Father’s Letter to Gay Son is a Hit on the Internet: “You and Mike Make a Cute Couple”

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A father wrote a letter to his gay son that has touched millions.  The note was posted online, where it has  taken the web by storm.   In the message, the father says that he has always known that his son is gay since he was a young man, and that he is OK with it.

“Nate, I overheard your phone conversation with Mike last night about your plans to come out to me,” it reads. “The only thing I need you to plan is to bring home OJ and bread after class. We are out, like you now. I’ve known you were gay since you were six, I’ve loved you since you were born. -Dad. PS Your mom and I think you and Mike make a cute couple.”

A copy of the note wasa posted to Facebook by FCKH8.com and has gotten the attention of supporters of gay rights all throughout the country.  The Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) has praised the letter as a show of support to a group of people who are often ostracized by the people they love when they share their preferences.   The letter has gotten tens of thousands of likes and shares.

The boy is a high school student in Michigan, but there’s nothing else being shared about the young man, in order to protect his privacy. This leads to the question:  How would you respond if your son were gay?




  1. Lets face it there are laws of man that does not reflect the laws of God, but one must ask himself at Judgement whose law will be used? there is a way of man that seems to be right but at the end bringeth destruction.God does not evolve or change his mind only man changes from one state to another, This life style is totally against God and nature, what is the benifit of such a relationship except selfishness. It was not accepted in Sodom and Gamora’s days and god has not changed his mind, remember sin is going against what God has said.cute has nothing to do with what is right and what is wrong.

  2. Dea. Steve Johnson

    Fortunately there are other relogions than yours that do not spend time ubaccurately euatng love between the same sex as against nature. That is your interpretation. Yes ther are a number of Levitical Laws reinterpreted by King James writers that are not Applicable to civil society. Focus in on the fruits of the spirit as your guide and you will have a good life. In the meantime I will continue to love my children unconditionally as does Jesus. Dea. Steve Johnson

  3. I am a minister and the mother of 2 gay children. Although I don’t condone my children’s relationships, I love them unconditionally. I saw indicators in my son when he was young so I wasn’t surprised when he finally told me. I was shocked when my daughter told me. As parents, we should love our children unconditionally, that means despite their choices.

  4. In America they make being gay such a big issue. This is a nothing issue.So if one is gay as long as they do not try to put on you, what you care. If it were my family I would simple suppot the person, and love them as always.

  5. How would I respond? I don’t know. What I DO know is that I would hope to be as caring and supportive as this man to his son. His spirit is beautiful but what’s best is that he’s not willing to compromise his love for his son. Society makes it so tough for gay people, especially having the Bible being thrown at them constantly (which I find judgmental and often hypocritically sickening). If people are born the way they’re born, who is anyone to self-appoint themselves as jury. Here’s my suggestion: when you die I’m sure you believe you’re going to Heaven. When you get there ask God how he feels about hatred and/or hurtful behavior against a fellow human being. Then ask Him or Her if you should bother unpacking your bags.

  6. Of all the multitude of problems facing this country: massive unemployment and “catastrophic unemployment” in the black community, the inundation of illegal immigrants, threats of nuclear obliteration from hostile regimes like Iran and North Korea, an almost 17 trillion dollar debt, 1 in 6 people in poverty and almost 50 million people on food stamps, an unprecedented decimation of wealth in the black community, urban violence and apathy, generations of black males (and, increasingly females) incarcerated in our prison industrial complex and over 50 million babies aborted and counting…. and all some of us seem to care about is GAY RIGHTS and GAY MARRIAGE?

    My question is: why is this of such monumental importance in the context of all of the other problems and ills that currently besiege this nation? If every state passed gay marriage tomorrow, would all our problems be solved and would we all of sudden love each other more and behave in a more civil manner?

    Some people act like the world will come to an end if we do not come to love and accept homosexuality WITHOUT an objective examination of the negative realities and consequences that the gay lifestyle has already wrought on this country including the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the “down low” phenomenon that has completely devastated many women who find themselves married or in relationships with men who have been screwing and sucking off other men or who have allowed those things to be done to them and, in many cases, have given these women HIV, AIDS and a death sentence and have devastated their children and destroyed their families!!!

