New app can guess your age based on your uploaded picture

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By Ryan Brennan

A new app has taken over the social media world with its unique feature. The app, which was developed by Microsoft, can guess your age based on a photo that you upload. The tool has selfie-takers anxious to see their shocking age estimates for any picture they choose to test.

Hitting the markets worldwide and going viral fast, the app has people comparing their ages with close friends, family and significant others. It has been used as a great ice-breaker.

To make one thing clear, no, this is not a magic trick. The app uses Microsoft’s face detection application programing interface (API) tools that combine with Azure’s developer program, which reportedly “reads” human faces.

Although there hasn’t been too much detail released towards on exactly how the app determines someone’s age, many dermatologists and plastic surgeons think they may know the detection software’s secret.

For example, our skin plays a major part in determining our age. “There is a medical grade wrinkle scale that evaluates the severity of lines, which is likely the basis of the software,” said Julius Few, a plastic surgeon.

Another good indication of age is the skin around our eyes. Since this part of our skin is the thinnest and most delicate found on our face, it often becomes loose enough to begin droopage. The older we get, the more droopy our eyes may become. Also, the eyebrows of younger people tend to have higher elevation, whereas older people have lower and flatter eyebrows.

With our lips, fuller lips are more times found in younger people than older people. As you age, your upper lip tends to draw out and become longer, while the corners of your mouth begin to turn downward. A few experts also noted that our noses tend to grow longer as we age, due to the bone that supports the nose widening.

Lastly, our neck and jawline can distinguish our age. As years pass, the skin tone around our necks tend to turn into a less consistent color. This is a condition known as poikiloderma. Also, tighter toned and defined jawlines represent someone who is of a younger age.




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