Police Videotaped Planting Crack Cocaine in a Man’s Store so they Could Arrest Him

What's Going On


A shocking video is now making its way around the Internet.  The video involves a man who was under police suspicion for selling drugs, even though he wasn’t selling anything illegal.  The man, Donald Andrews Jr., ran a smoke shop in Schenectady County, New York.

Law enforcement officials in the area were suspicious of the man and regularly sent undercover officers to do surveillance on his store.   During one trip, an officer is caught in plain view of store cameras pulling out a small bit of crack cocaine and putting it on the counter when no one was looking.

“He comes in, places the crack on the counter. Crack, which under federal sentencing guidelines, would get him 4 years in jail. Under New York State law would get him 2 to 7 years in jail,” attorney Kevin Luibrand said while narrating the video for an audience that was in stunned by what they saw.

The community is outraged over the incident.  The Schenectady chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference has taken the lead on the matter, expressing their shock and concern over the incident.

Schenectady County Sheriff Dominic Dagostino reportedly told WNYT-TV that procedures weren’t followed and that the rogue cop who planted the evidence is now on the run.   Andrews is in the middle of filing a wrongful arrest lawsuit against the police department.

Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University Professor and founder of the Your Black World Coalition, says that this case is reflective of the slippery slope that exists for black men when it comes to the criminal justice system.

“If this is the case where the officer got caught planting the drugs, what about all the thousands of other cases where the officer wasn’t stupid enough to do it in a room full of cameras,” says Dr. Watkins.  “The truth is that these incidents are not anomalies, and are reflective of the corruption that exists in a system that has found black men to be lucrative commodities for the prison industrial complex.  It has destroyed our families and must be confronted in its entirety.”

If police testimony is always valued above and beyond the defendants, how often do you think this happens?  With black men being arrested for drug distribution more than any other group of people, it probably happens more than you know.





  1. That Has Been Going On For Many Years In The United States By Time Everyone Should Put Up Cameras Dirty Cops Are Every Where & Are The Real Criminals

    • Has anyone besides me noticed the absence of racist caucasian trolls make a comment on this story? They love to make excuses for their wicked brothers and sisters no matter how revolting their behavior. Apparently, the reason they won’t show their wicked self on this story is they can’t manufacture any lies to disguise this crime.

      • ” Yep…..I’ve Noticed….They’re Quiet As A Mouse….The Bigots….SMH….” !!!

      • wow if that isnt the pot calling the kettle black

      • As long as the gov’t keeps the race war going this will continue to go on. Corrupt cops come in all colors and races. AS long as we keep saying a “white” cop set up a “black” man or “black” cop beat up a “latino” man, etc., instead of saying a crooked cop set up a local businessman we will never put the gov’t in its place. The gov’t (The Powers That Be) loves having the races at war with each other, it what keeps them in power. The media plays into this and stirs up controversy to distract and have us argue amongst ourselves. The police are the enforcement arm of the TPTB. Doesn’t matter what race you are, if you do something they dont like you will be a target.

        Yes the cop’s photo should be posted if he is arrested or wanted and on the run. Note media chose to show the shop owner’s picture.

      • Oh My God brother, I swear that’s the only reason I scanned through the comments, They always seem to keep quiet when the evidence is so solid that there is zero chance for denial, all of a sudden they are against the cop but the reality is, they need for black people to be guilty so bad that they will jump through any hoop and twist any truth to fit their sick agenda. If there was no camera present but black witnesses the same white folk giving the supporting comments would be throwing slurs and the usual troll accusations. Big Will you on point!!

  2. This has been going on forever. It is described in the book “American Frankenstein – How The United States Created a Monster! In the chapter “The Justice System – Black Demonization”. Every one should read this book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1450085687/ref=redir_mdp_mobile

  3. and we are surprised, why?

  4. I wonder why this story hasn’t been picked up by the mainstream media. Dr. Boyce, please make this available to the general public and will someone notitify CBS, NBC, CNN or since they have access, do they really care. We may have literally hundreds of thousands of people sitting in prison because a police want to shut down a black business or to boost their arrest numbers. How many black lives have been destroyed, while we complain of the crime in our community when the same of KKK mentality keeps us down. Yes, the white man will call us whiners, but video evidence from Rodney King to this man, will expose their intent. In order to keep you from rising, they will break your wing.

