Emmanuel Ohuabunwa
Emmanuel Ohuabunwa

Nigerian Has the Highest GPA at John Hopkins Univ., Discusses Plight With African-Americans

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Emmanuel Ohuabunwa

Emmanuel Ohuabunwa

Reported by Malcolm Morrow

A 22-year-old Nigerian student named Emmanuel Ohuabunwa has broke the record for highest GPA in the history of John Hopkins University after graduating from the prestigious school with a 3.98 GPA on a 4.0 scale. He received a degree in Neurosciences and he plans to continue his studies at Yale Medical School so that he can gain a degree in Medicine. He is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa, which is an honor society that boasts prestigious members that include U.S. Presidents, Supreme Court Justices and Nobel Peace Prize winners.

In a recent interview Ohuabunwa recounts the difficulties he faced being an African immigrant throughout his school career. It is saddening to realize how little African-Americans know about the African culture that our children are led to call Africans demeaning names and perceive them to be poor and illiterate. Ohuabunwa illustrates his face-to-face encounter with African-American youth’s ignorance about Africa below:

My parents moved the whole family when I was 13 years old. I was about to begin SS1 at Air Force, Ibadan. When I got to the US, I was enrolled with my age mates, which meant at 13, I was in middle school. “I went to Fondren Middle School, which was in the middle of the ghetto. That was one of the darkest years for me because I encountered a lot of peer pressure. Some of the students, ignorant about Africa, bullied me and called me names such as ‘African booty scratcher’ because to them, Africans were dirty and scratched their butts all the time. Some asked me if I lived in mud huts and ate feces for breakfast. I remember one day, when I was walking to the school bus, a boy came from behind and punched me in the face, called me an African and walked away. It took everything in me not to retaliate. I knew that God had put me in the U.S for a purpose and it did not involve fighting or selling drugs or doing the wrong things. My experience during that year gave me a thick skin. I learned to stand for what I thought was right even when the opposition seemed insurmountable. I also learned to look at the positive in all situations. Even though these kids were bullying me, I was still gaining an opportunity to school in America and nothing would stop me from making the best of this opportunity.

Maybe instead of making fun of students who want to excel, people should be emulating them.  He persevered through his hardships and was determined to reach his goals and make the most of the opportunity that he had:

I knew I wanted to go to the best school in the US. I had heard that Johns Hopkins Hospital had been ranked the number one hospital in the US for the past 21 years and I wanted to be in that environment.’’

He was worried that his parents would not be able to pay for him to go to such a prestigious and expensive university so he began to strive for excellence in school to ensure that he would gain the recognition he needs to fulfill his dreams. According to ChannelsTV.com, his PSAT score won him the National Achievement Scholar. By virtue of this award, he received certificates of recognition from various organizations including senators from the Congress of both Texas and the US. He also received scholarship from the University of Houston; Rice University, Texas A&M Honors College, and many more. He also won the Principal’s Award during the annual awards ceremony at DeBakey High School.

Malcolm Morrow, a Your Black World Network contributor, is a senior, criminal justice major at The University of Southern Miss





  1. Inspirational and disturbing!!

    • Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve chereed me up!

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  2. What a great achievement but it doesn’t surprise me at all. When I worked in West Africa I found Nigerians to be extremely bright and I felt inadequately educated next to them – even though I was fortunate to go to a good school in England.

  3. Awesome and Inspirational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. African Americans always hate hard working African immigrants to America. Maybe the best example is Akon’s life story and how he suffered in the hands of African Americans when his family moved to America. Many African immigrants were killed in America by African Americans. My advice to this guy is to stay as far away from African Americans as possible!

    • FYI not all Black Americans hate African Immigrants! When anyone who is different or seen as better is placed in an environment of poverty and despair these are the kinds of situations that occur. This story happens to Black Americans also. This is why when people get educated or have an economic opportunity to leave the “ghetto” they do. This has less to do with African vs Black American but with someone being seen as “different” from the masses in that area. I think it’s sad the the world is like this but please lets not make this some isolated case. These things happen all the time everyday in every culture around the world. The have not’s being hateful and hurtful to those the see as different or as a threat (they see the group achieving more then them). This is American Immigration 101. Do a little history of the United States and how immigrants were treated and this will sound all to familiar. Ask any culture that has came to this country to tell their story and it will be filled with more things than just bullying. Basically we all just need to treat our fellow man a little better and pass that wisdom on to our children.

