Woman Arrested for Making Late Payments on a Washer and Dryer

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It’s now getting to the point that debtors prisons are growing.  People are being put in jail for not being able to make payments on time or owing too much money.  Two Atlanta women have a story that is a cautionary tale and nightmare for anyone who has ever borrowed anything on credit. It might also make you think twice about going to Aarons for anything.

A woman who doesn’t want to be identified, says that when she couldn’t make payments on a washer and dryer that she’d bought from Aarons, they had her arrested.

“They should think of the consequences it’s going to have on your life on your family,” the Loganville woman said, asking not to be identified.

The woman says that she knows she fell behind and accepts the responsibility.  But one thing she says she didn’t deserve was to be taken to jail over something like a late payment.  When she offered to give the appliances back, the company refused to take them.  That’s when she was hauled off the jail.

Shantel Jackson has filed a civil suit against Aarons for false imprisonment.

“It was traumatizing. I cried a lot. I spent most of my time crying,” Jackson said.

Jackson says that she was attacked by Aaron’s after she stopped making her payments on a television that was broken.  She says that the company refused to replace the TV, but demanded high payments anyway.  Aaron’s makes its money by charging high rates of interest on consumers who can’t afford credit.  Many of these consumers are African American.  The woman also called the company to tell them that the TV was stolen during a burglary.

“They told me I was lying. They know the TV was in my home,” Jackson said. Jackson’s attorney Cary Wiggins, said it’s a civil matter not criminal.

“You do not have them arrested. There is no debtor’s prison in this country. Hasn’t been that way since the 19th century,” Wiggins told Artz.

Aaron’s released a statement on the matter, “Aaron’s, Inc. cares about our customers and for 58 years has been building solid relationships with our customers and communities. Our culture is to work with each and every one of our customers to ensure that every effort is made to bring them to full lease-ownership of our products. We cannot comment on specific customer situations, but we do work diligently with all of our customers and undergo exceptional efforts, fostering communication with them to understand individual situations.”






    WE BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT FREE. Imprisonment is a billion dollar business. IT’S SLAVE LABOR and THEY NEED SLAVES, so by “ANY MEAN NECESSARY” they will make frivolous cases against our people to fill their imprisonment quota!

    Think about it. We are only 12% of the nation, but our people make up 75% of the prison system. And don’t think the prison system is broken…IT WAS BUILT THIS WAY ON PURPOSE!

    • Don’t be an idiot. I recognize that there is a somewhat disparate issue related to sentencing of convicted black men vs convicted white men. Yet, the issue of more severe sentences pales in light of the FACT that black men (as a group) are far more likely to commit a crime in the first place. If black men would simply stop shooting, raping, stealing, and drugging at such a high rate, then the disparity of their population in the prison system would be greatly resolved. So stop yelling racism with respect to prison populations, at least until the black population (as a group) cleans up its act – no white man is forcing black men to shoot, rape, steal, or drug; it is black people doing it to themselves.

      A Luciferian system? Well, you may be correct; Lucifer is obviously in control of a LOT of black men’s (and women’s) minds, and those black people so controlled are serving the will of the devil. If you stop serving the devil, and in turn stop carrying out the devil’s desires (e.g., shooting, raping, stealing, drugging), you might find that the prospect of going to prison is no longer an issue. And the reason I said a LOT of black men and women are do the will of the devil, just look at how you conduct your sex lives.

      And I must point out to you that, regardless of your political views, the FACT is that a black man is president. A black man is Attorney General. Those are two of the most powerful positions in our nation (the president being the most powerful in the whole world). Since the year 2000, we have had TWO blacks who served full 4-year terms as Secretary of State — and they were even appointed by a Republican president and approved by a Republican controlled Senate. Countless big city mayors are black; Heck, until January 2012, my small-town mayor was black, and our town is 85% white. My point is that the days of whites suppressing blacks is long behind us. Black men (or women) have every opportunity to rise up to whatever level their talents will take them. Using racism as an excuse for everything that goes wrong in your life is only serving to keep you from succeeding.

