Hiring Goes Up In 34 States – A Victory For Obama

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Barack ObamaBy April Taylor

The State Column is reporting new statistics that support the fact that the employment outlook is improving for workers looking for jobs.  Unemployment rates are continuing to drop according to a recent Labor Department reports.  The rates have dropped in 21 states while rising in 17 and remaining stagnant in 12.  Hiring has also increased in 34 states while only decreasing in 16.  This is encouraging have many states have struggled to actually see positive effects from the improving economy.  Many states have felt that while the economy has reportedly been improving, the actual situation workers face on the ground has been stagnant, and these numbers show that his is slowly improving.

Arkansas is an example of a state where the employment landscape is looking better than it has in years.  Unemployment in that state has fallen below 7 percent for the first time in over five years to 6.9 percent for the previous month.  This is important because the Obama administration has used the 7 percent mark has an indicator of whether or not individual states and the country as a whole are seeing a return to the economic prosperity it enjoyed prior to the economic downturn.

The national unemployment rate fell below this mark for the second straight month, and is reported as being at 6.7 percent for the month of March.  Officials are reporting that this number has held study due to the fact that an employee was hired for nearly every person that entered the job market that month.

The drop in overall unemployment is expected to help Obama’s image among Democrats as many of them are involved in difficult mid-term election races in 2014.  Obama has expected that the outcome of these races will draw largely upon the types of economic conditions that voters are having to deal with in their own lives.





  1. shouldofpickyourowncotton

    Wow this is great news.Bravo Mr. President Barack Obama .I wonder if those hating black folks like cornel west,tavis smiley and other delusional blacks folks in Amerikka has anything to say about this positive employment news.I’m still betting that some black person is going to say the President has not done anything for black people in this country.Dishonest and critical defines them.The list is so long of policies that this administration has passed that directly or indirectly helps African AMERICANS.Thank u mr. President keep up the great job!!

  2. The unemployment figures have been going down but the employment figures for blacks have not improved very much. Have you ever wondered why two rate are quoted? Black unemployment is not at 6.9%. Check for yourself. Black unemployment in 2014 for Black Men spiked at 13.8 percent in January. That’s down slightly from 14.o percent. Please check the facts with the labor department before you get too happy. I voted for the president but it does not mean that I should not question him on issue going on in this country and abroad,in the name of America. Here’s a question for you, how different are the presidents polices,across the board,from president Bush ???????

  3. There will always be Judas in the mist of situations. That is the message God gave us. Mr. President, I think you know you have Judas in your way -Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel and etc. They are all the same, just spew their hatred differently and pretend they are for right. They have followers and will always have the, Mr. President continue to do the best you can and Remember GOD has your back not man. Psalm 23 has this verse-” I will prepare a place for you in the presence of your enemies”. Man can plot and do all manner of evil,yet, what God has planned for you shall be. God bless and protect you always.

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