This 20-year old makes more on Youtube than you make on your job

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The Internet age has changed the way people make money and the number of opportunities that are available to them.  Similar to standard television models, the fact is that anything you create that can get viewers has a very good chance of putting money in your pocket.  So, Youtbe has made millionaires out of people who’ve simply taped their cat on a skateboard or their baby doing something super-duper cute.  You never know how you can hit the jackpot.

A 20-year old in Hoboken, NJ has found a way to make money by sitting in front of his computer in his bedroom.  Marques Brownlee found a secretly leaked screen for an iPhone 6 and decided to put it’s “indestructible” glass surface to the test.

This led to the young man cutting, stabbing and scraping at the glass in order to break it.  It turns out that this intriguing display of energy, along with valuable information about the new iPhone, was the perfect combination to get him major views on Youtube.  He is now officially one of the hottest video bloggers on the Internet.

The five minute video got Brownlee $8 million views.  Using the modest assessment that he earned, say, $3 per view, this would mean that the young whipper-snapper has picked up $24,000 from just five minutes of work.  Not bad.

The funny thing is that the information wasn’t even accurate.  But despite that little thing about telling the truth, Brownlee is making thousands of dollars per week on his youtube channel, which has become a major draw for anyone interested in what’s happening in the tech space.

Brownlee has nearly two million subscribers to his channel and is one of the most influential tech bloggers in the country.  He’s not really a super techy and doesn’t have a college degree in any of the fields he talks about.  However, he has an amazing formula that could easily net him over a million dollars this year, maybe more.  It gives you something to think about if you’re looking for ways to get rich on the Internet.

Brownlee’s influence is reflected in his online traffic numbers. He has arguably the most subscribers – 1.8 million – among individual YouTube tech reviewers. As of last week, he was ranked top three in the most influential “science & tech” channel rankings by YouTube performance measuring firm SocialBlade, which looks at social media referrals, online traffic and interactions with and among subscribers in its metrics. (Unbox Therapy, a tech product channel run by Lewis Hilsenteger, and CrazyRussianHackers, which runs videos on science pranks, ranked higher.) 





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