Woman Tries to Buy an iPad with Her Food Stamp Card

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In case you didn’t know, you can’t buy an iPad with a food stamp card. The little devices have become all the rage, leading one woman to try to see if she could game the system by making a purchase that would land her in national news.

Tracy Browning went into a Walmart store in Louisville, Kentucky and tried to buy not one, but two iPads with her EBT card.  The odd thing about it is that when you try to make this kind of purchase, it’s not as if you are simply sent away, you can actually get into trouble with the police.

Browning probably made things worse for herself by panicking and hitting the clerk on her way out the door.  She tried to run, but police caught up with her, wondering why she felt that she could use a food stamp card to buy an iPad.  The last we checked, iPads were not edible.

Here”s where the story gets even stranger:  The woman was caught by police and arrested at another Walmart, trying to buy more iPads.  It seems that she didn’t learn her lesson the first time around.  Food stamp fraud is serious, so don’t ever try to steal the government’s money.  They are always happy to send you to prison for doing just that.





  2. just flying high on stupid, put the pipe down please

  3. An Electronic Benefit Transfer (E.B.T) Card contains both Food Stamps and Cash on it if the recipient qualifies. How do we know she wasn’t using the cash assistance to try and purchase the iPads? Some states have even gone as far as to try and dictate what recipients can even use their cash benefits for, which is ludicrously, absurd.

  4. yes some EBT cards come with cash benefits but they are not for luxury non essential items like an iPad. Non food items include clothing and undergarments, toiletries and the like.

  5. If you don’t want anyone to dictate how to use the EBT cash then perhaps you need to go out and earn your own.

  6. Just warms my heart to stand behind a person on her iPhone using her EBT card in a line that says 12 items or less and she has 100 things in her cart. Will I say anything? Hell no! She is 4 times bigger than I am!

  7. I understand that she tried to buy items with her EPT card; however, it doesn’t say she left the store with the merchandise!! Where did the crime come in ??

  8. She knows better. The EPT card is to help her have food at her table for the family. She did one of the most stupid thing she could do in in her life. Now her face is all over the Internet – I really hope she sees how she made a big fool of herself!

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  10. Carolyn Ritter-Watson

    I think she should have known better if she wanted an iPad she could have ordered one from HSN or QVC and did flex pay where they could have spread out her payments. If there is any one else out there thinking of doing the same check out QVC and HSN they make it easy to buy things like iPads and laptops. With that said if any of you decide to shop at any online site please check out my shop for a cause site where you can shop for a good cause and not have your face all over the Internet in a negative way.


  11. This is the kind of story that makes you wonder – that the government/perverted catholic can pay/get anyone one of us Blacks folks to do stuid things just to say “see, these people are stupid…

    Since Bill Clinton instituted the EBT card, you have never heard a story like this or anything close…

    Did you hear the story about the man who posted $100.00 bail with his EBT card? well, it is true because his card allowed to receive cash also, so he had his wife get $100.00 from the ATM using his EBT, and there is nothing wrong with that…but this story is ridiculous people and anyone/everyone who has commented should be ashamed to be falling into this trap, the trap of the perverted catholic…

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