      • Sonja may peace be with you— African Americans bully African Americans– and kill each other– as you stated poor ignorant people do ignorant things to those who are different. For all of you who are so hateful of African Americans on the whole– please be mindful of the fact- that we are the ones that fought for our Brothers and Sisters of the African diaspora to have an equal opportunity as those who are from European countries- to come to America on the same bases as other folk do. Always hate hard working African immigrants– what a dumb azz statement– such an inferior state of mind– sounds as though -Abbas need to find some good ole white south africans and be HAPPY.


    • Anthony Foote Sr

      To make such a statement is to say, by your name being Abba your an Arab and stay away from you if he does not to get blown up. The African American was sold and shipped to this country. And with no knowledge of the land. Some died to be free and some survived. There is good and bad in all races. But know that The Lord or Allah made us all. And said Allah for respect that you might be Muslim.

  5. im African American and i love all my african people and was raised to not be prejudice or racist because i was raised in Misissippi as a Christian and if you know anything about the south and religion then i shall say no more, if you dont just look at why Obama lost most Southern states after the same sex bizz. Its not all of us African Americans that are ignorant. The thing most people dont understand and that is not our fault but when growing up we really learned nothing of our African brethren besides what the Media portrayed which was never good. I didnt know Africa had real cities until i was like in the 8th grade smh. There are always gonna be ignorant people that look to tear others down to make themselves feel better but just ignore them and pray for them. This story is amazing, uplifting, and very inspirational. It always excite me to see those who rise from the bottom going through struggles and hardships and never give up on their dream and aways prevail!! Good Job my brother may God continue to bless u!!

  6. I think this is fantastic news. Even though you thought you were the only one, bullying was in every school I attended and I am African American. If you excel you are targeted. Congratulations on your incredible and excellent achievements. I wish you all the best in your future.

  7. Classic example of why we can’t get ahead. Getting a free education in the US is easy but frowned upon by so many blacks ’cause it ain’t cool to be intelligent or articulate or have social skills; all of which are necessary btw to make any inroads professionally outside of the ‘hood’. Why do so many achieve success and end up turning away from their own? Classic example…..

    • This is not with Black students….it is with all students who make fun of a student that is into their school work. I use to see white kids to the same with whites, etc.

  8. Beautiful! You can be proud and so can your parents. Rest assured over 1/2 of those that bullied you are now in the streets doing drugs, robbing people, wasting their lives away or in jail and if you live by the streets you shall die by the streets. Be blessed my son!

  9. I’m sure that if I, as a mixed race Black America, had attended middle school in Nigeria, I would have been teased and bullied mercilessly too!

    That said, I’ve been strenuously disrespected by many African men, although I’m smarter than most of the ones iI’ve come in contact with.

    • H. James Roseau, Connecticut

      PinkRose, this discussion is not about whether or not Africans experience social issues similar to those that exist in the world at large; it is rather about the pervasive crab-in-a-barrel mentality that has plagued Blacks of this country for nearly four-hundred centuries.

  10. I bet if he was “gay” every news outlet would have picked up the story and made it into an inspirational feature of how a young man endured bullying and triumphed in the end… however he’s black; African at that WITHOUT white adoptive parents. So it’ll never get told. However, big props to YBW for sharing 🙂

  11. There are always exceptions to the rules on the debate of African Americans Vs Africans, or African Americans Vs ? I’ve had family members leave not just a neighborhood but a whole state to move else where because of being attacked. Unfortunately, where ever there is a majority with power they will always oppress the minority. I’ve seen this happen the other way around. It’s a terrible pattern and until parents decided to educate themselves about other cultures it will continue.

  12. I understand his story completely. When I was in college, the foreign students from Africa — who happened to have dark skin — hung out with the white students. They were fully accepted by the white students, and there was no social barrier. I always thought it a bit curious that real Africans preferred to socialize with white students; I concluded that it really isn’t about skin color or race, but rather the social devide in our nation is about cultural attitudes. It seems that most (as in not all, but 90%) of “African-Americans” simply have an attitude that causes the devide in American culture. It can’t be skin color, as the African-Africans fit in quite well with white folks here in the US.

  13. this is for Malcom Morrow- – Your english is horrible. The sentence should read – Emmanuel has BROKEN the record, not has broke the record.

    • Don’t be priggish it’s very unattractive. You can correct his mistakes without being mean-spirited. Real talk.

      • I’m imsepserd. You’ve really raised the bar with that.

