Baby Was Born With Almost No Blood in Her Body

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Doctors are baffled over the birth of a baby this week, mainly because the baby appears to be something of a miracle.   Little Hope Juarez came out of her mother’s body after losing 80% of her blood after hemorrhaging inside her mother’s wound.  Unbelievably, the baby survived, but doctors couldn’t get hardly any blood out of her.

There is no word on how the child’s long-term health might be affected by this stunning development, but doctors are trying to figure out what happened. The baby kicked 10 times during the last 30 minutes of the pregnancy and then suddenly went still.  That’s when she came out of her mother’s body ghost white.

ABC News tells the story:

About 80 percent of her blood had drained from her body due to a fetal-maternal hemorrhage.

“When they first pulled her out, she looked perfectly fine,” said Juarez, 27, of Fountain Valley, Calif. “But she was ghost white. She was breathing like a normal baby, but she had no color to her–not even pink.”

Hope, who was 6 pounds, 2 ounces, had a hemoglobin level of 3.8; an average baby should be between 10 and 15, according to doctors.

So-called “ghost white babies” are rare, and those that do not die in utero or are still born, can have neurological damage, according to the National Institutes of Health. The biggest signal of fetal-maternal hemorrhage is decreased fetal activity.





  1. She will be fine, she is a blessing to all who sees her picture. I pray for her and her family.

  2. She will do great things with her life

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