5 fun things to do with your summer photos

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Stop me if this sounds familiar: You’ve been taking a bunch of photos of friends and family this summer – but have left them all on your phone or copied them over to your computer for safe keeping.

Perhaps you’ve uploaded a couple to Facebook or Instagram, turned another one into wallpaper or printed a third for a photo frame at the office. But for the most part, your computer’s C: drive has become a digital shoebox.

Your computer (or smartphone or tablet) can do so much more for your memories than provide a convenient storage solution for them.

Along with scrapbooking, the following are five ideas to appreciate your photos in fun and creative ways.


Pick your favorite photo and create a jigsaw puzzle to play on your PC, tablet or phone. This is a breeze with free programs such as Tibo Software’s Jigsaw Puzzle Promo Creator and Kraisoft’s Jigsaw Puzzle Lite, both of which let Windows users design a one-of-a-kind puzzle by simply importing photos from your hard drive (such as JPG image files). Choose the number of pieces and then play away. Some of these programs let you email the jigsaw puzzle to friends to see if they can complete them.






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