The world focuses on Cosby, but misses this guy from the Subway commercials

What's Going On

The country is noticing the alleged behavior of Bill Cosby, who was zinged pretty badly this week after admitting to buying drugs to have sex with women.  But while everyone paid attention to the Cosby case, many of us missed the developing situation involving Jared Fogle, also known as “The Subway Guy.”  

Fogle, who has earned millions on Subway commercials, is now being investigated as part of a child pornography ring, with law enforcement searching his home and seizing items out of it. 

Subway has distance itself from Jared as police dig further to find out more.   Read on: 

For much of the day, Fogle’s Zionsville house was surrounded by police cars and officers as agents hauled electronic equipment, including a computer, to an evidence truck parked in the driveway. At one point, Fogle, 37, stepped from his home and entered the truck. He later got into a car with his lawyer and was driven away.

The lawyer, Ron Elberger, released a statement saying Fogle had not been held, arrested or charged with any crime. “Jared has been cooperating, and continues to cooperate, with law enforcement in their investigation of unspecified charges and looks forward to its conclusion,” Elberger said.






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