      • CUTE top! Love it :-)I hear ya on the arms thing – I didn't know I had HUGELYGROSSLYFATOMGFREAKARMS until tailored shirts with those little cap sleeves came into style. Apparently I'm a freak of nature 😛 heheheI'd love to see that top styled with a cardigan overtop and a full white skirt! 🙂

      • Green to Grow -tuttipullot on ainakin omien sivujensa mukaan tehty PES-muovista. Lyhyen googlailun perusteella se näyttäisi olevan tämän päivän ‘the muovi’ vauvatarvikkeissa.Ymmärtääkseni tämä ei ole mitään biohajoavaa muovia, mutta varmaan turvallisempaa käyttää kuin nuo BPA:ta erittävät muovit.

  14. It is pretty ignorant to say stay away from AA. I know it is unsettling to see or read about one ethnic minority discriminating against another especially when the culprit is a black. But, not all not AA are the same . We are not criminally inclined or prone to ultraviolence. Yet, my experience has taught me that new Africans are not innocent. Some come here with preconceived notions of black americans. Some come here and reprove AA for seem disinterested in improving living conditions. Moreover Africans know as much about AA history as Aa know about African culture. At any rate, unity is key and communication is vital.

  15. @Pink Rose….i don’t agree wit u, ppl 4rm that NigerianStudentLs place won’t necessarily target/treat u likewise. It’s more like Joe Whiteguy says…..it’s called CLASS & MENTALITY. ByTheWay im 4rm SouthAfrica…..& it saddens me 2see our learners r more goin in2 this bullying & taunting manners bcos they also bcuming ill-discipline

  16. There should be hundreds of thousands of Blacks in America reaching the same level of success! Perhaps one day parents will instill the importance of education and knowledge, (which are 2 different things) in more African Americans young and old.

    I think Blacks in America have only a few things in common with Africans, one being skin color the other is where we originated, we are not African, we are American!

    Yes, our ancestors may have come from the continent, we have been in America since the early 1600’s, 400 years puts a great deal of distance between the groups. Additionally we didn’t all come from the same place on the continent. I’ve been to Africa twice, it’s interesting to say the least, seeing black people in the majority, we however did not and do not have a lot in common!

    We should however respect each other, obviously we can learn quite a bit from each other!

    • Speak for yourself James Johnson because you do NOT speak for me. My southern mother from Florida raised me to understand I am an African born in Amerikkka — the descendant of those African who were brought here in bondage. She taught me was not a Negro, colored or a nigger — but African! That was in the late 50s/early 60s. I am so glad I did not grow up to be a lost, self-hating negro. Her African friends (all academically accomplished men and women) reinforced what she taught me. To disassociate yourself from is to disassociate yourself from your African ancestors who survived the Middle Passage and the Maat (slavery) so that you could stand here today.

      Shame on YOU and all of the negroes who think like you.
      Maferefun Egun!

  17. Many Africans hold themselves better than Afro-Americans, because their ancestory isn’t as comprmised as Afro-Americans!! American blacks have been kept ignorant of the African Homeland by this country for centuries. Until the 60’s most Afro-Americans exsposure to Africa was through Tarzan, Jane and Cheeta & Boy—miovies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. awesome! screw the idjits who couldn’t reach his level and tried to bring him down to theirs.

  19. This is definitely an inspiring story. Now let’s hope that the highly ambitious lad use the education he’s acquired to help cure diseases in Africa, and provide for more reciprocated educational opportunities in his Country.

    When there’s so much suffering and strife in a Country like Africa his training and experiences will prove to be a great asset, far more of an asset than 6 figures would afford him while living a high life in the United States.

    When Emmanuel stated “I knew that God had put me in the U.S for a purpose and it did not involve fighting or selling drugs or doing the wrong things,” I agree wholeheartedly with Emmanuel. I feel the lad’s life mission may have just begun in that “to whom much is given much is required” and Africa is lying in the wake (if you will) to reap the benefits. God don’t make mistakes and every journey has a purpose.

    Hopefully Emmanuel will represent another face on the war on disease in the world’s mother land.

    — God bless him.

    John (alias leafBuilder)

    • Good comment, but Africa is a continent not a country.