  2. A borrower is a servant to the lender. If people can’t afford to purchase a t.v. with cash, then they don’t need a t.v. They don’t call it an idiot box for nothing. This is why most entertainers end up bankrupt…buying stuff we don’t need. I see she can afford to get weave in her head though.

    • E-Bla, you sound like my mother. She maintained good credit, yet she adamantly refused to charge anything. She paid in cash. Your weave comment is hilarious. Bills need to be paid off the top. You will sleep a hell of a lot better.

    • I agree with E-Bla. Maybe she shouldve paid her bills before she went and got a several hundered dollar WEAVE!!!!!

    • I do feel that if you cannot afford to purchase something out right, then you don’t need it.
      However, speaking of the weave, it’s obviously synthetic hair, (very affordable) which probably cost no more than 9.99 a bag.

      • so what she has a W E A V E is yall attention span that short that the first thing you ignorant women can focus on dam no wonder black women do not have a support system nor sisterhood too many ignorant female being petty.

    • so what she has a W E A V E is yall attention span that short that the first thing you ignorant women can focus on dam no wonder black women do not have a support system nor sisterhood too many ignorant female being petty.

  3. I learned years ago that unless it is a car, if I can’t save up and pay cash for it, then I don’t need it!

  4. Wait a minute. There is something that is not complete about this story. There is no provision in law to have a person locked up because of a legal debt. Unless of course there was some fraudulent activity being committed by the borrower. If a borrower lied on an application for credit there is a lender loophole to criminally prosecute the borrower or if the borrower sells lien property without lenders consent and simultaneously do no make payment. There must be an indication of some criminal activity or intent before criminal prosecution can take place.
    It seems the article is not complete as far as facts are concerned.

    • Actually, this is the norm across the country. Creditors have people arrested and jailed for the amount due and the victims have to pay the amount due in order to get out of jail.

      • Actually, it is NOT the norm. You cannot be locked up for not paying a debt (with the exception of child support or a fine related to a criminal charge that had jail time as an option but the judge issued a fine instead of jail time). You can’t even be locked up for being unable to pay your taxes (not to be confused with tax evasion, where you file a false tax return or don’t file one at all). The only thing a creditor can do is sue you, and then try to collect by repossing your car or house, or by garnishee’ing your paycheck or putting a lein on your property. But if the ONLY thing going on is that you owe someone some money, you can NOT go to jail for that.

        • Not True…. I’m going to court right now to fight from going to jail over a debt with Aaron’s. I’ve already turned in my police report and photos showing it was stolen over 2 years ago. The TV was stolen in 2012 and I have court October 2014. I’ve been told that there’s a maximum of 3-6 months in jail or the full amount of the purchase is required.

  5. I don’t give a damn what color you are.

  6. I know the black leaders ran for the hills on this one. It is ashame what happen here, but this young lady can make a difference with the right legal advise. I am so disappointed withthis political mess from our so-called balack leadrs. What happen to “liberty and Justice for All”? I do not stand or will stand unitl someone define this to me.

  7. Sherrie contreras

    Funny how the article said this furniture is mostly bought by black ppl but funny everytime I ride pass Aaron’s or rent a center I see whites and Mexicans inside on the first week on the month guess their spending their government checks on per owned furniture my stuff in my home is new smh

  8. This is Unconstitutional !

    • Let me guess? Youre black!!! BOO HOO!!! OUR black president is doing several offenses that are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!!

  9. jamaicanmechat

    Too many judges. Not enough facts here.
    And this is a photo of someone who does not want to identify herself? Strange and contradictory.
    Is this even her photograph that we can assume that she purchases a wig before she pays her bills…let alone further conjecture.
    That she did not lose her job? (maybe!)
    That because your way of life is a certain way that a person deserves to be treated and judged by you?
    Also we don’t know, as one person said about the details of the loan.
    so i would zip it.

  10. All the facts are not being presented in this narrative. For the present, reserve judgment until the real reason why she was arrested comes to light.

