Don’t Do This: Bride Pays for Her Wedding with Company Credit Cards

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If you try this at home, you’re going to be spending your honeymoon behind bars.  La’Reese and Darelle Darville got married this past summer in Hollywood, California, presenting a beautiful ceremony for their friends and family.  In fact, the wedding price tag was a shocking $50,000, enough to make her feel like a princess on her special day.

But the problem with the couple’s wedding planning is that police say that they didn’t really have the money themselves.  They claim that the couple stole the money from a company credit card.

La’Reese Darville of Port St. Lucie was arrested on charges of grand theft.  She was released on bail shortly thereafter.   She says that the situation is a big misunderstanding, but police aren’t seeing it that way.

She says that the charges were approved by her father, Leroy Felix, who is the part-owner of Partners III Pawn Shop.   She says that her dad provided her with a credit card number that was connected to the business.

“It’s been said, or worded, that the card was stolen,” Darville said. “I called. He gave me the number and (said) use it. I used it and it was being paid back, so I have no idea what the whole big deal is about, but (certainly) it was a huge mix-up.”

But police are telling a different story.  They say that they were called to the store in November and spoke with two other owners, Keith Angelotti and Scott Matthews.  According to the Palm Beach Post, the owners found a series of massive wedding charges that they didn’t understand.  They asked Felix about the amounts, and he allegedly didn’t know what happened.


They then confronted Darville about the charges.  She says that she spent the money, but said her father gave her permission.   It may have been the case that she spent far more than her father had authorized.

Police are concluding that the young woman had permission to spend $10,000, but did not have permission to spend the nearly $40,000 in additional charges she put on the card.  She says that she’s paid back $17,000 to the company, but can’t prove it.

“Everyone in that business, the other partner as well, has used the company credit card for other expenses and paid it back,” Darville said Wednesday. “It was being paid back, so it really wasn’t an issue at all. Or so I thought.”




  1. If she had to pay for her wedding with credit cards then maybe she couldn’t afford it, and she had no business doing what she did. She tried to live above her means.

  2. Whatever happened to the Justice of the Peace??

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