People “Still Think of Obama as a Nιgger,” Writer of “N” Word Column Tells Don Lemon

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James Collier, author of the controversial “N” word column, defended himself on CNN by saying he called Obama a nιgger because that’s how many people still think of him.

During the CNN segment, Don Lemon asked Collier what prompted him to write the column titled “The Nιgger in the White House” to which Collier replied “a great many people in the United States continue to think of President Obama as the nιgger.”

Lemon said he understood the point, but still wondered why the “N” word was only in the title and not the article, making it look as if the title was just used by Collier to get attention.

Collier insisted that the title was appropriate for an article explaining that “racism exists in the United States and there’s no getting around it.”

The publisher knew ahead of time that the headline would be controversial and tried to frame the conversation early on.

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  1. I know this may sound insensitive, but this man is right but at the same time I don’t agree with him using the N word he could have written the article without the use of it however, he’s just saying what the President, and the rest of the country already know.The President and Mrs. Obama have been disrespected since day one of his presidency, and continues to be disrespected from folks on the left to those on the right and people in general mainly white people and some blacks,Asians and Hispanics really don’t concerned themselves,these people never expect nor did they except this black man as being President of these United States.When Mitch MCconell said that he was going to do everything in his power to make sure he was a one term president, and when that didn’t work he and others in congress form a united brick wall against him to make sure nothing passed in Congress ad that he would end up being the called the worst president in recent history, but Mr.Obama I’m sure when he gets out of office will write his memoirs and express his true feelings about his first and last days in office.

  2. Clara Moncrief

    President Obama is the most disrespected pres. ever. Mitch will not be back, and some others also. Boehner needs help with Alcoholic Syndrome. They need to leave Benghazi alone, take that money and pass a job bill, minimum wage and immigration policies. Our Pres. will not fail, God is in control!!!

  3. People use free speech to say the most disrespectful things about our President. Welcome to the real America

  4. There are many white niggers in this country. In fact all over the world. President. Obama knew what he and his family was going to go through. Mr. Obama is a very intelligent man and so is his wife. Some White people think “How cold this 3/4 of a human be smarter than me a 100% person. I’m white.” Maybe because you’re not a 100%. All a lot of you know is kill- kill- kill and distroy. You really have talked yourself into believe this is 100%, and if you tear down another people, you can feel better about yourself.

    • Gillespie Girl, you are 100% correct, that so called nigger can be seen is all races, regardless of race. I personally refrain from labeling people from any race, because God commands all man to love and not hate, hate will cause one to loose their eternal soul. People who has this low class mentality are really the true nigger, as they put it for ‘you are as you think’ you think low because you are low.

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