    Where is the outrage or the national focus on that? Instead, all we hear about is that we are bigots or homophobic and the message that we should ignore our Christian beliefs or that THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH CHRISTIAN AND TRADITIONAL VALUES THAT MANY PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY WERE RAISED ON because we refuse to accept or support homosexuality as something good and healthy for this nation!!!

    Why is there such a focus on gays and their sexuality? If they are a so-called small minority then why are they being given such a large platform? From my perspective, many gays are doing better than the average person. They have the “ear and the rear” of the president and seem to have his focus more so than the many black people who voted for him 95% or so in both elections and they don’t seem to have to “take off their house slippers” or “pick themselves up” in order to get action from him!!!

    Perhaps, we should focus more on why the president is so “in bed with the gays.” But, it will probably be a cold day in Hell before any mainstream journalist ever does a credible investigation of that supposition!!! Now, that would make for some interesting reading given the “media facts” that the president seemingly enjoys such a wonderful “traditional family” with supposedly the most stylish, attractive and, most importantly, fit (with the “cut arms” as testament) first lady in the history of the republic!!!

    If someone has a gay child and he/she decides to accept this revelation and, even, his same sex partner, then that is their right and their decision. However, it does not mean that every parent has to accept their child’s homosexuality at the expense of their religion and personal values to the extent that they are not allowed to BE AUTHENTIC and live according to their own convictions. You can love your child but you don’t have to LIKE or ACCEPT everything about that child. And, it is a given that your child most likely does not like or accept everything about you.

    As much as I would like the “gay issue” to not be such a big deal, the fact is that it is and it will impinge on my rights and yours. People of faith are already being told to “shelve their faith” or risk demonization or being called homophobic by the mainstream media and the gay lobby. They are awfully powerful and go after their “identifiable enemies” like rabid pit bulls who not only seek to marginalize or ostracize them but effectively seek to DESTROY them or drive them out of business or their livelihoods if they do not “shape up” and see the world from a “gay kaleidoscope.”

    Universal acceptance of homosexuality will undermine traditional marriage and families and open the door to the proverbial Pandora’s Box where more and more “sexual threats” to traditional morality will be unleashed like the acceptance of polyamorous marriage, the acceptance of pedophilia or relationships between older children and adults, incest and even bestiality. It is really entirely inconceivable that if we “relax” or remove religion from this debate, we can easily do the same when it comes to these relationships or sexual behaviors? Do you remember when DIVORCE or HAVING CHILDEN OUT OF WEDLOCK were universally unacceptable by moral standards of the day?

    The more we lower already ABYSMALLY LOW moral standards, the more we create a new Sodom and Gomorrah for this country and that is what socialist like the President and his acolytes want for the “new America.” They want a socialist utopia where individual freedoms are celebrated and given more significance and value than the collective moral good of the nation and because of that, our moral standards will continue to decline at an accelerated pace.

    There are now too many shades of gray and no moral relativism. There seems to be no clear right or wrong or good values and bad values when it comes to sex and sexuality between so-called consenting adults. We have lost our moral compass and we are being failed by many of our religious and national leaders to include the President of the United States.

    Who will pay for this and who is currently paying for this? We are all paying for this in the form of sexual promiscuity, rampant STDs/STIs, still high HIV rates among gay and bisexual men, black women still bearing the brunt of HIV/AIDs rates amongst all women, plummeting traditional marriage rates and especially dismal among blacks, children allowed to be adopted by gay couples BECAUSE TWO MEN nor TWO WOMEN can biologically produce progeny, gays (particularly males) being allowed to “buy and exploit” the surrogacy system where they pay huge sums of money to young, poor women from impoverished environs and economically challenged countries in this “grand experiment”, because we really don’t know how these children will turn out in years to come!!!

    The father’s touching letter might be a hit on the internet, but in reality it is not that easy for many parents nor should it be. Just as the gay son has a right to be himself and live authentically, others have a right to live according to their own religious and personal values. A win-win situation for gays is not one for traditional marriage or values and no “Kumbaya-Feel Good Letter” written in compassion by a father who wants to understand and support his son can overcome the cultural consequences for undermining traditional religion, marriage and family values in this country!!

