Good News For Felons Who Want A Better Job

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crimnal background checkBy Lechette Walker

Criminal background check questions normally discourage convicted felonies from filling out job applications, due to the fear of not getting the job because of their past behaviors. The criminal record has prevented the newly reformed or former criminal the opportunity of getting places to stay or to even earn an honest living.

The rehabilitation of the former criminal continues as they are released into the society. Sometimes that rehabilitation is halted by society’s limitations and confinement of the reformed criminal to a box of rejection, belittlement, and despair. The disparity of the former criminals has inspired them to fight for equal treatment and opportunity.

Good news has arrived for San Francisco residents if the proposed ordinance is passed. The ordinance would prohibit private employers, publicly funded housing providers, and city contractors from using the job application to view the applicants’ criminal history. The criminal history still can be obtained once the live interview has been conducted.

According to the policy director at Legal Services for prisoners with children, he stated that “Incarceration is bad enough.’ Once people are released from prison, they deserve the basic right to the housing and employment that many of us take for granted.”

Even though this is not a blank check for the former criminals, this is a step towards the right direction for society forgiveness. The “Fair Chance” ordinance is the first step to the nationwide “Ban the Box” movement that includes Louisville, Kentucky and Indianapolis, Indiana. This reform measure that is being considered by Ohio, North Carolinas, Michigan, New Jersey, and Delaware has been introduced to their legislature.

There are several cities that currently have “Ban the Box” guidelines for job applications. This effort will allow the previously convicted to have an opportunity to get a job, and live a life without crime and constant disappointments.

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  1. Don’t forget New York!

  2. Legislators are fighting for the right to vote they should also be fighting for the right to get a job.

  3. Travis Anderson

    This is a step in the right direction, but we need to go further. The president needs to get a better law pass before he leaves office. Mandate it nationally for all states. It also needs to be drafted as so you cannot hold someone’s past against them especially if you feel that they qualify for a particular job. You do the crime then you do the time then parole. A lot of times after that you are still held accountable for your can’t get a decent job even if your qualified for it. I lost or didn’t get a number of jobs because of my past or history. I’ve even been offered jobs but got denied because of my past record’s. If it’s not a violent crime I or you should be eligible for the job! Again Mr president mandate this make it a law nationally and nation wide. Once you do the time for your crime let people get on and live your life as a normal human being.

  4. Great! All felons are not bad people. Allow those who qualify do better in life

  5. There is nothing for the ex-offenders or felons to get all excited about, for the employer can always find out who is a CORI and who isn’t. They can go on Google, bring up your name, pay a few bucks and what pops up–O– it’s your criminal record. If they want to know who you are they can check on you without you knowing of it. The best thing for a person with a record to do is to build a positive network where they can show a big change in their lives. Another way is to get involved with programs that will help you get a home and a job. To grow in to wellness a person with a record has got to be willing to start at the bottom and work up. If you got to live in a shelter until you get on your feet, then do that. Most shelters will help you grow and they will help you get a job and an apartment. If you want to do well, stay out of prison, and away from drug, then it is up to you to get your act together and stop whining. Be strong my brothers and sisters you can do it I did it. Read my life story “Heroin: The Rapids of My Life.” I took my self through hell before I got my life in order in-spite of a criminal record, drug addiction, and incarceration. Now, because of Jesus Christ and my working on my self I am doing GREAT. You can too.

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