Saudi Prince R@pes a Woman, Murders Her and Dumps Her Body in the Street

What's Going On


Legal immunity is one thing, but some things just go too far.  Police in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia have confirmed that a girl was r@ped and murdered by a Saudi prince.

Witnesses in Samer, a Jeddah suburb, saw the girl’s body being dropped out of a car that drove away from the scene on May 30.  The people who saw the girl wrapped her up in a blanket and called police.  When police arrived, they realized the girl had died.  

The plate number for the car was captured by the police surveillance system, and that is when they realized that the car belonged to a Saudi prince.  The man accused of this horrible crime is Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud  The man met the girl at a shopping mall and she turned him down. 

According to police, the girl was then kidnapped by a friend of the prince’s and taken to a place where she was harassed.  When she tried to get away, that’s when they r@ped and killed the woman.  He then stripped the woman’s clothes and dropped her out into the street.

Witnesses are also saying that they saw the prince’s body guards put the woman into the car.  There is no word yet on how police plan to prosecute the crime. 




  1. And they always say American women disrespect themselves. Seems like women are disrespected in the Muslim nation oh and even killed!

  2. Betty and Harry, you ugly, fat, grease loving f@!k faces, you both should go f@!k yourselves.

    By the way, JR played you dumb a$$ hillbillies. He’s all about his money and that oil connection, and yes the Prince’s family are his friends.

  3. This is disgusting and atrocious. But legal immunity will allow this criminal to get away with his crimes. This is what happens when women are treated like chattel. She cannot even say no, for fear of being raped. Even if she had lived, they would have found some way to accuse her of adultery, and stone her.

  4. Women are of no value in the Middle East, so the only way this incident will bring change is if the people rise up. His car is caught on camera so that may hold some water ,but the article says his bodyguards took her from the mall, so there is a lot of wiggle room for him to get away. Being that he is royal, the reality is that the girl’s family will be paid to “restore honor”and he will move on to the next, just being more careful. I’m sure this is not his first ‘incident’. the bodyguards may talk to save themselves or die for their prince. After all , it is the Middle East…..

  5. Well, these criminals are friends of the United States. Please ask our president to explain our relationship with such animals, or are they just like us?. I have a hard time understanding our propoganda machines and the reality under which we operates. I am assuming democracy for the rich and terrany for the poor. Example Saudia Arabia, and Bahrain.

  6. Pretty much sounds like what goes on in the good old USA! The rich get away with murder, not paying all of their taxes, etc., are we any different, I think not…and the beat goes on…

    • Ann G
      Are you able to document your assertion?

      Or is it a feeling?

      Perhaps it’s something you have heard or read and believe even
      though no documentation was provided.

      Just asking that you not be the same as most on the blog, provide proof
      or it’s just an opinion.

  7. This is a great thing, not that the lady was killed, but it shows how different the rest of the world is from us. USA!

    All of you haters who often condemn this country and have the thought that things are so bad and so unfair in America have no idea what the rest of the world is like.

    What is strange to me is we allow these people into the country, they don’t become part of America, they just live here!

    For example Goggle “honor killings in America” or almost any other topic you will see this country is about to blow up because of all the different people allowed into the country who do not believe what you believe at all! They will vote and change things to their liking, just last week a judge made it a crime to say anything that can be thought to be defaming the Muslim faith, you can say what you want about any other faith!

    You had better wake up! The changes being made are not in your favor.

  8. Instead Of REAL MEN We Have Way Too Many Worthless Pieces Of Trash All Over This World. I Hope And Pray It Won’t Be Too Much Longer Before Father God And Lord Jesus Show Me I Can Get Out And Start Killing These Worthless Pieces Of Trash.

  9. This happens all the time. Now the poor excuse for a man got caught. He needs to beheaded just like they do others. His money will allow him to just get a slap on the wrist. As someone else just said women are not valued in the Middle East by most of the perverts. Odd though they value their mothers? What a forrest

  10. This is why Bin Laden got away from his Family! In Islam Allah is the Universal King! Not these Hypocrites & he should be charged & executed like all the rest it’s one Law for All–>Freedom Justice & Equality! Rape is a crime punishable in Islam by Death because the Female victim should not have to see this Hypocrite Nowhere Winking at Her or Something Rape is a Foul crime & you should get a Saudi Poke-chop for it! Hassan Chop! He will get off because of Corruption in the World Period,The Quran teaches you that Corruption is everywhere! This may not be the End of this Stay Tooned in My Brother Dated a close relative of this Family Her name is Abeer & this family paid my Brother Money to get Him out the picture? Next thing I know my brother had a new Car lol Islam is a Universal Religion but Racist Arabs Pakistani Indians are the worst I have seen in Islam but it is a Beautiful Religion!

  11. Bush can still eat-a-penis Dirty Ass Money Grabbing Devil!

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  13. Akmed Jones Madoff

    This reminds me that Presidente Obama devolved from Fascist Arabs in Africa!
    The dirty Queeran said to murder enslave and rape Kuffars and that’s what they
    did for over 1200 years. Millions of African Women murdered & discarded after
    being raped!

    It also reminds me that dirty disgusting Black Dog Amerikans rape and commit massive
    violent crimes in the USA much of which is covered up by the Leftist Media
    (born of disgusting hood rat holes!) !!
    Roast in hell you dirty Arabic & Black Dirty Fascists!

    You have earned it !

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