Isaiah Washington Returns to Grey’s Anatomy 7 Years after being fired

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By Liku Zelleke

The people at “Grey’s Anatomy” have managed to surprise everyone by announcing that Isaiah Washington would be returning to the show, seven years after he had been fired from it.  Washington was fired for making a serie of gay slurs during rehearsal and with the changing political climate, this can destroy a celebrity’s career.   This is also what makes Washington’s return that much more amazing.

Washington, 50, will come back in his role as Dr. Preston Burke for one episode that is scheduled to air in May. His return will help push the storyline as the show says goodbye to the character of Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh.

Before he had to leave the show in 2007, Washington played a cardiothoracic surgeon who had a romantic relationship with Oh’s character. The creator of “Grey’s Anatomy“, Shonda Rhimes, said that bringing Washington back was integral for the “full-circle moment we need to properly say goodbye to our beloved Cristina Yang.”

She also said that it was important to her that “Cristina’s journey unfolds exactly as it should, Burke is vital to that journey.”

The last time Dr. Burke was seen on the show was on the season three finale. He left Cristina at the altar after it became apparent that she didn’t actually want to get married.

Since then, Washington has acted in movies like “Blue Caprice” and “Go for Sisters“. He will also be appearing in the new CW show, “The 100“, which will be debuting in about a month’s time.

Meanwhile, for Sandra Oh, the decision to leave “Grey’s Anatomy” was a very tough decision to make. In fact, she told The Hollywood Reporter that she had to seek therapy to help her make the decision to move on and pursue other opportunities.

In the interview with the Reporter she said, “I started thinking about it because I had to prepare myself. I gave myself two years to emotionally let go.”

“I’ve gone through a lot of therapy over this,” she tearfully said. It must have helped her make up her mind, because at the end of the previous season, when Rhimes asked her what her thoughts were, she simply said, “I’m ready.”




  1. I am glad that he is returning for the one time appearance. I am also glad to see Sandra Oh go. (Yuck, difficult to look at) I might start watching again.

  2. And still…..the streets remain empty.

  3. Sistagirl from the Boogie Down Bronx

    I am so glad that the “powers that be” are allowing his return… His character had a major story line that we all could learn from (Middle Class, Dignified, Well Educated, Professional with Personal Insecurities.) Welcome back Isaiah, you Warrior Prince!

  4. Good for him! He bought this upon him self! That was a horrible statement for him to make, totally uncalled for! When you lose respect for yourself and others, nothing good will come of it. He made that remark to the press, what did he expect to happen? He would have never said that word “FAG” to a black man!

  5. Jamal whats the deal with the Jews? If anyone has shown more empathy for blacks its the Jews! More Jews side with Obama in the White House than anyone else!

    • That “sympathy” was a mask to cover their role in the slave trade. Just a bunch fakes and posers!!!

    • Please educate yourself. So-called Jews have stolen more from us than anyone else. They are not really Jews. They are mainly europeans and Russians who have converted to the religion of Judaism. The original Jews are the Falashas and they are African. Please study your history.

  6. Geez, I thought I was the only one. It is so difficult to look at her, Sandra Oh, on screen.

  7. I glad Brother Washington is getting a second opportunity to return to his show he should not have been fired in the first place who are the Powers to Be they did not fired Phil Robertson or any one else who have used the gay or N word slurs I personally boycotted this show because of Brother Washington but at same time when the show is leaving the air for good they finally had heart to bring back Bro Washington after 7 years it just really disrespectful and racist I agree with ARH about the original Jews of being non European Whites in this country really need to be educated big time of the Real Truth but they rather go to war then to hear the Real Truth shame on them because one day or time they will not be Rulers in this country for long We will like our Ancestors did million of years before there were Caucasians or any group that exist today

  8. I would have thought it a big deal if, when they invited him back he had said, “no thank you”. After all, he did manage to survive without them for whole 7 years. But that’s just MY foolish pride. Going back says he agrees he should have been punished as severely as he was.

  9. I wonder if he is only going to be on for that one show. there never said that it was going to be a permenant gig, it seems to be just for the benefit of closing out Sandra’s character.

  10. @Diana: On point! They would’ve found another way to close out her character. There was obviously no problem for them “closing out” Bro Washington’s character when it was decided he must be punished for his sins.

  11. With all being said good or bad about Mr. Washington, I am so glad he will be back regardless what he said. There have been many things said about people Black, White, Red & Yellow and even our President Obama, things are being said about him all the time.

    People need to get pass all the he said she said. I cannot wait until Mr. Washington is back on the show. I will definitely start watching it again.

    It appeasrs that the last name Washington appears to be popular in Hollywood.
    Denzel Washington, Kerry Washington & Isaiah Washington…Good for The Washingtons.

  12. Article states he’ll be back for one episode.

  13. Why just 1 show? what is all the talk color, if he Fag, he is a better man than me, for just 1 show, they must have offered BIG $$$, other wise I would say kiss my Black ASS, if I was not good enough for to fight me to keep job then why you need now. I could care less about the whole thing, it is all hypocracy anyway, who shot John bla bla bla? surely we got bigger problems in this world 😀

  14. I for one am very glad to see he is getting the chance to appear on the show again. It is true to see blacks are treated unfairly by the socio-economic and justice system. Unfortunately that is the way to is.

    With regards to the members of the Jewish community. The comments I have read about the Jewish community is total anti-semitic bullsh**.

    Black folks need to read up on their history. 25 million Blacks were enslaved under European Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Jewish people made a lot of money on the enslavement of Black people.

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    Attacking the Jews is not the answer to our troubles. No matter how ignorant and emotionally oppressive a Jewish person may be towards me and I have endured a lot. I win joining the NOI or sympathising with the NOI because Middle Eastern Islam is responsible for the most horrific genocide in human history.

    The UAE did not end slavery of African slaves until 1968. I repeat that 1968. The Arabs hate us. Why do we insist on being anti-Semitic and anti-Israel? Black people have to stop being brain washed with their own self hatred.

  15. Ironic reading comments from folks complaining about how unfairly Isaiah Washington was treated and implying there was racial aspects to his treatment AND the same folks then proceed to make racially dumb comments about Jews or Asians. SMDH.

  16. You folks don’t get it! The creator of the show had the juice to keep him there but chose not to do so!
    She brought him back for one episode and couldn’t keep him there seven years ago?, Bullshit!
    Get your Money Isiah and then leave!

  17. Everyone is so glad…I’m a little sadden over this! One episode? I believe we black people could have done more for a speedy return by boycotting the show all together! Yet we (black people)continue to watch the show. Why should Hollywood respect us? If I were sitting on the decision making board I would not respect black people!

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