14 People Have Been “Functionally Cured” of HIV

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It’s being reported that HIV is now curable, for the most part.   A recent study is claiming that 14 adults, plus a baby, have been cured of the disease.  The new study in the journal PLOS Pathogens has been presented as exciting news for those who’ve been engaged in the long fight to control the deadly epidemi.

“Our results show that early and prolonged cART may allow some individuals with a rather unfavorable background to achieve long-term infection control and may have important implications in the search for a functional HIV cure,” the researchers claim.

The adults technically have HIV in their blood, but it’s hard to detect its presence.  This is the definition of being “functionally cured.”   There were 70 people in the study, with all of them being treated early in the process of their HIV infections.   Early is defined as 5 – 10 weeks of the date of infection.

Most of the 70 people relapsed when their treatment was interrupted, with the virus rebounding rapidly to pre-treatment levels. But 14 of them — four women and 10 men — were able to stay off of ARVs without relapsing, having taken the drugs for an average of three years.

The study now concludes that roughly 5 – 15 percent of all people are able to be functionally cured of the virus, according to one of the researchers, Dr. Asier Saez-Cirion.

“They still have HIV, it is not eradication of HIV, it is a kind of remission of the infection,” the doctor said.

The only thing left to determine is whether or not the patients are cured of the virus for the rest of their lives.   It is not recommended that people with HIV give up their traditional treatments.   But those in the study have been off the drugs for an average of seven years, with one of them being off for 10.5 years.  So, this is outstanding progress.




  1. Don’t let them fool you their has been a cure for years,it’s a fact FDA is in bed with pharmacetucial companies.Reference Dr Muhammad in DC he has had a cure and been treating patients for years but because he is part of the Nation of Islam go figure!!!

    • Um, please stop it. If there were a cure it would have been stated long ago. Don’t spread falsehoods. The FDA would never release something like this because it is a federal crime to spread false information, in connection to medical law. So please spare us all with conspiracy theories

      • Fan of Real Doctors

        Conspiracy Theory? What makes you think the govt will be truthful. Who cried conspiracy? You are probably some fat girl with a good job and a degree that hasn´t been paid for.
        The FDA is feeding you GMOs, hybrids, aspertame and other sh*t and you trust them. AIDS is an industry, not a disease. I agree with the doctor…there is nothing to cure. Once I got away from the drugs, my life changed. I was diagnosed with HIV. 13 years later and I am better now.









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  2. Functionally cured? There has never been anything to cure. And the deaths said to be caused by AIDS or HIV were always AIDS-related. More games, more lies!

    • You make no sense at all.

      • No sense at all? Who is giving you this new term, functionally cured? And how do you cure something that cannot be diagnosed or defined? HIV can only be detected using a test that was not designed to diagnose HIV and that barely detects it. If you understood the vaccination theory (which you obviously do not) you understand the skepticism and argument.

  3. Check the source.

  4. Only God has the cure

    • Fan of Real Doctors

      If God has the cure, he needs to get busy. What cure? Why is he letting his creations destroy his creations. Don´t tell me he is testing us because the mean, selfish people are always on top.

    • There has been a herbal cure, but the powers that be would not allow it to be mentioned because it will put the pharmaceutical companies and those profiting from funds from the international community out of business.

      Give herbal medicine researchers a chance and the same funding climate and you will see the result. A real or authentic scientific research is always open to verification, investigation, and open mind.

      Do not just conclude that there can be no cure because there has been as the creator has always provided for His creation. Push God aside and remain in hopeless research.

  5. One of the greatest faults we have is taking the word of anyone we feel is creditable, without question, research or documentation!

    In today’s access to so much knowledge, only a foolish person would make an assertion or assumption or make a statement without facts!

    People will lie to you in a heartbeat inorder to sway your thoughts away from the actual truth, and replace it with there version of the truth!

    Some of us might question some of our long held beliefs, it may open up a whole new way of seeing things.

  6. When a cure for HIV/AIDS is found it will ring out around the world in a matter of minutes! Everyone will know about it!

    • Fan of Real Doctors

      Why would it ring around the world when the disease doesn´t exist? If you are going to exercise dissexual behavior and see it as correct behavior, try it.

  7. Find one for Hep.C (HPV)virus.Continue the good work.

  8. I don’t believe one word of this article. I don’t believe these people are cured or in remission. I think someone is trying to become famous at the 14 people’s expense.

  9. There has been a herbal cure, but the powers that be would not allow it to be mentioned because it will put the pharmaceutical companies and those profiting from funds from the international community out of business.

    Give herbal medicine researchers a chance and the same funding climate and you will see the result. A real or authentic scientific research is always open to verification, investigation, and open mind.

    Do not just conclude that there can be no cure because there has been as the creator has always provided for His creation. Push God aside and remain in hopeless research.

  10. I can not believe sometimes some how gullible people
    Are! Government, FDA, Laws….gimme a break!!!

    U wanna know about some facts….let me suggests a few books
    From some real unbiased people. People who want to healing in the
    World! People who want to see their fellow man empowered!!

    Brainwashed—-Tim Burrell

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    A people’s history of the united states—-Howard Zinn

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    These r a few books to lead anyone on the journey
    To force the conscious open!! To free their
    Own free will….anyone who wants to excersize
    Bootcamp philosophy of training their minds and fortifying
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    HIV ——check out documentary MAAFA 21

    That will put u on the track u can feel free to expand from their!!!

    Smh—wake up—-this is the united states corporation of America!!!!

    Sold to the highest bidder!!! U will be herded to the slaughter of u don’t
    Educate yourself!!!!

    Peace and blessings!!!!

    Namaste!!! Sister and brothers of the world!!!

  11. This is so sad Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. This is a man made disease. There’s a patent on it for god sakes. There are many cures but because the WHITE MAN said there isn’t the sheeples are in belief. There are many cures look up umlingo juice, she is also on facebook and has been curing many people in her native afican country and list the cure on fb as well. Dr sebi which have been curing for years! But no people rather die then listen because they believe in the white mans medicine wake up jacob! pharmacy is sorcery. Only eat organic everything, do not drink tap it is laced with fluoride a.k.a hydrofluoric acid, industrial waste dump.

  12. (Phillipians 4:3). The good soul of the heart can be the step to first curing (phillipians 4:3). Children first (phillipians 4:3), should have the the cure because they have a right to know Jesus Christ and that there is no such cold, cold, jack frost world for all of them. The good soul is explained coming from me for example: also, have you ever heard children fight for their mother while in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, in order for Heaven to be a such and while here on earth, they (all children) better win (phillipians 4:3). …………………………….(phillipians 4:3).

  13. The cure for AIDS has been around for a long time!! but the drug companies said it was too profitable to cure the disease!!!

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