      • Props to my African brotha, he is awesome and forsee a great and lucrative career in his future. Now to the ignorant azzes hatin on this BRILLIANT brotha lets keep sheit real, we stay hatin when I saw we I mean American blacks. Some of us love when our people succeed, we love the most brillant best and brightest of our race. While some are jealous and hateful towards the brilliant one. In 2014 some of you ignorant mofos whether its the kids or you old azz haters, still think that getting an education and speaking correct English is acting white. Real talk, po’ raggedy azz black ppl HATE successful, one of the reasons urban areas are so messed up because once black ppl get that degree and get on the success train they dont stick around in the hood because they know the hate some of yall feel for them may manifest itself in certain ways from namecalling to violence, yalls hate runs them away and they move on up to the middleclass/uppermiddle class/upper class black neighborhoods, or the nice mixed or mostly white neighborhoods. So now yall scare away the bm and bw with education, knowledge and money. So now the hood becomes a wasteland, drugs and crime runs rampant, your bad ass unruly kids slangin drugs, carjacking, gangbanging, thuggin and thieving,and fuckin up the hood for the few decent ppl still there. Well check it, no black ppl with education, money and presige means yall don’t get services you need like nice grocery stores, restaurants, shopping centers, movie theater houses, newspaper and magazine stands, medical and dental centers. Public schools dont get funding because yall ran out the homeowners and most of yall mofos are renters not owners and anybody with half a brain knows that homeowners not renters pay PROPERTY TAXES. So the owners are gone and hood schools go to pot. Then of course yall complain that somebod needs to do something for you. Now what you po azz uneducated mofos need to do is stop scaring away black ppl who get that education and money. Anothe thing, Jamaican Haitian Belizean, African ppl come here and do much better than African American because they have a value system that consists of the need to succeed, failure isnt their option. So instead of hating on them yall need to sit down with them and learn from them, watch how they do things, learn their values, how they believe in marriage and family and how they bring up their kids.

  20. I agree with Zack. This is a bad article, the writer needed to stick to the subject about Mr. Ohuabunwa and his accomplishments. Mr. Ohuabunwa speaks as though Blacks were against him. But, if you notice he was educated in Texas, and I will go as far as to say he was brainwashed. When I was in the upper 10% of the Military Intelligence wise, and those white Officers use to tell me how different I was, I told them go to hell, then they tried to jail me.

    Kids get bullied, and when you are different you are a target, that doesn’t mean that all Africans-Americans(AA) are against him. He seems to have made the decision early that AA are against him. This is buried in the Limbic region ogf his brain. He’s young and appears to be brilliant and uses mostly his left-brain if you believe in that theory. I hope he balances his life. He finally got someone to listen to him, he has deep resentments.

  21. Congratulations to the young man! This story is one-sided. I’m wondering how many whites called him names and criticized him for being as intelligent as he is. There’s no secret that African Americans do these type of things to one another and it doesn’t make it right. Bullies will never stop bullying until they get their heads knocked off. This gentle will very far in his endeavors and I wish him the very best.

  22. Congratulations young man!!! Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. Mark 9:23

  23. I feel him. I was a nerd, and always got good grades. I was in all honors classes and was one of the few blacks in my classes. The niggers from the regular classes would constantly ridicule me for not being from the hood, and for speaking standard english. They’d shit on me for getting good grades, and in the next breath ask me to do their homework. This man is a prime example of what black males need…..they need discipline, a desire to learn. They also need knowledge of self, including their knowledge of and ties to africa. Us black folks in america are truly AFRICANS, whether we want to accept or not!!! Embrace your true selves because the truth will set you free. I’ve been working on myself, studying my true african, and african american history, and I feel liberated. The knowledge is painful and depressing, but it’s also empowering…..

  24. The Nigerian Internet scam has been portrayed by the western Media as only a product of falsehood and deception via letters. The truth is that Nigerians rank among st the best hackers in the world and operate a computer Village in Lagos where itequipments from around d world (America and China) r unlocked or repaired. Its unfortunate that some of their activities are harmful to financial institutions and OEMs but it is a testament to the skill and ingenuity of Nigerians. it is also baffling to know that all Nigerians want to have a degree and degree holders a second degree and second degree holders a masters.

  25. Great Human Interest Story!!! I will never go against my American Black Brother!!!! Africans have a country and a home, they should go and make that wha they want it to be. Americans DONOT HAVE A HOME LAND OR A PLACE TO CALL HOME, THEY HAVE NO ALLEGIANCE TO NOTHING…… THEY WERE SLAVES, THEY EXPERIENCES INJUSTICES IN AMERICA JUST LIKE THE AFRICANS IN THEIR HOMELAND.

  26. Sickening, I don’t believe much of what he said. I doubt he was made fun of because of his grades, how would others know your GPA during college.

    I remember being laughed at and made fun of by African female students attending Howard Univ. I got the bus home which ran past Howard daily and they would laugh and make fun of any African-American female regardless of their age.

