselves a competitive and educated people.

    However, the young men who are doing these killings are ugly minded and selfishly sick, and most follow in the foot prints of their mostly jailed fathers. It’s those black people and black parents, who live in the world of thugs, jobs from this day onward to begin living in such a way that is good for themselves and their children. If young men see their fathers in gangs, slinging drug, using drugs, going to prison, and showing no respect for anyone, including these young men mothers and grandmothers they will do these horrible things, too.

    Everyday there are programs in the community trying to come up with ideal to help these kids before the turn sour. However, these kids and even old gang members continue to act out and do not give a dung who don’t like it. They have no respect. They are animal minded and visage. If you can’t get into their heads then you won’t be able to see how sick their thoughts are; and won’t be able to help them.

  18. Eradicate them. they won’t be missed! We need a Charles Bronson in each major city!

    Some of you know what I’m talking about!

  19. However, the young men who are doing these killings are ugly minded and selfishly sick, and most follow in the foot prints of their mostly jailed fathers.

    you got that right! my wife got four sorry jokers 2,000 miles away from us that is where they are staying too.the youngest one stripped his own mother’s home for scrap metal ignorant arrogant stupid trash.when i go back east from seattle i shake my head at what i see.the mommas lets their kids listen to the foul rap for 20 yrs now wonder why their sons are dunces.and you GD well they copy everything those rappers do

  20. However, the young men who are doing these killings are ugly minded and selfishly sick, and most follow in the foot prints of their mostly jailed fathers.

    you got that right! my wife got four sorry jokers 2,000 miles away from us that is where they are staying too.the youngest one stripped his own mother’s home for scrap metal ignorant arrogant stupid trash.when i go back east from seattle i shake my head at what i see.the mommas lets their kids listen to the foul rap for 20 yrs now wonder why their sons are dunces.and you know GD well they copy everything those rappers do

  21. To Oren Elow

    I took a class once and during the time I have read many papers and written many. I agree with you fully. If a child has no one to teach him as he is developing where do you think he will go ? With the many statements you made, it is clear that many will end up the same way as their parent. I once asked a youth why was he in YA and he said he got tired of his parents life style so he joined a gang so he could eventually go to YA. How can it stop? For one thing it should be a law for who should have children. Many people selfishly bring children into the world without preparing. Also a former Educator of Child Development stated “African Americans do not prepare for children.” I quickly stated that not all, because my parents,grandparents and other African Americans as well.

  22. So sorry for this families loss!! If these children are under age 18 committing these crimes, some accountability should be laid on the parent(s) especially if they did not report that they have left home or being aggressive to parents or unruly. Some jail time or fines may curb this lack of responsibility these parents are committing. These children should not be allowed to do what they want. Women are in control of their own bodies and need to stop having these children if they are not going to take care of them, I know it takes two but I am in charge of my body, not some man. Look at the 11 million illegals about to become citizens and they keep producing children out of wedlock that they want American taxpayers to foot the bill. That is a crime itself! Taxpayers cannot keep taking care of other countries, we got enough in this country. Teach these people about contraceptives or abstinence.


  24. Is there anyway I can recover my previous comments> I didn’t fill out everything correctly.

    • I thought, we could edit,but I think, one can only remove your comments. I, too, often in typing, do typos or spell wrong, so I try to take my time,especially when I want to express in length.
      If you are typing a lengthy reply, the computer will lose your comments.Perhaps others know the tech.for correcting.
      When, I do just a basic comment ,I can go back and edit.
      I just tried to edit my comments on the young girl,who was recently killed and I can only remove the entire article.
      I do think, many have the same problem.


      • I would suggest, that you remove your comments and rewrite what you want to say.
        I noticed that there is a different time, from when I post,and what shows up on the screen. So maybe after so many hours, one can go back and change.
        Actually, I posted around 5:30PM on Jan.30,2013,but it showed up as a later time ,almost ten hour difference. My post, was on the screen immediatley, so maybe it has to go through editing in another time zone.

  25. Blacks living in the projects live much BETTER than people in other parts of the world and have a higher standard of living. They (Black urgan poor) get free food, free education in public schools and college, free medical and dental coverage, job assistance. Poor in other countries don’t get free food and other free services, they have to pay for them! The problem is the dysfunctional families where there is no value for themselves from the legacy of slavery that has produced self-hate and low self-esteem. But this can be overcome by admitting you have a problem and seeking help, which they can get FREE a local mental health clinics, too. It’s the unwillingness to change behavior and seek help that has resulted in this horrible situation.
    People from other parts of the world grave to come to America, and when they get here they excel past Blacks because they take advantage of the opportunities here that too many Blacks are too lazy and trifling to go after. Instead, we hold each other down and complain.

  26. African culture of the descendants of African slaves has been destroyed by Europeans in this country for over 400 years. This is the cause of this self-hatred, causing Black-on-Black genocide.

  27. Quoting the great Dr. Boyce:”Somehow, the world decided that these kids deserve to die” Really, what’s the world got to do with it. Until the people in that area of Chicago cooperate with the police and report the thugs, you can throw as much mone in the area as possible, it won’t change.

  28. Them chickens came home to roost LONG before this incident.

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