Why Would Beyonce Perform at the Super Bowl for Free?

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This might surprise the heck out of you, but Beyonce isn’t getting paid to perform at the 2013 Super Bowl this year.  The singer has earned an average of $70 million between the years 2009 and 2011, so whatever she touches turns to money.   Bey is such a great performer that she brings in as much as $2 million per night when she’s on tour.

But believe it or not, the Super Bowl isn’t going to be a paying gig for Beyonce.  The show gives its performers a platform like no other, and the NFL just feels that it doesn’t have to pay anyone.

“We do not pay,” said NFL spokesperson Greg McCarthy in an email to Yahoo Sports. “We cover all expenses associated with the performance.”

The costs for Beyonce’s gig might be as high as $600,000, which is all that the NFL has agreed to pay.   This begs the question:  Why would Beyonce agree to perform for nothing?

Beyonce’s people won’t answer the question directly, but most of us can see the value of getting access to such a valuable platform to promote your brand.  An artist is a product, like toothpaste, beer or dog food.  If people don’t know the brand, then they won’t be interested in buying albums, tickets or whatever else you’re seeking to sell later on down the road.  With the average Super Bowl ad going for about $4 million, many super stars are geeked over the idea of performing on the biggest televised stage of the year.

Beyonce’s people, not interested in stating the obvious, said that there were two factors in their decision to take no money:  First, they wanted to follow the tradition set forth by their predecessors, as if that actually matters.  Secondly, they admit that the Super Bowl halftime show is the most-watched musical performance of the entire year.

“There is not anything like it,” says Derek Jackson, co-founder of advertising agency Glu. “The Super Bowl, for an artist, is considered the medium of all mediums. You can’t beat it from a promotional standpoint. You garner so many eyeballs at one time.”

For the record, there will be 112.5 million sets of eyeballs on the screen when Beyonce does her thing.  Also, Pepsi is a major sponsor for the event, and the company just signed Bey to a $50 million dollar contract this year.  So, if she isn’t getting paid in the front door, she’s getting paid through the back.






  1. educationtaskforce

    Why do we waste so much time on these people that corrupt our youth and brainwash their fans into living in a false reality. We really need to stop supporting this fake world and start focusing on what really matters. These people are part of the reason why we can’t keep families together and have no respect for ourselves or each other. Please wake up and boycott the false images, so our future can survive. We don’t have time to waste on this.

    • …matters to Who? If it doesn’t matter to you, then it doesn’t matter? Families keep families together, not entertainers. Take responsibility for your own family and stop depending on someone else to keep it together.

    • Dear educationtaskforce: It is so selfish of you to say that a Beyonce show or any other performer corrupts & brainwash our Youth. Maybe the problem starts at home; You should bend the SAP while it is young, then when it’s older, it will remember Basic training. All Behavior in our Children begins at HOME. Get real, stop blaming everybody else for things you didn’t do and now it’s beating you upside the Head. Talent is GOD GIVEN, NOT MAN MADE. Check it out, then come to the Table. Just a Reminder that you once was that Age also; careful how you open the SKELETON CLOSET??????????

  2. Ms. Morehead don’t hate she was getting her money on before her and JayZ hooked up, you would have done the same thing on second thought, judging from your converstion, you wouldn’t have made it to the game.

  3. I wish they would have given this spot to the top best singer of one of those singing programs i.e., the Voice or American Idol. This could have been judged over a whole year. Although filthy rich, hasn’t Beyonce embarrassed herself enough trying to sing the National Anthem at the Pre-Super Bowl program. She doesn’t need the exposure, she’s already popular. She is a good dancer and entertainer, plus she’s fine. She also sings flat most of the time, which would indicate she’s losing her musical ears from loud music. There are singers out there that would sing her off the stage and no I’m not hatin’ I too am a singer. I didn’t say let me sing, but please give someone else this unpaid break.

    In fact, because of her greed she’s gonna mess up big time at the Super Bowl. Anyone care to make a gentleman’s bet?

  4. she made a 50 million dollar deal with pepsi. Guess what they will be serving at the super bowl

  5. This is true.

  6. Why Beyonce? why not a Funk band or something?

  7. I have mad respect for Beyonce and what she has accomplished. However, I have issues with anybody being viewed and valued so far beyond the rest of us humans. Fifty million dollars for her to endorse Pepsi. Does she really even drink Pepsi? Even if she does, are we gonna start drinking it cause Beyonce does?

  8. How much was Madonna paid?????????????????????

  9. How much was Madonna paid?????

  10. She is getting paid expenses like all the rest of the previous performers, this is nothing new. There are many different ways to get paid. Just being seen is getting paid, do you realize how many people will be watching, those with big bucks and those with no bucks!

  11. When is enough money enough? The NFL billionaires should donate a hefty sum in her name to ‘OXFAM’ or any “good” world food and subsistance charity.

  12. Saw a bit of her performance. It was definitely spirited and entertaining. If nothing else, it was worth a million alone just to see her run that stage in those 4 inch heels without so much as a stumble.

  13. Nothing’s Free!! The Illuminati is probably getting something out of this. I saw her throw up the sign as she walked across the stage. Those artificial flames she was dancing in front of will be her eternal home if she does not repent and turn from her wickedness!! I don’t know what the hype was all about because she did nothing I haven’t seen her do before.

  14. did u see the contract? stop worrying about people money.

  15. Really ppl…give it a rest. Why all of the hate? Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Diana Ross and countless other superstar names has done the Super Bowl; why is such a big deal that Beyonce did it. She is a phenomenal woman and a great entertainer, that’s what she does, entertain. Please stop the hating on Beyonce. I am a mother and it just really tugs at my heart that we would show so much disdain for another one of God’s children. I, being a black woman and a mother of a phenomenal young woman am very proud of Beyonce and all the other young ladies of this year’s Super Bowl… Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and of course Kelly & Michelle… Black Girls ROCKED the house!

  16. When she first broke out I was in swoon with her style and quality as she has grown.I still follow, not to close….She went big with Jay Z will be bigger yet.

  17. Why is it anyones business, what someone else is being paid? How does what Beyonce earn, or doesn’t earn effect your lives? Some of you moochers, actually are suggesting who, and where she should send some of her money to. Get it in your damn stupid heads, nobody owes you a damn thing. You must get off of this dependency trip, and earn your own damn money. The government, people with a lot of money, or a little money are not obligated to give you, nor anyone else, a damn penny. Dependency, and victimization are the cause of our problems in our community, and until we rid ourselves of this disease, we shall continue to wallow. We used to have strong, independent Black communities, like Rosewood, Florida; Tulsa Oklahoma, and many others, that were built, and ran by Black people, These communities, didn’t ask or receive a dime from anyone else. Now we are reduced to begging for dimes, and blaming everyone else for our failures. Stop counting what’s in someone else’s pocket, and get your own damn money. And when you do, invest it in something tangible, and of value, instead of pimping your ride, or buying the latest phone. Keep you eyes on your pocket, not someone else, who could care less about you.

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