Christopher Martin (left) and Jessica Stroble (right)
Christopher Martin (left) and Jessica Stroble (right)

Sεx On the Plane: Couple Arrested Following Flight Intimacy

What's Going On

Christopher Martin (left) and Jessica Stroble (right)

Christopher Martin (left) and Jessica Stroble (right)

Reported By: Britt L

A beauty salon worker and a companion were arrested after they debarked a plane from Medford, Oregon to Las Vegas. A mother complained to the airline’s staff, disgusted by the sεxual acts Jessica Stroble and Christopher Martin were engaging in during the flight.

“This is not the sεx education I wanted to give my teenage sons,” exclaimed the mother.

Passengers and children alike who were onboard the Allegiant Airlines flight, watched Jessica and Christopher grow increasingly intimate in their seats on the plane. Christopher’s gεnitals were exposed for the public to see before Jessica began to perform oral sεx on him. “They did take a break, however, when the mid-flight drink and snack service came down the aisle, but resumed shortly after,” claimed a passenger that witnessed the steamy encounter.

Court papers obtained by The Smoking Gun describe in detail how Jessica and Christopher engaged in multiple sεxual acts on the hour-and-a-half flight. The couple not once stopped when asked by airplane staff. During the second round of their mile high extravaganza, Jessica exposed herself.

Passengers claimed to see Christopher in “his own world” during the sεxual escapade. Smoking Gun caught up with Jessica at her job and asked if the allegations about the airline bonanza were true. Jessica replied with “none of that happened.” Jessica also neglected to disclose the nature of her relationship with Christopher. She only replied stating that they were not married and has no contact information for the man.

If Jessica and Christopher are charged, they face 90 days in jail and a fine. This, of course, is not the fist case of inappropriate behavior on a plane. In 2007, a British couple had sεx in an Aeroplane bathroom. Their flight was diverted, and the couple was forced to pay a $12,000 fine.




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