Man Shoots His Neighbor Without Warning, According To Police

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hopkinsbrothersshotbyneighborby David Bloodsaw

The New York Times reports Robert Bruce Black, the man who shot and killed two men he thought were trespassing on his property will be charged with two counts of first degree murder. The two African-American men he killed without provocation were surveying their own property. The victims, Garrick and Milton Hopkins were on property that once belonged to the family of Robert Bruce Black.

The shooter gave no warning before he shot and killed both brothers, for what he thought was his land. In fact, the building that the men were inspecting has no value and wasn’t on his land. The authorities are baffled is to why he took such drastic measures to protect a worthless building. Even if it was his building, they question as to why not call the police or give warning. The Cabell County, West Virginia Sheriff has these questions including many more.

Garrick Hopkins and his wife purchased the property adjacent to Robert Black and were going to start building a house in the near future.

Garrick and Carl were looking inside a shed and Black responded by shooting both men using a rifle; with absolutely no warning. There was nothing in the shed that had any value. They both died at the scene. Black called 911 after he shot both men.

Police seized a sizable cache of weapons and ammunition from Black’s residence.

The shed was on a part of the property that was owned by the Black family in the past.

Sheriff Tom McComas said, “We’re still trying to figure all of this out. … Hopefully we’ll find out his reasoning as the investigation continues.”

McCormas said that race does not seem to be a factor in the tragic shooting of the Hopkin brothers. Black was not under the influence of drugs or had any alcohol in his system. He is being held without bail.

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  1. I am speechless!

  2. Race had nothing to do with the shooting???? I 100% certain that had this been two whites inspecting Blacks property we wouldn’t be seeing this report!Nothing to do with race.Get real!

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