Obese Woman Dies In Hospital While Still Attached To Her Couch

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By Barry Burch Jr.

A woman in Stuart, Florida, is dead after spending the last six years of her life on the couch. She was 480 pounds.

According to wftv.com, the woman died after emergency workers attempted to move her on Wednesday. She was literally stuck to the couch. Her name was Gayle Laverne Grinds and she was 40. The workers did everything they could to safely move her. It was reportedly a six-hour effort to dislodge Grinds from the couch in her home, which ultimately turned out to be a terrible failure. Grinds’ house was incredibly dirty and she was too big to even get up and go the bathroom, workers said. The stench in the home was so powerful that fresh air had to be blasted through the doorways. Everyone who entered had to be in protective gear.

The four-foot, ten-inch woman died of “morbid obesity,” according to a preliminary autopsy. Officials still want to know more about the conditions inside of the home. Grinds reportedly lived with Herman Thomas, who said he tried to get her off the couch many times, but was unsuccessful. Officers are investigating negligence.

Sliding doors had to be removed by emergency workers to get Grinds out and she had to be transported while still on her sofa. She and the couch were placed into a trailer attached to a pickup truck. Because her skin had actually been grafted into the fabric of the couch after being on it for more than half a decade, it had to be removed surgically.

Grinds died inside of Martin Memorial Hospital South, while still attached to her couch.

Neighbors claim that despite seeing Thomas and some children outside from time to time, they had no idea of Grinds’ presence within the house.

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  1. Unfortunate that the woman died ,but how in the hell does a person allow themselves to get to that state where they put on so much weight ,that they can’t even get up from of the couch to walk to the washroom in the first place? she would have to literally be sitting on the couch feeding her self junk food consistantly and not moving around.I just think thats pathetic.

  2. Negligence? GTFOOH

  3. I’m trying to figure out why in 2014 this site is posting a news story that occurred in 2004.

  4. This is so sad why would this happen?

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