Gamer Alert: Grand Theft Auto V Pushed Back Indefinitely, But Why?

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Video game developer Rockstar Games recently announced that Grand Theft Auto V is delayed indefinitely until September 2013. Many analysts believe the developer is simply waiting on the releases of Microsoft and Sony's next generation of consoles.


Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest video game franchises in history. The latest iteration, Grand Theft Auto V, released a trailer last year that instantly went viral and created a fever pitch of anticipation for the game’s early 2013 release.

The game is set to return the series to fan-favorite location of San Andreas (a fictionalized version of Los Angeles) and increase the scale of previous titles. It is also set to introduce a new gameplay system by having the player switch between three main characters to complete missions tailored to each one’s skill set. With all the talk of new features and a new narrative direction, it’s easy to see why people were so excited to get their hands on it.

Unfortunately, developer Rockstar Games recently announced that the game would be delayed indefinitely at least until September of 2013. There is much speculation as to what the reasoning is behind this sudden change of plan. Some industry analysts are speculating that it may possibly have something to do with the upcoming release of Sony and Microsoft’s next generation of consoles.

How do you feel about the delay?

Malcolm Morrow, a Your Black World Network contributor, is a senior, criminal justice major at The University of Southern Miss.



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