TX Walmart Evacuated After Suspicious Spray Makes People Choke, Vomit and End Up Hospitalized

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walmartBy Barry Burch Jr.

Have you ever been out and caught a whiff of something that just didn’t sit right with you?  Well imagine that multiplied by ten.  People in Texas are sick because a mystery substance was sprayed into a Walmart they were shopping in, on Sunday.

The store, located in Harris County, west of Houston, had to evacuate all of their employees and over 100 customers.  As reported by KHOU, the incident, which occurred at 8:45 p.m. resulted in four people being hospitalized, and a multitude of others experiencing difficulties with breathing as well as burning sensations in their eyes and throat.

A customer and victim of the debilitating spindrift told KHOU he “saw people choking” and “heard somebody was mixing chemicals in there and throwing it in the area.”  Another customer, Oluwatoyin Iseyemi, told KTRK that people “were even throwing up.”

The two persons responsible have yet to be identified, but are believed to be between the ages of 18 and 25.  According to the Huffington Post, authorities are confident surveillance footage will reveal the culprits caught in the act, “red-handed.”  Unfortunately, and what is surely most terrifying for the victims, is that the harmfulness of the spray has also yet to be determined.

Sadly for Walmart this scare follows a recent blemish on the company’s customer safety record that took place in February.   On two different occasions a man was caught on tape literally throwing semen on women in a Walmart in New Mexico.

And there’s more…

A family in Maine thought they were in for a sure treat when they brought their cake home from Walmart, but they had no idea that treat included a knife hidden within its sugary, frosted-covered layers.  And just last year in Washington State a rattlesnake bit a man, who mistook it for a stick in the gardening section.  Yikes! Walmart seems to have a lot of problems that require their attention.

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