    We will reap what we sow.

  7. Correction to my original post. This paragragh should have been posted as written below:

    It is really entirely inconceivable that if we “relax” or remove religion from this debate, we can easily do the same when it comes to these relationships or sexual behaviors? Do you remember when DIVORCE or HAVING CHILDEN OUT OF WEDLOCK were universally unacceptable by moral standards of the day?

  8. Actually the words “it” and “is” are inverted and this is posed as a question. Sorry for the confusion!!!

  9. There is not a question of not loving a person that is homosexual the issue here is what is right and what is wrong, it is not a matter of what is acceptable in this moral cesspool that we now living in that any thing is JUST all right and all those that agree to this life style if your parents had this sick homosexual idea you would not be here to support this sad act and this loving father will never be able to love or embrace his grand childrens from this union and if this continue the population of the earth will end even animals know there is no value to homosexual and lesbian action, even dogs without out education and just use their nose as a guide to make the right decision.

  10. Anja: Seek help – immediately.

  11. @Diann-No, Anja doesn’t need to seek help immediately, it is the world that supports & celebrates ever-increasing moral decay that needs immediate help! Anja is frustrated, & rightfully so, by the disproportionate focus on making sure our gay brothers & sisters are all squared-away in their concerns when there are so many other issues facing this country’s cities & states that should be of utmost priority!

    And, I too, have wondered why? First of all I think it’s mostly for political advantage with a tiny segment of the population that wields a great deal of influence, big resources & proven greater amounts of disposable income than the general population. So they can & will put money behind politicians that will back their agenda.

    Secondly, I think this country has been so messed up by our so-called leader, with so many cities & states on the verge of bankruptcy, out-of-control violence & unemployment in big urban areas, deficits, pension troubles, that politicians are looking for something, anything, to get behind that they THINK will make them popular & help them either get or stay in office, that this is handy device for them to use. Afterall, most of them live and die by the polls…

    Hence, all of the “Evolving” that has been happening lately, Hillary Clinton just today, to be on the good side of money & influence! It’s like mass-hysteria… I think for some of them, if there was enough powerful, wealthy people behind killing your first born, they’d be for it, too! Oh yeah, I forgot; they’re already behind that, it’s called abortion…

  12. The Most High God lend our Children tilo us.There are things as a parents that we must do. Nuture your children. Support their endeavors.Your children should know Good Bad an indifferent they can come to you without being afraid.We want to pick your children help mate. when you find someone who makes you happy.I’ve seen how people use religion to comdemn gay people. The same book that kept my great grandmother enslaved. I haven’t heard yet some of the Clergy molesting an raping boys. Esa died for ALL sins not straight sin not gay sins.

  13. @Fatima-Would you blame the Bill of Rights’ 2nd Amendment for all of the senseless & cruel homicides in our communities & the devastation that results from it? No, that would be placing the blame on a document that was meant to ensure freedoms to the individuals that read, interpreted & applied it in real life situations.

    So, a resounding “NO”, it wasn’t The Book that enslaved our forebearers, it was the cruel twisting of what the Bible says in the hands of evil men to justify their crimes.

    I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up children were taught two wrongs don’t make a right. But that’s exactly what’s happening when people say Black people ought to jump on the gay rights bandwagon because of slavery & Jim Crow. The Bible was used sinfully to justify slavery, so now we should wrongly interpret the Bible to justify sin.


    Yes, God has commanded us to love everyone, but He NEVER commanded us to endorse anyone’s sin! And as the world grows darker in sin, we Christians will have to learn how to be discerning & wise in this. The Bible tells us that satan will even deceive the very elect!

    What does that mean to me? That even Christians will go along with the devil’s agenda because he’s slick! He’s the deceiver; it’s what he did in the garden & his M.O. hasn’t changed! It’s going to be more & more difficult to determine what’s from God & what isn’t without serious prayer, study of the Word, and DESIRE to be led by the Holy Spirit, and not lean on & be led by what men say is right.

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