  5. My question is why isn’t the rogue cop’s picture being shown instead of the man who owns the store???

    • thats a good ass question

    • ” My Sentiments, EXACTLY….Where’s His Photo ?…..” !!!

      • That’s Very True… They Should have put up the picture of the Dirty Cop & His C.I. that did the Plant… They say the Cop didn’t Follow Procedures.?… What.?.. And That would be NOT getting Caught.?.!… Black or White, a Dirty Cop is a Dirty Cop. and there a WAY TOO MANY of Them.

  6. This sad state of affairs is just a taste of what is to come. The police will become even more corrupt as our government is quietly inching us towards an all-out police state. If we as voters wise up, we can put these politicians out of office and get rid of the power of special interest groups for good. But will we wise up? Will we awake before it’s too late?

    • But thats not even the answer. All the voting booths are own basically by the government. They showed that on national tv that they can be hacked in 90 seconds. But you are correct, we are headed towards a police state unless we o something…

      • We are not “headed for a police state, we are in a police state and it can only get worse. Have been since the early 70’s. The groups that were awake and aware of where we were headed were quickly silenced by assassination. There are groups that are still trying to fight the good fight but how do you fight unlimited wealth?? There are so many “laws” on the books now that we are all “walking criminals”.

  7. Rev. George Brooks

    I am suggesting and requesting that Brother Boyce and Your Black World see about trying to get this website AND ALL OTHER BLACK MEDIA to work together on this and other issues concerning black folks. For right now there is no unity, which means power, between the black media because Jews and other whites are having too much control over these blacks, including BET, Essence and Ebony, and many of the black newspapers, while they also own and control the major media. So why are we not talking about Jew and other white control of the media, on this website, and how blacks need to few themselves from these Jew and other white media “slave masters?” This drug-planting story should have been loudly blasted all other America, and especially by all black media, but has not been. So we need to talk more about white control of the black media. And Your Black World can lead the way. OR ARE THEY FREE TO DO SO, or in some way “in chains” also? — Rev. George Brooks

  8. Thank God for cameras!! We have so many corrupt policemen in this country it makes you think they recruit them off the streets of the cities!! I hope the court places this cop behind bars where he belongs with others of his kind!!!

  9. Peter D. Slaughter

    So how many still celebrate that phony 4th of july madness ?
    Who really believes Lincoln freed the slaves ?
    With this incident and the number of black males,black females and other black people being beat and killed on a regular all across the country.
    I am trying to figure what type of madness are people really celebrating.
    Black’s were warned years ago about this new world order.
    How many took heed or took the time to really figure and study what it would mean when it comes to basic survival here in the hells of north American ?
    No and it’s not just based on the end of time as stated in book of revelations so wake up.

  10. This has nothing to do with race, but thank you for fueling up some BS about it. No matter the race, if a person of any race gender or creed were to have a “smoke”shop this kind of activity would happen. Thank you for spreading ignorance.

  11. On top of the fact that the police tried to set this man up is the fact that the racist policeman just places the crack on the counter like he would a bag of chips. I mean anyone could have come into the store and placed that crack on the counter. Why would it just automatically be assumed that the store owner put it there. I mean this is just dumb, stupid, ignorant and racist to boot!

  12. @HOTEP: Not only God, you know too. It appears this is a rhetorical question that has a definitive answer. THE PERSON WAS BLACK.

    You also are a scholar not that is really important, it is that Blacks ask the same redundant question over and over, why? We are not stupid people this amy be one of the reason we are feared. Looking back to 1619 it was greatly enforced that Blacks MUST NOT be taught to read and write English. The fear is one of losing footage in thinking Caucasians are superior, with that being said, Black stolen were scholars, landowners, physicians, and more.

    • Just for clarity, it is an undercover INFORMANT that planted the crack. He may have been directed to do so but we don’t know that yet.

      • What does that matter? Whether or not someone directed him to do it, he still carried out the action with his own will. Either way, it’s still wrong!

      • Ecneimoos are in dire straits, but I can count on this!

      • Bonjour Greta,C’est vrai que le shiatsu équin n’est pas très répandu, bien vu, ce peut-être également comme cela que l’on peut utiliser nos mains.

