Why America would benefit from the GOP breaking into two

What's Going On

Now is the time to put the Republican Party out of its misery.

The fractured GOP is turning into a nightmare for the establishment, country club wing of the party.

Its all-too-frequent episodes of racial insensitivity is a nightmare for a whole different reason.

Republicans have allowed extremists to hijack their party and turn it into a White Citizens’ Council, a white nationalist organization in the mold of the Southern segregationist Dixiecrats of a bygone era.

If the so-called party of Lincoln wants to prevent what appears to be its imminent death–and become a moderate, mainstream party that will once again appeal to blacks and Latinos–it must cast aside the House Freedom Caucus—also known as the Tea Party or the Fight Club.

Now wait, no one should shed a tear for the dysfunction, cannibalism and even anarchy taking place within the party, particularly with the Freedom Caucus, which controls only 16 percent of the Republican House yet seems to be willing to do whatever it can to bring down the GOP.  These people who are in politics but hate everything about government, and want to destroy government and take everyone down with them.  No one has seen anything like this ever in politics.

Aside from the implosion in Congress, look at what is passing for the Republican presidential field.  Donald Trump, the frontrunner, is a favorite among white supremacists such as David Duke, neo-Nazis and Southern secessionists because of his xenophobic rants and scapegoating of Latinos, immigrants of Mexican descent.




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