Gayle King says “I didn’t say I was gay”

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Gayle King has been placed in the middle of a controversy over her sexuality after some really confusing words came out of her mouth.  The CBS news morning host is refuting claims that she said “I’m gay” during a segment in which the anchors were discussing relationships.

If you watch the video several times, it’s difficult to understand what King was saying, and it’s easy to conclude that she was saying “I’m gay.”  But King tells TMZ that she did NOT say that she was gay.  Instead, she claims that she was saying “I’m OK.”

All of this took place during a segment where someone suggested that she and co-host Charlie Rose would make a good couple.  That’s when Rose reached over and gave her a hug.  King leaned back in her chair and made the statement thatis now in dispute.  Even though people want to believe her claims, there are many who say that there was no way she was saying “I’m OK.”   At the same time, it’s not entirely clear exactly what she was saying.

Adding fuel to the speculation of King’s sexuality is her long-term, very close relationship with Oprah Winfrey.  Some have speculated for many years that the two have a same gender relationship, but neither of them have readily discussed the issue in public.  Then, there is the question of why most of us care so much about this issue anyway?  Maybe that’s something for a good psychiatrist to explain to us.

Watch the video and hear Gayle’s words.  Tell us what you think she’s saying.





  1. It so amazing to me how Gays want/think everyone to be gay. In my opinion everyone should keep their sexuality in the closet. It is a PRIVATE matter.

  2. Jonathan Slocumb

    It SHOULDN’T matter. However, after several playbacks, she DID say:
    “I’m…I’m good” WHILE laughing. It was muffled.

  3. We better be preparing for the Ebola virus that’s coming this. What gale and Oprah is no business of mine .

  4. She was jokingly said I’m gay while laughing. But I don’t really care do you? She adds a refreshing air to that news show. She’s the main reason I watch. She ask the questions I want to know. HER COMMENTS OR SIDE REMARKS MAKE MY DAY. She either knows a lot of people or she does her homework.

  5. OK, now can we go to something important

  6. We all should care that the country is going into a tail spin where people are confused as to know what even animals know and nature teaches , there is male and female and same sex produce nothing but confusion. People are no more born gay than a person is born to be a thief, murderer, alcoholic, when they go to a court of law tell the judge that they were born a murderer and see what the legal system say,But the creator of the world say that it is wrong man can change his laws but he cannot change God’s law.

  7. These are distractions to keep us off of the real issue. Black men are dying in large numbers by people who are supposed to protect us. Until Ferguson Mo brings justice to their community, this kind of information is very trivial Please don’t insult people. Ms. King’s sexuality is her business, not yours, not mind, nor anyone else. Report Truth news, instead of looking for junk to report on.

  8. It appears Charlie wants to “tap that a–” the way he reached over and kissed her on the shoulder and hugged her all up, just sayin. But really, who cares what she’s doing as long as she’s not with animals or children I don’t give a damn!

  9. Such an uninteresting topic.

  10. Who gives a fuk? Why is it anybody’s business in the first place? Worry about who and what is in your bed and household. Sheet.

  11. Thanks @Carl Walker, the world is in an ebola crisis, our husbands, sons and brothers are being killed hourly and these fools are taking time off to report on Gail King reacting to someone saying she and some old white guy will make a great couple? Really?

  12. Whatever. It is Gayle’s business. Blacks have more serious issues than what is going on between everyone’s legs.

  13. Stupid topic is this news? where do i sign up i can do a better job than this.

  14. That’s not my concern at this concern is I am 70 years old live on a fixed income and need hearing aids for Bo
    For Both ears .it cost $2000 and insurance is not paying , I had to take out
    Out a medical loan. How is this when I worked all my life and pay taxes. Something is wrong with this picture. Now from my small checks I have a bank loan with Wells fargo. I need help. These are my concerns, not Gayle or her personal life.


  16. If she’s gay it’s nobody business

  17. Gayle did not say, “I’m gay”. Whatever she said was uttered in three syllables, but she did not say that she’s gay.

    Charlie Rose sure does like her, but she says and shows that she’s not interested in him.

    Gayle King is married, has two children with her husband, and has enough courage to reveal her bi/homosexual preferences to those to whom her heterosexual identity is not obvious.

  18. Gayle is divorced you dummy.

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