    So, what did he do? What did he say? Did he go around bragging about grades?

    Did he think he was better?

    • You’re a lying hater. I am a graduate of Howard. We had no problem with our African brothers and sisters. Projecting maybe? sound like the problem was with you.

  27. Congratulations! Job well done! Please come to Chicago, Illinois and speak to the African American youth. They desperately need to hear your story.

  28. It’s sad to say, but black people discriminate each other. I’ve seen and heard comments made by one group of black people about another group. This is so sad because we are all ONE PEOPLE! It doesn’t matter if you come from Nigeria or Atlanta, you are a black person period. We need to stop this and embrace our heritage and each other. I am glad to hear that this young man did not let it deter him, but it gave him determination. We need more people like him. Congrats Man…..

  29. H. James Roseau, Connecticut

    It is shameful how some African Americans dispicably limit themselves to their ethnicity and ignorantly dismiss the big picture. Though many Blacks in this country have made historic achievements that have benefited all Blacks, including African Americans, many African Americans have retrogressed further to the “me” mentality by consistently focusing only on issues affecting African Americans–as apposed to black Americans. When will we finally realize that our ultimate struggle is a black thing, not an African-American thing? We need to stop using the “post-traumatic slave syndrome” excuse and start working together as a people. Until then, irrespective of our individual successes, we will always be considered as “less” in the eyes of others. Please remember that when a racist person refers to a black person as a “nigger,” he or she does not make any initial attempt to determine that black person’s ethnicity. In that racist person’s thinking, all Blacks are considered “niggers.”

  30. I can’t believe the NEGATIVE responses about this man’s incredible success. My son who is African American experience the same exact thing as he was going to middle and high school. He was always one of two or three blacks in Honors classes in high school. He was teased and bullied by his black peers. He was upset, but persevered. He was also accepted into a prestigious medical school. It’s hard being an intelligent black male.
    The problem we are having now is that since desegregation Black Students were not taught who we are. We are all Africans even though we were born in America. We are many generations and CHILDREN from our African ancestors who were brought to this country. These are the shoulders upon which we all stand today. You are in this America only because that is where the slave ship brought you. This does not make you better by any means. The slave ships went to South America, Central America, and North America. You could have been in Haiti. The people in Africa were COLONIZED the same way we were. They suffered just as much or more than we did. We would still be enslaved if it had not been for our great slave ancestors such as Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and the most awesome Fredric Douglass who taught himself how to read. After getting his education he knew he could not be anybody’s slave any more. This is what these people are lacking. An education would make them know who they are and where they come from. They would be proud and strive to do better themselves. I thought we were further along than this. It’s pitiful!

    • H. James Roseau, Connecticut

      Carol, I think that you have expressed your thoughts in a manner that could certainly help others understand the realities beyond our ignorance as a people.

    • Teach Carol! Maferefun Egun! that is what my mother taught me in 1959 and that is what I know to be true. Many of us are lost people. Until we unite with our African brothers and sisters the world over, we will not be truly free. Many oF us still have those chains on our minds. Our history did not begin in Amerikkka, but on the continent from which all life, civilzation, religion and culture began. To reject Africa is to reject yourself!

  31. I am so proud of you my brother. One great way to combat European predudice and predudice from their negro imps is excelence and you have don it. No madder what obstaclec are put in your way, do not let them stop you.Feel sorry for our brother whom the Europeans have in a barrel still with the crab syndrome it is not all their fault, they tried to destroy all, of us and today much of the crab syndrome haunts us. Remember that they were taken from the land but the land was taken from us.The Great almighty Olodumare bless and guide you my young beautiful brother in all your undertakings.You are doing well.

  32. Congratulations to you: Emmanuel Ohuabunwa. Your achievement is an inspiration to all young people of the world – black, white, yellow or whatever. If you remain foccussed and continue to make God the foundation stone of your life, the sky will not only be your limit but your stepping stone. As a man from the Igbo ethnic group (formerly known as Biafra), hard-work, intelligence, perserverance, honesty and fearlessness runs in your veins. Your anscenstoral roots of Arochukwu, a neighboring town of Ohafia and Abiriba (Small London) in South East Nigeria bears testimony to a long history of excellence in business, politics and academics. America is a land of opportunities for those like you who are here for honest purposes. Don’t let anyone distract you. May God continue to bless, guide and guard you.

