This camera will help you take the selfie of a lifetime

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

Anyone that has tried it (and that means almost every single one of us) knows how difficult it is to get that perfect selfie. So many things can go wrong: the angle is off, one side is cut out and then there is the facial expression that is ruined by, ironically, having to focus so hard on getting the shot.

But, now, we suffer no more – and it’s mainly thanks to Vincent Smith, the inventor and the CEO of Popscope – a new telescopic smart phone tripod that even has a Bluetooth remote controller that allows for the ultimate photography-control for that perfect picture.

“Trying with no luck to take a full body selfie at arms length before going out to send to a friend, I thought if I could set my phone on a small tripod, that would work. I searched, but could not find a product that could accomplish that. This lead me to think ‘how can I design something?’” Smith says.

Popscope can be used as either a mono- or tripod mount. It is compatible with almost any smart phone on the market. Its users can extend the device to capture pictures like have never been before – it extends from 6.49 inches to 19 inches and has a swivel head which allows it to bend 90 degrees. This feature comes in handy when taking photos over obstacles (like crowds) or with a background.

“We pride this device on being versatile, compact and incredibly useful. We’ve nailed this concept, as it fits most all phones and is extremely easy to carry,” Smith said.

The product is targeted at people who love capturing pictures and making videos on vacations or at sporting facilities where it was a custom to put a phone on the floor while using a fitness app.

Popscope started out on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter, but since then, it has been getting great reviews from some of the most popular magazines and websites.

You can get your hands on this amazing tool by going to and purchasing one for $39.99.



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