Prosecutor for Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman Trial, Angela Corey, Indicted by Citizens Grand Jury for Falsifying Zimmerman’s Arrest Warrant

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Florida State’s Attorney Angela Corey has been indicted by a Citizens Grand Jury.  Corey is being charged with falsifying information on the arrest warrant that led to the incarceration of George Zimmerman, who is being charged with killing Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Corey is being accused of falsifying the arrest warrant and complaint by deliberately withholding photographic evidence of George Zimmerman’s head injuries.  Members of the Citizens Grand Jury are saying that Corey rushed the indictment to boost her chances for re-election.

The indictment doesn’t have real teeth in court, but seems to be supported by serious legal minds.  Legal experts such as Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz condemned Corey’s actions, which he claimed omitted evidence that would have been exculpatory for Zimmerman.  He says that political pressure led Corey to jump the gun and wrote about the alleged criminal nature of her activities.  Others have said that Corey falsified the information in order to secure her own prospects for re-election.

Larry Klayman, a former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor, a Florida lawyer since 1977, said the following:

” Hopefully, this indictment will serve as a warning to the political and legal establishment that they are not above the law. Ironically, Corey will now be tried and likely convicted for her alleged crimes – which resulted in Zimmerman being charged under false pretenses, now coming home to roost during Zimmerman’s on-going trial. Corruption cannot be tolerated, particularly by law enforcement officers who are elected by the people to serve their ends, not the law enforcement officer’s political ends.”

Klayman now claims the odd title of “Citizen’s Prosecutor,” which sounds to us like he’s an experienced legal professional who gave himself a title after retirement that makes him sound important.   If that’s the case,  he is a lot like George Zimmerman, who didn’t have any true legal authority to be stalking out people in the gated community in which Martin was killed.  So, in the tradition of George Zimmerman, this may be another situation where real problems are created by people with self-appointed titles.

 The indictment of Corey may only be from a citizens grand jury, which (to our knowledge) appears to have no real legal authority, but it is reflective of the legal community’s divisions over a case that has been one of the most racially-charged since the trial of OJ Simpson.  Millions of people believe that Zimmerman should go to prison for killing Trayvon Martin, but there are others who believe that he is being scapegoated.

To have noted legal scholar Alan Dershowitz weighing in on the legitimacy of a Corey indictment is no small matter.  But Dershowitz is also known for expressing uncomfortable (read racist) sentiments about black public figures in the past.  For example, he has been heavily critical of President Barack Obama for his decision not to sign a blank check on Israeli oppression of the Palestinians.  So, you can consider the source and tell us if this indictment is real.  We just wanted to tell you about it.   Read more here.




  1. If this was a drug case the prosecutor will be doing a great job

  2. A Citizen’s Grand Jury? Who cares? Right wingnutters just looking for attention.

  3. The case is as simple as this. Trayvon was walking down the street. Zimmerman suspected he was up to no good, called the cops, then took the law in his hands. Zimmerman was the one who followed Trayvon in his vehicle, then on foot, carrying a loaded fire arm all against the direction of the dispatcher and the the rules of the Neighborhood Watch for that complex. As Trayvon was standing his ground against Zimmerman, Zimmerman shot and killed him. If Zimmerman had followed the rules of Neighborhood Watch or had stopped following Trayvon as the dispatcher had advised, we would not be here. When it comes down to it a life was taken and someone needs to be held accountable for it.

  4. Will an acquittal result in more gun sales? Follow the money.

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