Steve Jobs And Google Exec Eric Schmidt Caught Trying To Hurt Their Employees

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By David Bloodsaw

The Business Insider reports Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt have colluded for years to control the salary of tech workers. It all started years ago with an email from Steve Jobs to Google’s founder Sergey Brin threatening him to stay away from his employees, specifically, the team that created the Safari web browser.

Business Insider:

“In fact, as the agreement stretched over years, Apple supposedly had an internal “hands off list” and Google a ‘Do Not Cold Call’ list that recruiters used to make sure that ‘war’ did not break out between the companies.”

Salaries for Tech Workers are up into the six digits, but the suit says that their salaries were depressed by 9 billion dollars in the 2000s. The U.S. Department of Justice has filed the suit and it covers 100,000 tech workers.

If the pact was broken, then the culprit would have to endure one of Jobs’ fits of rage. This collusion extended to Intel and Adobe, who is also named in the suit.

Google’s CEO Schmidt knew what they were doing was illegal and instructed staff to not discuss the pact and communicate verbally among the knowing parties.

The focus of the suit is the incriminating emails discussing the pact and how top personnel participated in the scheme. Apple and Google have been fighting the litigation. What is telling about the suit and the emails is how these companies tout free enterprise, but secretly have been suppressing salaries of the people who make the product, which made these companies into empires.

Also named in the suit were Lucas Films owner George Lucas and Steve Jobs owned Pixar. George Lucas felt it was necessary to control the salaries of employees in order to curtail competing for employees. He felt their business was unlike other industries and the margins couldn’t survive bidding wars between companies.



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  1. Steve jobs is now more than a name. He has done some remarkable things in the area of technology. He is remembered though his work.

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