“Deadly Force Was Not Necessary,” Says Family of Woman Who Crashed Obama’s Gate

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Miriam Carey did something that could have harmed other people on the day she died.  But she was also a person who was diagnosed with a mental illness, and she had family members who loved her.

Right after Carey sparked the first incident that has put Capitol Hill on edge, her family has gone into the media to speak on her behalf.   Her sisters, who are all distraught over what happened, says that she is not a terrorist.

The family is also questioning why DC police chose to shoot and kill the woman when she “didn’t deserve to die like she did,” according to her sister Valarie.

“Deadly force was not necessary,” her sister said.  Valerie, who is also in law enforcement, says that police could have rammed her car or disabled it instead.  They didn’t have to take her life in the process.

“There had to be something else they could have done,” said Amy Carey, another sister. “She didn’t have to die. To know a child was in the car, too, why did they shoot?”

Police are not saying if they had any idea that the baby was inside the car when the shooting incident took place.   The baby, named Erica, wasn’t hurt in the incident.   The family doesn’t yet know who is going to get custody of the baby.

Miriam Carey had been having delusions, believing that President Obama was stalking her.  She then crashed into the gate at the White House and was shot and killed by police.

Carey’s sisters say that the 34-year old dental hygienist has been suffering from postpartum depression and psychosis.




  1. They did her bad!! Very sad

  2. They didnt have to shoot her.

  3. She was going to be killed just because struck the officer her car. These days police are out to kill anybody they can. These members of the police state saw the child in the car when they look in the first time. You can see how close they were, so it is child endangerment to have shot at her the way they did both times. Her sister I wonder, have ever spoken out before now about how deadly force is used?

  4. First of all it’s a sad situation all the way around. I feel most for the baby she’s left behind. I’m getting the lastest which says that she wasn’t taking her medication. That’s the first NoNo. People lets look at the harsh reality of this situation. Her refusal to take her meds not only put her child in danger but it also put others in danger as well, and even worse, it led to her demise. I agree that maybe the cops should of shot out her tires but that too could of led to her losing control of her vehicle and possibly running over innocent bystanders or crashing and harming herself and the child too! The first time the officers had their guns drawn, she backup and sped off almost running over law enforcement. I could really care less for some police officers but in this case I felt that force was almost unavoidable due to the callateral damage it could of really caused. I feel that GOD leaves examples for all of us to learn from. Mental illness is real in the black community and we have to care enough about ourselves and our loved ones to seek help or be supportive if and when needed. We can’t afford to ignore this issue or continue to act as if it’s uncool to receive treatment or talk to a therapist about what’s bugging us.

  5. Peter D. Slaughter

    So tragic, another fine pretty black woman gone.
    From seeing the picture of these police they had way to much fire power in this situation.
    I wonder how many bullets did they put in this womans body.
    This is how we can tell for sure if to much force was used.
    By looking at the pictures of the scenario and how their bodies looked.
    It seemed they took some kind strange pleasure in shooting this woman.
    Somebody or a % will say ” hey ” They were doing their jobs ”
    Or “she had no business ” trying to crash a car into the white house ”
    These so-called law abiding types will justify and mainly back the police in this situation.But overall from seeing how this was woman was killed.
    It was prime example of excessive force being used.

  6. Force was necessary in this case, had they not shot her she was going to kill somebody with her car, no she had no gun but in this case her car was deadly. They may not have known her child was in the car. Now for the sister and mother, where were you at when she needed you most, not after the fact! You knew she had problems and had you been paying close attention you would have noticed she was not taking her meds. Too many love ones ignore the situation but are the first to raise cane when something happens to their love one. There may not have been anything they could have done as far as forcing her to take her meds but don’t blame the cops for doing their jobs after all, they damn sure were not getting paid to protect! I suspect some jive time lawyer trying to make a dime off of their heart break put them up to this! You must realize law enforcement did not know your sister/daughter for all they knew she could have had a bomb in the car, they had no way of knowing.

    • You’re absolutely right Ann.

    • She was shot “trying to flee her car”. In other words she was running from the car. The threat of her hitting someone with her car had passed. She was unarmed. And those are pretty callous words to say about her grieving family who just may be reading these posts.

  7. Obama’s GATE? What hating moron writes this crap!

  8. In 2011, 20% of Black Americans over age 18 received treatment for mental illness/distress. That’s 1 in 5….and that is just the reported cases. I have no doubt if we include the unreported mental episodes that number would be closer 50% maybe higher. At some point Black people will be forced to confront this major issue of mental illness in the Black community, which is approaching epidemic proportions.

  9. Its a sad situation, but we must be honest. There was no way of knowing this young lady was unstable at the time of the incident. The way she was driving was unpredictable and no one knew what was her plan. If they would have hesitated, who’s to say she wouldn’t have tried to run through another gate, innocent people, or a suicide mission? We must really look at the big picture. Why was she allowed to drive alone with her child if everyone knew she was on all of these medications for these diseases?

    • Shelly, I agree. We must not look at every single situation as racist because she was a black women. This could have been avoided if the family would have been more involved.

  10. First of all my prayers go out for the family, secondly deadly force is the only force law enforcement has to offer in order to protect our President. Family members only come to the rescue we they think there is of a payoff involved

    • I am suspecting that we are not being told the whole truth. There are now reports that the police knew the child was in the car. There were initially reports that the baby was placed in protective custody after the mother was killed, and was not injured. Then there were reports that the child was taken to the hospital “for observation”?? Now the family of the murdered woman in interviews (online) say they asked to see the baby, but were turned and by DC officials, and have not been able to see the baby..and they were also not allowed to see the dead body of their daughter/sibling. They were asked to the coroner’s office to ID the body, but were only shown a photograph, and when asked, were denied viewing the body of Ms Carey. WHY?