      • Hej ja men det har jag tvÃ¥ng köpte en när det var helt slutsÃ¥lt i sverige men testade köra abgx nu pÃ¥ needforspeed nya spelet och den gick igenom precis som innan har bara brännt nya spel med just XGD3 sÃ¥ hade lite fler saker i kryssade men men fÃ¥r kolla spelen jag har helt enkelt tack för snabba svaret igen..

  13. Hope the owner OWNS THAT IDIOT OFFICER AFTER he sues the tar out of his a$$.! 😀 😛

    • I hope he wins his lawsuit….but that won’t deter such behavior from “those types” and they will surely try to wise up and come up with better tactics to try and crush us.

  14. I’m sure it happens quite frequently, as well as, using “throw down” guns. The cops these days are cowards, they will stop at nothing to get their man! Keep suing the city, state, etc., eventually they will get the message when they end up like Detroit. Glad he had the cameras!

  15. LOL…This cop was SO FOCUSED on planting drugs in this man’s establishment that he forgot all about cameras. (or maybe he thought just because the owner was black, there wouldn’t be any cameras) What an idiot.

  16. They do this every day, all day, everywhere they can. That’s what white racists do. They have been planting drugs and guns in black communities in this country since at least the late 1940’s, using black informants to keep them abreast of everything we are doing, and paying off a certain type of vicious black male to kill members of his own community. Make no mistakes about the malevolence of these people.

  17. We all know there is a systemic problem with Law Enforcement and regular civilians in this country. There
    Are dirty Cops threw out this country. The United States attorney General Eric Holder is the top Cop in this
    Country. And should change the Law, for sure. This young man, I urge him to sue to the fullest extent
    And make this police department accountable for there actions. This is why so many minorities are in
    Jail for something they did not commit. White man always want to put blame on black young men
    For something they have not done in this country. Yes we are free and have opportunity to what cost
    In this country.

    We have learned in this society black men in this country have no worth to beginn with. This problem must
    Stop and educate our young black youth about the Judical System. I pray this entrepreneur owner
    Seek justice to the fullest extent. President Obama get fully involve as well and show his power leadership
    To end this joke system in this country.

  18. This video went viral online for some time now .., Except the police used an police informant to plant the drug … You can spin an entire weekend online. watching police trumping up charges , planting drugs & other abuses all on video cameras….

    I’M p.I.s.s.e.d. off any time events happens and I don’t whip out the cellphone camera… I’m practicing my “quick draw” everyday, Straight to viral… POLICE activities now-a-day$ should be a GOLD MINE for lawyer$… Constant stop-n-frisk and your not doing anything suspicious .., You don’t need any money unless the lawyer gets you money…

    NYPD harassed 90% percent of its minority populations and released them for no violations.., Those (OBAMA PHONES) should be put the practical use…

  19. Yep rogue cop on the run that they will NEVER go looking for. They must have the very same DNA as the GOP that NEVER did go looking for Osama Bin Laden. Nor will the GOP ever be concerned with the perps that did Ben Ghazi as all the above are on the Halliburton pay roll.

  20. EVERYONE of this cops cases should be REVIEWED… There’s a former Chicago cop who tortured at least **100 blk men** on trumped up charges, Even sent some to death row for crimes they didn’t commit.. This story never made national news….

  21. Just another piece of shit cop deal.They call them informers, I call them Rats!Either way a piece of shit Pig! Clean up the world. Kill a cop! fuck em all!

  22. I recommend after filming pig bullshit…..put it on you tube right away before the piece of shit cops can destroy it

  23. For all the aforementioned racist comments made above, let me state my point of view. First of all: The whole system is corrupt, evil, lying, and manipulative. Race, creed, and color is the divide perpetrated by our enemies. I have known this for over ten years, if you look at life, our Government is selling out, full of bribes, supports only those who help get them into office, and this did not start with Obama, and only will end when the people stand up and fight Big Government.

    To place the race card from any angle makes you stupid, nieve, and another example of a controlled pawn in life from the Power Elite. Stop believing mainstream media, don’t trust your government, and notice all great dynasties fall from within, USA is no exception.

    Non-compliance is the governments biggest weakness, if we all stop playing their debt/slavery system and stop supporting the very Corporations that are destroying humanity for profit, it is then and only then we can bring snese and peacefulness to humanity. All the wars are banker wars to help the Rothchilds get even richer, and they are trillionaires not billionaires.

    Wake up America, stop looking for someone to blame and waiting for someone else to fix what is broken.

