Facebook Post Cost Teen $6,000

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bill for facebook picturesBy Nigel Boys

Mother and daughter, Kate and Casey Snook were really enjoying their vacation in New York City, so much so, in fact, that the young girl took snapshots of everything they visited to show her friends back home in England.

Casey, 14, was so impatient to share the experience with her friends she decided to upload her pictures to her Facebook profile. However, the eager teenager omitted to block her “data roaming” function on her phone and ended up with a bill for $6,000.

The pair continued to enjoy their 5 day vacation until Victor, Casey’s father, called to tell them about the huge bill from the U.K. phone company, Orange.

The mother of the happy teenager said that when she informed her daughter of the enormous bill, she broke down and cried. She added that they never believed that such a large amount could be run up on the Internet by just sharing pictures and enjoying their vacation.

A representative from the British phone company reportedly issued a statement to Yahoo! Shine about the matter of the large phone bill.

The statement basically said that Orange were aware that their customers would use more Internet surfing time while they were on holiday and that is why they offer various plans to protect them from going over their limit.

The statement continued that several texts would have been sent to the customer to make them aware of various charges when roaming in a foreign country, but if they ignored those warnings and continued to surf, then they should expect a large bill.

However, the Snooks claim that their daughter didn’t receive any obvious warning texts that she would be generating such a large bill for usage of the Internet and their regular bill is only around $75. Kate added that she believed the phone company had acted irresponsibly by allowing their bill to reach such an amount.

According to Todd Dunphy, co-founder of Validas, whose company specializes in saving customers money by analyzing their cell phone bills, roaming data plans are confusing to everyone, not just teenagers. He added that it is not out of the ordinary for customers to rack up such large costs while surfing.

Dunphy went on to say “Phone carriers are doing better at informing customers of the high costs of using their phones abroad, but unfortunately people are still being hit with sky-high bills.”





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