  33. Muhammad Ali and Richard Pryor were two biggest idols: Besides my father who left Georgia, finished high school in NJ, got up every morning and went to work to become one of the first group of black Iron Workers in north Jersey. Muhammad Ali was asked to convince African nations not to boycott the Olympics when he later learned that these nations asked USA to support their cause and was ignored. Mr. Ali quit the tour and supported the African nations! Richard Pryor once said, “Be happy for any black man doing something!” Therefore, I am very proud of Emmanuel Ohuabunwa and hope he does well at Yale. Neurosciences…Trust me I am very impressed with surgeons and medical profession on this level!

    However, this is his story. People let’s not get to emotional over the ills and paint everyone American or African with a wide brush. Mr. Emmanuel Ohuabunwa stated, “I went to Fondren Middle School, which was in the middle of the ghetto”. Let’s assume that the so-called ghetto is not the most progressive neighborhood of the city. Would the so-called ghetto be the same in Canada, South Africa, Kazakhstan, or England?

    About the wide brush painting; at my work place there are a group of Nigerian women who would enter a quiet break room, pull out their cell phones and shout in Yoruba/English language without any consideration of the others…Is etiquette a term in Nigeria? Are they from the same hood as Emmanuel Ohuabunwa? Could Emmanuel Ohuabunwa be like this? Probably not.

    People, Americans of African ancestry enter prestigious Universities every year and have made it possible for others born abroad to enter as well.

  34. Congrats my brother. May God keep you and guard you. As long as you are black you are an African. So stop the race game and let us love each other. My daughter tells me all the time she wants to go to the best schools just like you.I will show her this to inspire her. Thanks for lifting Nija up.

  35. With this kind of success from Mr. Ohabunwa, I will hope the administrators of Fondren Middle School – and the School district where Fondren is located – would begin now to think of ways to transform the school, after all, see what their favorite alumni has done for the school and the school district.
    Mike C. Okereke

  36. I’m happy for this young man, but he shouldn’t categorize all Black Americans as being the same. If this is how he wants it, then we could speak on how all of these foreigners receiving government assistance, which many coming from places such as Africa receive, is money coming from tax payers dollars. Do we assume that all Africans coming to live and study in America are using our tax payer dollars? Do we assume that all Nigerians are frauds & money scammers? That would be wrong, wouldn’t it?

  37. Every other race of peolpe are proud to be what they are but many of us donot want to be beautiful first upon the earth, the creators of world civilization African. Slaves and dogs are named by their masters. Free men name themselves.The negroes donot yet know or want to know that you are their brother may be even blood brother because they used to break up our family and sell us to different vicious european slave masters.So when we say brother we mean brother.You have and are doing very well brother reach for the moon and if you donot hit your mark you will fall among the stars.All the slave uprisings in America were found out because negroes went and told Massa.Negroes will tell on you and massa will sell you to the slave ship but African know that you are our beloved brother.In America people from Poland remain poles, from Ireland Irish but Africans suddenly become negroes coloured and whatever else massa decides.When I came to America there was no such word as Hispanics but spanish speaking people wanted to be white and massa say call them Hispanics to apease them. A hispanic could be from any place not like a Japanese who is from Japan.He carved out a place in Africa called Negroland where negroes came from.Africans in America are not African Americans but Africans living in America.

  38. While so-called African-Americans pop their fingers to hip hop and idolize rappers, Natives of sub-Saharan Africa know that in order to succeed they must use their brains. Kudos to them. Shame on those who bully them.

  39. I take issue with Malcolm Morrow. Mr.Ohuabunwa has not ” … broke the record ….” He has broken the record. And, please, all of you, the name of the University and the hospital is Johns Hopkins, two last names. There is no John Hopkins there. If you plan to become an attorney, Mr. Morrow, you will make more effective written and oral presentations if you spruce up your grammar a bit. I’m trying to be constructive.

  40. Congrats to Emmanuel Ohuabunwa on his stellar accomplishments. I’m African American. I have been to West Africa many times. I co-lead a study abroad program to Ghana and Benin. I have studied African and African relations for about 15 years now. I have had hundreds of these conversations with our cousins from every region of Africa. Reducing African American achievement to Black pathology is misleading. EO’s family emigrated from Nigeria. It would be just as misleading to reduce Nigeria’s many problems to backwardness and corruption. Nigerians in Nigeria have the same problems and African Americans in America. Malcolm X called it “whites disease–centuries of contact with Europeans and Arabs have been catastrophic for Black progress. Who do you suppose taught (and continue to teach) African Americans to despise their heritage? Europeans. And who do you suppose is stealing Africa’s resources? Europeans. It will take centuries to correct this problem but will take even longer if we don’t have the courage to properly diagnose the problem. kzs

  41. GREAT to see a fellow Nigerian succeeding. He clearly has not needed to heed the words of detracors. Good for him!

  42. Immigrants in general are treated with disrespect and expected not to be intelligent,FYI an accent does not make one stupid,(someone with firsthand knowledge)I have dealt with that from co-workers and customers for years.Very frustrating.