    Signed a human being,
    my race or other beliefs should not even matter to no one!

    • I agree with you completely, Race is not the issue here. Police can and do do whatever they want to whomever they want. If you look at this as a race issue you are mearly feeding the pig.


  25. WOW, This cop not only should be fired & the city sued, the cop should have to serve the same time in jail as the guy he planned on jailing for this. I’m white male the age of 49 and there’s nothing more that I hate than a racist person let alone a fucking pig!

  26. If you people want RACISM to stop then you have to start dismissing it. This story is about a BAD COP getting another into trouble. The color issue doesn’t matter, but its always the blacks bringing it up to perpetuate it. This stupidity is exactly what will continue to ” keep the brutha-man down”, and keep those Aryan Nation types laughing their asses off.

    If you want to prove that as a collective, you can keep up intellectually, then GRASP THAT.

    Not that I’m holding my breath. I suppose this will be followed by more argumentative racism.

  27. Why is everything turned into racism ? Doesnt matter a bit if the cops or the crooks (in this case they are both the same) are black , purple, white or green. The fact is that our cops are crooked !!!!!!!!!

  28. Every black person from this day forward should keep their cellphones camera icon on the homepage for instant usage and connection to YouTube. Film crap like this and post immediately, if your being followed, record your movements. If you hold a conversation with ANY OF THEM, record it. Basically we have to become our own reality show. The more proof we have, the more it becomes ammunition against their b.s.. Also the comment earlier about shutting down those in power, would definitely work if we as a people follow those exact steps, also I noticed the lack of the prejudice comments too; hey them punks must realize they cant sugarcoat that one. One last thought……if this was done in a mob store, the “rat” as they would so aptly put, would be dead within 24hrs.

  29. And you Wonder why so Many Blackmen are in Jail? Remember the system is Shady Baby! This is called Systematic Racism because it was there from the Jump(racism) 50 years ago We had no Black Cops? So you tell me??? Dummy it was already a Set-up When they so-called let us go Peonage System Sharecropper System to keep us locked in the South & Broke if your Poor Economically in America these Demons can do Whatever to us so it is What it is! Sam Jackson was right you Brother’s better watch your Back! Crackers at it Again they get Money for sending a Negro up North to the Pen!

  30. I hate All Swine’s Porkchop Patrolmen Dirty as a Pet Swine!

  31. America is witnessing the beginning of the end of her DEMONcracy.I have said this again and again and again:We should have a powerful summit between African-American leaders and the African Union.African-Americans and Africans need urgently to form a powerful alliance to take on this monster.We need each other.Look at the European union.EU has successfully been able to free herself significantly from America domination.
    We surely need a similar union to free ourselves from the dominance of these Demons who created DEMONcracy.


  33. The police have been infiltrated by secret societies who practice devil worship. That’s why the police are acting so crazy these days. They are on the lower base of the pyramid of the parasitic cartel who control vast amounts of power and political influence. they operate by planting their agents in various fields of intelligence, politics, federal, state and local law enforcement. When or if the time comes the host is of no more value, the parasite will most always devour the host which it feeds off. They control Washington, they run the federal reserve. They are 13 families of the cabal known as the enlightened ones. Satan their god is the “lightbearer”. It is a deception. He is of the power of darkness. 13 is the devils number. on the American one dollar bill there are 13 arrows, 13 leaves, 13 stripes, 13 stars. and an owl, another santanic symbol. The secret societies were around in England when the 13 colonies were established. the number 13 is symbolic to them. If represents chaos and use the number in praise of their god Lucifer. the secret societies were around since pre ancient times in one incarnation or another. they were the priests who controlled Egypt, They spread throughout the world as far as south America, to the far east. The created pyramids, they used human sacrifices. they are a secretive, evil race who pit one side against another to start wars. that they themselves profit from. they are the orchestrators of all war. They are with us today. They are the all seeing eye at the top of the pyramid. In this world there is a power of good and a power of evil. The power of evil uses deception to deceive the masses. 911 was a deception reinforced by the deception of the corporate controlled media in order to deceive the world. The word devil in the ancient tongue translates to deceiver. We are being deceived. when a policeman plants a false evidence to falsly accuse an innocent man he is using the devils deception as he has been told to do. In Toronto Canada at the police headquarters is a freemason working on an incomplete pyramid. There are many freemasons in that department. The freemasons are a secret society. they are the latest host of the parasite being indoctrinated to serve their evil master.

