Student Sets His Teacher on Fire

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A student has been arrested for setting his teacher on fire.   The 15-year old is accused of assaulting his teacher, Gabriela Penalba while her back was turned as she entered into the classroom.  The teacher, just 23-years old, was set on fire when the student used a lighter to set her hair and shirt ablaze.

Fortunately, the teacher was not harmed, since the other students rushed to her aid.   But after it happened, the student tossed the lighter out the window and ran away from police when they arrived on the scene.  But the police caught up with him, and he confessed to what he’d done.  The student is now in juvenile detention and being charged with aggravated assault and evading arrest.

Penalba teaches Science and Physiology at Knoxville West High School.  Melissa Ogden, a spokeswoman for Knox County Schools, told MailOnline that the teacher is in her first year.  This is a rough welcome to the world of teaching.

This leads us to the next question:  Do you think that kids are less disciplined today than ever before?  Why is that?   There are some who advocate that teachers should carry guns to class to protect themselves from students.  Wouldn’t this just make the problem worse?  What about armed guards instead?




  1. They should return the favor or beat his ass good. They need to put discipline back in school. Get rid of these school child abuse laws.

  2. This is an ongoing problem for educators. We are always blamed for all the worlds ills, but unless you are in education you have no idea what we deal with. Yes kids are more disrespectful than ever before and the main issue is that parents are being friends instead of parents and as a result are consigning their behavior.

    • Your comments ring so true. I feel another issue is the inability to expel students from schools. Students are compelled to attend school, but they are not compelled to engage and follow rules and regs. If they cannot handle it and want to act out, burn a teacher’s hair, lie about a a teacher’s conduct, threaten a teacher with their parents, then that student should be removed. Period. Out of the main schools and into the discipline schools.

  3. More is going on then what meets the eye,yet no one wants to see or listen to the truth. How can such nefarious things happen as they do? In the manner which is abnormal. Wake up sheeples. Look at targeted individuals.

  4. Parents are the real problem they are the ones who need discipline. Some have no idea how to parent.

  5. The kids these days do not get the good ole fashion whoop azz we got as kids which made us think twice about doing anything. I worked in the Child Study Team in a bad area and the parents who are still kids themselves from the projects always wanted to fight when you told them their bad azz off-spring(s) were acting up or not doing what they were suppose to. I swear, these kiddie-parents needed a beat down to knock some sense into their heads. If the parents have no ambition then they could careless if their kids do but at least they know they will know how to sell those drugs if they drop out in the 8th grade. Horrible!

    I grew up in a upper class neighborhood, being one of a handful of minorities in the school district and those privileged kids are horrible also. No home training because the parents were so busy trying to buy them since they were always left with the nannies.

    Me, I got my butt kicked growing up because my mother was not trying to have us act like animals and I don’t play with my kids. Kids need discipline. Period! Teachers should not have to discipline our kids. they are there to teach!

    • OK. So you got the beat down and this helped you be better. What do we do with those students in the schools, my friend? I advocate that they be removed and placed in discipline schools until such times and they can behave so that a teacher is not threatened, murdered, lied about, lied to, or faces other types of punitive actions. I read about a Muslim teacher who had the SAME THING done to her a few weeks ago. One more thing – teachers should have the courage and the legal ability to sue the parents of these children for their violent acts. Once they are taken to court and feel the wrath of a lawsuit, some parents will get the message.

  6. As for teachers having guns in school? Bad idea especially if one of those bad kids gets a hold of it, then you may really have a dead teacher. Armed guards, maybe? They need to be trained extensively with kids of all ages or again, it will end badly. Plus, who wants to go to school with armed guards? I know I wouldn’t. Sad situation. Just beat some tail and regain order with our youth.

  7. Parents are responsible for the way the children act in school and elsewhere. They are busy being “friends” instead o being parents. Since the concept of “it takes a village to raise a child” became too “old fashioned” the “new age” parenting has caused utter chaos in the schools and neighborhoods. Yes I believe children have less respect for adult figures!!

  8. We need to find out why the student would commit such an ac. Our children need help. They come from dysfunctional households and are expected to act like well behaved children when the enter these pipelines to the prison.

  9. Children today are worse off than ever, a lot of the problem has to do with parents, a lot has to do with the way laws are today. Too many parents want to be friends with their children today instead of being a parent. An adult child needs to you to be his/her friend, after you have raised them as their parents. From age 6-18 their peers are their friends. As an adult child you become their friend by having someone to talk to when they cannot talk to their peers. Parents today cannot understand the difference! Also today we have too many children having children and if you have not been taught, how can you teach? The upper class think that by giving their children everything they want, when they want, is being a parent, they have no idea either about how to raise a child. What we end up with are lost generations. The law says you cannot spank your kids anymore, I say to them, let me be the parent or you will be seeing these kids in your court rooms and jails! There is a big difference between a good old fashion ass whipping and a child being abused by being hit with a fist upside the head!

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