Dr. Samori Swygert: People Are Having $ex With ROBOTS Now

What's Going On

By Dr. Samori Swygert

It’s the 21st century, and technology has integrated itself into every facet of our lives. Technology has now inserted itself into the most personally intimate portion of our lives, $EX.

It’s Bigger Than Blowup Dolls, Vibrators, and D!ldos

Tech industry engineers and designers have pushed the Sci-fi envelope to a new level. They are creating $EX ROBOTS. They’ve already coined the terminology for this dynamic, ROBOPHILIA.

Is “Computer Love” really possible?

Were Zapp and Roger clairvoyant, and able to forecast a social era that we had yet to understand? I’m reminiscent of their smash hit, Computer Love. Is this really a far off, foreign and futuristic concept? We’ve already permitted the infusion of technology and virtual reality into almost every crevice, crease, and cranny of our waking moments, permit me to explain.

Many of us are now wearing Fitbits on our wrist that gauge our physiological activity. Many Americans already work alongside robots in specific industries. We engage in conversation with devices like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and other voice controlled apparatuses to perform our desired tasks. Many of us spend much of our days at work on a computer. Many of us are consumed, engrossed, and devoted to blog sites, Twitter, Facebook Timelines, Online virtual dating, computer gaming, and more. These creations are able to captivate our attention, mental focus, and evoke responses in some cases.

Why have $ex with a robot?

Many may argue that everybody masturbates once in a while, and has their own style of masturbation. In essence, you would technically be having $ex with yourself. Many people use a wide array of objects, devices, and personally created contraptions to masturbate. We’ve heard of d!ldos, v!brators, blow-up dolls, fake vag!nas, Sybian machines, Rabbits, or just the traditional hand and Vaseline/KY Jelly relationship.

As time progresses and we become more disconnected from human interaction, the question about the benefits of having $ex with robots may arise. Some may say that they don’t have to worry about being emotionally hurt and let down, as is a reality with human partners. You avoid pregnancy and $exually transmitted diseases when you have $ex with a robot. Robots won’t undergo age related physical metamorphisms like weight gain, sagging anatomy, wrinkles, menopause or impotency.

Robots and job theft again!

I routinely write articles about technology displacing humans from the labor force, as companies incorporate automation, digitization, robots, and artificial intelligence.

Will this change the dynamic of the $ex industry? Will robots put prostitutes, escorts, call girls, and p*rn stars out of business???? I don’t know, that was just a sidebar thought…moving along.


Currently reports on this emerging industry claim that they’re developing artificially intelligent robots that can/will perform $exual acts, talk, sense, and react exactly like humans.

Eventually companies may survey potential customers about preferred $exual characteristics. Companies will probably analyze the data and begin customizing, designing, and tailoring robots to your specific fetish and create settings like: hair style, skin color, eye color, body frame, skin texture, height, waist size, $ex organ dimensions (length, width, depth, girth, shape, tightness, texture, moisture, cup size), language, rhythms, vocal tones, and scent.

My thoughts

As tech engineers become more creative, innovative, and experimental, they are blurring the lines about the essential components of $exual intimacy. Tech engineers are striving to convert our $ex-drive to a hard-drive.   It’s important to know that we’re tampering with some of the most sacred fabrics and fibers of humanity.

This is the corruption and contamination of the gift of physical intimacy that exists between humans. This cheapens the value of $ex. There is a beauty to $ex, a mystical sanctity, a carnal bond, a yearning of desire that exists between humans. Human to human $ex is dynamic because you never know how it’s going to be the next time.

$ex isn’t just about achieving an orgasm, it’s also stimulating seeing your partner achieve stimulation, gratification, and climax. There’s spiritual and emotional reward, reciprocity, and affirmation knowing that you personally were able to physically bring your partner to that state of Nirvana. $ex is the act of giving yourself completely to someone.

Humans change day to day, we have experiences that impact our emotions and dictate the extent, depth, and capacity in how we act and respond to our partner each time we engage in $exual intercourse. Yes, we may have our favorite positions and specific fetishes but $exual intimacy is not robotic.

Allowing tech industry designers to bootleg our humanity with a robot knockoff of humans for physical stimulation and enrich their pockets by selling us another electronic device is ridiculous. Where is the ethics and self-respect? These individuals don’t value humans anymore, and I question their psychological state of mind. I encourage all readers to rent this move, Ex-Machina, it delves deep into this.

Give me the real thing, not an “artificial” intelligent robot.

What about this……………

What if the software upgrades in artificial intelligence really allows these robots to feel, sense, engage, and respond? What if robots begin to desire ex from humans when they want, and not just when their human owner wants? Would robots start raping humans?……… :-0

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