  34. I’m just curious why everyone thinks the cop is white? Don’t get me wrong he probably was but I was just wondering if I was missing something somewhere because I don’t see any description of the officer except rogue. And before anyone gets all in an uproar and try to say my question is racist…it’s not. I hope the shop owner wins his lawsuit and owns the police station after its done.

  35. this is like the Murder case of Jessica Currins in Mayfield, Ky. this girl was killed and set on fire, and the police lost the evidence to convicted the people who did it, and set them free. only to find out later that the police was having sex with under age girls

  36. This report isn’t accurate. The POS that planted the evidence was a “Confidential Informant”, not a “rogue” Police Officer.

    In short:
    Was he sent in by the Police? Yes
    Are the Police liable for his actions? Yes
    Was he a POS that was trying to reduce his sentence? Yes
    Was he a rogue cop? No

  37. Hope he sue the pants of they butt

  38. Some play to WIN, some play to kept from losing. Police Department and others have used this practice in the urban community (Black Poor Neighborhoods) since I can remember. Those of US who were fortunate enough to have survive have seen this practice over and over again. One story I will share, several young men were arrested for allegedly for gambling and taken to jail after being search, the next morning in court the police presented their evidence, small sum of money and a pair of dice, only to have one of the young men to pull a pair of dice out of his mouth.

  39. How can any of you fools say that this is not about race. Did they show the mugshot of the White piece of crap who set him up or the pictures of the White officers who sent the piece of crap in to the store ??? No but they showed a mugshot of an innocent black man !!!!! It would have been easy to get a picture of the man. They just had to ask but no. They made sure an honest BLACK man was portrayed as some kind of criminal. There are many smoke shops in the area that are owned white people but how many of them are under suspicion and being harassed by the police ??? For anyone to say that this was not racially motivated is either very naive or very stupid or both !!!!!

  40. If the “rogue cop” is “on the run,” then the police will follow the usual procedure of dealing with a fugitive from justice — hunt him down and kill him. That’s the way it’s handled when the fugitive is Black or Latino. Oh, sorry. For a moment, I thought the police were even-handed. Must have been something I drank.

  41. I don’t have much to add to the comments already submitted, but felt compelled to mention that this is
    classic racism – the competition for wealth and power. Unfortunately and historically, White people have had
    the upper hand for centuries and have carefully constructed a system that guarantees Black people will always be a minority and unsavory underclass.

    Unless and until Black people come to understand the nature of the game being played, they can never compete. Racism is a team activity. It cannot exist otherwise. To combat racism, Blacks need to understand the nature of the game, learn how to play and then dominate, as we do in all other activities that we choose to concentrate upon. White people know this well and work diligently to portray Blacks as lazy, criminal and sex crazed.

    Yet, the records indicate that it was the Whites who enslaved Africans to work for them and make them rich. It was Whites who rationalized the buying and selling of free people from the African continent. And it is White people who own and control the porn industry.

    This is classic sociopathic behavior. The denial of who and what Whites really are at heart.

    Please forgive the rant. Just had to vent a little.

  42. This is an outrage, but let me tell you for a fact that I know it doesn’t only happen to Black men, it happens to White men too… and not just men… Some cops are just dirty, and it seems like the dirtiest are doing the hiring these days… Just sayin…

  43. This is the shiid that happens daily in Florida, whether you own a smoke shop or not. Truth be told, I knew a guy who owned a smoke shop, and actually did sell illegal substances from his shop. They never bothered him about the illegals, only harrassed him about the legal stuff. But I can recall personally having experienced that same thing, and I don’t own a store either. I was once arrested for allegedly posessing illegal substances that was in the hand of the officer as he apporached the car I was driving.. (In his hand as he walked up to charge me with posession of it).. after spending 5000, and losing my Gov’t job behind this mess, I had to leave the state to get my job and my credibility. Sorry fucck ass lawyers in florida are just as bad as the crooked cops and the judges (jail owners).. There is no way to justify this mess, the embarassment it causes, nor the lives that are destroyed behind the lies. It really makes people lose faith in the Criminal justice system. Sadly noone cares until another officer is shot down for his crimes then martyred because of his position..