  11. Damn… people go without !!! Go in debt over a tv just doesn’t make sense, especially when you’re dealing Klan white folks just itchin to destroy you. It’s Georgia !!!!!

  12. Dr Watkins, why don’t you wait and get all of the facts before you publish! It would save a lot of wasted drama.

  13. i just want to say that I have been with Aarons for over 20 years and this story does not make sense. if you miss a payment call them and let them know. I don’t believe that you can go to jail over a washer and dryer. not with Aarons. they have a provision in their contract that says you can return the items and when you are ready you can pick up payments where you left off. I think that this chick hid the items and lied and said they had been stolen. if you overload yourself then get a few items at a time. this is what I do. if you work with Aarons they will work with you I know this for a fact.

  14. She should’ve read the fine print in her contract. I am willing to bet that she didn’t read it. She was just so happy to be getting a washer and dryer that she didn’t care what the fine print said. If you have to go to one of these rent places to get a TV, washer & dryer, etc., you have probably s.crewed up your credit years ago. I have no sympathy for such people.

  15. I never purchased anything unless its straight cash. I purchased my 2005 Tahoe with straight cash then traded it in for full price on a Chrysler 300. I refuse to be a slave to these lenders. I worked to hard n long hours to get my money n support 6 beautiful children.

  16. I’ve read many of the comments here and many of you are right to some degree. The question is where and how do we change this culture we live in? The young lady is right about the prisons, 75% African American and we are 12% of the population but we as a people have done enough stupid sh*t that many of them belong there… I’m a 50 y/o male and I am so tired of turning on the TV and seeing in Philadelphia black males shooting each other 36, 48, shots fired, babies hit, lady shot in the head in her bedroom, at what point do start accepting responsibility for our own actions? I tell my children all the time think about the choices you make before you make them. If these women can keep their hair maintained with weaves, nails done, then pay your bills, if you cannot then give it back… We as African Americans have been wronged by this country but we have to stop this nonsense about look what they’re doing to us when we are doing it to ourselves; Go to a White neighborhood and try buying 40 ounces, malt liquor, fake ass jewelry, counterfeit clothing, never happen but in our communities its not a problem because we have to look like a million bucks even though we can’t pay our rent, new car and no garage to park it in, tina has a 60 inch so I have to go get a 65 inch tv from aarons and then cant pay the bill…. people wake up, save up and then buy cash if you have no credit, dont let anyone come into your community and sell you anything you cant buy in the white community, if and only when we get our selves together as a people, will be a force to reckon with.

    • That’s a genuinely imiesrspve answer.

    • It was interesting to see The Clash and The Sex Pistols and The Ramones graphics alongside those of the bands you’d never heard of. This gave a edge to Punk.: that, at least on the face of it, all the participants could be equal through the ‘cheap’ graphic style (contrast mtv, which, sadly, came later). This was however a double edge for Punk as there were also accusations that you had to (irony of ironies!) ‘conform’ to this style to be part of it. Of course it also showed up in the punk dressing. I wonder if any punks turned up in suit and tie to concerts in order to shock!!

    • Ryan took me kayaking a couple years ago on vacation. I kept thinking we were going to run into boats or things that were like a half mile away from us! I love hearing your story and the pics to go with it are great! I think a B- is good, but I know that you are a perfectionist and will harder for that A next time!

    • Aug21Velvet.Chaires Those are yours alright!. We at the very least need to have these people stealing pictures to start blogging! They undoubtedly merely did a picture search and grabbed them. They look excellent though!

    • Utferdstrang ligger i nordmenns gener. Slik er det vel, drømmen om litt mildere og mindre nedbør…Jan Mayen? Min sønn #2 er medlem av Jan Mayens Nakenbader Klubb.Det er ganske sÃ¥ artig Ã¥ ha pÃ¥ kjøleskapet et postkort, stemplet Jan Mayen.Vi er et færandes folk;))

  17. Furthur more she probably has a tricked out ride with an expensive stereo

    • And YOU’RE probably some fat nasty white bitch sitting at home looking for posts to make racists comments on while chasing naked hooligan children in your barefeet on the farm. Aren’t you the no-mind retard who started the big deal about the lady’s hair??? LMFAO if you can’t stay on topic, stay off message board you incompetent childish instigator. It’s people like you who are always making situations worse with your fat ass hateful mouth. BITCH.