  11. Well the police did say PLEASE STOP. and she still didn’t listen

  12. How sad this is for the baby. If her mother was mentally unstable that doesn’t take away the lost of this baby’s mother.
    It’s a dam shame how police shot and kill minorities.

    • Selina, I’m pretty sure even if this was a caucasian person, the resulst would have been the same. The cops had no idea that she was unstable. If a person was driving towards your family house or an outside gathering, you would have done all you can to stop this person and prevent them from harming your love ones. You wouldn’t have time to think and say “oh, maybe this person doesn’t realize what they’re doing”. Therefore and unfortunately, her life were taken because her family should have made sure in her situation not to operate a vehicle with her child and they knew she wasn’t taking her medication. Sad situation.

  13. Mental illnesses needs to be addressed, too many people are dying or killing because of it. It is no longer associated with the old aunty or weird uncle.

  14. Some OfYou HaveSense Allot Of You Don’t smfh This Isn’t My House Or You’re House But This The White House And ThePresident We Talking About They Not gone Get One dime They Didn’t Care About That Gurl If They Did They Would’ve Been Taking Better Care Of Her come To My house Like That Ima Shoot Yo Ass To Without a Question ppl Are Crazy these Days Ain’tNobody Taking No chances And i Don’t Blame Them Ijs

  15. The only people who try to justify the murder of that so called Black woman who drove her car into the WH. gate are hate consumed bigots and so called Black people struggling with self hatred.

    • Tariq Williams, black people struggling with self hatred? Apparently your parents impressed you with prejudice and intolerance. Some of you Gentiles defy common logic with your indulgence of parental indoctrination of bias and hatred. Not all but a great portion fit the mode of hog droppings with moronic troll like features. Best said Inbreds.

  16. She drove from connecticutt to d.c.? Who was the last person with whom she spoke? The family dropped the ball. They could have asked a judge to declare her incompetent.

  17. Peter D. Slaughter

    This woman was executed and many will brush it off and be scared and wont say sheet.
    There is a clip showing that they baby was taken out the car.
    Then they shot her.
    Now if that is not execution I don’t know what else.
    My ? how many black’s are co-signing on all this bs law and order crap.
    Did these kkk,nazi type police follow law and order ,while doing their so-called job.
    Heck no,they reverted right back to their true,bloody,racist kkk Nazi nature

  18. The only thing that has been bothering me as I read the comments, aside from the incident itself is “well it’s her fault because she was not taking her meds”. Or “her sisters should have done something about her mental problem.” This upsets me because I have personally worked with family members with various mental issues and making sure they take their meds on time everyday is a major issue. Unfortunately, our society is not set up with adequate help for the functioning mental patients. Most times once a patient start feel better the stop taking their meds and unless you stand there and sometimes literally shove it down their throat, it may not happen. I have pleaded for help for my family members but but the health laws leave huge cracks where these patients end up falling through. So please stop putting fault on the family unless you know for sure they did not help her. Or fault her because not up on her meds. That is something that a lot patients do. That is one of the reasons they need constant help.

  19. This is a very sad case, and demonstrates the gravity of certain mental illnesses. Secondly, with regard to whether or not the cops could have avoided killing this young mother, it is no secret that law enforcement is more likely to kill an unarmed African American than not, when involved in hostile encounters with law enforcement. The police were amphed up, and over twenty cruisers were in pursuit of this woman. That’s understandable because they didn’t know what the woman’s intentions were. However, when they got close enough to the woman’s car near the Capitol building as she was pulling off, they surely had to have seen the baby. They could have shot the wheels of the car instead of killing her. Some accounts stated she was getting out of the car when she was shot, others say she had her hands on the steering wheel when she was murdered. Also, these officers were so amphed that they shot and wounded one of their own! She didn’t have a gun, so they are the ones that injured another in “friendly” fire! Aint nothing friendly about getting shot, though!!!
    A day after the Navy Yard shootings, a White man threw firecrackers over the gate of the White House and initially it was thought the firecrackers going off were gun shots! But guess what? The White police tackled the guy and put handcuffs on;there was no heavy handling of the suspect. He’s probably chilling at home!!! And there wasn’t a parade of police cars either. Point being that police react quite differently when they encounter African Americans allegedly involved in suspicious activity.
    Shucks, if a “Brotha” had thrown firecrackers over the White House gate, he probably would have been a dead man having been shot on sight! Anyway, the Justice Dept. needs to review the increasing number of African Americans that are being killed by White Officers. Being biased against Blacks should not result in killing our people.

  20. If a car is considered “using deadly force” then half of the idiots driving to work everyday should be shot at. I put my life on the line everyday because I have to put up with inconsiderate a-holes that will cut me off, tail gate my vehicle in heavy traffic, or speed excessively and run me off the rode when there’s no shoulder. Yet none of these folks are given so much as a ticket. The woman was obviously under stress but that no cause to kill her. Hitting a blockade with your vehicle isn’t necessarily a terrorist crime. The person could have been drunk or in this case off their meds. The young woman didn’t do anything to deserve to killed and someone is going to half to pay big time for it…

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