Woman Forced To Have C-Section By Social Services; Baby Taken Away To Be Placed In Adoption

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c secBy Nigel Boys

A pregnant Italian woman travelling to the U.K. by airplane to attend a training conference suffered a panic attack because she had not taken medication for an existing illness.

However, instead of helping the woman by taking her to a local hospital, police took her to a psychiatric facility where she was forcibly detained under the country’s Mental Health Act.

While she was being detained, the social services in Essex, England obtained a High
Court order in 2012 to have the woman forcibly sedated and her baby removed via caesarean section.

According to the social services the woman had suffered from a mental breakdown and they were acting in the best interests of the woman and her unborn child. They added that the forced caesarean was to make sure she could do no harm to herself or the baby.

However, Member of Parliament John Hemming is now set to raise the woman’s case for discussion in the U.K.’s Houses of Parliament because he believes that questions need to be asked concerning the abuse of social services power in the country.

The Liberal Democrat MP is also the Chairman of the Public Family Law Reform Coordinating Campaign and he is fighting for the rights of people because too many have been victimized by the court system and the social services.

One question that will be raised in the House is why the woman, who is not a citizen of the U.K., was not returned to her home country, Italy, for the social services there to decide what to do about her situation.

Another concern by Brandan Fleming, the woman’s lawyer in England, is that social services made no attempt to contact her family or the Italian social services before going ahead with their plan.

According to the Italian mother, she was never informed of what was about to be done to her. She shared that after spending five days in the psychiatric facility she was drugged and when she woke up her baby girl had been forcibly removed and taken into care.

The mother has since returned to Italy but her daughter, who is now 15 months old, is still in the U.K. under the protection of social services. Although the woman insists that she has made a complete recovery, she was denied custody of her child by a Chelmsford Crown Court because the judge feared she might suffer a relapse.

The baby girl will now be placed up for adoption in the U.K. even though family and friends of the Italian woman have offered to take her into their care.



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One Response to Woman Forced To Have C-Section By Social Services; Baby Taken Away To Be Placed In Adoption

  1. WTF? What just happened here? I don’t understand how the UK can just take it upon themselves to forcibly take anyones baby; but especially a Non-UK citizen. I am apalled and can’t see why they don’t check themselves and see the injustice in this. What is going on in this so-called global world? This type of power is unimaginable and we better wake up because they are exercising it at every turn.

    D ONeal
    December 8, 2013 at 7:56 am

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