Technology has failed us.

5 Ways Technology Has Ruined Our Lives

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Technology has failed us.


Although advancements in technology are oftentimes revered as productive mechanisms to make our life more efficient, the truth of the matter is our dependency on and easy access to these gadgets can be downright counterproductive to our success. How did people manage their time and contacts before tablet, mobile phone, and laptop were created? Although the aforementioned help us manage our busy calendars and keep in touch with more people than we can possibly know in “real life,” what would happen if our devices were to be taken from us or destroyed?

Although many people are ecstatic that they’re allowed to work from home, they often complain about the lack of ability to disconnect from work because of email and mobile phones. While most companies are receptive to innovative technology, just a three-second glance at a text message, for example, in the middle of an assignment doubles your chances of making an error on the job, which is pretty scary especially when you think about people who work in life threatening or life saving careers. Below are five ways technology ruins our lives according to an Australian website:

1. It dominates our time

In what way does having a work computer, a home computer a mobile phone and a tablet save us time? Now we have to make time for Twitter and Facebook and work emails and Skype and Instagram and online banking. If anything our devices now dominate the time we’re meant to be spending with our loved ones. Our work has spilled into our personal time, and our personal time has spilled over into our work. Short of a battery failure or natural disaster there’s little that can tear us away from our gadgets. We’re so filled with FOMO (fear of missing out) that we’d rather trawl Facebook and Twitter for the next big thing than talk to our friends and family about the big thing going on in their lives.

2. We record our lives rather than living them

If it isn’t Instagram it’s YouTube, if it isn’t Facebook it’s Twitter. We’re all blogging and posting and uploading but how many of us are actually living? On the plus side our grandchildren will have an abundance of pictures to remember us by. But how much nostalgia can you get from a photo of the meal you had last Tuesday? In the words of comedian Louis CK, life is the best HD experience you will ever get.

3. You need a password for the thing that stores your passwords

We have so many passwords that we need a program to store all of them for us. And to keep that program secure guess what it needs? A password. How many of those accounts do we really need? Banking. Sure. Email. Ok. But then there’s your social networks, and anything stored in the cloud. And iTunes, Google Play, Linked In, and online shopping accounts. Plus there’s passwords for random apps hardly used, but because you shopped there once, it holds huge amounts of your personal information. Here’s a tip: Take a look at your phone. Count the amount of apps you have that require passwords. Now count the amount of apps you actually need. We rest our case.

4. Technology has made us ungrateful and competitiveWhen was the last time you looked at your phone / tablet / PC / [insert gadget of choice here] and thought or said out loud “this thing is amazing.” Never. You never did that. If a page fails to load or a call fails to connect within an instant we all throw our hands up and declare the device to be a stupid piece of garbage. We hate our providers. Our phones. Our game manufacturers. And we hate anyone who doesn’t agree with us. And if we do so happen to openly like a device then we’re labelled as a fanboy / girl. As if appreciating a piece of technology somehow makes us inferior. With every new iteration we expect more and more from our devices. So much so that we’d rather focus on what they don’t do than what they do. “The new Xbox One isn’t backwards compatible”. Yeah? But you know what, it lets you play games with strangers on the other side of the world! Suck it up!

5. Goodbye general knowledge

The internet may have made us smarter but it also has made us lazy. Why absorb information when you can just Google it?Once upon a time when Google wasn’t around to solve disputes of fact, friends would have to accept that they had no way of verifying who was right and who would be paying for the next round of drinks. And there goes hours of fun debate over what other movies that random actor has appeared in.


Is there anything missing from this list?





  1. Number 5, has much substance and quite true. It is apparent that for many of the youth to even the range of some sixty years old that their verbal and writing communication skills are very poor. For the older generations it could be as simple as the lack of actual daily interaction or poor eyesight. But for some of our youth it’s apparent they don’t know how to fill out an application but if you talk with some they are smart enough to do so. No doubt in some situations it is the reason for them to be so frustrated enough to easily response in negative manners. In the article it was mentioned “debate” because of lack of communication skills these people often resort to public display and argue. And in number five it can be included that some are absents of mannerisms because they don’t actually communicate enough with others to observe how and when to do so. I will ask the readers to continue this in their own discussions and a good place to start would be to explore how this limits abilities to be creative. Once upon a time, our youth really inspired style in dress, dance …

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