Believe it Or Not, Circumcision is Big Business

What's Going On


In a recent interview with VICE online newspaper, Paul Tinari, a member of the Aboriginal people of Canada or Metis, described how he was forcibly held down and circumcised on a desk when he was eight years old in a church-run school in Montreal, Canada.

Tinari has since received a grant from the government of British Columbia to have foreskin restoration surgery and he said that the original reason that he was forced to have circumcision was because a priest believed that he had been secretly masturbating.

Tinari goes on to say that thousands of young First Nation boys who were trapped in the religiously run schools could have been forced to have circumcision because it was standard practice at that time.

Continuing his story, Tinari said that the priest came for him late one night when he was sleeping with the other boys in a big dormitory and dragged him out of bed and down the stairs. Then the priest took him into a room where there was a mohel, Jewish circumciser, and tried to forcibly circumcise him.

Apparently Tinari didn’t want to be circumcised so he fought back and kicked one of the priests in the nose. The priests then broke Tinari’s nose and his arm in response. The priests then carried out the circumcision, according to Tinari. They held him down, put a clamp on his p*nis and went ahead with the circumcision without any form of anesthesia or disinfectant.

The resulted in a serious infection that lasted for weeks, said Tinari. He adds that he had a chronic infection for many years until he had corrective surgery.

When asked if he thought other boys suffered, he answered, “I was told that if I told anybody or if I talked to any of those boys that I would go to hell, and in those days I believed that. But I do believe that several of the other boys were treated the same way even though we never discussed it among ourselves. We were in fear. I don’t know if you know what it’s like to live in total fear, every day.”

Circumcision can be a profit making industry. According to Tinari the skin can be sold to bio-chemical and anatomical researchers to study skin and it’s also used in making skin for skin grafts for patients suffering from severe burns, as well as other products such as anti-aging skin cream.




  1. I believe in circumcision, but ONLY in a sterile hospital WITH a local antithestic given to numb the area to be removed. That baby may not remember the snipping a day later, but he sure does feel it the instant it it getting cut off!!

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