  44. This is the problem people blame alll whites for what one does and then make racist comments about us being evil. Last time I checked there are white and black police officers. And yes most are corrupt. Most all government and political figures are corrupt. But don’t blame it on one race because evil and corruption exist everywhere. How can anybody overcome their past if they keep looking back at it and living in it. We are one race. We are all human and should be treated with humanity. For one to make racist comments makes you just as racist but blinded by your own self righteousness. Love all and don’t blame all for one man’s actions. It would be sad day for us all if we were judged by what your neighbor or friend or classmates did.. one love and unity against our real enemies. We are all brothers and sisters. We should start acting this way.

  45. This is so disappointing, but not shocking. This country is so split by race it’s sad. We shouldn’t hate each other by the color of our skins. It’s disgusting what that cop did to this man. I hope they give this cop all that he deserves.

  46. In response to bigwill, the reason you do not see us white people making comments is because unlike you and your race/color/ethnicity whatever, we saw that a mistake was made and ACCEPTED the fact. And guess what? i feel sorry for that individual and i hope his lawsuit brings him enough money to retire on and he enjoys a great life. Both you and GenieGal are showing your true ignorant side in the comments that you have made. Lastly, why is it that you feel like this should be filled with a bunch of racist white people? I bet if it was the other way around you would be on here saying “that cracker is lying”. Enjoy your day and may one day your ignorance and inept ability to see past race goes away.

  47. Why is it that a black person was set up and all you see is a bunch of blackies on here posting shit? Im glad that he was setup, cause the police stopped another black person from poisoning our society!!!!!

  48. No victim, no crime. It’s time we legalized ALL victimless “crimes.” Besides being completely immoral, it’s a waste of resources, so we have more real criminals, like pedophiles, rapists and murderers among us, since law enforcement is wasting valuable time harming the innocent. In addition to all that, it’s too easy to set people up when there’s no real crime. The country knows drug use isn’t a crime or Obama wouldn’t have been elected. Had he said he robbed a convenience store or mugged an elderly woman no one would’ve forgiven him, but his drug use was pretty much a non-issue. So why does this war on drugs and people and common sense continue? And by the way, we’re all “families apart” as Jimi Hendrix sang in Machine Gun back in 1969-1970, since we share a common ancestor out of Africa who was dark skinned of course. So, technically, every “American” is “African-American.” We need to get past this bogus race stuff which is based on an ignorant foundation. If all have a dark skinned common ancestor, we are all “families apart.” See, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cARuoM0sxkw .

  49. Wow. As the only white guy to comment here, I would like to ask all of you to go back and read all of these comments. How can you ever expect equality when you see every white person as your enemy? You all are fighting against what we all want.

  50. And they wonder why so many African Americans are in jail. The video tape and DNA testing is proving what we all know about the police. They go out of their way to target and frame innocent black people.

  51. What happened here is wrong. No doubt. But you guys are soooooo quick to make it about race. What about those black kids that killed the innocent austrailian kid that was just minding his own business? They even wrote on twitter that they hate white people and 90 percent of whites are mean. No black representatives taking that case to heart as they did with Trayvon. So yeah I do think it is about whinning. Crime is a crime no matter what the color is. A white mother’s baby was shot point black in the face by a black teenager for a little bit of money. Why aren’t you guys talking about that? Why isn’t race infused in that story. Because crime is a crime. Most black people today didn’t go through the hardships of slavery yet they act like they’ve been through the ringer. I would think that is disrepectful to my ancestors if I am taking credit for what happened to them/or what they did. There yall go. Y’all wanted a “troll” comment.

    • Hey Mr. Daniel , you wanna mention a “few” incidences where there was a crime committed on a white victim by a black perpetrator. That may be true, however yet though, there’s been thousands of black victims that have been murdered during this countries’ genocide version of African-Americans from slavery through the civil rights era. How about Emmit Till?…the teenage boy back in the 50’s who was lynched just for whistling at a white woman! How about the savage beating caught on tape of Rodney King by L.A. police officers? “You guys” as you mention in your comment, don’t talk about black on white crime such as the ones you alluded to. However I’m COMPLETELY positive that these same individuals who committed those crimes WON’T be acquitted in trial as was the officers who were found not guilty in their trial against Rodney King or George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin. Accusers of black on white crime rarely get acquitted as do when it’s the opposite way around in this society! You also mentioned that most black people today didn’t go through the hardships of slavery. Why do you NEED to go through it in order to see the atrocities of it. Just like the saying goes, an injustice committed on an individual, (any place or TIME!) is an injustice to everyone.

