Helicopter Falls Out of the Sky, Crashes Into a Bar

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Patrons at a pub in Scotland are alarmed after a police helicopter crashed into the roof of the building.  At least eight people were killed, and over twenty people were injured.

The Clutha Pub was hit in the afternoon, according to police.  There were about 120 people inside the pub at the time.   The pub is located on the banks of the river.

Chief Constable of Police Scotland Stephen House said that he did not yet know how many survivors were on the plane and that there are more dead than they’ve seen thus far.

Scotland’s leader Alex Salmond said the tragedy, “is a black day for Scotland and Glasgow.”

“Numerous” casualties were removed at the start of the incident and have been taken to the hospital and other locations, Asst. Chief Officer Lewis Ramsay with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Ramsey told the BBC.trying to get out the door.”

Authorities say that the tragedy was actually a miracle and could have been much worse.   The shopping district was nearby, and had far more people in it.  The helicopter exploded upon impact and observers say that it would have killed far more people in the shopping district nearby.

“I think it’s a miracle that more people didn’t die,” one man told CNN.

Three of the dead were two police officers and a helicopter pilot.  May their families be blessed during this difficult time.




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