Son of a monster: The forgotten victims of domestic violence

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Lately I can’t seem to avoid the recent and polarizing discussions of domestic violence on the news and my favorite sports channels. Everytelevision, website and newspaper has been inundated with those ugly images of Ray Rice punching his wife(then fiancé) Janay Rice, in that Atlantic City elevator. Then there are the lengthy diatribes, analysis and opinions from anyone with two cents to follow. When it appeared that the frenzy around the Ray Rice controversy was beginning to subside, another NFL player — Jonathan Dwyer – was arrested on charges related to domestic abuse.

Sports are usually my escape from empty debates over issues no one’s willing to face head on. But now sports – my safe zone from the trendy dogmas of society – is the culprit behind America’s bed sheets being yanked off in broad daylight; revealing family secrets and buried demons nobody’s ready or willing to talk about out loud.

While those opinionated folks  in glass houses to take condemnation target practice at Rice, Dwyer, and the NFL; very few people are discussing the long-term impact these acts violent will leave behind. I’m not talking about how it will affect the league, or the players’ careers and marriages, but something far more important — the long-term mental and emotional impact on their children.






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