How To Make Facebook Work For You as Promotional Tool

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

For smart businesses that know how to use it, Facebook is a critical tool that can help with extensive promotion of  goods and services.

Small business owners should know that Facebook brand pages have seen their online exposure cut back following the social network’s company release of its new news algorithm.

The “What to See First” feature now gives brand pages a better way to interact with fans by allowing businesses to  place their content upfront on their [fans] news feeds. The users, meanwhile, have the choice to un-follow brands or switch to the default news feed algorithm.

Businesses can excel by ensuring they publish valuable content. The fans that have opted to tune in shouldn’t be disappointed by irrelevant posts. More effort should be put into calling them into action. For example, the release of a new product or service could be coupled with an offer for a free trial or discount.

The quality of the posts can also be enhanced by using additional media like photos and videos.  Businesses that are serious about using Facebook as a tool should also buy ads on the platform in order to reach other people who have no clue about their products or services.

More fans can be attracted by offering flash sales or scheduled opportunities for one-on-one chat sessions (for celebrities and public figures).

Finally, a little peeking and copying what the competition is doing can help with a business’ efforts to improve its online presentation. Ideas can be garnered and converted to meet their own needs and address their own customers’ demands.  Furthermore, their ideas can be used for pointers on what not to do.

At present, the “What to See First” feature is only available on the latest version of Facebook’s app for IOS. It is expected to be available soon for Android users.




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