NYC Community College Claims that 80% of NYC HS Graduates Can Barely Read

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We all know that the educational system in the US is falling apart, but sometimes, it takes a big smack in the face for all of us to see the obvious.  The bomb was recently dropped when it was reported that 80% of the new high school graduates in New York City do not know how to read as adults and do not have the basic skills to succeed at the community college level.  All of the students are being required to relearn basic skills in order to be admitted to the city’s community college system.

According to CBS Local’s Marcia Kramer, this is the highest percentage of unqualified students that the city has graduated in years.   Officials at the Borough of Manhattan Community College told CBS 2 that the vast majority of NYC students are not ready for the next level.  The city of New York has recently touted the fact that it’s increased the city’s graduation rate by 40% over the last seven years. But some are wondering if the quantity of new diplomas has outweighed the quality.




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