  43. Its a great joy to see Africans achieve great things but it grieves my heart to hear the struggles some of them goes through to be where they long to be, their goals.
    This bullyism is not only happening in the Americas but all over the world. Im from Guyana a land of 6 ethnic groups of which Africans is 1 of the group. The same can be said about them here and they feel empowered by this ignorance. Some of them even form gangs and carry out rampages which others have to face. I’m really proud of you for that achievement, maybe i can share that with my fellow colleagues and at our next outreach venture i can talk about it. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

  44. You are wrong about being a mixed race person and being accepted in Africa. The opposite is the case. That you are a mullato actually gives you an edge. Africans would celebrate you and emulate you and make a fad out of every style you flash. Many like you have been raised in Africa and have been promoted to many high positions. Africans in the homeland do not bully you or speak bad about you because you don’t speak their language. To the contrary. I can name many individuals of mixed parentage who are in positions of leadership in Africa. Don’t limit yourself. Your fears about Africa and Africans are only yours. Those who may have encountered “nasty” Africans may have been victims of displaced anger by Africans who might have been bullied and don’t have the grace to look away like Ohanbunwa did. Don’t limit yourself or your chances. Seek to know more about Africans in America. If they seem aloof, it is because they have been bullied and, rather than fight back, they stay safe in their among their own. Africans do note hate African Americans. They admire them, sympathize with them and wish the best for them even when they themselves are suffering. Believe it. I am an African in America. I have seen things from both angles. Peace!

  45. Wonderful accomplishment….yes,I agree we as Afro-Americans and Africans need to learn, respect and embrace each other. There are two sides to the story,…as an Afro-American woman I can tell you some real stories that I have experienced being treated as an Afro-American woman by my fellow Africans…good and bad.

  46. I am so proud of your achievements! Bravo! I have had similar experiences as a Barbadian immigrant to the U.S. I am a high school teacher in Staten Island New York. My school is at least 80% black in student population but around 2% black in teaching staff. Many times black African American students have come to the classroom door on the first day of class asking “where da teacher at”? To which I redpond: “I’m the teacher,” this is often followed by: “Oh hell no.” My most respectful, compliant, and high-achieving students are foreign-born or white. I used to struggle with the resentment that was shown towards me until I realized that it came from a poor sense of self, and self-hatred that had beed bred through generations of institutional racism in American culture.

  47. Congratulations Emmanuel. Job well done! Very proud of your accomplishment. More grease to your elbows and keep up the good “work” ethic.

    Your efforts, hardwork and commitment to excellence will be handsomely rewarded. Keep pushing…

    More blessings, peace and light.

  48. I love Africans! Africans are excelling in the states at a rapid pace just like other immigrants. Black Americans should do the same and try to build up their culture and live the ghetto mentality behind.

  49. “African Americans always hate hard working African immigrants to America. Maybe the best example is Akon’s life story and how he suffered in the hands of African Americans when his family moved to America. Many African immigrants were killed in America by African Americans. My advice to this guy is to stay as far away from African Americans as possible!”-Abbas

    …and many African leaders have betrayed their own African constituency, that enabled the “Slave Trade” and Slavery to exist.



    …you left out a key ingredient. The ingredient being, are these legal Nigerian immigrants, because believe it or not this would have an impact.

    Typically, the U.S. born and Black community is the weakest link for the entrance of illegal immigrants, namely because the very individuals who hold office in these primarily Democratic jurisdictions have no respect the U.S. Constitution, the “oath of office” and the “rule of law”.

  50. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87UYqFIb3sc

    YouTube: “Henry Louis Gates on black-owned slaves” uploaded by DailyKennCOM

    ………and all those Black Nationalists/Race
    Card Players/Blame Caucasians for Every Ill directed at U.S. born Black men and women, seeking reparations for Slavery in the U.S, well unless the Black slave owners are held accountable too, slim chance exist that reparations for the Vestibule of Slavery in the U.S., will ever materialize. Finally, the U. S. Constitution prohibits reparations for Slavery, and the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme law of the land.