      • So you’re saying that the white people of today did that to your ancestors? I never said you need to go through it. It is history that we learn from. But do not act like all whites are racist because things have changed so much. Trayvon was not completely innocent. How did George get those wounds? At least trayvon had a fighting chance if it was all on George. That Australian had no chance and wasn’t engaging in anything. Anyway crimes are crimes. Blacks are always so quick to label it as racism. So the divide will continue.

  52. Glad the videotape was running. Unfortunately, not unusual for the serve and protect folks!

  53. Prisons have become a RACKET to make money.. just like the parking system in PHILLY…

  54. I have read all the comments and would like to say a few things that will cause a lot of the people that have posted here to hammer me but so be it. First of all I am a retired soldier and I have a lot of black friends that I have and would put my life in there hands again and you find out real fast that when you are in a battle and are taking fire that all the racist bullshit stops you depend on the guy that is with you in the fight to have you back and you don’t think about what color his skin is or who he prays to does not matter. If we are to get passed all of the bullshit that the government is putting out for {the best for the American people} we need to stop all the blacks have done this or the white people don’t want the black man to be successfully that is not the case with most of the {white} people. We all should look at what has been said! First we are not in the days of slavery and no one owns no one even though the government wants you to think they own us{blacks and whites}. We need to look at the bigger picture. Yes there have been a lot of hostilities that are between the American people that all the racists want to keep going so they can get what they want by keeping us fighting among ourselves and not paying attention at what they are doing{Obamacare,syria,unemployment,welfare,} they want us to fight with each other. Yes there has been a lot of hate between a select few that want to keep the race card in play so the ELITE that run this country can put more money in there pocket or give it to our enemies. Please take the time to look at what the press is reporting on and see if it worth playing the race card if it don’t go the way you want it to go and yes that includes all the white,black,red,yellow,blue,purple,ornage or whatever color you are we are all americans so it is time to stop fighting with eachother and start fighting the people that keep this thing between the people going and look at what we can do to stop all the racism and see if we can come together and be what all the people that have served and died for the freedom WE ALL HAVE and be the people that deserve the freedom that they have laid there life down for. It is up to you and me and anyone who lives in the U.S.A. to stop all this shit and become one and not divided into sex,race,ect. the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States that belongs to all of us. So may all of us keep our minds in the fight with the politicians and not with race,creed,sexuality or anything that distracts us from doing what we need to do to live together. Just a idea that would be nice.MLK ain’t the only one that has a dream.

  55. Thaty’s why the cops must not be allowed to have a place to themselves while doing a search. There must always be a witness.

  56. Sound like Baton Rouge , La


  57. Certainly not shocking.

  58. It’s a full time J O B being black LMFAO! I hope this guy wins millions of dollars, and deservedly so! SMDH

  59. The news reporter stated that the individual planting the crack was a confidential informant — not a police officer. The difference is one is paid by the city or county to enforce laws while the other is paid by the police department uto provide information on other individuals to the police. So no rogue cop involved but a rogue system.

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  61. I once heard a former assistant DA of NYC give a lecture on this subject. Seems when they planted drugs, it was mostly on traffic stops, they would have a pre-trial rehearsal as to where they “found” the drugs. Their two favorite locations were, “If fell out of his shirt pocket.” and “it was in the open glove box.” This was routine procedure according to this DA

  62. That is why they were called PIGS. This country want to view them as heros and theycan do no wrong. I live in Phila and a cop(Black) was caught on tape slapping a hispanic woman in the face and he was awarded his job back

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    Not responsible. He’s not on the run. They know he’ll talk if put under questioning.

  65. My goodness, I did not know that black people in America knew what white police were specifically doing to black people at random, this means that one day your number will play and you might not like it.

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  84. The problem with Law Enforcement is they NEVER condemn, chastise, reprimand or correct their own. The few that ‘claim’ to walk straight turn a blind eye when the rotten maggot pig cops are showing their thug persona. The only good pig is a dead pig.

  85. Good question. “Caught on Tape” headline and a mug shot photo would mislead those not actually listening to the story into thinking he’d been the perpetrator not the victim.

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