Teen Pictured With Gun, Later Killed With It

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cartail robertsonBy Andrew Scot Bolsinger

A thirteen-year-old boy posted Facebook photos of himself holding a gun, smoking pot and with a pile of $100 and $50 bills was accidentally shot and killed hours later by his 15-year-old friend, according to a report in The Daily Mail.

Cartrail Robertson’s Facebook posts included a photo of two black teens, one pointing a gun at the head of the other who had his arms raised in surrender.

Police have closed the investigation into the death of Cartail Robertson and ruled it an accidental shooting. But now they are looking into how Robertson and his friend, Darrin Wilson, obtained the guns and drugs.

Robertson posted gang-related photos frequently, according to the report, which included buying another gun under the hashtag “shooter.” In another post Robertson predicted bullets would fly in 2014.

“Murder,” he wrote.

In yet another post, three teens are pictured with an AK-47 assault-style rifle and counting cash.

“Shelby County District Attorney General Office said police are going through the photos on Robertson’s Facebook page, as well as his friends’ Facebook pages. Robertson was shot at the home of a friend while their mother and her boyfriend were at work,” The Mail reported.

The Memphis homeowner where Robertson died told police that he does not own a gun and that “he is baffled where it came from,” The Mail reported.

Following the incident, neighbors in the Memphis, Tenn. neighborhood said they were shocked at the victim’s age.

“Thirteen. Still a baby,” one neighbor said.

Source:  dailymail.co.uk

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  1. Stupid dummy, young lil homie . Now that’s a thug Jordan davis no Trayvon martin No!

  2. Catherine Lacefield

    Its not Hip Hop or movies or TV violence to blame. Parental guidance is needed. My prayers go out to the childs family.

  3. Very Sad Story Indeed But This Just Goes To Show You What Can Happen To You When You Glorify Money And Posing With Guns…Not Cool At All Folks!

  4. 13yrs old still a Baby?, yeah, Dead Baby.

  5. Let’s be honest folks! If we as a people do not patronize the messages in rap music, glorify the thug dress (there are people in their fifties wearing their pants off their but, flashing gold teeth, wearing gaudy gold around around their necks, and think it is fly to demean our women) it wouldn’t exist. We set the stage for what our young people are doing. For example: When I was six years old a girl referred to my mother with the “B” word. I tried to knock her head off. The end result was I was verbally and physically chastised on five different occasions with the ending statement being, “Our lot in live is to respect and protect our women. If we as Black men don’t respect and protect our own (remember I was 6 years old at the time) nobody else will. That philosophy has long departed our community! We, the adults, are the culprits that turned our community into what it is today. Profane, vulgar comedy tops the list because we encouraged and patronized it! We disrespected our women so that now they disrespect themselves and train our youth to do the same. No matter what economic, or educational status we are in life, no one can take our moral compass that is in each of us … we give it away!

  6. ..its a very sad situation and the PD rather not investigate when its blackmales, the case is closed immediately..\\

    ..and for anyone to not understand the crisis our CHILDREN are facing? Shame on you!

  7. Valrie Brown-Davis

    Skylor I agree with everything you have said. We are watching iur next generation die out at their own hands. GOD HELP THEM.

  8. Vernon Fields, you are “right on” with what you said! My children did not have any privacy, when I am paying the bills, buying your clothes and feeding you, there is no such thing as privacy! If the mother had been doing her job at home, this would not have happened! Kids this young should not even be on social media! The mothers boyfriend was just that her boyfriend NOT a father figure or he would have known what was going on.

  9. Kimberly LaMothe

    This is sad. I agree that we have lost the foundation of respect for ourselves and our loved ones. I am 45 years old and would hurt someone that disrespected my mom, dad etc. When I was coming up talking about someones family member would get you stomped quick. We can’t blame rap music for the decisions kids are making today. We gave to look at ourselves and see where we may have lead our children wrong. There are young mothers raising children on the foundation of the way they were raised. It still takes a village to raise children, but we have become the warriors in our own communities. We need serious change and we need it now!!!!

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