  18. me112233 wrote that comment while smoking CRACK. or he/she is just plain old stupid anyway. The only thing sensible about what He/She said was Black people need to get off their Ass and make things happen for themselves. Stop blaming other people and get ourselves together.

  19. me112233 wrote that comment while smoking CRACK. or he/she is just plain old stupid anyway. The only thing sensible about what He/She said was Black people need to get off their Ass and make things happen for themselves. Stop blaming other people and get ourselves together.

  20. aarons is bull shit, they have to follow a colection process and nooooo, they can not take you to jail thats a lie, am a debt collector and no wehere in this fuking world theyll take you to jail or court for some furniture,,,, if aarons or rent a center keeps fuking around with the same shit, sue them, and take them to the better bussines beurow, recod thjem if you can and go to district atorney with that proof and sue the for harrasment and false representation , the account has to go to collections and then if the creditor wants to sue you theyll let you know,,, but no , no body goes to jail for that shit, thats alla lie, take shit from aarons and never pay it , thank you aarons am never paying you guys am waitning to sue your asses

  21. Can Arron’s call my family and friends and harass and tell them my business and say they gonna taje me to court?
    They have been calling my family telling them im late on my payments and they taking me to court

  22. All these comments keep talking about black people being put in jails and not whites. Well, today my white male friend who has a full time job, a white wife with a full time job, and a little 6 year old daughter. Today he was arrested for being late on payments for a couch and loveseat from a store called Underpriced Furniture. He was not only arrested at his job, he put into solitary and beaten by the prison guards. His bail was only $200.00 which his wife was frantically trying to compile throughout the day, but by the time he was freed, his spirit was completely broken. He was definitely late on paying his furniture bill, but he was never served with any paperwork threatening to send his account to a debt collector and he was never notified that a warrant for his arrest would be issued. I told him to lawyer up and that maybe even contact the news to share his story. He lives in Georgia just like the woman in the article, DeKalb county to be exact. Where is the justice?

    • Georgia don’t follow the rules and I know that because I just quit my job in law enforcement. I’ve seen it first hand. The black or white is irrelevant to me. Just need the government to follow the rules just as I’m expected to do. Not pick and choose if they want to enforce it on this person but not that one.

  23. They “Aaron’s” are all scam artists and criminals i would never use them again they called me a liar and threatened me. For all I know they stole the merchandise out if my house. I have never seen a business run by such incompetent morons in my life. I would like to join class action lawsuit as i will be filing one myself against the store i used and the employees who work there. My fiance had paid off countless accounts with them totaling thousands of dollars and they have no customer loyalty or repor. Most unprofessional operation i had ever seen in my life. BUYER BEWARE BOYCOTT AARONS THEY ARE CROOKS AND SCAM ARTISTS.

  24. Hi there! This blog post could not be written any better!
    Looking through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!

    He constantly kept preaching about this. I will send this
    post to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a great read. Many thanks for sharing!

  25. To the ignorance presented here you all are ridiculous I was with Aaron for 7 months always made my payments on time until I was laid off from my job I had been paying for insurance that should have been enough to pay off my last 3 months instead myself and all my references received threatening phone calls saying if I didn’t make a payment they would be filing criminal charges against me when I contacted them and showed them my paperwork that I had been laid off they told me it was a lie and the manager said blatantly that insurance doesn’t pay for a nigga that just doesn’t want to work criminal charges were filed after I told them to come get their stuff and I am facing them now and mind you I am a full time criminal justice student also with a full time job and as far as the comments about her hair if it hadn’t been done that would give you all something else to talk about until you go through shut up

  26. It seems every time something doesn’t go your way(African American) you use racism as an excuse.quit blaming everything on white people no one controls your life but you so stop using racism as a crutch . Pay your bills , it’s that simple

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