Mandatory Drug Testing For The Poor Comes To An End

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mandatory drug test failedBy: Britt L

Due to a very ignorant and unofficial assumption made by Republican Governor Rick Scott, the Sunshine State is out of a ton of money. But to add insult to injury, Scott’s practice has ended up in court.

In February of 2013, the Florida governor suggested a senseless theory; In order to save the money of Florida tax payers, the state should force drug users to withdraw from the public-assistance system.

In the practice, assistance recipients were forced to take a drug test before receiving aid.

However, Rick’s policy failed dramatically.

Only two percent of applicants tested positive, and the state was forced to reimburse everyone else who were required to take the test.

The pay of staff and administrative costs for the program also broke the states’ pockets.

After other states like Utah, Minnesota and Missouri followed Rick’s protocol and too lost big time wages because of the failed experiment, a United States District Court judge has set out to band the signature legislated law, stating it “violated the protection against unreasonable searches.”

“The court finds there is no set of circumstances under which the warrantless, suspicionless drug testing at issue in this case could be constitutionally applied,” wrote Judge Mary S. Scriven in a statement.

The ruling comes Tuesday after the same federal court blocked further implementation of the Florida law last year, however the ruling this week makes the law permanently banned in all states.

In Utah, more than $30,000 was spent to screen welfare applicants for drug use, but only 12 people tested positive, showed state figures.

“The Beehive State spent more than 30 grand to weed out 0.25 percent of those seeking benefits,” stated Henry Decker, former candidate of the U.S. Congress.

Minnesota officials reported last week that after thousands of drug test were administered, state officials discovered citizens who rely on Minnesota’s welfare program for low-income families “are actually far less likely to have felony drug convictions than the adult population as a whole,” MSNBC reports.

All of this wasted money serves these conservative states right. Obviously, these money crazed Republicans believe that all jobless Americans are drug addicts, when in actuality all of them aren’t. Instead of putting money towards jobs and the school systems, they insist on punishing and belittling the poor.

What do you all think about this ridiculous law?



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