Brooklyn teacher acquitted of raping middle school student wants job back

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A Brooklyn teacher who was accused of drugging and raping a middle school student but has since been acquitted would like her job back.

Claudia Tillery, 45, was acquitted in April 2014 and pointed out in papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court that the Department of Education’s hearing officer used improper methods by calling forth sealed evidence, DNA tests and the prosecutor’s testimony. She also alleges that proper credit was not given to her witnesses, who were her children and their homeless, schizophrenic father.

However, the hearing officer, Haydee Rosario, pointed out that the acquittal did not excuse Tillery’s inappropriate behavior, which included allowing the student into her home without parental or administrative permission, taking the student to the Motor Inn on seven occasions, and giving the student $500.

The student testified that he and Tillery had oral sex and intercourse in her bedroom and a hotel room that she rented on multiple occasions. While DNA analysis found no semen on her bedroom comforter, one stain on it had vaginal fluids and saliva that contained both their DNA, according to court papers.

Tillery suggested that the student came in contact with the comforter one day when it was in the hamper in her laundry room.








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