  51. http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-965308

    Indeed, it is commendable that the Nigerian immigrant, Emmanuel Ohuabunwa has achieved such a milestone. A strong possibility exists, that Emmanuel Ohuabunwa and all his family members could also be illegal immigrants!

  52. I hope that folks won’t apply these ignorant misconceptions to all African Americans. Self-loathing is a huge part of the experience of many African Americans living in poverty. Confident, happily black, or academically inclined African Americans draw the same reaction from black children who are taught in many subtle ways and especially in the classroom, to hate themselves and to underachieve. I’m a black woman who grew up in a working-middle class community in a diverse New Jersey suburb, and we got along well with our immigrant African and African-descended friends from Haiti, Senegal, and elsewhere. We were best friends, prom dates, playmates, etc. Kids living in violent circumstances attack children from the very same cultural background, and self-loathing is at the root of that as well. I’m sorry this young man experienced this, and I’m so glad he has achieved the success he deserved. I would just like to remind readers that what he experienced wasn’t as cut and dried as it is presented here. African Americans don’t hate continental Africans, and we should not participate in stoking resentment between the two.

  53. http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-965308

    In the interest of good journalism, the person reporting and sharing the information in the above article should have asked the question or questions of the 22-year-old Nigerian student, Emmanuel Ohuabunwa.

    Are you a legal immigrant?

    Are you a naturalized U.S. citizen?

    Do you have legal status?

    Do you have documents to prove that you are in the U.S. legally?

    Finally, Emmanuel Ohuabunwa, should have volunteered the answers to these questions, to clear all doubt as to whether or not he and/or his family members are here legally as legal immigrants, naturalized U.S. citizens, etc.

    The U.S. government, any responsible elected official of any government jurisdiction, all responsible public servants, and every responsible U.S. citizen, or law abiding legal immigrant expects an answer to these questions.

    • This young man’s experiences in the US have nothing to do with what you are talking about. No human being whether here legally or illegally should be mistreated. By the way, are you here legally? This land belonged to the Native Americans and was stolen from them. So how did you get here? The Native Americans say that the only thing Christopher Columbus discovered was the fact that he was lost. So after the land was taken, many people came over illegally and now they claim they have legal status. Do you really? The point of the article was overcoming the obstacles in his way to achieve success. You should not be jealous of his success. When you celebrate the achievement of others, good things start happening to you. Try it and see the blessings flow.

  54. KulChuck, Anthony


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  56. Congratulations, Emmanuel Ohuabunwa! Best wishes to you in your future endeavors.

  57. Congrats to this young immigrant from Nigeria West Africa, on his academic achievements. The young Man’s story about African-Americans making fun of native born Africans, and degrading him while he was a student in middle school, is nothing but an extension of “TRIBALISM” within the Black race world wide! (tribalism is the curse that brought millions of Africans into slavery. I witnessed the Black migrants kids from New Orleans, forced to immigrant to various cities and towns, in the USA, after Hurricane Katrina floods devastated the city of New Orleans; being made fun of by other Black kids, because they ate red beans and rice, a New Orleans staple, and had french slave names, instead of Anglo-Saxon, English, Irish, Welsh, Scott, slave names, and spoke with a different accent. Nigeria, the birth place of this young Man is infested with ethnic/tribal hatred, and religious strive between Muslims of the North and Christians of the South! When African_American children laugh at Africa, it is out of plain oh southern slavery plantation ignorance! When African continent born blacks have distaste for Blacks in the USA, it is plain oh past colonial slavery ignorance! Just my thoughts, as a Pan-Africanist!!!!

  58. Very inspiring to see what this young man has accomplished.
    I hope & pray that these other black youths will realize that even against all odds there is a place for them in education.
    I’m embarrassed by the ignorance that prevails in our culture. Saggy pants, self loathing, crab in the barrel mentality.
    This young man aspires to be the best!!

  59. I as very proud of you Emmanuel. I am really sorry you had a bullying experience in your young life by AA boys.

  60. Afrikans that lives in Amerika need to Wake Up Unite & follow this Brother far as education goes yes they may be some Afrikans who may not like us & vice versa but enslave ignorance have got to go find a waste paper basket & trash the enslave ignorance self-hate & anything that not of our Creator & Spirit of our Ancestors we may be born in this country but that does not excuse us of not trying to get educated making a living for our selves & each other We should be supporting each other and our Brothers & Sisters of Alkebu-lan or Afrika to do business and should be our Brother’s Keeper to one another Ourselves and each other

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